Beer Pong Triangle Rule

Beer Pong Triangle Rule – Official Beer Pong Rules #8

Beer Pong Triangle Rule:
Chuggie’s Official House Rules – #8

Official Beer Pong Rules
Alright, ladies and gents. The Beer Pong Triangle Rule – Chuggie’s Official House Rules” post is here to protect you from some serious beer pong shame. I’m here to make sure you know the ins and outs of this beer pong variation, so you can crush your competition. Who says you can’t be entertained while learning? This blog post is entertaining, I promise. Get ready for some kickass videos, memes, GIFS, and tips and strategies to seriously up your game.

My 8 Favorite Pieces of Beer Pong Equipment

Ring of Fire Beer Pong Rule
Click here now to save huuuge with a huge pack of 50 beer pong balls.

First, it’s important to make sure you have the right beer pong equipment when you’re hosting. Here are 8 of my favorites:

Here are my 3  favorite glow-in-the-dark accessories:

The Beer Pong Triangle Rule
aka Bermuda Triangle Rule

Unsurprisingly, there’s more than one name for this variation. (Kind of like many of the other beer pong rules. Here’s looking at you, Island Rule!) People call it the Beer Pong Triangle Rule, the Bermuda Triangle Rule, and even the Threesome Beer Pong Rule.

Okay, the only person who called it the “Threesome” rule was a pervy wannabe. Isn’t it fun to meet random drunks at beer pong parties?

How To Play Beer Pong Triangle Rules
Oh, the fun people you meet at parties.

How To Play Beer Pong Triangle Rule

Beer Pong Triangle Rule Beer Pong Table
Merica. Fuck yeah. (Click for more pictures)

The Beer Pong Triangle Rule comes into play when you only have three cups left and they they aren’t touching each other.

This is one of the rare occasions when the opposing team isn’t allowed to ask for reracks. After they hit one of the 3 remaining cups, they can ask for a rerack again. (If they haven’t already used up all of their reracks, that is.)

Chuggie’s Official Beer Pong Rules List states that teams may only request reracks when they have an even number of cups remaining. 

Beer Pong Island Rule vs Beer Pong Triangle Rule

  • When you or you’re opponents find yourself stuck with this formation of cups you cannot call the “Island Rule.”
  • To be able to call the “Island Rule,” you need to only have 3 cups left, that’s true.
  • However, in the Island Rule, one of the cups can’t be touching the other cups.
  • The difference in the Beer Pong Triangle Rule is that none of the cups can be touching each other

How To Play Beer Pong Triangle Rule

Bounce Shots = No Go

You might be thinking “duhhh” during this section, but you know how drunk people get. Beligerent, and they looove to argue. So, this is a good point to have listed on your house rules list

In the Bermuda Triangle Beer Pong Rule, the neighboring cups have to be because of honest hit cups. In other words, if they’re touching because they slid away from each other, that’s a no go. Swatting away bounce shots also doesn’t count. 

Beer Pong Triangle Rule Beer Pong Balls
Don’t forget to wash your balls! (Link)

How to Be a Kickass Host
Display Your House Rules For Beer Pong

If you’re hosting the next beer pong night, make sure to display your Beer Pong House Rules on a poster or sign. That way nobody can bitch about the rules. House rules always go, so make sure people know the rules up front

Hosting? You’re Awesome

First of all, you’re awesome. Whether you’re hosting in the basement of a fraternity house or in an apartment, you rock. Hosts get stuck cleaning up the next morning, so use use beer pong house rules to your advantage. So own this authority! In fact, I recommend laughing diabolically as you devise penalties. 

 Triangle Beer Pong Rule:
Tips & Strategies 

#1. Pre-Game to Land That Triangle Shot

Why do we love beer pong so much? Well, you’re getting drunk and throwing balls around. Obviously, that’s the number one reason. But the next best reason is that you get better the drunker you get! So, get out of your head a little by doing a couple shots or playing a round of Most Likely. Liquid courage helps almost every newbie throw better.

Beer Pong Apparel
Seriously, a guy in these would catch my attention in a good way. (Amazon link)

After that, the shots you’ve practiced, it’ll will be a cinch to land when under pressure. If you’re really brand new, make sure to watch the 3 videos at the end of this post. 

#2. Dress for Success

Dress to Impress! Whether you want to go sexy, cute, hilarious, or weird, go with whatever makes you feel best. Who knows? You just might leave the party with the guy/girl you’ve been crushing on for the past 3 months.

#3. Relax, And You’ll Throw Better!

Sometimes getting too competitive ruins the fun. Remember, the number one reason is to have fun! Even if you troll, you still spent time being fucking awesome. After all, now you’re a Triangle Beer Pong Rule master.

#4. Practice Makes Perfect

As cliche as it is to say, practice really does make perfect. So watch all the videos you can (we have even more for you coming up!), and get your trick shots down pat.

#5. Plan Your Underwear Accordingly

You never know what kind of rules or shenanigans are going down during beer pong games, of course. Especially if house rules include the Naked Lap. With this in mind, be prepared to be pants-less.

How To Play Bitch Cup/Freshman Cup Beer Pong Rule Variation
Plan your underwear accordingly! Then you can strut your stuff like the sexy beast you are.

#6. Make Sure Everyone Knows the House Rules

It’s unlikely you’ll have to do anything humiliating in the sense of the Beer Pong Triangle Rule. However, not all rules are so kind. For example, you might end up having to run around naked, play the game in your underwear, or announce to everyone that you’re “so and so’s” bitch. Know what you’re getting into!

Now that you’re a Beer Pong House Rules pro, I recommend:

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Official Rules of Beer Pong
This is just sweeet. Click for more pictures.

Beer Pong House Rules
Videos to Up Your Game

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