The Best Ice Packs for Coolers Reviews

The 8 Best Long Lasting Ice Packs for Coolers [Pictures, Videos]


The Best Ice Pack for Coolers (Long Lasting):

Are you looking for the best ice pack for coolers? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you a wide variety of the best long lasting ice packs for coolers, since ice packs are reusable and crucial for keeping your ice chest colder longer. Plus, ice packs retain ice for 35%-60% longer than regular ice.

Best Long Lasting Ice Packs for Coolers
Colorful, Long Lasting Ice Packs for Coolers by the Trendy Bartender

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Budget-Friendly Ice Packs for Coolers
Best Reusable Ice Packs for Coolers
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Yeti ICE
The Best Gel Ice Packs for Coolers

The Best Ice Pack for Coolers:
Inexpensive Best Rated Ice Packs for Coolers

#1. Rubbermaid Blue Ice Brand Weekender Ice Packs

Best Ice Packs For Coolers Rubbermaid
Click Here for Discounted Price (Amazon Link)

Many Americans use Rubbermaid’s Blue Ice Brand Weekender Ice Packs. They’re inexpensive, small, and easy to use. You can use one in a lunch cooler or several in a larger cooler.

Special Considerations

  1. Even though they have their benefits, you should be aware of the chief complaint: bulging. The packs may expand in the freezer, leaving you with an oddly shaped ice pack.
  2. This isn’t a big deal if you don’t mind the shape. They’ll keep your stuff cold just as long.

Best Uses

Ultimately, these packs are spectacular for things like keeping groceries cold while you run errands or preserving food during a power outage.

However, steer clear of these little guys if you know you’ll need something rugged.

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#2. Cool Coolers Slim Lunch Ice Packs

Best Ice Pack For Coolers Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers
Click Here for Discounted Price (Amazon Link)

We haven’t written much about ice packs, but our few mentions have referred to Cool Coolers Slim Lunch Ice Packs. Above all else, these things are super inexpensive and easy to pack. 

Special Considerations

  • One excellent strategy is to use these small packs with larger packs.
  • Since they’re small, you can use them for layering throughout the cooler.
  • Then, you can use a larger pack for the bottom and top.

Best Uses

Is a Cool Cooler Slim the best ice pack for coolers? Probably not. But if you aren’t headed out into the backcountry, that isn’t a big issue.

Ultimately, these are great options for tight budgets.

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The Best Ice Pack for Coolers:
The Best Long Lasting Ice Packs for Coolers

#1. The Arctic Ice Alaskan Series Reusable Pack

Special Considerations

Best Ice Pack For Coolers Arctic Ice
Click for Discounted Price (Amazon Link)

As we searched for the best reusable ice pack for coolers, the Arctic Ice Alaskan Series Reusable Pack really caught our attention. 

First and foremost, these ice packs are made up of “plant-based phase-changing material” (PCM). As a result of the PCM, the Alaskan Series can absorb heat while still remaining at 34 degrees, their ice point.

These things are strong, and they also stay nice and cold for as long as five days. 

Best Uses

In Field & Stream, our favorite go-to publication, contributing editor David Draper provides a brief review of his summer-long use of these rugged reusable ice packs.

Invest in some Arctic Ice Alaskan Series Reusable Packs, and you’ll have spent your money wisely. Arctic Ice sells single packs for as little $12.95-$29.95, depending on size.

However, you can save big by going through an online marketplace like Amazon.

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#2. The Arctic Ice Tundra Series

Best Ice Pack For Coolers Ice Sheet
Click Here for Discounted Price (Amazon Link)

Like the Alaskan Series, the Tundra Series Reusable Ice Packs have a “thermochromic ‘smart’ temperature sensor.”

Unlike the Alaskan Series, Tundras have a preset temperature of 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Special Considerations

Although dry ice has a lower freezing point, the Tundra Series is easier to use. You don’t have to mess around with all the extra work that dry ice demands.

Prices range from $12.95 to $29.95 on the Arctic Ice website. However, you can find much cheaper prices on Amazon. Trust us, you’ll be making a wise investment.

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Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Arctic Ice Tundra Reusable Ice Pack

Best Ice Pack For Coolers Arctic Ice Chillin
Click Here for Discounted Price (Amazon Link)
  • It’s important to realize that Tundra Ice Packs’ purpose is to keep frozen contents frozen.
  • For this reason, don’t expect them to cool down contents that aren’t frozen.
  • Instead, think of them as a way to transport pre-frozen material, like meat or fish.
  • Given that the Arctic Ice Tundra Series has such a low freezing point, the biggest challenge is to re-freeze these buggers.
  • Arctic Ice suggests using a refrigerator that can be lowered to zero degrees. Keep in mind that it takes roughly 18-36 hours to refreeze.
  • Another tip is to use the Arctic Ice Tundra Reusable Ice Packs with Arctic Ice’s Chillin’ Brew Reusable Ice Packs.

Best Uses

To sum things up, Arctic Ice Alaskan and Tundra Series are, in our opinion, the best long lasting ice packs. Not only do they keep ice cold for a long time, but they’re strong, virtually leak-proof, and are dishwasher safe.

Also, we can’t say enough good things about their plant-based materials. Any company that respects the environment wins, in our books!

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The Best Ice Packs for Coolers:  Yeti ICE

Next, we want to cover Yeti Ice. We’ve given Yeti a hard time on multiple occasions, but that’s only because Yeti’s tough enough to take it.

First, here’s a great video about maximizing regular ice in Yeti Coolers.

Yeti Ice is available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

What is Yeti Ice Made Of?

A common question is what is yeti ice made of? Yeti ICE’s two main ingredients are:

  1. A food-based phase-changing liquid
  2. High-density polyethylene.

In spite of the fact that YETI ICE’s phase changing liquid isn’t eco-friendly, it does work the same way. This means that Yeti ICE packs hold on tightly to their preset temperature especially well.

Is Yeti ICE the Best Ice Pack for Coolers?

Yeti Ice Pack for Coolers
(Click for current discounts)

According to some of the individual opinions inside of the “Arctic Ice vs Yeti Ice” thread of the Egg Head Forum, Yeti ICE is pretty damn good. 

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Yeti ICE vs Generic Ice Packs

Due to the large surface area of Yeti ICE packs, they don’t stay frozen as long as other ice packs for coolers. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

Their purpose is to maximize the cooling temperature effects on your food and beverages without causing “slushy” drinks. 

If you want something that stays frozen longer (and don’t mind slushy drinks), go with a different type of ice pack. 

But should you go with Yeti ICE, try pairing it with a Yeti Field Tan Sidekick. Couple this duo with a Yeti Hopper Portable Cooler, and you’re golden.

Yeti Ice Best Long Lasting Ice Pack for Cooler
(Click for more photos and reviews)

Best Uses

If you’re a Yeti fan, this is likely the best fit for you, since it’s ideal for the Yeti Coolers you already own. Even if you’re not loyal to Yeti, you should consider these for hunting and fishing.

Hunters, fishers, and other hardcore outdoor people, these are the ice packs for you!

Here’s a video review of that Yeti Sidekick I was talking about.

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The Best Ice Pack for Coolers: Large Ice Packs (Sheets)

While these are often the best long lasting ice packs for coolers, sometimes you just need a flexible ice pack. 

#1. Thermafreeze Reusable Ice Pack for Coolers

Best Ice Packs For Coolers Thermafreeze Reusable Ice Pack Sheets
Click Here for Discounted Price (Amazon Link)

Dimensions: 10″ x 15″ (Each sheet consists of 24 cells. The cells’ dimensions are 4″ by 6″.)
Weight: 0.06 pounds
Color: White

Special Considerations

  • Since you can cut between the lines of the cells, you can transform the large sheet into various shapes and sizes.
  • These various sizes will easily fit into contours of coolers.
  • They also wrap around the coolers’ contents quite well.

Make sure not to let the sheets completely thaw, as this can ruin them. As long as you won’t be out for extended periods of time, it’s unlikely your Thermafreeze Sheet will thaw.

Best Long Lasting Ice Packs for Coolers
Easy to wash and reuse. (Click for more pictures)

Best Uses

In addition to being great large ice packs for coolers, they’re also good ice packs for back pain and other body aches. This is because they easily wrap around a painful arm or leg. After a long day of hiking, you’ll be thankful for the cold therapy!

All in all, a Thermafreeze is the best ice pack for coolers in many penny pinchers’ eyes.

We believe it’s best to share all of the facts, even the little quirks. (Quite frankly? There are lots of times when there’s plenty of time to slip a Thermafreeze Sheet into a freezer before it gets too warm.)

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#2. FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet Reusable Ice Pack for Coolers

These 100% water-based, reusable ice packs for coolers will arrive at your doorstep in packs of 3. As soon as you start using them, you’ll fall in love.

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Best Ice Packs for Coolers Long Lasting
(Follow the link for easy discounts)

According to the Amazon spotlighted best reviewer who used these ice packs for his lunch cooler every day for a long time, these puppies are durable. They kept his food cool all day and showed no signs of wear and tear, even after frequent daily usage.

Best Uses

Like ThermaFreeze Reusable Ice Packs for coolers, Flexifreeze Ice Sheet Reusable Ice Packs for Coolers contain small cells.

Therefore, you can cut them into various shapes and sizes, creating the perfect fit for any space inside of your cooler.

Another similarity between the ThermaFreeze Ice Sheets and Flexifree Ice Sheets is that they wrap easily around aches and pains. So, no matter which one you choose, you have the peace of mind that no pain is going to stop you. Your ice sheets have you covered!

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The Best Gel Ice Packs for Coolers: Soft Gel Packs

Another type of ice pack for coolers is the soft type. When looking for the best gel ice pack for coolers, consider a soft gel ice pack. It’s a good idea to have multiple types of ice packs so you can combine them with others.

For example, a Nordic Ice No-Sweat Reusable Long Lasting Gel Ice Pack coupled with Cool Coolers Slim Lunch Ice Packs is a force to be reckoned with. Though lots of ice packs were fierce competitors, we’ve narrowed it down to two of the best gel ice packs for coolers.

The Best Gel Ice Packs for Coolers: The Top 2

#1 Cooler Shock Dry Cooler Gel Pack Mid-Size

Dimensions: 10″ x 9″ x 1″
Weight: 2 pounds
Size: Mid-Size (there are also Large options)

Without a doubt, the Cooler Shock Dry Gel Pack is going to perform well for you. Its unique burst-cooling system (at 18 degrees) continuously keeps the temperature low. This respectable thick, 3-layer gel pack works especially hard to quickly transfer energy.

The packages are sold in groups of 4, with a unique twist. The ingredient “CS dry mix” is shipped separately. Then, when it arrives, you hydrate it and save. The package comes with written instructions, but aren’t videos much better?

#2. Nordic Ice No-Sweat Reusable Long Lasting Ice Pack 16 oz

Dimensions: 1″ x 6.5″ x 5.5″
Weight: 1 pound
Color: White
Sizes: 8, 16, and 24 ounces

Nordic Ice Reusable Ice Packs are cheap yet have good value. 

Of course, the good news is that the low price doesn’t equal poor performance.

Best Long Lasting Ice Packs for Coolers Reviews
These can last as long as TWO years. (Click for owner reviews)

Nordic’s are among the best gel ice packs for coolers for various reasons:

  • Most importantly, they stay cold for up to 7 hours.
  • They also work well in soft coolers and can last as long as two years.

Another popular use of Nordic Ice Soft Packs is for easing migraines. Well, wham, bam, thank you m’am, multipurpose products are the best! Especially if you have a headache while you’re out at camp…. or you have a hangover from hell the next morning.

Special Considerations

You should be aware of one common complaint: the packs stick to each other if they’re close in the freezer. Actually, they stick to anything they’re touching.

The top critical review offers the suggestion of putting the gel ice packs in plastic bags to prevent this problem. So, if you make space for extra bags or even plastic containers, you can avoid this problem altogether.

While these are definitely some of the best gel ice packs for coolers, they do lack durability.

Given their low price, their shortcomings are to be expected. And please keep in mind that plenty of pleased reviewers have been happily using Nordic Ice Soft Gel Packs for years!

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Even More Great Reusable Ice Packs:

The Best Ice Pack for Coolers:
Happy Shopping!

To sum things up, the best ice pack for coolers all depends on your needs. If your goal is to avoid breaking the bank, opt for an inexpensive option. This doesn’t mean it’ll be cheap and fall apart like crazy. We wouldn’t do that to you!

However, if you want an extra long lasting ice pack, consider an Arctic Ice Reusable Ice Pack or Yeti Ice. Happy Trails!

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How to Make Coolers with Speakers

We are THE Hub for DIY Coolers with Speakers

How to Make Coolers with Speakers: Overview

Hello there, our music-loving friends. It’s time to delve into the wonderful world of DIY, and we’re starting with a compilation of guides for how to make coolers with speakers.

Do you like day-drinking while floating in the lake or pool? We assume you like music, because you’re human. But even if you don’t, there are plenty of other things to play on a speaker: podcasts, guided meditations, language lessons – virtually anything is in audio version these days.

It’s annoying to sift through all the DIY cooler posts that pop up on Google. Many of the projects lack ample instructions, and worse – you have to spend time clicking on broken links repeatedly having to hit the “Back” button.

You deserve to be using your free time looking at cat memes or intriguing Instagram accounts, not doing the nitty gritty that should only be reserved for work.

Fabulously enough, our job is to do the nitty gritty! And we actually enjoy it.

How to Make a Yeti Coolers with Speakers

We give Yeti Coolers a lot of shit, but in all fairness, they’re excellent high-end ice chests. Of course you want to to help your rugged ice chest discover its beastly party animal side!

There are online retailers who offer pre-made Yeti Coolers with blue tooth and waterproof speakers. You’ll find a Yeti Tundra 45 for $350 on Amazon, but pay an arm and a leg for the pimped out version.

Why pay more?

Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler with Speakers

Fentertainment shows their finished project of a Yeti cooler with speakers, but they haven’t released full instructions. (Yet!)  If you’re a Yeti-lover, you’ll probably like seeing the Yeti Tundra 65 Stereo Cooler finished project just to see what’s possible. In the meantime, we’ll be playing the waiting game to hear more from these guys.

Yeti Tundra 65 (with instructions!)

Thanks, Speaker Cooler Systems, for letting us in your amazing creation. This DIY project results in an attractive ice chest with speakers, LED lights, and blue tooth receiver. Plus, this amped up Yeti gives you a full 8 hours of rocking out to your favorite jams.

This project is idea for those of you who enjoy spending time on the water. The creators use this specifically for a canoe-friendly floating cooler with speakers. Of course, it functions just as well on dry land, so take your pick.

How to Make an Igloo Coolers with Speakers

If there were a popularity contest for the best cooler brand to add speakers to, Igloo would win. Because they’re awesome. The following are instructions for transforming a Playmate, Igloo 70 Quart, and 150 Quart All-Terrain coolers into the juke boxes they long to be.

Solar Charged Igloo Playmate Cooler with Speakers

It’s about $30 on Amazon for one of these small, 16-quart coolers. Read more here.

First, shout out to the Indestructibles for sharing their project. Coolers with speakers are rad on their own, but solar power? Major win.

The most vital components used for creating this little masterpiece include a faceplate, speakers, batteries, stereo, LED lights, and a solar panel. These parts are inexpensive, and even free. Chances are, you or a friend has scrap wood lying around.

Watch this tutorial on the faceplate cutting:

You can expect to spend roughly $250 on project materials and tool – doable, right? If this sounds like just the project for you, check out full instructions for creating this solar powered Igloo Cooler with speakers

Igloo Maxcold 70 Quart Ice Chest with Speakers

How to Build a Nice Ice Chest with Speakers provides straightforward and easy-to-use instructions for changing a plain Igloo Cooler into an ice chest with speakers. It’s a simple project, simple and to the point, but the details are all there. Know the saying “less is more”? This article proves that point.

Before you know it, you’ll be shaking your booty with a brewski in hand.

How to Make a Rubbermaid Rolling Coolers with Speakers

Once you’ve built your masterpiece of a rolling cooler with speakers, you’ll be sitting in a grassy field listening to “Rolling in the Deep” in no time. (See what just happened there? It’s so bad it’s ridiculously good.)

Crutchfield Corporation’s DIY project is the most well-known. It’s perfect if you want a cooler radio that won’t break the bank, as the featured Rubbermaid 50 Quart Wheeled Cooler is only about $50.

In Cruthfield’s aptly named “Installing a Digital Sound System in a Cooler“, they show you everything from installing a WiFi hot spot to cutting through the thick plastic walls.

When you’re finished, you’ll have a wheeled cooler with:

  • Bluetooth Stereo
  • WiFi Hotspot
  • Marine-Grade Speakers
  • Amplifier

How to Make Floating Coolers With Speakers

The good news is that you can transform your ice chest with speakers into a floating cooler with speakers and high-beam lights. Things just keep getting better and better in the cooler world!

The Jump, a hunting and fishing publication, provides excellent instructions for building a PVC floating cooler. You just know the finished product will be durable, since hunters and fishers are the masterminds behind this bad boy.

The estimated cost of this project is roughly $30, but we’re sure experienced penny pinchers will find ways to lower the price even more.

Not into DIY? Buy a Cooler With Speakers

Not everyone’s Mary Poppins. We get it.

Maybe you just want to buy a waterproof cooler with speakers that are already built in. With one simple click on that “Buy” button, you’re done. The only thing left to do is unpack the box when it arrives on your doorstep.

There are websites, called IceChestRadios.Net and that offer Yeti Coolers with blue tooth, waterproof speakers. You’ll find a Yeti Tundra 45 for $350 on Amazon, but pay about $215 more when you buy this pre-made Yeti Cooler radio from IceChestRadio.Net.

You’ll find lots of other coolers with speakers in “Banish Awkward Moments: Try a Cooler with Speakers!”

Conclusion: So, What’ll your First Ice Chest with Speakers Project be?

This varied mix of DIY projects for making your own cooler with speakers is diverse on purpose. We all have different budgets, coolers, and preferences. As you can see, you don’t have to limit yourself to a standard ice chest; you can also make make musical floating and rolling coolers.

Even if your primary purpose for an Igloo Playmate is to keep your lunch cool on the job, you’ll still have fun busting out some tunes. Do it during a lull in conversation and act like you have no idea where it’s coming from, or for a throwback to the nineties, saunter down the street as you carry it on your shoulder like a boombox.

Want some free cooler swag? Snap a shot of you and your finished project, tag us on Instagram, and we’ll send you our signature Chuggie Coolies.

Rock on, guys. You’re awesome.


The best cooler with speakers

Banish Awkward Moments: Try A Cooler with Speakers!

Best Cooler with Speakers: Banish Those Awkward Moments

Best Cooler With Speakers FeaturedAre you on a quest for the best cooler with speakers? If so, rock on. You’re ahead of the game. There’s nothing like music to annihilate awkward silences.

You can blast your favorite tunes virtually anywhere, be it at the beach, camping grounds, or even during a hike. The best part of having a cooler with speakers is that you have a lot of power in terms of setting the mood.

We all know how awkward it can be when you first introduce different groups of friends. Well, liberally pass out the beer and play some music… the music eliminates the awkward silences and, well, you know what the beer will do.

You can find coolers with speakers in most cooler variations. Here’s what we’ve got for you:

  • Rolling Cooler with Speakers
  • Soft-Sided Beach Cooler with Speakers
  • Backpack Coolers with Speakers
  • Ice Chest with Speakers

Best Rolling Coolers with Speakers

Wheeled coolers are lifesavers when it comes to hauling provisions for groups of people. They come in handy for activities like family reunions at the beach and big tailgating parties. Add some speakers, and bam – you’ve got yourself a hunk of pure gold.

The Tunes2Go KoolMAX Rolling Cooler with Speakers

Best Cooler With Speakers TUNES2GO CA-E065A KoolMAX Bluetooth 350-Watt Portable PA Speaker
Click Here to Check Current Price (Amazon Link)

The Tunes2Go Koolmax Wheeled Cooler is a 12-volt portable cooler radio with a built-in battery that can last up to 16 hours. This is one colorful, decked-out gem of an invention.

Translation: the only wing-man/woman you’ll ever need. So start planning the playlist for your sexy poolside saunters; it’s going to be a good summer.

Music-making features: 

  • Bluetooth PA and power stations
  • Bluetooth digital music player
  • FM radio
  • Dual hi-fi, water resistant speakers
  • SB data port and SD card for playing WMA/MP3 music
  • 2” tweeters

In addition to the perfect sound system, the Tunes2Go KoolMAX has a weather-resistant pocket for charging your phone and comes with a power cord and detachable flashlight. Kudos to KoolMax for the freebies!

>> Click to Read More Tunes2Go KoolMAX Cooler Owner Reviews on Amazon

The Coolest Cooler Rolling Cooler with Speakers

The Coolest Cooler is aptly named, because it is the coolest cooler with speakers. Just like the KoolMax, it’s a wheeled cooler with rechargeable batteries and water-proof speakers.

But it’s got so much more: a blender, LED light-up, and built-in plates. Words can’t do this thing justice, so watch this guy’s video where he opens the cooler for the first time:

Best Cooler With Speakers Coolest Cooler in Blue Moon
Click Here to Check Current Price (Amazon Link)

Pretty sweet, right? That blender is pure genius – the investment is worth it. With a capacity of 55 quarts, you’ll have plenty of room for all the beer, margarita mix, and any other “party favors” you want to bring along on your outdoor ventures.

While the Coolest Cooler model is one of the best waterproof coolers with speakers on the market, it isn’t for everybody. It costs almost $500, which is an automatic no-go for many of us. And some of you just don’t want or need all the extra bar features.

>> Click to Read More Coolest Cooler Owner Reviews on Amazon

Best Soft-Sided Beach Cooler with Speakers

Soft-sided coolers are generally more stylish and storage-friendly, which is why beach coolers with speakers are ideal for many of us. They’ll only add to the “look” you’re going for, plus they’re easy to store during the off-season.

GIWOX Waterproof Picnic Cooler Bag

Best Cooler With Speakers GIWOX Waterproof Picnic Cooler Bag Beach Bag
Click Here to Check Current Price (Amazon Link)

The GIWOX Waterproof Picnic Cooler Bag is a fun beach cooler with speakers, ideal for both lakeside picnics and full-on beach days. The front side is designed to look like a radio, in a pop-art style.

Our review of this cute accessory is short and sweet, just like this short and sweet cooler bag. It’s constructed from polyester and a waterproof PVC lining, which is “sturdy,” according to to the manufacturer. Carry it over your shoulder with its adjustable strap, and store any small extras in the front zippered pocket.

The music-making features are simple: blue tooth speaker, earphone port, and USB port. This isn’t as high quality as other coolers with speakers included in this post, but it’s inexpensive and does the job.

However, you should consider the GWOX Waterproof Picnic Cooler Bag if you want a simple, cute beach cooler with speakers for under $40. It’s also a fabulous gift idea when you want something original.

>> Click to Read More GWOX Waterproof Picnic Cooler Bag Owner Reviews on Amazon 

The Bellinno Sound Cooler

Best Cooler with Speakers Bellino Sound Cooler
Click Here to Check Current Price (Amazon Link)

The Bellinno Sound Cooler is another cheap option for a soft-sided cooler bag. It earned its position in our review of the best coolers with speakers because it’s functional and affordable, even if you’re on a $20 or less budget. Plus, at 12″, it’s perfect if you want something small.

In addition to being budget-friendly, the Bellino Sound Cooler has useful storage compartments. A side mesh pocket and two front zippered pockets provide optimal organization for a day-long outing. Unlike the GWOX Waterproof Picnic Cooler Bag’s funky design, the Bellino is a solid blue.

Finally, the most important part: the music! Simply plug in your music-playing device, and wallah. Listen to whatever jam (or podcast) your heart desires.

>> Click Here to Read More Bellinno Sound Cooler Owner Reviews on Amazon

Best Ice Chest with Speakers

If you want to keep the standard ice chest style while still adding music, that is totally doable. There’s a time and place for every type of cooler and plus, you can use the same packing techniques you’ve perfected with your other ice chests.

The Brekx Party Cooler Ice Chest with Speakers

Best Cooler with Speaker BREKX 54QT Black Party Cooler with High Powered Bluetooth Speakers
Click Here to Check Current Price (Amazon Link)

The Brekx Party Cooler is your classic rigid ice chest with speakers, and plus, it has a 5-star rating on Amazon. It holds about 54 quarts and is designed to be leak-proof, rust-free, making it great for the beach, camping, or boating.

Brekx includes an auxiliary cord with the cooler, which you can use to connect to any blue tooth device. On the backside of the cooler, there are amplifiers and a little slot where you can rest your phone or other music player.

This ice cooler with speakers wouldn’t stand a chance next to a cooler brand like Bison or Canyon, but then again, they couldn’t carry a tune to save their lives. Consider the Brekx Party Cooler if you want a simple, classic-looking cooler with speakers.

>> Click to Read More Brekx Party Cooler Owner Reviews on Amazon

Best Backpack Coolers with Speakers

This is yet another way to throwback to the pre-Tinder days and attract attention the old-fashioned way. Put on a colorful backpack cooler with speakers, blast the sexiest anthem on your playlist, and stroll along the beach like the badass you are. No luck? Just wear a sign that says “Free beer.”

The Picnic Plus Cooladio Backpack Cooler with Speakers

Best Cooler with Speakers Picnic Plus Cooladio Cooler
Click to Check Current Price (Amazon Link)

The Picnic Plus Cooladio Backpack Cooler backpack cooler with speakers is one of our personal favorites, since we’re all about being on the go. Order one of these in red, blue, or yellow, and you’ll have one of the snazziest insulated cooler backpacks with speakers in your crew.

The Cooladio Backpack Cooler has an 18-can capacity and is made up of a 600-dernier nylon.With jacks for MP3 and CD players and an AC/DC adapter jack, you can connect just about any music-playing device. 

Clearly, the Picnic Plus Cooladio Backpack Cooler is no Coolest Cooler, but it has everything you need for short trips when it works best to use a backpack. With it’s comfy shoulder straps, easy-to-clean exterior, and leak-resistant liner, it’s ideal for those of you who want a basic backpack cooler with speakers.

>> Click to Read More Picnic Cooladio Backpack Cooler Owner Reviews on Amazon

Best Cooler with Speakers: Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found the best cooler with speakers for YOU from the list above. But if you were hoping for reviews on other types of coolers with speakers, don’t you worry. We’ve got you covered.

DIY Guides are coming soon for:

Igloo Coolers with Speakers
Yeti Coolers with Speakers
Floating Coolers with Speakers

As always, thanks for stopping by, and we’d love to hear your input.



Best Beach Cooler Reviews

High Tides, Good Vibes: The 6 Best Beach Cooler Reviews

The 6 Best Beach Cooler Reviews: Overview

Best Beach Cooler Reviews Igloo Trailmate Journey CoolerNaturally, people who love the beach want the BEST beach cooler reviews. We’re right there with you. There are lots of styles and sizes to choose from, which makes shopping especially fun. (Or worse, depending on your perspective.)

It can be time consuming, since there are so many factors to consider. Size is important, of course, as a couple can get by just fine with a Yeti Roadie, but a larger family would be happier with an Orca 58 Cooler. You’ve also got to take into account how busy your favorite beaches are. If they’re as crowded as the subway during rush hour, compact cooler bags and backpacks work best.

We’ve got you covered. With each best beach cooler review, we’ll also give you tips to help you see if it’s a good fit for you.

The 6 Best Beach Cooler Reviews: The Best Wheeled Coolers for the Beach

We thought of wheeled coolers first because beach days require oodles of gear. Between towels, umbrellas, and beach chairs, it’s nice to have a big, easy-to-use cooler that’s easy to bring along.

The Igloo Trailmate Journey Wheeled Cooler 72 Quart

Best Beach Cooler Reviews Igloo Trailmate Journey Cooler
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Igloo designed its Trailmate Journey Cooler with beach use in mind, and every feature points to that. The wheels are flat-free, over-sized, and extra tough – you’ll have no problem wheeling this ice chest over sandy beaches, even if they’re rocky.

With thick foam insulation, the Igloo Trailmate can hold ice for up to four days. The ice retention combined with party-friendly features like the dual bottle openers and butler tray means you can camp out on the beach for a couple of days. It’s huge, so if you like to party on the beach in groups, this could be the cooler for you.

The current price on Amazon is less than $300.

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The Arctic Zone Ultra Collapsible Wheeled Cooler, 58 cans

Best Beach Cooler Reviews Arctic Zone Ultra Collapsible Rolling Wheel Cooler
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The Arctic Zone Ultra Collapsible landed a spot in our review of best beach coolers because it’s versatile and easy to use. The wheeled cart is detachable, so you can switch it from a cooler bag to a wheeled cooler.

Features that make the Arctic easy to transport include a long, telescope handle, padded handles, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Two mesh pockets and an insulated front compartment make it easy to organize. Plus, it collapses, so talk about easy storage!

Since its collapsible, this could be just the cooler if you live in a tiny apartment.

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The 6 Best Beach Cooler Reviews: The Best Insulated Cooler Bag for the Beach

Best Beach Cooler Reviews YETI Hopper Portable Cooler
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The Yeti Hopper Portable Cooler

This high-end beach cooler bag does an excellent job of keeping contents cold for days at a time. It’s durable, too. The Outdoor Gear Lab‘s durability test results show that the Yeti Hopper is no wimp. Its strong outer fabric, sturdy straps, and leak-free compartments are virtually flawless.

Unsurprisingly, it’s expensive. But if your budget allows, and you want one of THE most durable cooler bags, consider making the Yeti Hopper your next best investment. Its small size is perfect if you’re in a couple or flying solo.

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The 6 Best Beach Cooler Reviews: The Best Backpack Coolers for the Beach

Ah, backpack coolers. They free up both hands, and you can find plenty of them for under $100.

The Polar Bear Nylon Series Large Backpack Cooler

Best Beach Cooler Reviews Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series Backpack Orange
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Ask just about anyone with knowledge of cooler types and brands, and they’ll tell you that the Polar Bear Nylon Series Large Backpack Cooler is a great investment. We included it in “The Best Backpack Cooler Reviews: Staff Favorites” because of how durable it is.

When you order through Amazon, it costs $100. That’s pricier than a lot of other backpack coolers, but you definitely get what you pay for. This mighty cooler can hold about 50 beverage cans, plus ice packs. It can hold ice 24+ hours – just make sure to pre-cool it correctly.

In addition to having a large capacity, this insulated backpack isn’t phased by much. Polar Bear’s patented exterior shell protects it from the elements, and the zipper is built especially for weathering the elements. Since zippers tend to break easily, this is a huge plus in our book.

This is a very versatile cooler. We recommend this to anyone considering a beach backpack cooler, because it also functions well for longer hiking, camping, or road trips. Oh, and did we mention it has a built-in bottle opener?

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The Picnic Time Zuma Insulated Cooler

Best Beach Cooler Reviews Picnic Time 'Zuma' Insulated Cooler Backpack
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The Picnic Time ‘Zuma’ Insulated Cooler is a fabulous backpack cooler. It’s great for afternoons at the beach, as well as picnics. In addition to black, the ‘Zuma’ is available in red and blue, which are great for setting a ‘beach party’ vibe.

You can store dry goods (snacks, sunglasses) in the front mesh pocket, and there’s also a built-in cell phone holder in the right shoulder strap. People either love or hate the drawstring enclosures. On one hand, they’re long and aren’t as secure zippers. But on the other hand, they look casual and are a cinch to open.

This is a more affordable option than the Polar Bear Backpack Cooler, but it works just as well for a day at the beach. It holds ice well for day trips, though not any longer.

We give this our official stamp of approval for those of you who want a less “hardcore gear” looking backpack.

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The 6 Best Beach Cooler Reviews: The Best Floating Cooler for the Beach

As they say, save the best for last. Sure, floating coolers aren’t as durable as other types. But they’re just plain awesome.

The Intex River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float

Best Beach Cooler Reviews Intex River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float
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The Intex River Run II is much more than just a cooler – it’s a cooler built into a floating lounge. The two lounge seats with backrests are heavenly, perfect for spending a few hours on the lake with a friend or partner.

More into the group scene? Each Intex River Run II Sport Lounge features connectors for latching onto other Intex River Run Lounges.

The built-in cup holders and cooler (with lid!) bring it all together. This is pretty much the recipe for an ideal day on the water: friends, floating lounge chairs, plenty of cold beer…

It’s hard to pass up this genius invention, especially since it’s only about $30 on Amazon. This is the floating cooler-lounge for you if you’re primarily looking for a fun new beach toy and a cooler that’ll keep ice cold for a few hours on the water.

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The 6 Best Beach Cooler Reviews: Beach Cooler Comparisons

Best Beach Cooler Reviews Picnic Time 'Zuma' Insulated Cooler Backpack, BlueWe just threw a mix at you: wheeled coolers, beach bag coolers, insulated cooler bags, and floating coolers – but that’s because each one is perfect for somebody! And let’s not forget about the classic hard coolers.

Some are straightforward and utilitarian. Some are just plain fun.

Looking for a fun beach party accessory? The Intex River Run Floating Lounge is the cooler for you. Don’t know what to buy for your snobby mother-in-law? Well, if she likes the beach, Yeti Coolers are universally-loved by the snob community.

One last suggestion before you go – opt for the Yeti Hopper, Polar Bear Cooler, or the Igloo Trailmate if you want the best ice retention and durability.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?

Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive? What Other Bloggers Aren’t Telling You

Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive? Overview

Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive YETI Tundra 45 Cooler
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Yeah, why are Yeti Coolers so expensive? It’s only natural to wonder,  especially when you’re planning to use a sizable chunk of cash to buy a new cooler.

The condensed response is simple: Because they can be. Yeti’s are the glitterati of the cooler world, so consumers are willing to shell out extra cash for these pricey ice chests. Many bloggers will list qualities of Yeti Coolers as reasons why these products are so costly. But they’re leaving out the true answer.

We agree that Yeti Coolers are among the best.

As this video demonstrates, Yeti Coolers are  expertly constructed and truly made to weather the most rugged adventures. They’re ultra durable and hold ice longer than just a day or two, but that doesn’t set them apart from other high-end coolers.

But their popularity is not due to the coolers themselves.

Following are the three root causes of the “Holy Grail of Cooler’s” cost. It’s more in-depth and factual than other attempts to answer the question “Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?”

#1 Answer to “Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?”

Yeti Coolers Grassroots Campaign

Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive Yeti Hopper
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Back in 2006, when Roy and Ryan Seider, launched their Yeti campaign, it was a small, grassroots operation. The Seiders, hunters and fishers themselves, networked with other hunters and fishers. As those influential outdoors-men organically spread enthusiasm for the Yeti brand, other fishers and hunters followed suit.

Everybody was raving about this brand. And while they didn’t explicitly state that their ice chests were the only suitable option for true rugged fishermen and hunters, the message was implied.

Soon, all kinds of outdoor types grew to love this new holy grail of ice chests. The organic, trustworthy beginnings earned the trust of thousands of people, fair and square. This $450 million dollar brand made its way into large-scale consumer awareness from networking and word-of-mouth.

Despite their best efforts, many advertisement campaigns lack authenticity. By working from the ground up and developing authentic relationships with real people, Yeti set itself apart. Consumers started trusting them more than other brands.

And of course, the more trust a company earns, the more consumers are willing to pay. Kudos to the Seider brothers; Yeti’s grassroots campaign was the springboard for Yeti’s current tribe of devotees.

#2 Answer to “Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?”

Marketing Yeti Coolers as Luxury Items

Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive YETI Hopper Flip 12 Portable Cooler
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If you remember nothing else, know this:  The primary reason why Yeti Coolers are so expensive is not the quality of the coolers.

Other blogs will explain the price of Yeti Coolers by listing their A-list qualities like ice retention, durability and construction. We agree! But that’s only party of the truth.

An online magazine, Inc., published an article entitled “How 2 Brothers Turned a $300 Cooler into a $450 Million Cult Brand.” In it, they describe an interview with David Srere, co-CEO of the branding and design agency Siegel+Gale. When asked about Yeti’s success, Srere replied with a chuckle, saying: “It’s just a fucking cooler.”

This wasn’t an insult. It was praise for the genius marketing strategy. They transformed what had always been thought of as a necessary piece of equipment for hunting and fishing into a coveted, luxury item.

You get to hear this strategy straight from the horses mouth in Ad Age’s, “How Yeti Made a Cooler an Aspirational Brand.” The VP of marketing for Yeti reveals that many consumers don’t need all the features of a Yeti. They’ll never be in situations where they need extended ice retention or a grizzly bear proof cooler.

He expresses that the marketing tactic is to dismiss the notion that coolers are just necessary commodities. Yeti’s approach to marketing was to show that Yeti Coolers are the toughest ice boxes ever, just as rugged and hardcore as their consumers. Consumers saw themselves in the Yeti story, and it quickly became the status symbol it is today.

The combination of organic grassroots campaigning with a bold new marketing strategy was and still is the magic behind Yeti’s smashing success.

#3 Answer to “Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?

The Yeti Brand Ambassadors & Lifestyle

Why are Yeti Coolers So Expensive YETI Rambler 20 oz
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Yeti isn’t just selling coolers; they’re selling a lifestyle as well. What was once a small group of fishers and hunters is now a full-fledged tribe of Yeti-followers. It’s the same concept, just on a larger scale. Plus, it’s not just hunters and fishers anymore. Just look at the gorgeous pictures on Yeti’s website. The people in them look they are Living the Dream. 

There’s enough variety to attract anyone, from preppy boaters to down-to-earth friends relaxing around a bonfire. Wealthy consumers buy Yeti Coolers for backyard barbecues, not because they need a hardcore cooler, but because its a status symbol. And then the word-of-mouth sales happen unknowingly.

Yeti purposefully avoided marketing Yeti Coolers for tailgating. Despite this, the brand has spread like wildfire among college students, especially in the Southern part of the US.

#4 Answer to “Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?”

Yeti Has Gone Viral

Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive Yeti Coolers Rambler Colster
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Yeti gets away with free advertisement because they’ve created, as Inc. calls it, a “$450 Million Cult Brand.”

Now that there is a large group of devoted Yeti-followers, consumers are spreading the word in more creative ways. They wear clothes with huge Yeti logos on them and carry around Yeti Tumblers.

But the most recent trend has been social media. For awhile, a trendy hashtag was “yetibutts”, a tag referring to images of women showing their butts from behind, as they sit on a Yeti. Another customer-created hashtag is “yetiboobs.”

Yeti publicly stated that they do not condone these trends, especially when they’re exceptionally explicit. This is just another example of the Yeti cult taking on a mind of its own.

As consumers multiplied and praised the Yeti brand to their friends, they’ve practically turned Yeti Coolers into legendary ice chests. In a sense, they’ve independently dabbled in Yeti re-branding without any prompting.

Conclusion. Would anyone on our team buy a Yeti?

Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive YETI Coolers Yeti Ice
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Well, maybe on a whim.

But we know too much. Do you want to know exactly how Yeti Coolers compare to other high-end ice chests?

We’ve written several comparisons  of Yeti Coolers to others in its class as well as as well as full-on Yeti reviews. The truth is, Yeti Coolers are better in some ways, but worse in others.

That’s all for now, and thanks for stopping by. Now fill whatever brand of cooler you own with some icy beer and relax.