How To Play Zoolander Drinking Game Featured

How To Play The Zoolander Drinking Game: Ridiculously Good Looking Rules

Players: 2+ | Type: Social | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉


How To Play Zoolander Drinking Game: Overview

The Zoolander Drinking Game is a movie based drinking game that’s great for large or small groups.

This quotable comedy classic is great to watch anytime, and enjoying it with your favorite drink is a guaranteed recipe for a great night!

This is a social game, so you don’t need to keep wondering what the score is. In fact, the only thing you’ll have to wonder about is if there’s anything more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking.

Zoolander Drinking Game: Equipment

Zoolander on DVD or online
A cocktail that’s the essence of wetness

How To Play Zoolander Drinking Game: The Rules

Since Zoolander has a lot of humor based on making faces, the most basic version of this game involves taking a drink whenever a character does a “Blue Steel” or other signature look.

However, there’s plenty more to the movie, so if you’re looking to switch it up, we have some suggestions.

In order to play the game, follow the rules below:

-Take a sip every time the name of a look is mentioned
-Drink whenever someone has their photo taken
-Take a sip each time Derek mispronounces a word
-Do a shot out of respect after the fateful gasoline fight
-Take a drink of mixer every time someone says “model”
-Drink whenever someone says “ball”, “balls”, “ballstein” or some variety
-Take a sip whenever you see Derek’s cell phone
-Finish your drink to feel like you’re on crazy pills when you hear that line
-Take a sip whenever Mugatu yells at someone
-Drink for every celebrity cameo
-Take a sip if when someone walks down a runway
-Drink along to “Relax” when it plays
-Take a sip when people are talking about how good looking Hansel is
-Drink when Derek asks “what is this?” about the model
-Take a sip every time Matilda is critical of models/modeling
-Chug some mixer to support children who can’t read good at the end

Since this version can be pretty intense, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat throughout the game. Alternately, you can skip some of the suggested drinking prompts (it is a social game rather than competitive, after all!) Stay safe and remember that there’s more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking!

Zoolander Drinking Game Variations

Now that you’ve got the rules down here’s a few fun ways to play!
Walk-Off- Anyone wishing to compete must say so during this scene. Everyone competing must chug an entire drink, then do their best Blue Steel. Non-competing spectators choose a winner, and the loser (or losers) must drink.
Messages- Everyone pulls out their phones to see who has the most notifications and/or unread texts during the message machine scene. Whoever has a bit above average(the most in the group), wins and gets to make everyone else drink.
Get Loco- Finish your drinks every time Mugatu says “loco”. This really ups the intensity of the game, so proceed with caution.

Zoolander Drinking Game Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gotten a chance to play the Zoolander Drinking Game for yourself, feel free to leave us a comment and let us know how you liked it, what you drank with it, and whether you’d play again!

Got a favorite character you like to drink along with or a better way to play? We’d love to hear about it! If you’ve created your own style or added house rules to the game let us know and if they’re worthy we’ll shout you out and add it to our variations section!


Anchorman Drinking Game Featured

How To Play The Anchorman Drinking Game: Ron Burgundy Approved Rules

Players: 2+ | Type: Social | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉


 Anchorman Drinking Game: Overview

The Anchorman Drinking Game is a movie watching game where you drink along to the legend of Ron Burgundy.

You can play this as part of a small group, or even when hosting a larger party. The only thing that restricts the number of players for this game is your couch space! Following along with Ron, Brian, Champ, Brick and Veronica is always quotable and hilarious but this game is guaranteed to take the hilarity up a notch.

This is a social game, so keeping score isn’t necessary. This makes it easier to focus on the movie, to catch those more subtle jokes as well as the moments you’ll need to drink to. It’s recommended you play with at least one other person, but the more the merrier!

Anchorman Drinking Game: Equipment

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy on DVD or online
Scotch or alcoholic beverage of choice
Mixers or other beverages (please note: milk is a bad choice)
Popcorn, chocolate, and other movie snacks

How To Play Anchorman Drinking Game: The Rules

Since Anchorman involves a fair amount of on-screen drinking and swearing, you could easily just take a sip every time either of those things occur.

If that’s simply not enough imbibing for you, or you’re just looking to mix things up, follow the suggestions below to play:

-Take a sip everytime someone smokes on screen
-Drink every time Baxter barks
-Take a sip every time “San Diego” is mentioned
-Drink some scotch during the “scotchy scotch scotch” scene
-Do a shot of chaser whenever Ron reads something off the teleprompter that wasn’t right
-Take a sip when Ron first meets Veronica
-Drink when you hear “I’m not even mad, that’s amazing!”
-Take a drink of mixer when Brian puts on his signature cologne
-Drink when Champ tries to ask Veronica out
-Take a sip while the news team sings “Afternoon Delight”
-Do a shot in honor of Baxter when he gets kicked off the bridge
-Drink when Ron says he’s in a glass case of emotion
-Take a sip when Brick says “you’re not Ron”
-Drink when the women in the office turn against the news team
-Take a sip when Veronica talks about practicing her non-regional diction
-Drink when Veronica and Ron fight and break up
-Take a sip for every attempt Veronica and Ron make to ruin each other’s careers
-Drink when Ron Burgundy says “Go Fuck Yourself, San Diego”
-Take a sip when Ron subsequently gets fired
-Do a shot of chaser when you hear “Milk is a bad choice!”
-Drink when you hear “I immediately regret this decision!”
-Do a shot to celebrate Baxter and Ron’s happy reunion
-Take a sip when Ron’s rival says he respects him
-Chug some mixer while it explains what the news team did after this story at the end

To make the game more enjoyable and avoid a hangover, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat throughout the game. Alternately, you can skip some of the suggested drinking prompts (it is a social game rather than competitive, after all!)

Variations on How To Play Anchorman Drinking Game

Now that you’ve got the rules down here’s a few fun ways to play!

Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed– Start chugging your drinks when Ron approaches Veronica in the office. Whoever is able to down their drink first gets to brag to the rest of the group “don’t act like you’re not impressed!”

That Escalated Quickly– Anyone wishing to play takes a shot when the news teams fight starts, with anyone wishing to challenge them doing one more shot than the first person. Things can really get out of hand with this, so lay low if you’re not up for the challenge.

I Love My Life!– Attempt to drink throughout Ron’s entire fantasy sequence of married life with Veronica. Feel free to drink chaser on this one, as it’s a longer scene.

Anchorman Drinking Game Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gotten a chance to play the Anchorman Drinking Game for yourself, feel free to leave us a comment and let us know how you liked it, how many people you played with, and whether you’d play again!

Got a favorite character you like to drink along with or a better way to play? We’d love to hear about it! If you’ve created your own style or added house rules to the game let us know and if they’re worthy we’ll give you a shout out and add them to our Gameplay Variations.


Star Wars Drinking Game Featured

How to Play: Star Wars Drinking Game

Players: 2+ | Type: Social | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉


Star Wars Drinking Game Overview:  

“I’m giving it all she’s got Captain!”  That’s what he said…while playing the Star Wars drinking game. Feel like hanging out in the galaxy for a while? We’ve got just the game for you.

Star Wars Drinking Game Equipment:  

Any true Star Wars fan will have Star Wars:  The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) Box Set.  If you do not have it, pity you I do.  

Any Star Wars movie will work but a marathon of Star Wars and drinking is much more fun to get your geek on.

Alcoholic beverage of your choice

How to play the Star Wars Drinking Game

This is another one of those grab a list and do what it says drinking games.

Episode I The Phantom Menace


  1. Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off
  2. Anyone mentions the Force
  3. Anyone says “Ani”
  4. The Jedi Council is shown
  5. The interior of the Senate is shown
  6. Jar-Jar says “Meesa”
  7. Anyone says “Naboo”
  8. Pod racing / racers are mentioned

Episode II Attack of the Clones


  1. Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off
  2. Anyone mentions the Force
  3. The Jedi Council is shown
  4. The interior of the Senate is shown
  5. Anyone mentions refer to Anakin as young
  6. Anakin refers to his affection for Padme
  7. Anyone says “Jango” or “Boba”
  8. Padme changes her outfit

Episode III Revenge of the Sith


  1. Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off
  2. Anyone mentions the Force
  3. Anyone says “M’Lady”
  4. Anyone says “Dooku”
  5. Anyone loses a limb
  6. Padme’s childbirth death / “saving her life” is mentioned
  7. A Jedi is killed
  8. Anyone talks about “power” or being “powerful”

Episode IV A New Hope


  1. Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off
  2. Anyone mentions the Force
  3. Luke whines about something
  4. Anyone says “Kenobi”
  5. R2-D2 or C-3PO gets damaged
  6. Anyone insults the or boasts about the Millenium Falcon
  7. Anyone mentions the Death Star’s technical plans inside R2-D2
  8. Anyone communicates via radio

Episode V The Empire Strikes Back


  1. Leia and Han bicker
  2. The Millenium Falcon fails to go into hyperspeed
  3. Luke fails a Jedi training task
  4. Obi-Wan is shown or mentioned
  5. The force is mentioned
  6. A lightsaber is turned on or off
  7. Anyone yells at or about C-3PO
  8. The Dark Side is mentioned

Episode VI Return of the Jedi


  1. Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off
  2. Anyone mentions the Dark Side
  3. Anyone mentions “Destiny”
  4. Anyone says “Skywalker”
  5. Darth Vader and Luke refer to each other as “Father” or “Son”
  6. Anyone mentions “Anger,” “Hate” or “Hatred”
  7. The energy shield around the Death Star is mentioned
  8. Han and Leia profess their love or show it

Star Wars Drinking Game Variations

Variation #1

This list is for anything in the Trilogy though it will also work if you only get through one or two of the movies.

Drink when:

  • Someone has a bad feeling about this.
  • It’s their only hope.
  • An entire planet is described as having one climate.
  • Somebody gets choked.
  • A woman other than Leia is on screen
  • An old Jedi starts to ramble about the Force. (Vader counts.)
  • Somebody’s hand gets cut off.
  • A gigantic technological marvel explodes in a single blast.
  • There is a tremor in the Force.
  • It’s not someone’s fault
  • One or more heroes are almost eaten by a Thing
  • A Jedi is much more powerful than he looks
  • Someone exclaims “No!”
  • Someone does something apparently suicidal that turns out to be a good idea
  • Twice if it’s not Han
  • Someone wears the same outfit in all three movies–it counts if they change at the end
  • Someone is mind-controlled using the Force
  • People kiss
  • A good guy wears white or a bad guy wears black
  • Twice if a bad guy wears white and a good guy wears black (for uniforms, only the first person on screen counts)
  • Three times if someone hovering in between wears gray
  • Every time you find yourself talking to the people on screen
  • An elaborately made up alien has no lines
  • Someone or something tries to get money from Han
  • Some ship crashes into something after being hit.
  • Someone has a light saber duel (includes just using light saber)
  • An Ewok dies, and the camera lingers longer than it did when the Death Star exploded, killing billions of people. (Fourteen seconds. Count’em.)
  • It is Luke’s destiny.
  • Luke whines.
  • Luke discovers a long-lost relative.
  • Luke fights monsters or savages.
  • Luke does some nifty acrobatic flip.
  • Luke teeters on the brink of a chasm.
  • Luke is upside-down
  • Luke and Lando are in the same place at the same time
  • Twice if they speak to each other
  • Luke’s parentage is Foreshadowed
  • Luke refuses to take someone’s advice
  • Luke yells “Artooooo!”
  • Leia insults somebody.
  • Leia wears an outfit that covers everything except her face and hands
  • Twice if it covers her neck
  • Three times if she’s almost totally nude
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi materializes for a guest appearance.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi plays detective. (“…Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.”)
  • Han brags about the Millenium Falcon.
  • Anybody insults the Millenium Falcon.
  • Something doesn’t work on the Falcon
  • Twice if it’s the hyperdrive
  • Yoda uses bad grammar.
  • Yoda talks like a fortune cookie.
  • R2-D2 gets thrashed.
  • R2-D2 plugs into the wrong socket and his head spins around.
  • C-3PO loses a body part. (Take two drinks if he is completely dismembered.)
  • C-3PO informs us of just how many forms of communication he’s familiar with
  • A Rebel pilot is of a race other than white
  • Twice if they’re non-human (co-pilots count)
  • A Rebel Pilot says “Nice Shot…”
  • A Rebel Pilot says “I’ve been hit…”
  • Tarkin brags about the Death Star.

Star Wars Drinking Game


Variation #2

This list offers options for both taking a drink and taking a shot.


Take a shot:

If these rules aren’t enough you can go all-out with our extended version, complete with useless CG characters:


  • Whenever someone turns a lightsaber on or off
  • Anytime someone does an unnecessary flip
  • Whenever tractor beams are used
  • Whenever a random, unnecessary CG character shows up in the Special Editions (Warning: to avoid dangerous levels of Fruitopication, please only implement this rule with a safety guide present.)

Take a shot:

Star Wars Drinking Game Final Thoughts

Always end the game in theme. Try raising your glass in one final toast declaring, “Live long and Prosper! Feeling drunk I am!  Walking I can not.”

Now that you have some ideas to go on grab a list, or make your own, and start the game!  Remember to drink responsibly or in trouble you will be.



Titanic The Drinking Game Feature

How To Play Titanic The Drinking Game

Players: 2+ | Type: Movie Drinking Games | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉


Titanic The Drinking Game Overview:

If you loved Family Guy the Drinking Game, we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy Titanic The Drinking Game. Titanic was one of the most talked-about movies in the 1990s, largely because of the controversy of Kate Winslet’s topless scene.

This game encourages you to have an entertaining throwback night as you watch it all over again. Perhaps for the first time in over a decade! And if you’ve never seen it before, you’re in for a treat. In this game, certain scenes and music triggers drinking times, making for a movie night with an adult twist.

Titanic The Drinking Game Equipment: 

The Movie Titanic
Alcohol (Any Type)

How To Play Titanic The Drinking Game: The Rules

Create a sign with all of the things on the following list and put it somewhere everyone can see it. Get your beverages ready, and get comfortable. Have a beer or glass of wine prior to starting the movie…this is a tear jerker. Get prepared to drink every time:

  • “My Heart Will Go On” plays.
  • Rose’s granddaughter shows up.
  • Cal and Rose fight with each other.
  • Any two characters kiss each other.
  • Someone smokes a cigarette.
  • You see someone spitting.
  • A rocket or flare lights up.
  • The movie switches from the past to the future, or the other way around.
  • Any character says “Jack” or “Rose.”
  • The necklace moves out of one person’s possession and into another’s hands.
  • Rose puts on the necklace. Drink twice when she wears it while nude.
  • You catch an inaccurate portrayal of history.
  • Someone either pulls out some money or talks about money.
  • Someone gets punched in the face.
  • Hockley insinuates how awesome and preferable it is to be wealthy.
  • The smoke stack crushes the poor fellow who is friends with Jack.
  • Someone shoots a gun. (Drink twice if the gun hits someone, three times for the man who shoots himself.)
  • Cal is consumed with jealous emotions.
  • The iceberg makes an appearance.
  • Someone is unable to escape the flooding boat due to being blocked by a locked doorway.
  • The gushing water smashes against somebody.
  • An individual falls off the boat. (If there’s a group, you have to take a drink for every single falling person.)
  • Anyone talks about the magnificence of the Titanic. In fact, just go and ahead and drink when you hear the word “Titanic.” (Drink twice when you hear the word “unsinkable.”)
  • The man with the propeller shows up.
  • You see characters crying. Get ready for lots of crying.
  • The string quartet ceases to play.
  • Somebody jumps or falls out of the Titanic.

Variations On Titanic The Drinking Game 

Asking Questions- Every time a player asks what just happened in the movie. What can we say, you should have been paying attention! The asking questions rule also applies to players who ask to be reminded of the rules.

Bathroom- If you have to leave for the bathroom, you’re taking a swig of your drink.

Party Foul- Take a shot every time someone catches you forgetting to drink. Watch the other players like a hawk, so you can catch them and return the favor.

The Korean Version- This drinking game is called Titanic, but it has nothing to do with the movie. For this, you need a shot glass, beer, 5oz glass, and vodka or soju. (Soju, made from distilled sweet potatoes or rice, is one of the most popular drinks in Korea.) Players sit in a circle, and then a player fills the glass halfway with beer, puts it in the center of the circle, and plops the shot glass right into the glass of beer.

Then you go around the circle and each person pours a little bit of vodka or soju into the shot glass. It can be just a drop, but it has to be something. The shot glass represents Titanic, the ship itself, and anytime it gets so full that it falls down to the bottom of the glass, the person who pours the vodka that makes it plummet is responsible for “sinking the Titanic” and has to drink the alcoholic mixture.

Additional Drinking Game Equipment

Titanic The Drinking Game Final Thoughts

You pregame before the movie, and there’s no doubt you’ll need some comfort from your dear old friend, that is, your beverage, when it’s over. There are a lot of rules sandwiched between the beginning and end of the movie, which is why a sign is so helpful! But of course, feel free to take out rules or make up your own.

Let us know how this game plays out for you and your friends, we want to hear how it went. Stay tuned for the next drinking game!



Crazy Eights The Drinking Game Featured

Crazy Eights The Drinking Game – The Best Drinking Games

Players: 4-8 | Type: Competitive | Drink: Beer/Liquor | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉


Crazy Eights the Drinking Game Overview:

This is wild game will keep you and your friends on your toes for the whole ride through. Back in the day, long nights were spent with the parents and grandparents reminiscing over butt naked baby photos, card games such as go fish, and a little about of television with Nickelodeon and Hey Arnold.

Now with everyone bringing back bell-bottoms and chokers, here’s the next best thing.

Just think, it’s Saturday night, you want to have a good time but not sure where to go? Or maybe you’re throwing a party and you need to get the good times rolling? Well, look no further. This exciting game begins with eights but it ends in turmoil and spilled beer among friends. Let’s do this! Here’s how to get started playing Crazy Eights the Drinking Game.

Crazy Eights the Drinking Game

Crazy Eights the Drinking Game Equipment:

A Deck of cards


Beer mug


Shot glasses

How to Play Crazy Eights the Drinking Game: The Rules

To start off play, the cards are shuffled and placed in the center of the table. The eight cards are taken out of the deck and placed in a vertical row. The first player places either a 7 or a 9 next to one of the cards. Those two cards being placed equal out to two drinks which are then passed on to any of the other fortunate participants. This play continues as the next players lay down more cards sequentially. If a person happens to not have a card to play that continues the number sequence then that person, of course, has to drink and then place a new card.

This continues for every card skipped in the sequence. For example, if the last card played was an eight and you don’t have anything to play except for a 5, you would have to drink for the seven, six, and the five. This continues over and over until the deck is gone or someone bows out, whichever comes first.

Variations on Crazy Eights the Drinking Game: 

Crazy Eights the Drinking GameThere are a couple variations to this game such as using a face card of your choice and double the number of drinks for skips in a play. Some of the funniest ones include the 10 beers in one rule. In this rule, each 10 skips or drinks then equals one beer. When you reach 10 drinks you have to automatically grab a beer and shotgun it. It can be fun doing this as a group, although I might suggest it be done outside so it doesn’t get too messy.

The other challenge is to play it like poker or go fish by making sets.  For those of you who don’t remember, a set is a group of four or even pair in some version of the cards of the same type, such as diamond, spade, clover, or heart. This version is a little bit wild and slightly more interesting but it, unfortunately, doesn’t last long, especially when all your friends start to not be able to tell the difference between a spade and a clover.

Finally, you can use the distribution version. For each card or for every other card skipped, the player has to take a drink as many times as the highest card skipped. For example, if they needed to place a 7 and they skipped the cards all the way to a 5, the opponent needs to take a drink or shot 7 times or has the opportunity to distribute his drinks among all the friends. This version is also called the giver since of course, we love spreading the love. After all, sharing is caring!

Additional Drinking Game Equipment

Crazy Eights the Drinking Game Final Thoughts: 

In my opinion, this is one of the random kooky drinking game picks. If you loved dominoes as a kid this is definitely going to be a winner in your book, but it’s one you for sure need to pay attention. If math, algebra, or counting down from 10 is not your forte, you might want to decide on a different game.

Did you enjoy this game or any versions similar? You can also check out “Go Fish” or “Across the Bridge.” There are various things that can be added to make this game even tougher but make sure not to add too much, you want to make sure the group hopefully makes it through at least one round of the game. Even if it’s pushing it.

Let us know by commenting below!