Best Golf Stand Bag Review

The 5 Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews of 2018

Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews
Finding the Best Stand Golf Bag for You

If you’re the kind of golfer who loves walking the course, these Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews are for you. In fact, it likely has a golf bag that’s a great fit for your style and budget. Whether you have a 14 divider golf stand bag in mind, a lightweight golf stand bag, or any number of types, our thorough reviews have covered the types of golf bag you’re looking for.

To see how we determined the Top 5 Best Golf Stand Bags, see “Criteria for Choosing the Best Golf Bags.”

Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews
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#1. Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews,
The Best Sunday Stand Bag
Ogio Cirrus Golf Stand Bag

Ogio describe’s their Cirrus Golf Stand Bag by saying “it’s so light that you might think the golf bags are carrying themselves.” With its numerous pockets and quality legs, it’s hard to believe this golf bag with stand weighs only 3.2 lbs.

Best Golf Stand Bag


  • 9” 7-way Holster Performance top (Includes a side putter pit and integrated handle)
  • Available in red, grey, and black
  • 7 pockets, five of which are zippered
  • Velcro umbrella strap
  • Side putter pit
  • Molded hip panel
  • Valuables pocket with a weather-resistant fleece lining (cell phone pocket included)
  • Conveniently placed drink holder
  • Sleeve for Scorecard, Range Finder, and GPS
  • Removable ball pocket panel for customization

Best Uses

First and foremost, this made our Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews because it is both light and has many valuable features. For golfers who love to spend weekends walking the course, Ogio’s Cirrus Golf Stand Bag is a fantastic fit. The water bottle holster is easy to reach while carrying, so say goodbye to parched lips on the course.

It’s also worth mentioning that since the ball pocket is removable, you can add embroidery or a logo to the pocket. Whether that’s for yourself or as a gift, it adds that “something extra.”

Best Golf Stand Bag ReviewsSpecial Considerations for this Best Golf Stand Bag

No complaints from any of our testers, but we found one tiny “issue” with the drink holder. It’s sized for traditional 12 oz water bottles, which doesn’t give you much room to load up on hydration.

A rain hood is not included, so remember to add one to your cart, if you decide on this particular Best Stand Golf Bag.

Price Rating: $$$

Final Assessment

Overall, this is one gem of a Best Golf Stand Bag. We really trust the poly-nylon blend of fabrics. The Ogio Cirrus Golf Stand bag is lightweight and decked out with just the right amount of pockets and other features. And for such a reasonable price, at that!

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Video Review of the Ogio Cirrus Golf Bag Stand

#2. Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews, The Best Leather Golf Stand Bag
Sun Mountain 2018 Leather Stand Bag

It’s only natural to be wary of “leather” golf stand bags, since the leather is often faux. In the case of the Sun Mountain Best Leather Golf Stand Bag, you’re making the right decision. The Yak leather is of the utmost quality.

Best Leather Golf Bag Stand Review


  • Weighs 8 lbs
  • 9″, 4-way top wrapped in leather
  • Single strap style
  • Carbon fiber legs
  • Leather hip pad
  • 5 pockets total
  • Lift-assist handles on top & bottom of bag

Best Uses

Sun Mountain says it best: “The Leather Collection is a nod to golf’s storied past, featuring styles and materials that speak to the tradition and richness of the game.” This best leather golf stand bag is well-suited for golfers who see golfing as more than just a fun sport.

Rather, the Sun Mountain Leather Golf Stand Bag 2018 is ideal for golfers with a perhaps more “refined” view of the game. (And bigger wallets!) For frequent golfers looking for comfort and reverence from the game, this would make one hell of a meaningful gift.


Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews
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Special Considerations

Keep in mind that a rain hood is not included. Additionally, it takes a little extra effort to keep the leather clean. But it sure is classy, isn’t it?

Check out How to Take Care of Leather Golf Bag and Accessories for detailed, helpful instructions.

Price Rating: $$$$$

Final Assessment of this Best Golf Stand Bag

Without a doubt, this is the leather golf bag to include in this review of the best golf stand bags on the market today. It feel slighter than it is, has an unbeatable classiness to it, and performs well. Truly, this premium leather golf bag stand itself delivers with the quality we’ve come to expect from Sun Mountain.

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#3. Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews, 14 Divider Golf Stand Bag

Video Demo of TGW’s Best 14 Way Golf Stand Bag

TGW 14 Way Deluxe Golf Stand Bag

Lightweight? Check. 14 way? Check. Plenty of storage compartments? Our Review of the Best Golf Stand Bags wouldn’t be complete without the TGW 14 Way.

Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews


  • Weighs 6.1 lbs
  • 14-way top dividers with 3 full-length dividers
  • Molded top handle
  • Double strap carry system
  • 9 storage pockets
  • Lined valuables pocket with key fob
  • Velcro glove patch, large towel ring, & umbrella holder
  • Rainhood included
  • Available in Blue/Red, Black/White, & Black/Royal

Ideal Uses for this Best Golf Stand Bag

This best golf stand bag is ideal for golfers who prefer a 14 way divider system. Staying organized just became that much easier! At about 6 lbs, it’s a great choice for individuals who enjoy walking the course and would like a lightweight rather than ultralight golf stand bag.

Special Considerations

Something to consider is whether or not a 14 way golf bag is best for you. The advantage is that there’s a spot for everything. On the other hand, it’s easier to slide clubs in and out of 4 or 6 way dividers.

Read other golfers’ opinions at “14 way divider or hate ’em?

Price Rating: $$

Final Assessment 

At an estimated less than $150 with both a rainhood and a 14 divider system included, this best stand golf bag delivers the most “bang for your buck.” This is a solid, quality Best Golf Stand Bag and isn’t so inexpensive that it’s cheaply made. But you won’t be shelling out much, and you’ll get excellent performance.

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#4. Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews, The Lightest Golf Stand Bag
Callaway Hyperlite Zero 2017 Double Strap

If you’re looking for a Best Golf Bag Stand with double straps and a nearly non-existent weight, Callaway’s best Sunday Stand Bag could be just the golf bag for you. It also has a 4-way divided top and multiple pockets, which makes organization easy.

Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews
Also available in Black & Navy

Highlights of this Best Sunday Golf Bag with Legs

  • 2.5 lbs
  • 4-way divided top with 2 full-length dividers
  • Drink pocket
  • Towel Holder
  • Pen Holder
  • Accessory pocket with key fob
  • Carbon Fiber Legs
  • Soft Mesh Hip Pad
  • Removable Ball Pocket
  • Internal Mesh Pocket

Best Uses

If you’re looking for an ultralight Golf Stand Bag, the Callaway Hyperlite Zero is an excellent option. In fact, it’s one of the best golf bag stands on the market.

With the sturdy stand and numerous compartments, this feather-light stand golf bag is ideal for frequent golfers.

Special Considerations

Best Golf Bag Stand Review
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Although rare, some testers with broad shoulders find the straps set too close together. With this in mind, you’ll want to consider the width of your shoulders if you want the double strap. However, you can eliminate this problem by using the Callaway Hyperlite Zero Single Strap.

Price Rating: $$$

Overall Assessment

To sum it up, this ultralight golf stand bag seems almost perfect. There’s plenty of storage space, it’s attractive, and has two padded straps for easy carrying.

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#5. Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews, The Best 4 Way Golf Stand Bag
Sun Mountain 2 FIVE

With its special “X-Strap Dual Strap System,” the Sun Mountain 2 FIVE is easy to pull on and off. And with its wide opening (9″), it’s easy to reach inside and retrieve what you’re looking for. The reason this Best Sunday Golf Bag won the “Easiest to Use Best Golf Bag Stand” award is because it’s extremely versatile, comfortable, and breathable.

Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews
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  • Weighs 2.5 lbs
  • Carbon Fiber Legs
  • Made from Nylon 70 Denier Fabrics
  • High density foam lumbar hip pad
  • Matching Rainhood
  • 4-way top dividers
  • Full-length clothing pocket
  • Fits well on carts
  • Pen holder, umbrella holder, and towel holder

Special Considerations

If you golf often, we highly recommend giving this Sunday Carry Golf Bag some consideration. Since it’s breathable and has a hip pad, it’s great for the long haul.

Price Rating: $$$

Best Uses

This Sunday Golf Carry Bag with Stand is best for golfers who aren’t afraid to “get their hands dirty.” Its carbon fiber legs are equipped to stand on multiple terrains.

Final Assessment of this Best Golf Bag Stand

The Sun Mountain 2 FIVE Sunday Golf Bag with Stand has some killer qualities; it’s ultralight, durable, and practically weightless. In fact, one user says it lasted for 10 years before wearing out! Make sure to click “Check Current Discounts” for more reviews, pictures, and colors.

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Best Golf Bag Stand Reviews, Final Thoughts

We’ve just thrown a huge range of golf bags with stands at you and hope you found what you’re looking for. For even more recommendations, scroll down for additional golf bag stands. In the meantime, we’ll sign off with a favorite golf quote:

I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators.”

– Gerald R. Ford

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