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Golfing is such a satisfying and enjoyable sport. It’s especially wonderful when all of your equipment and accessories are as comfortable as they can be. So why taint the golf experience with an uncomfortable pair of shoes or an uncomfortable carry bag? A golf bag can either make or break experience! Because of this, we created these reviews of the Best Golf Bags, selected from a variety of categories.

Reviews of the Best Golf Bags, Overview

Best Golf Bags Reviews Accessories
TecTecTec’s Slope Range Finder

Best Golf Bags Reviews Category #1
Ideal Golf Bag Cooler

Pride Sports Insulated Cooler Bag

Best Golf Cooler Bag Reviews

This best golf bag cooler is perfect for sharing beers between 1-4 people, packing lunch, and storing all the little extras. Conveniently, some people find it easy to both set the Pride Sports Golf Bag Cooler on the floor of the golf cart. And it stays in place just fine!

Best Golf Bags Review Accessories
Stay cool with this Value 3-Pack of lightweight mesh golf towels.

Or, others have successfully hung the cooler bag right on their golf bag. This, of course, all depends on which kind of golf bag you have.

Best Qualities

  • Dual mesh pockets on each side
  • Three pockets for things like golf tees and snacks
  • Comfortable shoulder strap (adjustable)
  • Heat sealed liner (no-leak)
  • Holds 8-12 cans, depending on the amount of ice

Special Considerations

If you want an all-around good value golf bag cooler, Pride Sport’s Golf Bag Cooler will serve you well. Want to hear what other reviewers have to say? There are numerous reviews recommending this functional little golf bag cooler.

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Best Golf Bags Review Category #2
Best Carry Golf Bag

Callaway Hyperlite Zero 2017 Double Strap


Ah, carry golf bags. Perfect for walking the course on a nice day. In the “Best Carry Golf Bag” category, the spotlight is on the Callaway Hyperlite Zero Double Strap Golf Bag. Because this 4-way golf bag with two full length dividers is impressive in so many ways!

Best Qualities

At 2.5 lbs, the Callaway Hyperlite Zero is one of the lightest golf bags on the market. As if that weren’t enough, it also has stands. Building on that, it has plenty of pockets and convenient storage compartments. Since this lightest golf stand bag is durable, it’s suitable for frequent golfers.

Special Considerations

One factor that’s not quite so positive is the amount of money you’ll have to shell out. (Of course; it’s a Callaway!) However, if you’re able, it’s a wise investment.

For a more detailed review and video demo, see “Top 4 Lightweight Golf Bag Reviews 2018.”

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Best Golf Bags Review Category #3
Best Golf Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2017 Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

Best Golf Bags Reviews
Click for Pictures/Owner Reviews

Featured in the 4 Best Golf Cart Bag Reviews – Specs, Pictures, & Videos, the Callaway Org 14 is one of the Best Golf Bags in the “Golf Cart Bag” category. If you carry quite a bit of gear with you as you golf, this just may be the Best Golf Cart Bag for you.

Best Qualities

With a 14-way divider system and 12 pockets, there’s a special spot for keeping all of your stuff carefully organized and protected. Notably, you can select a sleek new Callaway Org 14 to be one of 7 colors. It’s nice to be able to have more options aesthetically.

Here are 3 last bragging points:

  • This Best Golf Cart Bag can stand upright on it’s own.
  • It also comes with a raincoat included. (So you’re saving money. Cha-ching!)
  • Best of all, it has two insulated cooler pockets.

Special Considerations

Again, this golf bag brand is pricey, which is always a factor when making buying decisions. Another small issue for some people is that the Callaway Org 14 doesn’t have a front carry handle.

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Best Golf Bags Review Category #4
Best Golf Stand Bag Review

Ogio Cirrus Golf Stand Bag

Best Golf Bags Reviews

At 3.2 lbs, this stand golf bag is comfortably light – yet its weight doesn’t mean they skimped on the features. The 9″, 7-way  top is complete with a built-in handle and putter well. But that’s not all – below are a few of our favorite features.

Best Golf Bag Reviews
Bushnell Pro’s Amazon Reviews speak for themselves!

Best Qualities

  • Self-adjusting strap system with “Fit Discs”
  • Valuables pocket with a weather-resistant fleece lining
  • Individual cell phone pocket within the valuables pocket
  • Removable ball pocket panel for customization

Special Considerations

One of the reasons this golf stand bags qualified for this “Best Golf Bags Review” is because of the removable ball pocket panel. It’s perfect for adding customized logos or embroidery, which in turn makes it a great gift for golfers. For a more detailed review, see “5 Best Golf Stand Bags of 2018.”

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Best Golf Bags Review Category #5
Ideal Lightweight Golf Bag 

Sun Mountain 2 FIVE

Best Golf Bag Reviews

Deemed “Easiest to Use” in “The Top 4 Best Lightweight Golf Bags 2018,” the Sun Mountain 2 FIVE is a steal of a deal. For one, it’s crafted from quality materials and will last for years. Another winning point is that it can handle rough terrains. Below are just a few of our favorite things about this best lightweight golf bag.

Best Qualities

So, why is this one of the Best Golf Bags? We’ll list a sampling of the best parts, but definitely check out a more detailed review at “The Top 4 Best Lightweight Golf Bags 2018 Review: Easiest to Use Lightweight Golf Bag Award.” And who knows, you may find another lightweight golf bag that’s the best fit for you. While you’re there, make sure to check out the three other lightweight golf bags!

Best Golf Bag Reviews
Amazon’s choice for the best mesh cooling towel.
  • Full-length clothing pocket
  • Weighs a mere 2 lbs
  • Fits well on carts and has legs
  • Breathable, comfortable foam hip pad

Special Considerations

If you’re a frequent golfer, this is for you. The versatility is fantastic, as you can carry it, fit it nicely on a cart, and use its stand when needed. If you’re stuck on gift ideas for a golfer, this Best Golf Bag is certainly a fantastic option.

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Best Golf Bags Review Category #5
Best Vintage Leather Golf Carry Bag

Belding American Collection Vintage Golf Carry Bag, 7-inch

The Belding American Collection Vintage Golf Carry Bag is one of the best vintage golf bags for sale on the market todayFirst of all,, it’s one of the most affordable Best Leather Golf Bags. Additionally, it’s lightweight and has great features, which we’ll highlight below

Vintage Best Leather Golf Bags Review
Belding’s Luxury Vintage Leather Golf Bag

Best Qualities 

  • Handrafted in California
  • 1 divider (not full length)
  • A single, long pocket
  • Shipping Weight is 5 lbs

Special Considerations

Well, of course the primary purpose of anything vintage is to bring you back in time. While many “vintage” items aren’t actually vintage, this classy leather golf bag is perfect for setting a 1950s feel.

Second, the Belding American Collection Golf Carry Bag is just that – a carry bag. Or, in other terms, a Sunday Golf Bag. Because it doesn’t have may pockets and only one divider, it just isn’t equipped to carry much more than what you’d need for a short executive course.

Special Considerations

Although this amazing leather golf carry bag is perfect as a Sunday Bag, it’s simple. As such, keep in mind that it isn’t going to hold much for long courses. Additionally, remember that leather requires extra care. Make sure to take preventative measures like using a raincoat and/or golf club head covers.

Also, it takes a little more effort to keep this vintage leather golf bag clean. So make sure to follow the best practices for cleaning leather!

But really, time spent caring for refined vintage leather golf bags is time well spent. For helpful tips, check out this video entitled “How to Clean Leather Golf Bags.”


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Best Golf Bags Reviews: Did you find what you’re looking for?

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