How to Play Beer Pong Island Rule

Beer Pong Island Rule – Official Beer Pong Rules #5

Beer Pong Island Rule
Official Beer Pong House Rules – Rule #5

The Beer Pong Island Rule goes by many different names: solo cup, iso cup, lonely cup, and skill shot. In our official beer pong house rules we call it the “island rule.” This guideline allows you to make your opponent drink a hit cup and a bonus cup.

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official rules of beer pong
The Beer Pong Island Rule isn’t relaxing like this island…

Beer Pong Island Rule 

The beer pong island rule comes into affect when there’s a cup on your opponent’s side that isn’t touching any other cups. Pretty simple, right?


  • First of all, you can only call the Island Rule because you’ve landed shots in the cups around the cup.
  • The beer pong Island Rule is NOT legit from slippery cups sliding away from the beer-covered table.
  • Yeah, we see you, trying to look cool swatting those bounce shots away. No, we’re talking about cups you’ve removed fair and square from perfect shots. 

What Does The Island Beer Pong Rule Mean?

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  • If you’ve created a tiny “red solo cup island,” you may declare “island.”
  • You can only declare “island” as long as the other side still has at least two touching cups.
  • There must be at least 3 cups in play.
  • Official Rules of Beer Pong state that you have to tell the other players that you’re aiming for the lone cup before shooting, or it doesn’t count.


What happens if I call Island but my ball lands in another cup?

Unlike the ring of fire beer pong ruleyou don’t automatically win the game if your ball lands in a cup other than the “island” cup.

Instead, if you call island and make another cup, that cup stays on the table. Then, as a “bonus,” your partner can declare “island.”

Beer Pong Island Rule

If your partner sinks a shot into the Island Cup, you’re in luck. The defending team must pull the hit island cup as well as an additional cup as a penalty.

The Beer Pong Island Rule for One-on-One Beer Pong

  • If you’re playing with a partner, they have the chance to declare “island” once per game. To put it simply, your team has a total of two chances to declare a “beer pong island.” 
  • If you’re playing 1 on 1, you each get to call “island” one time.

    Beer Pong Island Rule
    Regulation Beer Pong Table with Dry Erase Surface (click for more pictures!)

Beer Pong Island Rule Equipment

Beer Pong Island Rule Variations

Unsurprisingly, there are lots of variations to the beer pong island rule. 

In general, most people know about these 2 main beer pong island rule variations:

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#1 You and your teammate can only declare “island” once per game. Two island attempts per team/per match. If you call “island” and make a non-island cup, that cup remains on the table.

#2 Another style we’ve played is that you’re able to call island as many times as you damn well please. However, hitting a cup other than the lone island cup is costly. As a result, you’re forced to drink one of your own cups. Ouch.

Remember, if you disagree with someone’s house rules because our rule book or variations states otherwise, too bad. The host is right and we’re wrong.

House rules always go. Always.

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