Beer Pong Balls Back Rule - Official Beer Pong Rules #24

Beer Pong Balls Back Rule – Official Beer Pong Rules #24

Beer Pong Balls Back Rule:
Chuggie’s Official House Rules #24

Whether you choose to call it the “Beer Pong Balls Back Rule,” “Roll Back,” or “Throw Shot Rule,” this rule is bomb-diggity. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the Chuggie Official Beer Pong House Rules List. 

The Beer Pong Balls Back Rule creates legends that turn boys into men, and girls into ladies.

How To Play Beer Pong Balls Back Rule


Beer Pong Balls Back Rule

How to Play the Beer Pong Balls Back Rule in 3 Easy Steps

#1. In the event that you and your teammate sink two different cups in a single turn, the Beer Pong Balls Back Rule comes into effect. 

#2. As usual, your opponents must remove the two hit cups and slam those beers. 

#3. But then, you and your teammate get both of the balls back. Immediately!

#4. Your team gets two bonus shots. 

You Can Use the Beer Pong Balls Back Rule As Many Times As You Like

You can get a Roll Back multiple times during a match. As a result, your team could continue on until you end the game before your partners have another turn. 

Beer Pong Roll Back Rule

Times like that are rare. But if this does happen, it’s nothing short of a miracle.

Beer Pong Balls Back, Roll Back, Or Throw Back Rule:
Important Notes

Only hit cups from made shots or bounce shots count towards the Beer Pong Balls Back Rule. Cups that have been knocked over do not count.

Beer Pong Balls Back Rule
Prevent spilled cups with this bargain beer pong rack.

In other words, you can’t use a Randy Johnson Shot to get Balls Back.

Variations of the Beer Pong Balls Back Rule

Some House Rules forbid Beer Pong Balls Back Rule in one-on-one game play. In our house, we allow the Balls Back Rule in both one-on-one and two-on-two play.

I mean, come on, it’s a universal beer pong rule. Who are we to tell you it doesn’t apply in one-on-one play?

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Beer Pong Balls Back Rule
The Legend, The Folklore

Basically, your continued success blocks your opponents from having a turn. The Balls Back Beer Pong Rule keeps playing on repeat until your team fucks up.

It’s like playing “Reverse” and “Skip” cards over and over again in Uno The Drinking Game.

The Beer Pong Balls Back Rule is the cause of many a monstrous comeback. And comebacks like these become legends. In fact, momentum swings like this is how casual beer pong players turn into full-on beer pong lovers. 

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Beer Pong Equipment

Beer Pong Balls Back Rule

The Five Basic Must Haves of Beer Pong Equipment

Sure, you can add in extras like neon signs saying “Get Your Balls Wet!” But those aren’t important.

Regulation Beer Pong Table
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Here are the essentials:

Why You Should Use Great Beer Pong Equipment

First, beer pong is such a great fucking game that we like to set it up like a real beer pong party. Simply put, having quality equipment gives the game the honor it deserves.

Just imagine… a beer pong table that doesn’t collapse every other game. Or, frozen beer pong racks that prevent spills and keep your beer cold.

Second, baller beer pong sets and equipment help with confidence. Even if you Troll.

Third, it creates a great experiences for your guests. (If you’re hosting.) Poor af? No worries. Our list is features all the best bargain beer pong sets.

Now that we’ve gone over the Beer Pong Balls Back Rule, check out Life Size Beer Pong and Beer Pong Trolling to keep the goods time rolling!


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