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Weekend Review: Best Hammock Brands

Best Hammock Brands

While there’s tons of hammock brands on the market, some are certainly better than others. Each hammock needs to be evaluated individually, but if you’re in the market for a hammock and not sure where to start, checking out some of these best hammock brands is a great way to start your investigation.

Hennessy Hammocks Review “Best Quality” 

Hennessy Hammock Best Hammock Brands
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BEST QUALITY:  Hennessy Hammocks
SIZE: Only singles available
WEIGHT:  Average of 2lbs
TYPE: Inline design camping hammocks with nylon construction
COST: $79.95 and up
SET-UP: Rainfly included, bug nets and suspending ropes attached, brand’s “snake skin” stuff sacks recommended
CAN SUPPORT: 185-300 lbs, depending on model
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


Hennessy Hammocks are the brand du jour for camping, since they’re made with the highest quality materials with an intense attention to detail.  

They generally come with two options for each “series”: the classic style that has a velcro-secured bottom entry, and the zip style that allows you to remove the bug net so you can sit in it when lounging around camp.  

This seemingly minor detail can make all the difference in your camping experience, depending on how you want to use the hammock.  For either style though, the innovative design and quality of materials are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Bonus Features

These hammocks generally come with the suspending ropes attached, as well as bug nets and an included rainfly.  They are constructed of high quality nylon, with specific varieties of this material used dependent on the type of hammock being constructed.  Instructions for setup are included on the stuff sack, though basic knowledge of knot tying is helpful for the hanging process.

Special Considerations

Since these hammocks are only single-sleepers, they’re not ideal for backyard use or a couple’s camping trip.  Additionally, since they’re made of breathable nylon fabric, most are not suitable for winter or overly-cool fall camping situations unless outfitted with additional insulation.  The brand does sell underquilts, and combined with a suitable sleeping bag, you can certainly stay comfortable in all but the absolute coldest climes.

Best Uses

These hammocks are the go-to brand to keep you safe from the elements.  If you’re heading out with a group or on a solo adventure someplace wet, buggy, and hard to get to, these hammocks will make what sounds like a disaster of a trip into a pleasant camping experience!  They’re perfect for backpacking through tropical jungles or kayaking through the Everglades, but they can certainly be used in the backyard on balmy nights just as well!

Best Choice Hammocks Review “Best Value”

Best Choice Hammocks Best Hammock Brands

BEST VALUE: Best Choice Hammocks
SIZE: Varies depending on type and whether or not a stand is included
WEIGHT: 3.4lbs to about 50lbs, depending on style
TYPE: Inline and spread designs available
COST: $29.99 and up
SET-UP: All components included for hammocks with stands, tree straps or posts with hooks needed for portable options
CAN SUPPORT: Around 185 lbs for single hammocks, and 400lbs for double
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


Best Choice Hammocks are the ultimate when you’re buying based on value. With products that come with a stand and would look great in your backyard, to portable selections suitable for light camping, they’re guaranteed to have something to suit your needs and budget.

Bonus Features

This brand features a lot of hammocks with stands, which is helpful if you have a treeless backyard or are intending to use your hammock indoors.  While the fabric varies depending on the hammock purchased, this brand does boast quite a few 100% cotton options if you’re not a fan of the go-to nylon commonly used by other brands.

Special Considerations

Stand and hammock combos are common with this brand, but they do take up a lot of space.  There are a few truly portable options, but the vast majority of Best Choice Hammocks are the type to leave set up in one location after assembly.

Additionally, as the budget option, the quality of construction with this brand can vary a bit, so it’s always good to test these hammocks at home before taking them on a trip or offering as a seat for guests!

Best Uses

This brand’s hammocks are EXCELLENT for a casual outdoor hammock, or if you’re looking into using a hammock as a bed (either for you or guests!) Since they have plenty of options with cotton construction, they’re more cozy and comfortable than camping hammocks, but still easy to setup and use!

Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock Review “Best Versatility”

Eagle Nest Outfitters Best Hammock Brands

BEST VERSATILITY: Eagles Nest Outfitters
SIZE: Double and single hammocks available
WEIGHT: 1-2 lbs, depending on model
TYPE: Solid colored nylon construction with inline design
COST: $59.95 and up
SET-UP: Comes with carabiners attached, tree straps sold separately
CAN SUPPORT: 200-400 lbs, depending on model
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


If you’re looking for a hammock that can be used pretty much anywhere for not a lot of dough, I’ve got three letters for you : E-N-O.  This brand is dedicated to creating high-quality hammocks that can go anywhere, and they’re interested in forcing you to break the bank to do it.  From camping, to festivals, to backyard relaxation, Eagles Nest Outfitters has a hammock to enhance your experience.

Bonus Features

Their main products are the SingleNest and DoubleNest varieties of hammock, which come with convenient stuff sacks and attached carabiners.  These hammocks are perfect for packing in your car or backpack to set up wherever you find a nice tree, sturdy post, or anything that you can clip both ends to. Then just lean back and relax!

Special Considerations

These hammocks are all made of nylon, so they’re very breathable and not suitable for colder trips.  Additionally, the colors of the hammocks vary wildly, since the company is committed to reducing waste.  While not a problem for some, it’s worth keeping in mind to not plan your outfit or backyard color scheme around this-or at least not until you get it.

Best Uses

This hammock is perfect for anywhere you want to kick back and relax!  Whether you’re on a beach on a sunny day, taking a break while backpacking through the mountains, or relaxing between shows at a music festival, this is the ultimate hammock in terms of portability and versatility.


Whether you need a hammock for your backyard or the backcountry, these brands are the cream of the crop to start your search. You can guarantee yourself the best with Hennessy, save some cash with Best Choice, or split the difference with Eagles Nest Outfitters, but no matter how you choose you can rest easy knowing your brand is the absolute best.  

Still searching for the best in another area? We’ve got the lowdown on which coolers, drinking games, and beer holders will take your weekend to the next level. Be sure to check out the rest of the site to learn more!

Review of K2 Coolers for Sale Featured

Review of K2 Coolers for Sale: Chuggie’s All-Inclusive Article

Chuggie’s Review of K2 Coolers for Sale

Chuggie’s All-Inclusive Review of K2 Coolers for Sale is going to tell everything you’ve been wondering, from where to find K2 cooler dealers to what their warranty is like.

Team Chuggie is easy to please. Give us a weekend in nature and some beer, and we’ll be happy as can be.

We’re not so easy to please in terms of gear like ice chests, hammocks, and can coolies. Outdoor recreation calls for quality equipment, and who wants warm beer? Here are answers to questions we have when considering a cooler, all in one place.

Chuggie’s Review of K2 Coolers for Sale: K2 Cooler Ice Retention

K2’s main marketing phrase is “Real Value. Real Cold.” Grizzly promises superior ice retention too, but we debunked that myth. So, just how long do K2 coolers hold ice?

We love what K2 says about their own coolers’ ice retention. It’s the same idea we always emphasize: it depends on a variety of factors! There are just so many variables.

On average, K2 cooler retention time is 3-5 days. To increase ice retention, precool your K2 24 hours in advances and fill it will different kinds of ice, like blocked and cubed. If you own a K2 cooler, leave us a comment so we can hear from more actual K2 cooler owners!

Chuggie’s Review of K2 Coolers for Sale: K2 Cooler Durability

K2 coolers are roto-molded from polyethylene. This differs from coolers like Yetis and Orcas, as they’re made from polypropylene, which is the exact same material used to make kayaks.

K2 coolers durability takes another hit as they’re not certified bear proof, and their latches need to be replaced from time to time. You can find videos of K2s going through durability tests, but those are sponsored by the K2 brand itself. Those kind of videos had zero weight on our review of K2 coolers for sale.

With all that said, many users (especially fishers) report K2 coolers to have lasted 10+ years and still be going strong. Our impression is that K2 cooler durability is good, especially for gentle to moderate outdoor use. If you own a K2 cooler, let us know in the comments section how they’ve worked out for you!

Chuggie’s Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: K2 Cooler Construction

Insulation- K2 coolers’ ice retention is good thanks to their thick, pressure-injected foam walls 1.5-3” walls.

Latches – K2 coolers’ trademarked POSITRAC rubber latches are pull-up rather than the traditional pull-down latches.

Feet- K2 coolers feature rubber, non-marking and non-skidding feet.

Drain plug- The drain plug is detachable with a silicone gasket. Every cooler in the Summit Series has one, except for the Summit 20.

Anchor points- Every K2 cooler has dual anchor points with holes for padlocks.

Handles- The outer handles are made of rope. The inner, integrated handles are made of hard plastic.

Shoulder strap- The Summit 20 & 30 models come with a padded shoulder strap.

Hinges– K2 uses a full-length integrated hinge system with a stainless-steel pin.

Wheels – Hoping for a K2 cooler with wheels? K2’s Summit 30 and Summit 60 each come with a set of wheels.

Review of K2 Coolers for Sale: K2 Cooler Ease of Use

You’ll find K2 coolers easy to drain. You have the option to partially unscrew their drain plug to control speed. Keeping it attached helps you avoid losing such a small piece. (As we all know, beer is one of the finer things in life. Also, it makes it easier to lose stuff.) The padded shoulder strap on the Summit 20 & 30 is very comfortable.

The latches take some getting used to, since they’re pull-up. This style aims to ensure a closed lid, which is great for ice retention. Some people think they’re easier than pull-down latches.

Chuggie’s Review of K2 Coolers for Sale: K2 Cooler Accessories

If you’re already looking at K2 coolers for sale, you might as well consider the accessories, right? K2 cooler accessories include all the little extras for smoot sailing the next time you’re outside doing what you love.

K2 cooler accessories include:

-Bottle openers
-Cable locks
-Camo seat cushions
-Cutting boards
-Corner chock sets
-Hanging basket
-Deep tray

Chuggie Review of K2 Coolers for Sale: K2 Cooler Colors

You can choose from a variety of colors to personalize your cooler. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life.

Single-Colored K2 Cooler Colors:

Mud Brown with Ducks Unlimited with logo on the lid
White with
Just for Bucks Green

Dual-Colored K2 Cooler Colors:

Crimson & White
Red & White
Orange & White
Purple & Yellow

Camo K2 Cooler Lids:

Shadow Grass Blades
Break Up Infinity
Realtree Xtra
Badlands Approach

K2 supports Majesty Outdoors, a non-profit organization whose mission is to take fatherless children on their first big outdoor adventure. For only $20, you can purchase a white cooler with Majesty Outdoors’ name on it.

A review of K2 coolers for sale just wouldn’t be complete without looking at K2 cooler colors. Whether you want basic colors, bright colors, or camo-patterns, you’ll be covered.

Review of K2 Coolers for Sale: K2 Cooler Prices

K2 sells their coolers in a range from $159 for the Summit 20 to $459 for the Summit 120. They also offer a “Scratch and Dent” section for cheaper, perfectly functional coolers with cosmetic flaws.

You can get a much cheaper price if you’re willing to choose from a limited color/size selection. It’s always worth checking out.

It’s helpful to look at prices other brands of coolers to get an idea of where K2 cooler prices fall in. The K2 Summit 20 costs about $80 less than Grizzly, Orca, Engel, and Yeti brands coolers of comparable sizes.

Chuggie’s Review of K2 Coolers for Sale: K2 Cooler Warranty

A K2 cooler warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for 7 years. This is more than warranties on other high-end coolers like Yeti and Engel brands, but pales in comparison to the lifetime warranties on coolers like Engel, Orca, Pelican, and Canyon.

Chuggie’s Review of K2 Coolers for Sale: K2 Cooler Dealers

Just type your zip code into K2’s convenient dealer locator! It only takes a couple seconds to see all the K2 cooler dealers nearby. Save your time if you live out of the US or on the western half, they’re only located in the Midwest, South, and Northeast.

You can buy brand new, full price coolers straight from K2 coolers’ website. Their clearance is a more affordable option, if you’re willing to pick from a limited selection and don’t mind a few scratches or dents. If you can’t find the price, specific size, or color you want, and eBay will likely have what you’re looking for.

Chuggie’s Review of K2 Coolers for Sale: K2 Cooler Final Thoughts

We’re fans of K2 coolers! However, for some of you, K2s aren’t the best choice.

If you take your gear on rough and long treks, consider another brand. K2s are quite durable, but not bear proof. There isn’t enough information available to deem them reliably long-lasting. They aren’t among the best in ice retention either, but are certainly good for weekends.

K2 coolers don’t come with bells and whistles like built-in rulers or bottle openers. They have a limited warranty. These aren’t disqualifiers, but things to think about.

Back to why we’re giving these ice chests our stamp of approval. They’re less expensive than other rotomolded coolers and have a wonderful color section. Plus, they donate to a non-profit helping kids explore nature for the first time. We have a lot of respect for their donations to others.

We hope our review of K2 coolers for sale helped you. Happy shopping!

How To Play The Ultimate National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Drinking Game Featured

How To Play The Ultimate National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Drinking Game With Rules

Players: 2+ | Type: Movie | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉


How To Play The Ultimate National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Drinking Game With Rules:

How To Play The Ultimate National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Drinking Game: Overview

Lamenting the end of the holidays? We know – January is perhaps the toughest months of the year. There’s that dip from the holiday cheer and no holidays involving candy and presents. But we have just the drinking card game to lift your spirits! You can keep the holiday spirit going strong by learning How To Play The Ultimate National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Drinking Game.

How To Play The Ultimate National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Drinking Game: Equipment

Drink of your choice
The movie “The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”
Santa Hat (optional)

How To Play The Ultimate National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation The Drinking Game

Everyone should try to get into the Christmas mindset. We suggest drinking spiked eggnog and playing Christmas music while players are getting settled in. If you have a fireplace, build a fire… you get the idea. Make it as Christmas-y as you want!

Start playing the movie once everyone’s ready. Drink about 1oz each time you drink and take a swig whenever:

·         The swimming pool is talked about.

·         Clark has donned a sports-related article of clothing.

·         Ellen calls Clark by a pet name.

·         Someone’s wearing an ugly sweater.

·         A hair piece appears on screen.

·         Clark’s bonus is talked about.

·         Cousin Eddie annoys Clark.

·         Clark puts others at risk in his quest for the perfect Christmas.

·         A person or pet messes with the Griswold Christmas Tree.

·         A calendar door is opened.

·         Clark has an awkward moment.

·         Someone calls Rusty “Rus.” Take two drinks if they yell it.

·         Clark has the super intense “crazy eyes.”

·         Every time the neighbors grumble.

·         Cousin Eddie says something that’s just plain weird.

·         Aunt Bethany appears on screen. Take an extra drink if she speaks.

·         Mary shows up on screen.

·         There is singing, Christmas bells, or holiday music playing in the background.

·         Todd and Margo’s stuff get ruined…by Clark.

·         A new family member/s shows up at the Griswold’s home.

If you’re playing with a slightly competitive group, create a list of the rules and put them in plain sight of everyone for easy referencing. This is a social movie drinking game, so the focus is to have fun. But we get it – sometimes the fun is in the competition.

How To Play The Ultimate National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Drinking Game: Gameplay Variations 

Those are the basics. If you think you’re ready to intensify The Ultimate National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Drinking Game (The movie’s intense, so why not make the game a little crazier?), add these extras:
Shitter’s Full- Players must shout “Shitter’s Full!!” if they need to leave to use the bathroom. If they forget, they have to chug their entire drink once they return.

Russ!- At any point during the game, a player can point at a another play and say “Russ!” If the other player doesn’t say “I’m right here, Dad”, they have to take a drink.

Power Grid- Each player must finish their entire drink when Clark pulls down the power grid.

Penalty Drink- Any player caught not drinking according to the rules has to down the rest of their beer/eggnog/wine/etc.

Drink Mirroring- Oh, movie drinking games. So many opportunities to hardcore drink. Players must finish their drink each time a character finishes their drink.

Frank Shirley Rule- The first player to shout “Get me somebody! And get me somebody while I’m waiting!” as soon as Frank Shirley shows up on screen for the first time gets to tell a player of their choosing to finish their drink.

Knock Knock- The player who beats all others to the punchline and, while using the exact gestures as in the movie, says “Knock on the door, peek in” dolls out two drinks to other players.

Santa Hat- The Santa hat gets passed around as an added twist in this movie drinking game! Players who forget to drink have to wear the hat until it gets passed on to another player. Players who misquote any line from the movie also must wear it. The person wearing the Santa hat at the end of the movie must chug their entire drink.

Drink responsibly. You’ll keep yourself and others safe by doing so. Plus, the more responsibly you drink, the sooner you’ll be able to play another movie drinking game.

How To Play The Ultimate National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Drinking Game: Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to play The Ultimate National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Drinking Game, get some friends/family members together, pick up some egg nog from the store, wear some ugly sweaters, and get to it!

We’re always interested in hearing about your experience with drinking games – it’s always hilarious and inspired us to play the games we write about. Leave us a comment to fill us in!


Ultimate Review of Engel Coolers for Sale

Fish More, Work Less: A Complete Review of Engel Coolers for Sale

Chuggie’s Review of Engel Coolers for Sale

On the market for a new cooler, eh? Wonderful! Chuggie’s Review of Engel Coolers for Sale is here to help.

We’ve covered everything you want to know when considering a cooler, from ice retention to warranty and everything in between. If you’re a hunter, fisher, or just love taking adventures outdoors, we think you’ll especially like to have an Engel Cooler.

Chuggie’s Review of Engel Coolers for Sale: Engel Cooler Ice Retention

If you’ve read our Best Coolers for Keeping Ice article, you know our stance on Engel Cooler ice retention. It’s among the best! On average, these reliable coolers’ temperatures stay under forty degrees for 5-7 days.

This guy is our go-to for ice retention in high-end coolers. Among the 9 top-tier coolers, the Engel Cooler outperformed the Igloo, Yeti, and Grizzly brand coolers.

Another reviewer tells us that Engel Coolers hold ice for 8 days! So pre-cool your Engel Cooler like your life depends on it, and see how long this trusty ice chest will hold ice for you.

Chuggie’s Review of Engel Coolers for Sale: Engel Cooler Durability

Engel coolers were the first modern roto-molded coolers to appear in the U.S. market.

One of the main reasons we did a review of Engel Coolers for sale was to see how these old-timers compared with the newer models.

We were impressed with what we found. Engel Coolers have exceptionally sturdy latches, handles, and hinges. Outdoor Gear Lab performed a durability test on several popular coolers. The Engel Deep Blue was on same level as the Orca and Pelican brands.

Let one roll around in your trunk a time or two. Let two grizzly bears play catch with it. It’ll be just fine.

Chuggie’s Review of Engel Coolers for Sale: Engel Cooler Construction

Engel Cooler construction is the secret behind these sturdy coolers’ durability because.

Small metal hooks on the lid fasten to the Engel Coolers’ hard plastic levers. These hooks also serve as bottle openers. No more spending 10 minutes getting the bottle cap off because you forgot the opener!

Engel Coolers also have pin style hinges, external latches, extended and recessed handles, and a slot for an internal divider.

Chuggie’s Review of Engel Coolers for Sale: Engel Cooler Ease of Use

Engel Coolers’ durability, construction, and ice retention are commendable. We usually take a look at how comfortable they are to use after studying those top 3 factors. These are your weekends we’re talking about! They’ve got to be easy-breezy. Here’s what we found:

-Their lids stay sealed. Sure, every brand of cooler says their lid is great, but this time it’s true. It actually stays open, unlike the lids on other high end coolers. (We’re looking at both of you, Orca Coolers and Yeti Coolers!)

-They’re easy to drain and won’t leave a sizable puddle of water.

-Small metal hooks fasten the plastic handles levers for a clean-cut look. Not only do they look great, they’re easy to use.

-Fishermen! Certain models have built-in rod holders.

-Some reviewers didn’t like the grooved plastic handles. Since it can’t be a one-size fits all, they can be uncomfortable to carry.

Other than the grooved handles, Engel Coolers are comfortable and should fit seamlessly with your outdoor recreation time.

Chuggie’s Review of Engel Coolers for Sale: Engel Cooler Accessories & Colors

Fishers and hunters, we can’t say it enough –  these coolers are perfect for you. Engel Cooler colors include Camo, Haze Grey, White, and Tan.

In addition to their built-in bottle openers and fishing rod holders, Engel Cooler accessories have everything you need for your tranquil fishing weekends. They have the usual stuff, like replacement parts, food baskets, and ice packs.

You can get a camo, white, or “No Shoes Nation” seat cushion for any size of Engel DeepBlue Cooler. Your cooler can double up as a comfy seat while you fish or wait in your deer blind. These marine-grade vinyl cushions have 2 inches of padding and snap into place with snap-on screws.

Their bate trays and cutting boards are stackable with an interlocking temperature conductor between each tray. They’re also salt water resistant.

If you want to go all out, you can get a handy tie-down kit, compartment divider, and wireless fridge thermometer/clock package.

Chuggie’s Review of Engel Coolers for Sale: Engel Cooler Prices & Warranty

Engel Cooler Prices range from $239.99 to $979.99, falling closely in line with the Orca, Pelican, Yeti, and Pelican brands. You can check out Amazon for discount Engel Coolers – they almost always have cheaper deals.

Unfortunately, an Engel Cooler warranty isn’t great. It’s only good for three years, which is two years less than the Yeti. It looks extra short next to the lifetime warranties of other coolers.

Chuggie’s Review of Engel Coolers for Sale: Where are Engel Coolers Made?

 Some of their smaller parts are created in the USA and Philippines, but they’re mainly manufactured in Thailand.

Chuggie’s Review of Engle Coolers for Sale: Engel Cooler Dealers

 Big box stores like Home Depot, Walmart, and Sam’s Club carry Engel Coolers. You can either buy directly from the store or from their website.

Engel also offers a dealer locator. When you check it out, you’ll see that Engel Cooler Dealers are located all around the world. (Though mostly in the U.S.)

Chuggie’s Review of Engel Coolers for Sale: And the verdict is…

Despite a few quirks, an Engel Cooler is an excellent choice. It’ll be a reliable, quality cooler for all of your weekend adventures. Engel Coolers aren’t for everyone. If you’re turned off by the short warranty or tiny color selection, don’t worry. We have many more reviews of coolers for sale to help you find the perfect coolers.

Practically all the reviews of Engel Coolers for sale that we read had excellent things to say about them. They really don’t have any weak spots, except for their short warranty. Luckily, they offer cheap replacement parts.

Hunters and fishers, we know this is the best fit for you! Engel created their coolers for you. In no time at all you’ll be sitting by the lake on a comfy cushion, with a refreshing beer in hand.



How To Play Horse Race Drinking Game With Rules

Back in the Saddle: How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game

Players: 2+ | Type: Card | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉


Back in the Saddle: How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game

 How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game: Overview

We love this easy-to-play card drinking game and highly recommend you learn how to play the horse race card drinking game . It’s a betting game, so there’s that element of anticipation that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire game. And you can have as many players as you want, what could be better than an inclusive card game that involves drinking?

 How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game: Equipment

Drink of your Choice

Deck of Cards

Drinking Table

 How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game

Decide who will be the dealer. This is going to be the most involved role in the game, so you’ll want to select a player who want to be extra engaged. If more than one player wants to be dealer, have each one draw from the deck of cards. The one who draws the card with the highest number gets to be the dealer.

Take all the Aces out of the deck of cards and place the four cards face up at the end of the table. The layout of the cards will resemble an L. This row of Aces is the short end of the L shape.

Each player selects a suit, or “horse” to bet on. The players’ currency for betting is in the form of drinks. If they lose the bet, they must drink half of the number of cards they bet.

Then, the dealer places eight cards face down as the long end of the L shape. The first card will be placed perpendicular to one of the Aces on the end of the short row. This row is the “track.”

Now it’s time for the race to begin! The dealer flips over the first card on top of the remaining deck of cards. If the suit of the Ace or “horse” matches with the card from the deck that “horse” gets to move forward on step. The spaces are in the line with the “track” or line of eight cards.

The fourth or eighth cards makes the player move backward a space instead of taking a forward step towards the finish line. The good news for unlucky players is that the steps can’t make them take negative steps past the short end of the L. So if the player falls behind as far as the short end of the L, they just stay there until a card is flipped that corresponds with the suit they bet on.

The dealer continues to flip over cards until a player reaches a step past the uppermost card in the row of eight. The losers take half of the number of cards they chose in their bet and drink that amount. The drinks are measured as 1oz. For example, a 40oz has 40 drinks. (If you have any leftover 40s when the game is over, save them to play Edward 40 Hands!) The winner then distributes the number of cards they bet on, in whatever amount to the players of the winner’s choice.

Continue the round of racing as many times as the players want to continue playing.

 How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game: Gameplay Variations 

Double Trouble- Instead of doling out half the number of drinks the winner bets on, this player gets to distribute double the number of cards he waged at the start of the race. The players who lose must also drink double the number of cards they wagered.
Stumble- When a Joker is flipped over, all the horses ahead of the Joker are not allowed to move forward. All the players behind the lead “horse” get to move closer to the finish line except for the lead “horse.”
Advanced Racing- This is a good variation if players have mastered the basic rules of the horse race card drinking and want to spice things up. Players can add additional betting options by betting on the number of each card in the long row of the L. Basically any additional advanced rule the players come up with can be added, like a special rule for face cards, etc.
Negativity- Players can move back past the row of Aces if they keep drawing cards with number four or eight.
Money Racing- Winners get to have a small amount of money at the end of each round. This drinking card game is focused on betting based on the number of drinks, so we suggest only betting a small amount of money, like twenty-five cents to a dollar for each round. In this variation, each losing player gives the agreed upon amount of money to the winner. The winning players split the money if there is a tie.

 How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game: Final Thoughts

You might enjoy this game so much you want to start betting on actual horse racing! But we thinking the drinking card game is so much better.

As always, drink responsibly and know when it’s time to duck out of the game or change the alcohol of your choice to water.