Beer Pong Spilled Cup Rule

Beer Pong Spilled Cup Rule – Official Beer Pong Rules #19

Beer Pong Spilled Cup Rule
Official Beer Pong Rules – Rule #19

Why Do People Get So Upset About the Beer Pong Spilled Cup Rule? 

The worst  party fouls of all time? Wasting beer. The “Beer Pong Spilled Cup Rule is in place to make sure the offenders pay.

Unlike other rules of beer pong (such as the beer pong elbow rule), the punishment for spilling a cup of beer is harsh. 

What happens when you spill a cup in beer pong?

How To Play Beer Pong Spilled Cup Rule
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  • It counts as a hit cup.
  • You’re the one in charge of cleaning up the mess.

Of course, the beer pong spilled cup rule is a simple concept. But the details are a *little* more complicated.

It Only Counts if YOU Spill It

It only counts if YOU spill it, or it slides off the table due to slippery beer,

Sit Back and Say Goodbye to the Booze

If your opponents successfully hit your cup and you can tell it’s going to drop, you can’t stop the ball from falling.

Don’t Be That Asshole

The Beaming Beer Pong Rule is still in effect. In other words, it’s still legal to whip the ball as hard as you can to knock over the other team’s cup. (Unless they only have one cup left.)

But the sucky thing is that this wastes beer. Don’t be that jerk.

The Beer Pong Spilled Cup Rule Shows No Mercy.

None of these these excuses will protect you: trying to block a shot, being too drunk, or not putting enough beer in your cup to begin with.

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Use this Beer Pong Spilled Cup Rule to Your Advantage!

This post about the beer pong spilled cup rule is here to help you win! So go get ’em, tiger!

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