Funniest Beer Koozies

We all know that the general purpose of a beer koozie is to keep your beer cold for longer periods of time. But what if you could also be the life and soul of the party? With a funny beer koozie, you not only keep your beer cold, but you also get some conversations going!

Yeah, you read right… We have compiled the coolest beer koozies out there just for you:

Prescription Beer Cooler: 

Follow the doctor’s instructions and drink your beer! This beer koozie will fit regular cans and bottles, the inside is lined with foam. You can buy it here.


Beer Koozies with Pockets for your Cigarettes, Lighter and Phone:

We may be biased here as we are the manufacturers of these beer koozies. But we truly believe it is one of the best coolies out there.

Why? The material is 3mm Neoprene (not cheap foam) so the cold will be locked in longer. Additionally, who doesn’t want to store everything important in one place: beer, cigarettes, lighter, phone and more things that you can imagine. In case you are wondering, we have for both can and bottle.


Practical AND Funny Beer Koozie!

Shower Koozie:

Do you feel like boozing in the shower? So we thought. This beer koozie easily sticks in the wall of the shower and holds your beer, it won’t keep it colder but it is a little sacrifice to bring your beer with you all the time.



Coffee Collapsible Cup:

Sneaking in beer somewhere? We got you. This collapsible coffee cup holds regular cans and when not in use it can be stored or carried easily. You can buy it here.



So what is your favorite? You need to be ready for summer!

Best Growlers for Beer Geeks

A beer growler is a glass, ceramic, or stainless steel jug used to transport draft beer. They are commonly sold at breweries and brewpubs as a means to sell take-out craft beer. Rarely, beers are bottled in growlers for retail sale.

Types of Beer Growlers

Glass Beer Growlers:

This is the most popular type of growler, and the cheapest one. Our top choice is the 2 Liter Amber Growler with metal handle. We do recommend an amber growler as it will prevent damage to your beer from UV rays or sun exposure.

The see-through characteristic of glass growlers makes the process of filling easier and you can always see how much you have left when you drink, plus our best choice has a convenient handle. However, you should take into account that these are fragile compared to the next type of growlers.

Stainless Steel Beer Growlers:

Stainless Steel growlers will keep your beer colder for longer periods of time and will endure adverse circumstances such as drops, sun, UV rays, temperature, among others. If you are planning to get a growler for camping, hiking, hunting, or out for a party our choicebeer growler review is the Stanley Vacuum Insulated Growler. This growler maintains beer cold for 24 hours!

If you are a beer pro and would like a Stainless Steel Growler that will keep your beer carbonated for 2 weeks, with variable pressure regulation, and easy dispensing definitively you should go with the uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler. It is worth the money if you are serious about your craft beer and should last a lifetime!


Ceramic Beer Growlers:

Ceramic growlers are more difficult to find, and therefore more expensive than a regular growler. Additionally, they tend to be heavier and prone to break, if you decide to go for a ceramic growler bear in mind that it will be harder to clean and carry around. On the other hand, you will have a piece of art in your hands if you get the Ceramic Stoneware Weatherworn Cannonball Beer Growler – 64 oz.

Not ready for brewing your own beer yet? Check out our beer coolies for cans or bottles. Both available on and

beer growlers

How to Spend Valentine’s Day Single?

When the most corny day of the year rolls around, it seems to be a labeled day completely planned for couples and lovers. However, the single ones could spend Valentine’s Day on their own way.


Anyone could spend Valentine’s Day however they want to, but sometimes it seems to be a designated date for the ones who has a couple.

Being in a couple is not meant for everyone, sometimes we rather to be self-sufficient and happy without receiving something from another person, because truth love lays right inside of us.

If you are temporarily single, then it does not mean you couldn’t enjoy the date by yourself instead of ignoring the day entirely.


No, masturdating is not what popped in your mind at first. A masturdate is pretty simple to understand, it’s about taking yourself out on a date.

If your idea of going out on a date is about watching movies while having a drink, call it wine or beer, then you should do it the proper way, by drinking your favourite beverage and keeping it at the correct temperature with the best coolie.


Beach trip

Maybe you could spend the day doing something new, maybe a new activity like water skiing, skydiving or simply a beach trip. Doing new stuff is definitely the best way to celebrate anything, and what could be better than enjoy it all by yourself.

Just remember to check your essential Beach Packing List.

-Trendy swimsuit

-Swim cover up

-Flip flops

-Beach towel

-Beach bag

-Your favorite book





Pamper yourself

Giving away presents are way too important to show someone you care about them, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea buying yourself a present.

Probably you’ve wanted something from some time along, well, maybe it’s the right time for you to finally have it.

Pamper yourself could also include making yourself any meal you want, or booking a table at a fancy restaurant. Don’t worry about the looks from other couples, just remember to bring a book if you feel awkward about it.


Russian Roulette Drinking Games

How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Players: 2-6 | Type: SocialDrink: Clear AlcoholGood Times: 😉 😉 😉 

How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Fortunately, there are no guns involved in the Russian Roulette Drinking Game. It’s definitely a lot more fun than the “loaded” version. Basically, the gun = 6 shot glasses and the bullet = alcohol.

Get ready to learn how to play this fun adult drinking game – we’ve got step-by-step instructions, variations, pictures, and plenty of videos.

How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game With Rules
Another fun one is the Crystal Clear Shot Glass Bar Set – a cheap and fun drinking game for tamer nights. (Click for Discounts/Pictures)

How to Play Russian Roulette – Overview

4 Things You Need to Play

  1. A Six-Sided Die
  2. Heavy Base Shot Glasses
  3. Numbers 1- 6 from a deck of Cards
  4. Any clear alcohol (vodka, tequila, peppermint schnapps, etc.)
How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game With Rules
Another awesome alcohol game to try after Russian Roulette! (Click for Current Discounts)

for How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game

#1. Line up six shot glasses.
#2. Fill one with clear alcohol and the remaining 5 with water.
#2. Move around the shot glasses to make sure nobody knows which one has the booze.
#3. Then, place cards on the table, lining them up in a row.
#4. When you put a shot glass on top of each card, you’re good to go.

Step-by-Step Instructions
for How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game

#1. First, the beginning player rolls the die and drinks the amount of shots corresponding with the number on the card.
#2. If the player get a water shot, play continues to the next player’s turn.
#3. If the next player rolls the same number as the first one, they must keep re-rolling until they get a different number.
#4. Play continues to go around the table until some gets the shot glass filled with booze. Then it’s time to drink up!

After someone drinks up the alcohol, that round is over. Follow the set-up steps again and repeat.

When Does Russian Roulette End?

The beauty of this drinking game is that you can play as long as you want, unless you run out of alcohol.

Video Demo #1 How to Play Russian Roulette with Liquor

Variation #1 – Click and Bang Russian Roulette

In this variation of the Russian Roulette Drinking game, you don’t need to use any dice. Instead, you just start at one end and work your way down, until one of the players gets the alcohol (“bullet”).

When someone drinks a shot of water, they say “click,” like the empty chamber of a gun. If a player ends up with the alcoholic shot, they say “bang” to indicate that it was a “bullet.”

The rest of the game play is just like regular Russian Roulette.

How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game With Rules
Good thing each shot tastes better the more you drink!

Variation #2 – Everyone Takes a Shot Russian Roulette

If you have plenty of shot glasses each player could have their own “gun.”  Game play would be the same as in variation one but each person will have a shot each round because everyone has his own shot!

Variation #3 – Casino Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game Russiand Roulette Drinking Game
Click Here For More Pictures of Casino Russian Roulette (Amazon Link)

For the third variation of the Russian Roulette Drinking Game, you’ll need to buy a casino type version. As you can see in the game pictured on the right, it’s a circular spinning device with holders for shot glasses.

There are 16 numbered shot glasses and each player chooses or is assigned a number. One of the great things about the spinning-wheel Russian Roulette Drinking Game is that every shot glass is filled with alcohol.

If a player’s number comes up after spinning, they drink the shot.

Another perk of this version is that you aren’t limited to just clear alcohol. Because there’s a lot more drinking!

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Variation #4 – Beer Russian Roulette

For Beer Russian Roulette, you need a can of beer for each player for every round you play. (All of the beer has to be the same brand/type.)

First, a player chooses a single can and shakes it super hard.  Then, they mix up the beers and pass them out to each player.

Everyone then must open their beer at the same time, and you can guess what happens… One unlucky soul is sprayed in the face with beer, while the other players get to leisurely sip their own beers.

Variation #5 of Russian Roulette Drinking Game

The first few steps are exactly the same as the previous Beer variation.

After this, everyone chooses a beer at random and puts it on top of their head. At the count of 3, everyone opens their beer at exactly the same time. Unsurprisingly, the player with the exploding beer is eliminated.

Naturally, everyone must finish their can of beer before starting the next round. (It’s best to set a time limit to finish, like 10 minutes or so.)

At the next round, it’s the same set up as before, except there’s one less beer since one person has been booted out of the beer drinking game. This makes a fantastic backyard drinking game, since it’s very messy.

Important Note: The player who did the shaking of the beer gets the beer left over after everyone else has selected one.

Alcohol Drinking Games Equipment for Parties
This cheap set of 24 LED Flash Light Up Shot Glasses are perfect for the shot glass version.

3 More Fun Drinking Games You’ll Love

If you like Russian Roulette, why stop there? Here are 3 alcohol games you and your friends will love:
How to Play Gilmore Girls Drinking Game with Rules
Landmines Drinking Game
Kings Rules

Which Variation to Choose?
Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Now that you know all of the variations, it’s up to you! It all depends on your own style, and whether or not you want to get messy. (The beer versions of the Russian Roulette Drinking Game are incredibly messy.)

The Casino version is always a hit, and a great choice for a party. Although the good old original version is just fine, too. Most importantly, and drink responsibly. Cheers!

Video #3: Acoholics Hippopotamus

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The Best Drinking Games for a Party

How To Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules

How To Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules:

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game
Starts out tame, ends up crazy.

Ready to take your weekend evenings to the next level? The Landmines Drinking Game is a crazy game that gets better and  better as the game goes on. While it starts out pretty simple, the longer the game continues, the more “landmines” activate, the more beers are downed, and the more difficult it is to play. Get ready to learn How to Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules – with complete instructions, variations, pictures and videos.

Get together with your good friends, plenty of alcohol, a quarter, and a table. It’s gonna be a fun night!

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules
Bargain Shot Glass Roulette Set for your next party. (Click for current discounts)

Landmines Drinking Game Equipment:

*Although you just need one quarter, you’ll want to have some back ups… Quarters are small, and the drunker you get the easier it is to lose them!

Landmines Drinking Game Rules:

  1. The game starts with a player spinning a quarter.
  2. While the quarter is spinning, the player must use the same hand that they used to spin the quarter to grab their beer and take a drink.
  3. The objective is to take a drink and pick up the quarter while it is still spinning.
  4. If the player does not get the quarter while it is still spinning or uses his wrong hand they have to take a drink and do their turn again.

So, like all of the best drinking games, the more you suck – the drunker you’ll get. If you’re a visual learner, stay tuned for the video demonstrations.

How to Play Landmines Drinking Games With Rules
Another fun one is the Crystal Clear Shot Glass Bar Set – a cheap and fun drinking game for tamer nights. (Click for Discounts/Pictures)

What About The Landmines?

  1. When a player finishes their beer, they can slam their empty can onto another player’s spinning quarter.
  2. If they successfully slam their empty can (or cup, shot glass, etc.) onto the other player’s quarter, that player has to take a penalty drink.
  3. Also, the “crushed quarter” player has to start their turn over again.
  4. This empty can is now a “landmine” and stays in that exact spot for the rest of the game.
  5. The landmines are obstacles that can stop your quarter from spinning if it hits.

As you can see, the more beers you finish, the more obstacles (“landmines”) there will be.

How Much Do You Have To Drink?

There are a few ways to play when it comes to drinking while your quarter is spinning.

Shots of beer – First, there’s the “shots of beer” way to play.

For this variation, you have to pour out a shot of beer and then drink it before your quarter stops spinning. Obviously, this adds some difficulty to the game. Because it takes time to pour out the shot, it’s a lot harder in comparison to just taking a drink of your beer.

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules
This cheap set of 24 LED Flash Light Up Shot Glasses are perfect for the shot glass version.

Classic drink of your beer – The classic way to play, the player just has to take a drink out of their beer before the quarter stops spinning. No frills here. You don’t need to bring anything extra to play this way (like a shot glass).

Red solo cups – Wager your friends. Fill your cup as high as you want to bet into your red solo cup before you start your turn.

Bet your friends whether or not you will drink all of your drink before the quarter stops spinning. If you mess up, finish your drink and slam the contents of the red solo cup.

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules:
Video Demos
Top Drinking Games:
Landmine Drinking Game Tutorial #1

Fun Drinking Games for a Party:
Landmine Drinking Game Tutorial #2

How to Play Landmines Drinking Game With Rules

Go Get ‘Em, You Party Animal You

Leave a comment down below about some good stories playing Landmines the drinking game! You can also leave us a comment for which drinking game you would like to see on Chuggie.

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Remember to have fun with these drunk games, but never drink and drive. Cheers!

How to Play Landmines Drinking Games with Rules
Another awesome alcohol game to try after Landmines. (Click for Current Discounts)

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