Best Drunk Games for Two People

11 Amazingly Fun 2-Player Drinking Games Without Cards

Welcome to your ultimate guide to all of the best 2-Player Drinking Games!

Fun Drinking Games for Two
Mini putting green shot drinking game – perfect for 2! (Click for Pictures/Discounts)

Whether you want 2 person outdoor drinking game or want a game having nothing to do being active, there are plenty of game ideas for you here. So grab your favorite drink, sit back, relax and enjoy these hilarious game ideas with pictures and videos.

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Fun 2-Player Drinking Games Overview

You’ll soon see the w-i-d-e variety of two person drinking games without cards included in this list. But that’s because there should be something for every duo looking for a good time!


Here’s an overview/menu of our all-inclusive list of fun drinking games for two people:

Fun Drinking Games Without Cards

  1. Verbal Drinking Games
  2. Outdoor Drinking Games
  3. Active Drinking Games
  4. Video Game Drunk Games
  5. Easy Drinking Games for Two
  6. Couples Drinking Games
  7. Casino Drinking Games
  8. Beer Drinking Games
  9. Mini Drinking Games for 2 Players

Category #1: Verbal Drinking Games Without Cards
Fun 2-Player Drinking Games

Truth or Dare or Drink

Unsurprisingly, the adult twist on this classic game lifts it up to a whole new level.

The instructions go like this: players can fulfill the dare or answer the truth, just like the regular game. However, there’s a third option – they can refuse to do either and take a drink instead.

Best 2-Player Drinking Games

Of course you can rely on your own creativity, but it’s easy to get stumped after a few rounds. Plus, you want some really juicy ideas. Ideas crazy enough to force people to choose the drinking option.

We suggest Sexy Truth or Dare for some great ideas. Additionally, “200+ Truth or Dare Questions” and “50 Truth and Dare Questions for a WILD and CRAZY Party” have good ideas, too.

Category #2: Outdoor Drinking Games Without Cards
Fun 2-Player Drinking Games

Edward 40 Hands

How To Play Edward Forty Hands With Rules

In this second drinking game for 2, both players duct tape a 40 oz beer bottle to both hands. Since all that quick beer consumption has a way of making players wild and free, this game is best enjoyed outside. For complete instructions, take a peak at Edward 40 Hands Drinking Game [Pictures, Videos].

Category #3: Active Drinking Games Without Cards
Fun 2-Player Drinking Games

Giant Beer Pong & Beersbee

For the active drinking games category, we couldn’t pick just one. Because both Giant Beer Pong and Beersbee are so much fun as 2 person games!

Titan Pong

Best 2 Player Drinking Games
Add this super fun jumbo beer pong game to your cart and schedule your next game day (Amazon Link)

Why play the plain version when you can supersize it? You and your drinking buddy will love this Giant Beer Pong Game and be the envy of beach-goers everywhere. For more Giant Beer Pong Game Sets and complete instructions, visit Best Giant Beer Pong Games With Life Size Cups And Balls 2017. You’ll be glad you did!

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Best 2-Player Drinking Games
On a budget? This fun Beersbee Set is perfect for you.

The Beersbee Drinking Game is active, great for beach days or tailgating, and totally affordable. Find more Bargain Beersbee Sets at How to the Play Beersbee Drinking Game with Rules.

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Category #4: Video Game Drinking Games
Top Drinking Games for Two People

Mario Kart Drinking Game

Best 2-Player Drinking Games

Fifth on our list of the best drunk games for two players is the best Video Game Drinking Game of all time: the Mario Kart Drinking Game. It’s one of the greatest 2 player drinking games, but it’s also good for up to 4 people. Versatility, drinking, and Mario Kart = a winning combination.

Category #5: Easy Drinking Games
Fun Drunk Games for 2 People Without Cards

Flip Cup (Flippy Cup)

Feeling low-key? Not a problem. These next 2-Player Drinking Games are refreshingly simple, without the complex rules of other alcohol games.

Flip Cup

Best 2-Player Drinking Games

Sixth on our list of the best drinking games for two people is Flip Cup. Why? Because it fits the “Easy Drinking Games” category to a ‘T.’ The GIF above shows pretty much all you have to do. Just add drinking, and you’ve got it!

To round out instructions for this super fun drinking game without cards, watch the video below. And, of course, check out How To Play Flip Cup The Drinking Game With Rules.

Video Demo: How to Play Flip Cup / Flippy Cup 


Category #6: Drinking Games for Couples
Fun 2-Person Drinking Games without Cards

These next couple of 2-player drinking games without cards are for duos who want to get down and dirty. Now these are perhaps the best games on this entire list, because beer and sex go together perfectly.

Flip, Sip, or Strip

For this 2 person drunk game, all you need is a coin. In the video below, you’ll find complete (and hilarious) instructions.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • The first player flips a coin. Their partner has to guess if it was heads or tails. If they guess correctly, nothing happens and it’s their turn to flip the coin.
  • But if they guess incorrectly, they must drink. They then get another flip to guess. If they’re wrong on the second flip, they must remove an article of clothing.
  • The game ends when the “loser” has no more clothes to take off or the booze runs out.

Naughty Dice Drinking Game

Best 2-Player Drinking Games
All you need for endless hours of Dirty Dice Drinking Game. (Amazon Link)

All you need for this two person drinking game without cards is a cheap set of adult dice.

Then, there’s only two steps to follow:

#1. Take turns rolling the naughty dice.
#2. Do whatever the dice tells you to do.

If a player refuses to do what the dice says, they have to chug the rest of their drink. Also, players must drink whenever they roll doubles.


Category #7: Casino Drinking Games for Two
Fun 2 Player Drinking Games

Casino Russian Roulette

Best 2-Player Drinking Games Without Cards
This is our go-to Russian Roulette Set. It’s a great Bargain and soo much fun! (Follow the link for details)

In the casino version of Russian Roulette, there’s alcohol in every shot glass. Now that’s the way to do it! And you might find it way more fun than a card drinking game, since you’ll be spinning rather than shuffling.

As can be seen, there are 16 numbered shot glasses. One player is assigned even-numbered glasses and the other claims the odd numbers. If a player’s number comes up after spinning, they drink the shot. Easy, right?

You might be surprised by how much fun spinning and drinking can be!

Check Price

Video Demo: Alcoholics Hippopotamus Shot Roulette

Category #8: Beer Drinking Games
2-Player Drinking Games Without Cards

Wizard Staff Drinking Game

Wizard Staff requires 3 things: beer, tape, and a strong liver. In reality, this drinking game for two might fit even better under the category “Outdoor Drinking Games.” Because you’ll definitely want to be outside while playing! (It can get messy.)

Drunk Games for 2

How to Play Wizard Staff 2-Player Drinking Game:

  • To play wizard the drinking game, you start by drinking a can of beer.
  • Once you’ve finished that can, tape a new can of beer to the one you just finished.
  • Continually tape cans of beer to the top of your beer can “wizard staff.”

The first wizard that drinks their height in beers is the winner, orWisest Wizard.”

Although this can also be a fun group drinking game, it’s also fun with two people. Sword fights!

>>Read Full Wizard Stuff Rules<<

Category #9: Travel Size Drinking Games
Fun Drunk Games for 2 Players

Whoever invented games like portable beer pong and mini flip cup is a genius. Now you can drink and play on the go! Mini Beer Pong is the 11th and final game wrapping up these reviews.

Mini Beer Pong

 Scienz’s Beer Pong Handcrafted Mini Beer Pong Sets Deluxe

As can be seen in the video, Scienz’s Mini Beer Pong Set is a classy, unique drinking game set. To summarize, it includes:

Best Travel Beer Pong Sets
(Click for Pictures/Discounts)
  • 2 ft long table
  • 2 black launchers
  • 4 rubber grips
  • 2 black tethered balls
  • 50 reusable cups
  • A box with instruction cards

Pros of Scienz’s Mini Handcrafted Mini Beer Pong Sets Deluxe:

  • Handcrafted from nationally sourced wood
  • Customization available*
  • Durable

Special Considerations of Scienz’s Handcrafted Mini Beer Pong Game Deluxe:

  • Unlike Buffalo Game’s beer pong set, Scienz’s will probably push past the $50 line.
  • However, you get what you pay for in terms of durability and quality.

>>More Mini Beer Games & Travel Beer Pong Sets

Have fun!

Have you ever played one of these 11 games? Did we leave out any of your favorite two person drinking games? If so, leave us a comment with any thoughts or opinions. Better yet, try a new game from the list and let us know how it goes.

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Most importantly, drink responsibly and have fun!

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