Beer Pong Heating Up/On Fire Rule

Beer Pong Heating Up/On Fire Rule – Official Beer Pong Rules #7

Beer Pong Heating Up/On Fire Rule:
Chuggie’s House Rules – Rule #7

The Beer Pong Heating Up/On Fire Rule  is nearly always on the house rules list, but somehow most players forget it.

Beer Pong Heating Up Rule
This rule is a god-send for when you’re so dialed in you know you’re going to score big. 

Beer Pong Heating Up/On Fire Rule Overview

2 Reasons Why You Should Have Quality Beer Pong Equipment

Before going into the Beer Pong Heating Up/On Fire Rule, I want to make sure you have the best beer pong equipment. You’ll need:

Official Rules of Beer Pong Heating Up/On Fire Rules
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If you’re hosting, it’ll definitely up your game to have a few beer pong essentials. There are plenty of bargain beer pong sets and equipment available, so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get the supplies you need.

Out of all the beer pong equipment we’ve tested, the bargain beer pong equipment set will save you the most money – and make you look classy af. (You know, as classy as you can get with beer pong.)

The 3 Other Names for the Beer Pong Heating Up Rule

It’s worth mentioning the 3 other names for this popular beer pong rule, since there are so many. At the very least, we’re helping you with your beer pong vocab. As you can see, we’re a little obsessed with beer pong. The other names are:

#1. The Beer Pong On Fire Rule

#2. The Beer Pong Space Jam Rule

#3. The NBA Jam Beer Pong Rule (for all of you die-hard EA Sports fanatics)

Official Beer Pong Heating Up/On Fire Rule
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Heating Up/On Fire Beer Pong Rule


The heating up, on fire, or space jam rule allows one player to get bonus shots. To achieve heating up/on fire status you must:

Beer Pong Heating Up:On Fire Rule Frozen Beer Pong Rack
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# 1 Hit two consecutive cups in a row. You MUST annouce to the room “I’m Heating Up.” (Nothing happens right now, you’re opponents will still complete their throws.)

#2 After you’ve announced “I’m Heating Up” and your opponents have completed their throws, you must hit your third consecutive cup in a row and then announce “I’m On Fire.”

#3 Once you’ve declared you’re “On Fire,” the ball comes back to you and all cups you make during your fire streak are removed. 

#4 If anyone forgets to say “Heating up,” they can’t announce “I’m On Fire.”

Beer Pong Heating Up/On Fire Rule Important Notes

This rule applies only when you make three consecutive cups in a row. If you make a cup, then your teammate makes a cup, you two cannot announce “Heating Up”. You’ll get balls back due to the balls back rule, but you’re not technically heating up until you personally are on a roll.

It doesn’t matter if your teammate misses during their turn. You’re still cleared to announce “I’m On Fire.”

While “On Fire” you cannot ask for a rerack.

Beer Pong Heating Up/On Fire Rule:
Beer Pong is Serious Business!

How To Play Beer Pong Heating Up/On Fire Rule

Have you ever achieved “On Fire” status during a beer pong game? What’s your record for consecutive shots made while “On Fire?” We take beer pong seriously (maybe TOO seriously), so we’ll take all the stories we can get!

None of us here at Chuggie have ever declared “I’m On Fire,” (although we’ve been sentenced to trolldom) but you better believe when we do we’ll come back here and give you the skinny.

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