Best Soft Sided Cooler Reviews

The Best Soft Sided Cooler Reviews [With Pictures, Videos]

Best Soft Sided Cooler

Looking for a soft sided cooler? Good! These Best Soft Sided Cooler Reviews are for you, whether you need a casual soft sided cooler for the beach, or a no-nonsense fishing cooler bag. These reviews evaluate each soft cooler on important factors such as durability and cold-keep ability, so you can choose the best cooler for your lifestyle.

Finding the Best Soft Sided Cooler for You

If you’re in a hurry or have one specific type of soft cooler in mind, here’s a handy jump down menu.

Best Soft Sided Cooler Review
Click for more photos of this Orca Podster.

Let’s find the best one for you!

#1. Review of the Best Soft Sided Cooler for the Beach

First on our list is the Picnic Time ‘Zuma’ Insulated Cooler Backpack.

We’re approaching the “Review of the Best Soft Sided Cooler for the Beach” from an affordability standpoint, since it can be tough to find room in your budget for a new beach cooler.  >>Read More

The Picnic Time ‘Zuma’ Insulated Cooler Backpack

Picnic Time Zuma Insulated Cooler Backpack Blue Best Soft Sided Cooler
Follow the link to see the picture gallery.

Notable Features:

  • Shoulder straps with mesh underside & cell phone pocket
  • Drawstring enclosure at top of mesh pocket
  • Water-resistant, heat-sealed lining
  • Two Interior Compartments
  • “ThermoGuard” insulation in the bottom
  • Two big exterior pockets
  • Dual beverage pockets
  • Insulated compartment holds about 12 bottles of beer (20 cans)
  • Also available in Black and Red.

Chuggie’s Award: Best Backpack Cooler for the Beach

#2. Review of the Best Soft Sided Cooler Bag With Hard Liner

Moving on from the ‘Zuma‘, we’re going straight for another inexpensive soft sided cooler bag that won’t break the bank.

Coleman 16 Can Cooler Soft Cooler with Hard Liner

Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner Best Soft Sided Cooler Review
Click for more pictures and color options of this cheap yet high quality little cooler bag.

Next, we selected the Coleman 16 Can Soft Sided Cooler with Hard Liner. Why? In a nut shell, because it has a removable hard liner and is ultra-affordable.

Notable Features:

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • FDA-Approved Soft Liner
  • Zippered front pockets
  • Side Handles
  • Flexible Lining with Built-in Microbial Features
  • Dual Side Mesh Pockets
  • Bungees
  • Also available in Blue and Tan.

Best of all, this Coleman Soft Sided Cooler Bag has a removable hard liner.

When using regular ice, keep the hard liner in. During times when you want more flexibility, take out the hard liner.

When you take the liner out, remember to use ice substitutes. Read The 8 Best Long Lasting Ice Packs for Coolers [Pictures, Videos] for reviews of the best ice packs.

Because of its removable hard liner, the Coleman Soft Cooler works well for:

  • Picnics
  • Beach Days
  • Lunch Bags
  • Kids’ Sports Games

Is this the cooler for a rugged outdoors person? Of course not. But for the average Joe, it’s fantastic.

Chuggie’s Award: Most Versatile Small Soft Side Cooler

#3. Review of the Best Soft Sided Cooler Bag, “Mid-Range” Price
The Polar Bear Soft Cooler vs the Yeti Hopper Two 30
Cooler Comparison

Unsurprisingly, higher quality does come with a higher price tag. So if you’re able to settle in the “middle price range,” it’s worth it. Our cooler of choice for this price bracket is the Polar Bear Cooler 14 Pack.

Best Soft Sided Cooler Comparison:
The Polar Bear Cooler 24 Pack Nylon Series vs The Yeti Hopper Two 30

Best Soft Side Cooler Review
Click to see the 6 additional color options of this camo beauty.

4 Ways the Polar Bear 24 Pack Soft Cooler Differs from the Yeti Hopper 30

  • Polar Bear’s Capacity is a little less than the Yeti Hopper Two 30.
  • However, the Polar Bear holds ice almost as long.
  • The Polar Bear costs less than half the price. (Due to factors like season and vendor, price varies.)

Of course, a huge difference in the Yeti vs Polar Bear cooler comparison is durability.

The Yeti Hopper 30 is much more rugged. 

The 2 Advantages the Polar Bear Best Soft Sided Cooler has Over the Yeti Hopper Two 30: 

  1. Versatile shape (Simply fold down the top corners to form a cube shape.) 
  2. Easier to pack/store/move
  3. Built-in front pocket
YETI Hopper Portable Cooler Best Soft Sided Cooler
The Yeti Hopper Two is for rugged, ultra-active outdoors people. 

Benefits of the Yeti Hopper Two 30:

  1. Waterproof and leak proof.
  2. Locks in the cold longer.
  3. Several hitch point grids (for attaching carabiners and other accessories)
  4. It’s better for backcountry and heavy usage.
  5. Also, 6 lock down points allow stabilization and security.
  6. Finally, the waterproof zipper is strong and water resistant.

How to Decide Which Cooler is Right for You

Whereas it can be tricky to make the call in some cooler comparisons, this one’s very easy.

The Polar Bear is Best if:

  • You only need the cooler for gentle activities. (Picnics, beach days, keeping lunches cold, etc.)
  • You’re on a tight budget.

The Yeti Hopper Two is Best if:

  • First, the Yeti is best if you need it for rough adventures.
  • If you want to invest in a life long soft cooler.
  • Finally, you’ll be better off with the Hopper if you need longer ice retention.

Chuggie Award for the Polar Bear 24 Soft Cooler: Overall Best Soft Sided Cooler for the Money

Take a Peak at the Yeti Hopper in Action

#6. Review of the Best Solar Soft Sided Cooler Bag

As we extended the price limit, the Polar Bear Solar Bear Series Large Backpack Cooler came to mind immediately. It’s a high quality, large soft sided cooler and it can be carried by handles or as a backpack.

What can we say? The Polar Bear Cooler Company can churn out a mean cooler.

The Polar Bear Solar Bear Series Large Backpack Cooler

Polar Bear Coolers Solar Bear Series Soft Cooler Best Soft Sided Cooler
Follow the link for more pictures and colors of this trusty soft sided cooler.

When it comes to large soft sided coolers, this Polar Bear Backpack Cooler is a Chuggie favorite. It’s durable, strong – and we just plain like it.

Notable Features:

  • Extremely strong nylon outer shell
  • UV-resistant coating on shell
  • Weatherized Zipper
  • High-density, open foam insulation
  • FDA Approved Nylon
  • Customization Available
  • Holds 50 beverage cans while holding about 10 lbs of ice
  • Holds ice for about 24 hours (Pre-cool it correctly, and it could be 24+)
  • Customization available

What is it that sets this insulated backpack cooler apart from the rest of the pack?

Customization, of course! Create personalized soft coolers by ordering directly from the website. Otherwise, you can find lower prices on Amazon. Check here for current prices. Important Note: personalized Polar Bear Coolers are only available directly from the website itself.)

#7. Review of the Best Soft Sided Cooler on the High End

Yeti, Yeti, Yeti. This popular brand delivers once again. While you saw much of this info above at the Polar Bear vs Yeti Hopper comparison, this section is more detailed than the comparison. Perhaps this mighty force of nature just demands two reviews in one post.

The Yeti Hopper Two Portable Cooler

YETI Hopper Two Portable Cooler Best Soft Sided Cooler
Click Here for More Colors (Amazon Link)

The Yeti Hopper is a mighty force of nature, undeterred by leaking bottles, hot sun rays, or even the original Yeti himself.

Notable Features:

  • Elite Patented ‘ColdCell’ insulation
  • Top-Tier Patented “DryHide” Shell
  • Tapered Body
  • Waterproof, Leak-Proof Zipper
  • 3 Sets of Reinforced Handles
  • Detachable Shoulder Strap
  • 6 Tie-Down Points

Very few soft sided coolers are leak-proof. Instead, they’re only “leak resistant.” The Hopper has all of them beat!

If you have the means, the official Chuggie recommendation is the Yeti Hopper Two for the best soft sided cooler. It’s an investment you won’t regret.

Chuggie Award: The Best Soft Sided Cooler to Last a Lifetime

#8. Review of the Best Soft Sided Coolers for Fishing
 The Best Fishing Cooler for the Money

Best Soft Sided Cooler CANYON Insulated Fish Cooler Bags
Click here to see the huge size selection.

Canyon Insulated Fish Cooler Bag 

Yeti another high-end soft sided cooler bag that excels at its job.

Notable Features:

  • Heat-Sealed, Waterproof Skin
  • Stretch & Store Strap
  • Drain with Hose Fittings
  • Customization Available
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Comes in over 16 different sizes
  • Easy to store

In fact, the largest Canyon Insulated Fish Cooler Bag is capable of holding 800-900 pounds. While prices vary due to time of year and vendors, use our up-to-date price checker to see the latest discounted price.

Review of the Best Soft Soft Sided Cooler with Wheels

Ice chests with wheels are freakin’ awesome, but soft sided coolers on wheels are like unicorns or 4-leaf clovers. You just don’t find enough quality options.

The Arctic Zone Ultra Collapsible Roll Wheeling Cooler, 58 Cans

Arctic Zone Ultra Collapsible Rolling Wheel Cooler Best Soft Sided Cooler
Click here for price checker and picture gallery.

The Arctic Zone Ultra Collapsible embodies nearly everything you wish for in a cooler.

Notable Features:

  • Detachable cart (Holds up to 100lbs)
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Two Drink Holders
  • Long Telescope Handle
  • Padded Handles
  • Twin Mesh Pockets
  • UV-Resistant Lining
  • Mesh Draw String Bag
  • Holds up to 58 beverage cans

What’s the Best Part of This Collapsible Best Soft Sided Cooler?

It transforms into three forms: a rolling cooler, soft sided cooler bag, and a compact storage version.

Chuggie Award: Most Versatile Soft Cooler With Wheels

Soft Pack Cooler Recommendations

Obviously, ice substitutes go hand in hand with soft coolers. Our favorites included the:

Find out much more in “The 8 Best Long Lasting Ice Packs for Coolers.”

Tip: If condensation becomes a problem, place cooler packs in ziplock bags.

Review of the Best Soft Sided Cooler
 Which cooler will you add to your cart?

As you can see, the best soft sided coolers come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. No matter your need, there’s a soft sided cooler to fit all lifestyles.

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A Quick P.S. – Perhaps you can relate!

Classic ice chests are fantastic for long trips or big groups, since you can neatly pack so much inside of them. You can also use dry ice in them for the lowest possible temperature.

But when it comes to carrying a rigid ice box, you’ll never hear someone say “Gee, I love hauling around a Yeti Roadie for miles.” And that’s the smallest size! But it is heavy. 

Actually, this “Best Soft Sided Cooler Review” came about from exasperation. Hauling around heavy ice boxes unnecessarily can get on your nerves, as you’ve probably found!(Picnic for two? Carrying a heavy box takes away some of the romance.)

As always, thanks for stopping by. Happy Trails!

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