Beer Pong Elbow Rule

Beer Pong Elbow Rule – Official Beer Pong Rules #13

Beer Pong Elbow Rule
Chuggie’s House Rules – Rule #13

Ah, the Beer Pong Elbow Rule. Another beer pong rule that doesn’t happen very often, but when it does… things can get a little rowdy. Especially when you’re drunk af after the past 3 games. 

Much like the Beaming Beer Pong Rule, this rule gives the game an element of danger…which is what makes this game so much fun. I don’t mind a little drunk disagreement amongst friends that you’ll laugh about later. 

Elbow Beer Pong Rule

After we nail down the elbow rule, stick around for these bonus beer pong tips and strategies:

Elbow Beer Pong Rule

The 5 Most Essential Pieces of Beer Pong Equipment

I always like to cover equipment first, since quality beer pong sets are so important. Go big or go home, am I right?

Following are five of the most important pieces of Beer Pong Equipment:

Official Beer Pong Rules Elbow Beer Pong Rule
Click for more pictures of “High Times” beer pong table.

Why do you need quality equipment?

For one thing, it’s fun!  And there are plenty of bargain beer pong sets with good value, so it doesn’t have to cost much.

Sweet beer pong tables, cups, and balls work together to give you the organization and confidence you need to win, every time.

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Elbow Beer Pong Rule Chuggie House Rule
You’ll be hitting cups after watching our tips and strategies videos!

Elbow Beer Pong Rule
What’s in a name?

Like several official beer pong rules, there are different names for the same rule. For example, the Beer Pong Island Rule has 5 names. (At least that I know of.) Because it varies from group to group, knowing the names will keep you “in the know” and not sound like a newbie.

Here are the 3 names for the Beer Pong Elbow Rule:

How To Play Elbow Beer Pong Rule
The carrying case for the High Times Table pictured above – click to see the current discounted Amazon prices.

#1. Beer Pong Elbow Rule 
#2. Beer Pong Hand Rule
#3. Beer Pong Leaning Rule
#4. Beer Pong Wrist Rule

The Beer Pong Elbow Rule
What is it, exactly?

The Beer Pong Elbow Rule is simple. It states that a player’s elbow can’t go past the edge of the table as they’re shooting. If the shooter’s elbow crosses the imaginary plane extending upwards from the edge of the table then the shot does not count.

If the player violates the elbow rule but makes the shot, they do get a second chance.

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Elbow Beer Pong Rule
This beer pong set keeps your beer clean – click the link to check it out.

Elbow Beer Pong Rule
Why is it such a heated debate?

When the Beer Pong Elbow Rule comes up, it’s similar to when a referee blows the whistle in a soccer game. It’s a judgment call, since the game is so fast paced. I’ve seen some arguments after players are already three shots to the wind drunk. It’s just so hard to verify!


How To Play Elbow Beer Pong Rule

Calling Elbows In Beer Pong
Beer Pong Elbow Rule Variations

Some typical “Beer Pong Elbow Rule” variations you may encounter includes the “Wrist Rule” or “Hand Rule.” They’re just like the Beer Pong Elbow Rule, but the body part that can’t cross the line is different. For example, if the variation has the name Beer Pong Wrist Rule, they’re penalized if their wrist cross the edge of the table.

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This video has nothing to do with the Elbow Beer Pong Rule. It’s just hilarious.


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Table Length & Beer Pong Elbow Rule

One thing to keep in mind is how long your beer pong table is. 

Beer Pong Elbow Rule Frozen Beer Pong Rack
Keeps your beer nice and cold – no lukewarm beer! (Click for more pictures)

The professional beer pong circuit does not play with the elbow rule. Why? Because they play on a  8ft. long table. On top of that, the organization recognizes the  difficulty in reliably enforcing the rule with big prizes at stake.

But if the table is shorter than 8ft., I highly suggest including the Elbow Rule in your house rules! It wouldn’t be much of a game or much fun when your opponent leans so far across the table that they’re practically able to drop the ball into your cups.

Pro Beer Pong Elbow Rule Arguments Include:

If you’re still flip flopping on which side of the pro-elbow rule or anti-elbow rule side of the debate you fall on here are some common arguments from each side.

  • It eliminates the advantage that those taller or longer-armed players might gain by being able to lean or extend their arms over the table.
  • Due to shots being farther back it makes the game more challenging. And it makes it less wimpy.

Anti Beer Pong Elbow Rule Arguments Include:

    • As mentioned above, it’s impossible to know for sure if someone breaks the Beer Pong Elbow Rule. 

      Elbow Beer Pong Rule
      This bargain frozen ice rack keeps your beer from getting piss warm. (Click for more pictures)
    • Some people get stressed about it. I say to that: loosen the fuck up, my friends. The minor conflict makes it fun. (But if people have super serious brawls, that’s not cool. Don’t play with them!)
    • When the “Elbow” rule is not enforced the game times are usually faster. This is appreciated when you’re trying to finish a tournament or only have one beer pong table at your event and people are waiting to play on the table.

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Now that we’ve got the Beer Pong Elbow Rule Down, make sure to stick around for the best beer apparel, beer pong set up, and other beer pong tips and strategies with video tips. Read Chuggie’s Official Beer Pong Rule #14, or, take advantage of:

Beer Pong Elbow Rule, Beer Pong Hand Rule, Beer Pong Arm Rule

Bonus Beer Pong Tips and Strategies


The Best Beer Pong Apparel
for playing “Beer Pong Elbow Rule” in style

Whatever you wear, it’s hella fun to get into the spirit of partying. BUT when you can tailor it to a specific beer pong rule, it gets even better. For example, you can bring a blue troll wig to your next beer pong party and make the troll wear it for the rest of the night. 

How To Play Beer Pong Hand Rule
Cats playing beer pong – click for more pictures!

Here are my favorite pieces of bargain beer pong apparel:

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        Display Your House Rules For the Elbow Rule

        If you’re hosting the next beer pong night, make sure to display your Beer Pong House Rules on a poster or sign. Having these guidelines displayed makes it easier for everyone. 

        For example,the scandalous Naked Lap Rule or playing the game in your underwear due to Bitch Cup. As you can imagine, this can lead to some drunken brawls when players disagree about what the “Elbow Rule” actually means.

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        Elbow  Beer Pong Rule
        4 Tips & Strategies to Be a Sneaky Drunk About the Elbow Rule

        #1. Shots, shots, shots, shots!

        How To Play Beer Pong Elbow Rule


        Why do I love beer pong so much? Well, you’re getting drunk and throwing balls around. Obviously, that’s the number one reason. But the next best reason is that you get better the drunker you get! So, get out of your head a little by doing a couple shots or playing a round of Most Likely.

        #2. Dress for Success

        Dress to Impress! Whether you want to go sexy, cute, hilarious, or quirky, go with whatever makes you feel best. You sexy beast, you.

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        #3. Take a Chill Pill

        Sometimes getting too competitive ruins the fun. Remember, the number one reason is to have fun! Even if you troll, you still spent time being fucking awesome.

        How To Play Beer Pong Elbow Rule

        #4. PRACTICE

        As cliche as it is to say, practice really does make perfect. So watch all the videos you can, and get your trick shots down pat.

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         The Top 2 Beer Pong Strategy Videos

        #1. How to Not Suck at Beer Pong


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        Leaning Beer Pong Rule
        That’s right, our Chuggie Beer Can Coolie holds cigarettes and a lighter, perfectly! 

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        #2. Beer Pong Strategy Video

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        Elbow Beer Pong Rule
        Beer Pong Set Up

        Of course not everyone sets up beer pong equipment the same, but here’s how it usually goes:

        #1. On each end of the table, there are ten 16oz plastic cups arranged in a cup formation know as the “full rack.”

        #2. Usually, each cup is filled with beer.

        Beer Pong Elbow Rule
        Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

        #3. Although, sometimes players fill them with root beer or plain water. Or you know, if a bunch of winos got together it’d be wine.

        #4. I recommend filling the cups only 1/4 to 1/3 full, but it all depends on whether you want to get drunk or you want to get completely wasted

        #5. Additionally, there’ll be one cup of water at the end of each table. The water cups are for rinsing off the ball after each shot.

        #6. As long as you have at least two ping pong balls ready to go, you’re off to the races!

         Now, go get ’em, you beer pong champ, you!

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