Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews

The Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews 2018

Reviews of the 3 Best Golf Bags with 14 Way Dividers

The Best Golf Bags Reviews series’ question of the hour today is “What is Really the Best 14 Way Golf Bag?

Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews
The Suncast Golf Organizer is a fantastic, budget-friendly golf equipment storage system.

Reviews of the Best Golf Bags with 14-Way Dividers on the Market Today: Overview

If you’re looking for a specific type of 14 slot golf bag, this menu’s for you!

The Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews: Bag #1
PING 2018 Hoofer 14 Carry Golf Bag
Best 14 Way Golf Carry Bag / 14 Way Golf Stand Bag

Ping 14 Slot Golf Bag Review
The Ping 14 Way Golf Stand Bag in a Red/White/Black color. Follow the link for Discounts/Pictures

Weight: About 5.5 lbs
Dimensions: 36 x 12 x 14 inches
Type: 14 Way Golf Carry Bag and Golf Stand Bag
Cost: $$$ (Check Current Price)

If you’re looking for the Best 14 Way Golf Bag that doubles as a golf stand bag and carry bag, the this is the review for you. Because the Ping Hoofer 14 Slot Golf Bag is durable, easy to use, and light.

Additionally, there’s a removable pocket for custom embroidery, making it fantastic for gifts.


Here are our favorite things about Ping’s newest 14 Slot Golf Bag:

Best Golf Bags Review
Ping’s Golf Stand Bags are just as vibrantly colored as they are in the pictures.
  • Reinforced 14 Way Top
  • Twelve easy-to-access pockets
  • 24 Inch Leg Span
  • Water Resistant Valuables Pocket
  • Umbrella & Towel Holders
  • 2 Adjustable Straps with Shoulder Pads
  • Pocket for Water Bottle & Rangefinder Pocket
  • Cart-Strap channel system
  • Large Pocket with mesh pocket and keyfob
  • Attached Rainhood

For a video review, we suggest watching the “Ping Hoofer 14 Stand Bag” short but detailed video demo.

Final Assessment

The versatility, of course, is a highly attractive quality. Since there are 4 ways features work together, you can convert the bag into the type you need that day.

First, the straps allow you to carry the bag like a backpack or carry it over the shoulder like a Sunday Golf Bag. Additionally, it has two solid stand legs as well as a tunnel system to strap the bag firmly to the cart on days you choose to ride.With a protective well for each club in a 14 way golf course, it’s easier to account for each club.

For the regular golfer who desires versatility, everything about this best golf bag screams “buy me!”

Check Price of the Ping 2018 Best 14 Way Golf Carry Bag

The Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews: Bag #2
Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top
Amazon’s Best Selling Golf Cart Bag with 14 Dividers

Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews
Founder’s 14 way molded organizer doubles prevents annoying clattering of clubs.

Next on our list 14 way golf bag reviews is the Founders Club Premium Cart Bag. Like Bennington’s Best 14 Way Golf Cart Bag reviewed below, it’s anti-rattle.

Weight: 9.5 lbs
Type: Golf Cart Bag
Cost: $ (Check Current Price)
Warranty: 1 year


Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews
Follow the link for more Pictures/Discounts

Here are a few key characteristics of Founders Club Premium Golf Bag with Individual Club Slots:

  • Molded organizer with 14 individual rubberized slots to prevent rattling (these are not full length, however, there are full-length fabric dividers)
  • Three handles; padded shoulder strap, double handle side, and a front handle
  • 10 zippered pockets and 2 mesh pockets
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Lined Valuables pocket
  • Golf Ball and Tees pocket
  • Glove Holder and String Nylon Loop holder for other accessories
  • Umbrella holder
  • Rainhood included
  • Available in Red, Blue, and Orange

Important note: The slots for putters accommodate oversize grip, however, ‘Jumbo Grips’ such as Superstroke will not fit. Slots fit most irons up to 0.5″ length for graphite shafts and/or 1.5″ length for steel shafts.

Final Assessment

Well, you certainly won’t be lacking for organizational space in a Founders Club Premium Golf Cart Bag with 14 Way Dividers, that’s for sure! In short, this seems to have everything a golfer could ask for in a 14 Way Golf Cart Bag: numerous organizational pockets, “quiet” put holders, and an included rainhood.

See 100+ positive owner reviews, alongside pictures, here.

Check Current Price of the Founder’s Premium 14 Hole Golf Bag

The Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews: Bag #3
Palm Springs Golf 14 Way Full Length Divider Cart Bag
The Most Budget Friendly 14 Way Golf Bag with Individual Dividers

Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews
The Palm Springs Golf 14 Way Full Length Divider Golf Bag is available in 3 other color combinations (Follow the link for more)

Weight: 7 lbs
Type: 14 Way Divider Cart Bag
Cost: $ (Check Current Price)

Lightweight and easy-on-the-eyes, the Palm Springs Golf  14 Way Full Length Divider Cart Bag is also easy on the wallet. For casual cart golfers looking for an affordable cart bag, this is one heck of a deal.


  • 9.5″ and 14 way top with 14 way full length dividers

    Best Golf Accessories Review
    The Way 2 Cool is the best mesh cooling towel on the market today!
  • Exterior putter holder
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Zippered rainhood included
  • 1 padded adjustable, shoulder strap
  • 9 exterior zippered pockets
  • Constructed from nylon
  • Available in 4 color combinations: Royal Blue/Silver, Pink/Grey, Red/Silver, and Black/Silver

Final Assessment

Overall, this is a great budget golf bag. Although it isn’t ultra-durable like a Callaway, for example, it’s perfect for the golfer who only needs a cart bag to use a few times a year. Additionally, the included rainhood makes the price even more unbelievable. And the assortment of color options makes this a great gift option.

With 9 easy-to-access pockets and an insulated cooler pocket, this Best 14 Way Golf Bag has you covered for a comfortable afternoon on the greens.

Check Current Price of the Palm Springs 14 Divider Golf Cart Bag

The Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews: Bag #4
Bennington Quiet Organizer 14 Dry Bag Rain Gear Series
Bennington’s Best 14 Slot Golf Bag

Best 14 Way Full Length Golf Cart Bags
Click for More Pictures/Colors

As discussed in our Review of Bennington Golf Bags, the Bennington Quiet Organizer 14 Dry Bag Rain Gear Series Golf Bag with 14 slots is quite the golf bag.

Weight: 10 lbs
Type: Golf Cart Bag 14 Full Length Dividers
Cost: $$$ (Check Current Price)


  • 8 separate iron slots with 2 separate hybrid slots

    Best Golf Accessories
    With Dual Display Technology, the Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder is an unbeatable golf essential
  • A driver and wood area
  • One oversize putter slot
  • A durable, waterproof foam insert
  • 10 pockets total, including a valuables pocket
  • Integrated trunk and top handles
  • Weatherproof zipper
  • Crafted from high density, weatherproof nylon twill
  • Available in Red, White, Royal Blue, Lime, Neon, and Black

Final Assessment

Like many other 14 way golf bags, this Bennington 14 Divider Golf Cart Bag only accommodates standard golf club sizes. Despite this single limiting factor, the benefits of this waterproof golf bag far outweigh any negatives.

First, you can say good-bye to noisy clubs. Second, the weatherproof zipper and high density weatherproof nylon twill material opens up your options as to when you can play. Now the weather has less power over your recreational golfing time!

Check Current Prices of Benington’s 14 Way Golf Cart Bag

Two More 14 Way Golf Bags to Check Out
The Callaway Org 14 & The TGW 14 Way Golf Stand Bag

In addition to the three Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews above, we encourage you to check out two other 14 Way Golf Bags, the Callaway Org 14 Golf Bag and the TGW 14 Way Golf Stand Bag. Although we’ve covered them in other reviews, they’re both outstanding. One of them may be the best choice yet for you, especially if you’re an avid golfer.

The Best 14 Way Golf Bag Reviews
Is a 14 Way Divider Golf Bag right for you?

Something to consider is whether or not a 14 way golf bag is best for you, as there are pros and cons to having 14 slots vs having less.

  1. On the one hand, there’s a spot for everything. It’s designated by the manufacturer, so you basically follow the blueprint they’ve set forth. Another benefit is that quality 14 way golf bags do a good job of preventing your clubs from rattling around, hence being “quiet” bags.
  2. On the other hand, golf bags with 14 slots can be annoying if you have your own precise method of organizing clubs, as the slots do kind of limit you.

One of the biggest things to consider is how frequently you plan on using your golf bag. And, overall, how rough you tend to be on your golfing equipment. In general, 14 way golf bags tend to fall apart more quickly than other types of golf bags. Read more at other golfers’ opinions at “6-way vs 14-way dividers.”

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