Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules – Official Beer Pong Rules #17

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
Chuggie’s House Rules – Rule #17

Some total buzz kills say the beer pong bounce shot rules or “bouncing” is for bitches. But that simply isn’t true, which is why it’s on our Chuggie Official Beer Pong House Rules List.  However, the entire Chuggie Team loves this rule and always have it on our house rule list. 

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules

The “Bounce Shot,” or indirect shot is a unique rule where players can bounce the ball instead of throw it. The ball must bounce off the table before landing in a cup. If you succeed, you get one bonus cup. But let’s dive a little deeper, shall we? By the end of these detailed rules, variations, videos, and pictures, you’ll be a bounce shot pro!

How To Play Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
You’ll be a pro by the end of this.

The 5 Most Essential Pieces of Beer Pong Equipment

I always like to cover equipment first, since quality beer pong sets are so important. Go big or go home, am I right?

Following are five of the most important pieces of Beer Pong Equipment:

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules Beer Pong Table
Merica. Fuck yeah! Click for more pictures.

Why You Need Quality Beer Pong Equipment

For one thing, it’s fun! And there are plenty of bargain beer pong sets with good value. So it doesn’t have to cost much if you’re on a budget.

Sweet beer pong tables, cups, and balls work together to give you the organization and confidence you need to win, every time.

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
Go home freshman, you’re drunk.

How To Play
the Bounce Shot in Beer Pong Rules

How To Play Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
Germaphobes, these are the cups for you! (Click the link for more pictures.)

Here are the highlights to the “Bounce Shot in Beer Pong Rule:”

#1. If you bounce your shot off the surface of the table into your opponents’ cup (even by accident), it counts as a hit cup.

#2. Additionally, you get to remove another cup from your opponents side. The cup that you hit is removed.

#3. A missed bounce shot counts as a miss, just like a regular throw.

Bounce Shot Important Notes:


The Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules are pretty straightforward, right? Here are just a few important notes:

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rule
Just act like you meant to do it. Even accidents count.

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules Note #1

In the event that there are only two cups left on the table, a bounce shot only counts as one hit. You can’t use a bonus cup to finish off the game, unfortunately. 

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules Frozen Beer Pong Rack
This frozen beer pong rack comes in a set of two. Click for current discounted prices.

It isn’t against the rules to do a bounce shot when there are only two cups left. But why would you want to?

Use it earlier on when you want to solidify your win. And before you’ve had so much beer!

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules Note #2

Another important thing to realize is that a bounce shot counts even if it’s an accident.

So if you land a bounce shot by accident, don’t sweat it. In fact, act like you mean to do it all along!

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules Note #3

Yet another great thing about the Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rule is you can attempt it any point in the game.

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
Ideally, your opponent’s distracted by the people making out on the couch.

There are no limits.

However, here are the best times to attempt a bounce shot:

  • You’re neck-in-neck and you want to jump ahead with a bonus cup.
  • Or, you just want to move the game along. 
  • Whenever your opponents are distracted, this is the time to do an indirect shot!
  • Before you’re toooo drunk, of course.
  • You’re about to lose. What the hell, might as well try to catch up!

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Swatting

Players can easily defend themselves against bounce shots, either by catching or swatting the ball away mid-bounce. Because of this, we recommend using the bounce shot when your opponents are either distracted or verrry drunk.

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
How I feel after swatting away a bounce shot.

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Variations

If the beer pong Bounce Shot rule is being enforced when you are playing, make sure you know what the house rules say, since there’s more than one variation.

Here are two common beer pong bounce shot rules variations:

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rule Variations
First, there’s the vanilla version. *Yawn*

#1. In this first variation, bounce shots only count when the the shooter bounces the ball directly off the surface of the table. This is what I call the “Vanilla Version,” and it’s only acceptable for newbies and drunks.

In my opinion, at least.

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
You’ll save on this High Times beer pong table with carrying case and balls. Click for more pictures!

But you know how we are here at Chuggie Co. We’re obsessed with the trickiest beer pong rules variations possible.

We favor the second variation:

#2. However, this next variation is a lot more interesting. The bounce shot counts if it bounces off of anything.

For example, you can bounce it off beer cans, music speakers, a wall, or the ceiling. Anything!

In this variation, bouncing off the table still counts.

Regardless of what counts as a bounce shot, all variations (that I know of) allow swatting or catching the ball.

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Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
Bounce Shot + Trick Shot =You Are a Badass

If you’re an incredibly skilled beer pong player, you can combine a bounce shot with a trick shot if for no other reason than to look like a badass motherfucker. Here’s a high quality video that shows players doing just that:


Can I just say what everyone’s thinking? This guy looks super creepy. It isn’t like that the entire time.

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules

As discussed above, there are great benefits to a successful Bounce Shot. But remember: it’s not easy. 

It’s easy to swat away bounce shots. So you need to be very, very sneaky.

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
You have to be very, very sneaky to pull this one off.

Regardless of what counts as a Bounce Shot in your house, keep both your offense and defense variations consistent.

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Now that we’ve nailed down the Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules, it’s on to the next Beer Pong Rule >>Beer Pong Celebrity Shot Rule


Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
This beer pong table comes with a dry erase surface and markers. Click now for discounted price!

stick around for this bonus material:

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How to Be a Kickass Host

If you’re hosting the next beer pong night, make sure to display your Beer Pong House Rules on a poster or sign. Having these guidelines displayed makes it easier for everyone. 

How To Play Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
Make sure you all agree on house rules for beer pong bounce shot rules… to avoid drunken fights!

For example,the scandalous Naked Lap Rule or playing the game in your underwear due to Bitch Cup. As you can imagine, this can lead to some drunken brawls when players disagree about what the “bounce shot” actually means.

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The Best Beer Pong Apparel
(Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules)

Whatever you wear, it’s hella fun to get into the spirit of partying. BUT when you can tailor it to a specific beer pong rule, it gets even better. For example, you can bring a blue troll wig to your next beer pong party and make the troll wear it for the rest of the night. 

Beer Apparel Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
Click to save on two of these cheap shirts – one for you, one for your partner.

Here are my favorite pieces of bargain beer pong apparel:

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Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
4 Tips & Strategies to Be a Sneaky Drunk 

#1. Pre-Game, Of Course!

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
Shotgun a beer before the game for a little liquid relaxation.

Why do I love beer pong so much? Well, you’re getting drunk and throwing balls around. Obviously, that’s the number one reason. But the next best reason is that you get better the drunker you get! So, get out of your head a little by doing a couple shots or playing a round of Most Likely.

Beer Pong Swatting Rules
Click for pictures of this discounted beer pong trophy.

#2. Dress for Success

Dress to Impress! Whether you want to go sexy, cute, hilarious, or quirky, go with whatever makes you feel best. You sexy beast, you.

#3. Take a Chill Pill

Sometimes getting too competitive ruins the fun. Remember, the number one reason is to have fun! Even if you troll, you still spent time being fucking awesome.


As cliche as it is to say, practice really does make perfect. So watch all the videos you can, and get your trick shots down pat so you can combine them with your bounce shots.

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 The Top 2 Beer Pong Strategy Videos

#1. How to Not Suck at Beer Pong

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#2. Beer Pong Strategy Video

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Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
Beer Pong Set Up

Beer Pong Bounce Shot Rules
Don’t be that guy. Go home freshman, you’re drunk.

Of course not everyone sets up beer pong equipment the same, but here’s how it usually goes:

#1. On each end of the table, there are ten 16oz plastic cups arranged in a cup formation know as the “full rack.”

#2. Usually, each cup is filled with beer.

Beer Pong Elbow Rule
Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

#3. Although, sometimes players fill them with root beer or plain water. Or you know, if a bunch of winos got together it’d be wine.

#4. I recommend filling the cups only 1/4 to 1/3 full, but it all depends on whether you want to get drunk or you want to get completely wasted

#5. Additionally, there’ll be one cup of water at the end of each table. The water cups are for rinsing off the ball after each shot.

#6. As long as you have at least two ping pong balls ready to go, you’re off to the races!

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