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The Best Backpack Cooler Reviews: Staff Favorites

Chuggie’s Best Backpack Cooler Reviews: Overview

Best Backpack Cooler Reviews Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series Backpack BlackWe loved compiling the first part of our best backpack cooler reviews. They have a special part in our nature-loving hearts, so we decided to vote on the all-time best backpack coolers.

No matter how comfortable the handles are on a rigid cooler, carrying it for an extended period of time is annoying. Backpack coolers are superior to soft-sided coolers with shoulder straps/mesh handles in the sense that they allow you to keep your stuff cold and not have to carry anything in your hands.

Even if you aren’t a hardcore outdoors person, tune into our Best Backpack Cooler Reviews. They’re beneficial for day-to-day stuff, like bringing groceries home or carrying refreshments to a potluck. And if you’re a mother, these are incredible! Backpack coolers are easier to carry than tote bags while freeing up your harms to help the kiddos.

To bring you the most quality reviews of the best backpack coolers on the market today, we looked at them in terms of cost, durability, ice retention, accessories, and special features.

Chuggie’s Backpack Cooler Reviews: IceMule Pro Cooler Backpack, Large

You can tell just from the name that this backpack is decked out with some cool features.

Best Backpack Cooler Reviews IceMule Coolers Pro Coolers Grey
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Price: The current Amazon price is about a hundred bucks.

Capacity: Measure capacity any way you like it. The Large IceMule Pro holds 20 liters, or 18 cans. Bungee straps on the exterior allow you to carry even more.

Insulation: The IceMule Pro’s foam insulation does its job well, so you can count on ice keeping for at least 22 hours. If you pre-cool your bag, expect even longer ice retention.

Weight: At 3.1 pounds, this respected backpack cooler is nice and light.

Durability: It’s almost unanimous that this cooler is as tough as you are. The UV-resistant exterior fabric combined with the patented water-proof interior helps prevent damage from the elements.

Ease of Use: The shoulder straps are padded, promoting the utmost comfort.
Since there aren’t interior pockets taking up space, you cram in all of your favorite gear.

Pockets: While the IceMule Pro has plenty of features, pockets are not one of them.

Colors: There are two options, grey or olive green. These shades are perfect for blending in with the scenery or laying low.

Accessories: The IceMule Pro Pack & Dry Pack
Best Backpack Cooler Reviews IceMule Coolers Pro Coolers Camo
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You have the option of adding two accessories, the Pro Pack and the Dry Pack.

If you want an IceMule Pro but also want pockets, you’re in luck. The IceMule Pro Pack is only $25 and well worth the money.  It includes a key clip, wallet pockets, and phone pockets.  The Pro Pack closes with a zipper, so you can keep your valuables secure. This robust 1000 Denier Tarpaulin fabric accessory fits right into the bungees.

You’ll only need to shell out $20 for the Dry Pack. This helpful add-on was designed specifically for stacking Tupperware containers, and its nylon is food safe.

Chuggie’s Best Backpack Cooler Reviews: Pros and Cons of the IceMule ProPack Cooler

It’s no wonder the IceMule Pro has a 4.4 star rating on Amazon. The ventilation wards off any lingering smells. It has good ice retention, durability, and it’s comfortable. What more could there be?

You’re truly making an investment when you buy an IceMule Pro Backpack Cooler. The “Best Cooler Reviews by Luke & Greg” also listed this as one of the top backpack coolers, so even if we’re playing favorites, there are other serious cooler reviewers who agree with us.

We wish there were at least one pocket built-in to the cooler. It’s harder to stay organized without any structure.

Chuggie’s Best Backpack Cooler Reviews: Polar Bear Nylon Backpack Cooler

While the IceMule Pro Backpack Cooler is incredible, the Polar Bear Nylon Backpack Cooler is just as good. But the two are so very different.

Best Backpack Cooler Reviews Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series Backpack Orange
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Price: Just like our other favorite backpack cooler, this one goes for about a hundred dollars on Amazon.

Capacity: The Polar Bear Nylon Series Backpack cooler can hold about 50 beverage cans.

Insulation:  The foam insulation is an inch thick with a “5 layer air trap design,” and it does a good job. Generally speaking, ice packs stay frozen for 24+ hours. Remember to pre-cool and pack with enough ice packs for optimal performance.

Weight: This cooler weighs 3 pounds, so it’s just about the same as the IceMule Pro Backpack Cooler.

Durability: The tough exterior shell does its job, and does it well.  You won’t have to worry about sending your rowdy boys off to soccer camp with a Polar Bear Nylon Series Backpack Cooler. (Wait a second. We take that back. Teenage boys can destruct virtually anything.)

Also, the zipper is “heavy duty weatherized.”

Ease of Use: Soft shoulder straps make carrying this thing a breeze.  Another helpful feature is the  velcro wrap that gathers the small handles into an easy bunch. This is especially helpful when you need to carry the backpack cooler with just one hand.

If you’re interested in keeping your cooler organized, you’ll most likely be satisfied with the Polar Bear Backpack. The various pockets do one hell of a job of keeping everything in its proper place.

The Polar Bear Insulated Cooler Backpack folds down to half its size when empty, so you’ll have no problem finding a spot to store a new cooler.

And for beer drinkers, a pull-tab bottle opener is built into the cooler itself. Everybody wins when it’s easier to drink.

Pockets: On the back, there’s a pocket with a rubber-coated zipper. There’s also a mesh pocket and a handy side pocket, which we like to use for carrying water bottles.

Colors: The array of colors really help personalize this, especially when you want to gift something valuable to a fellow outdoors person. The colors are: black, green, navy, orange, and red.

For woodsy folks, there are also two types of camo patterns: “The Duck Blind” and “Break Up.”

Special Features include side release buckles, and a zipper pull-tab/bottle opener.

Chuggie’s Best Backpack Cooler Reviews: Pros and Cons of the Polar Bear Nylon Series Insulated Backpack Cooler

The average Amazon rating We love that it’s so easy to customize your cooler. There are multiple color options and custom embroidery, which is great for gifts. Another pro is that the interior liner is FDA approved. The warranty is for a lifetime!

Arguably, the Polar Bear Backpack Cooler is the best insulated backpack around, except for one weak spot. This mighty backpack doesn’t have many sweet accessories, which is its only flaw.

Chuggie’s Best Backpack Cooler Reviews: Wrap-Up

Both of these coolers impressed us with their innovative features. They’re quite different in make, but they’re both of high quality. And with 4+ star ratings on Amazon, our claims are backed up.

Remember to pre-cool and stock up on ice packs. It’s less than $10 for a pack of four. 

While you’re considering insulated cooler backpacks, check out thermoelectric coolers. They’re a completely different class of portable coolers that you’ve got to at least be aware of.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more best backpack cooler reviews.



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