How To Play Horse Race Drinking Game With Rules

Back in the Saddle: How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game

Players: 2+ | Type: Card | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉


Back in the Saddle: How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game

 How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game: Overview

We love this easy-to-play card drinking game and highly recommend you learn how to play the horse race card drinking game . It’s a betting game, so there’s that element of anticipation that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire game. And you can have as many players as you want, what could be better than an inclusive card game that involves drinking?

 How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game: Equipment

Drink of your Choice

Deck of Cards

Drinking Table

 How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game

Decide who will be the dealer. This is going to be the most involved role in the game, so you’ll want to select a player who want to be extra engaged. If more than one player wants to be dealer, have each one draw from the deck of cards. The one who draws the card with the highest number gets to be the dealer.

Take all the Aces out of the deck of cards and place the four cards face up at the end of the table. The layout of the cards will resemble an L. This row of Aces is the short end of the L shape.

Each player selects a suit, or “horse” to bet on. The players’ currency for betting is in the form of drinks. If they lose the bet, they must drink half of the number of cards they bet.

Then, the dealer places eight cards face down as the long end of the L shape. The first card will be placed perpendicular to one of the Aces on the end of the short row. This row is the “track.”

Now it’s time for the race to begin! The dealer flips over the first card on top of the remaining deck of cards. If the suit of the Ace or “horse” matches with the card from the deck that “horse” gets to move forward on step. The spaces are in the line with the “track” or line of eight cards.

The fourth or eighth cards makes the player move backward a space instead of taking a forward step towards the finish line. The good news for unlucky players is that the steps can’t make them take negative steps past the short end of the L. So if the player falls behind as far as the short end of the L, they just stay there until a card is flipped that corresponds with the suit they bet on.

The dealer continues to flip over cards until a player reaches a step past the uppermost card in the row of eight. The losers take half of the number of cards they chose in their bet and drink that amount. The drinks are measured as 1oz. For example, a 40oz has 40 drinks. (If you have any leftover 40s when the game is over, save them to play Edward 40 Hands!) The winner then distributes the number of cards they bet on, in whatever amount to the players of the winner’s choice.

Continue the round of racing as many times as the players want to continue playing.

 How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game: Gameplay Variations 

Double Trouble- Instead of doling out half the number of drinks the winner bets on, this player gets to distribute double the number of cards he waged at the start of the race. The players who lose must also drink double the number of cards they wagered.
Stumble- When a Joker is flipped over, all the horses ahead of the Joker are not allowed to move forward. All the players behind the lead “horse” get to move closer to the finish line except for the lead “horse.”
Advanced Racing- This is a good variation if players have mastered the basic rules of the horse race card drinking and want to spice things up. Players can add additional betting options by betting on the number of each card in the long row of the L. Basically any additional advanced rule the players come up with can be added, like a special rule for face cards, etc.
Negativity- Players can move back past the row of Aces if they keep drawing cards with number four or eight.
Money Racing- Winners get to have a small amount of money at the end of each round. This drinking card game is focused on betting based on the number of drinks, so we suggest only betting a small amount of money, like twenty-five cents to a dollar for each round. In this variation, each losing player gives the agreed upon amount of money to the winner. The winning players split the money if there is a tie.

 How To Play The Horse Race Card Drinking Game: Final Thoughts

You might enjoy this game so much you want to start betting on actual horse racing! But we thinking the drinking card game is so much better.

As always, drink responsibly and know when it’s time to duck out of the game or change the alcohol of your choice to water.


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