Best Yeti Cooler Review

Best Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review, Soft Cooler Comparison

Best Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review
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Welcome to Chuggie’s Best Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review!

Yet another Yeti cooler comparison. Because come on, this crazy expensive, popular brand can take it.

So relax, turn on your favorite tunes, and make yourself comfortable. This post is here to help you decide between buying a Yeti Hopper 20 vs purchasing a Yeti Hopper 30.

Best Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review – Overview

Covering everything from price to weight, you’ll find all the differences between the Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 in this review.

But this post is so much more than that. With the most important information (such as price, ice retention, or durability) and three videos, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30.

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review
5 Differences Between the Hopper 20 and the Hopper 30

#1. The Yeti Hopper Two 30 is One Pound Heavier

The Yeti Hopper Two 20 weighs 4.4 lbs, while the Yeti Hopper Two 30 weighs 5.5 lbs.

Best Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review Cooler Comparison
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#2. Dimensions: the Hopper 30 is Longer, Wider, and Higher.

Outside Dimensions

The Yeti Hopper Two 30 is 1.5 inches longer. Additionally, it’s 2 inches wider and 2 inches taller. (Whereas the Hopper 30’s outer dimensions are 14 x 17 x 9 inches, the Hopper 20 measures 12.5 x 15 x 7 inches.)

Interior Dimensions

Like the outside dimensions, the Yeti Hopper 30 is 1.5 inches longer and 2 inches taller. It’s wider, though, by 3 inches. (First, the Hopper 20 is 16.5 × 22 x 10 inches. In contrast, the Hopper 30’s inside dimensions are 18 × 25 x 12 inches.)

#3. Yeti’s Official Price for the Hopper 30 is $50 More

Best Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Cooler Comparison Review
Yeti Hoppers have a 3 year warranty.

(Yeti sells the 20 for $349.99 and the 30 for $50. Also, Yeti offers a 3 year warranty for both of them.)

#4. You Can Fit 10 More Pounds of Crushed Ice in the Hopper 30

It’s important to realize that Yeti uses the numbers at the end of their soft coolers’ names to express how many pounds of ice that particular soft portable cooler can hold.

#5. The Yeti Hopper 30 Holds 6 More Cans of Beer (At a 2:1 Ice Ratio)

Similarities Between Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30

If you’re familiar with our in-depth “Yeti Hopper 20 Review – the New Best Cooler?” post, these highlights will seem very familiar!

Although, it’s still worth going over. Because Yeti Hoppers are amazing. Here’s the condensed version:

Best Yeti Cooler Reviews Accessories Sidekick
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  • Ice Retention= 24 hours to 3 days (average)
  • Durability= Rock solid; virtually indestructible
  • Usability= Great, except for that they don’t have small pockets and/or compartments
  • Excellent Accessories= Yeti Sidekick, Molle Zinger, Molle Bottle Opener, and Rambler Drinkware
  • Warranty= 3 years
  • 2 Best Coolers like Yeti Hopper= the Orca Podster and (for a much cheaper Yeti Hopper alternative) the Polar Bear Solar Series Large Backpack Cooler
  • Colors= Fog Gray/Tahoe Blue, and Field Tan/Blaze Orange

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Best Yeti Hopper 20 Review
Carry your Yeti Hopper any way you’d like – you certainly have options!

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Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review
Original Yeti Hoppers vs the New Yeti Hopper Two 

Every year companies make new versions of products, but how different are they really?

In the case of the Original Yeti Hopper vs the Yeti Hopper Two, there are only a few improvements. These improvements may be slight, but they’ve made for a positive user experience.

The 3 Ways Yeti Hopper Twos are “New and Improved”

#1. Zipper Placement- Whereas the original Yeti Hopper had an upward facing zipper, the Yeti Hopper Two model has a forward-facing zipper.

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Cooler Comparison
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This new configuration enables you to open the cooler wider, which makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

#2. Shape- Yeti traded in the Orginal Hopper’s rectangular shape for a tapered shape. Now it’s easier to squeeze the cooler in tight spaces.

#3. Another Handle- With the addition of another set of handles, it’s even easier to carry. Now there are both middle and side handles, as well as a shoulder strap.

Oh, and of course the Hopper Two is a lot more expensive. (SHOCKING, we know.)


Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review, Is The Extra Cost Worth It?

Best Yeti 20 vs 30 Review Cooler Comparison
You really need to check out Yeti’s sidekick pouch!

Yes, if…

  • You have that kind of a budget.
  • You’ll be using it a lot and place a lot of value on convenience.
  • Off-Season Storage is limited.

No, if… 

  • You’re satisfied with a model that’s fantastic, and the tiny improvements in usability seem miniscule.

For consistency, this Yeti comparison review focuses on the new Yeti Hopper Two series.

Even though there are some improvements in the “ease of use” characteristics of a Yeti Hopper vs Yeti Hopper Two, there are no differences in construction or durability.

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review, Chuggie’s Official Opinion

In our opinion, both versions are fantastic. If money trees grew in our backyards, we’d spring for Yeti Hopper Twos.

But if you can find a cheaper Yeti Hopper 20 Original online, you might as well save yourself the money. The benefits don’t outweigh the extra cost!

Read Yeti’s Official Press Release, “Yeti Reinvents the Hopper.”

Video Demo: Yeti Hopper and Yeti Hopper Two Comparison

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review

Notable Features of Both the Yeti Hopper 20 and 30

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30
Here, you can see the Molle Bottle Opener attached to the HitchPoint Grid.
  • Elite Patented ‘ColdCell’ insulation (1 inch thick)
  • Top-Tier Patented “DryHide” Shell
  • Tapered Body
  • Waterproof, Leak-Proof Zipper
  • 3 Sets of Reinforced Handles
  • Detachable Shoulder Strap
  • 6 Tie-Down Points
  • HitchPoint Grid

The nylon HitchPoint Grid is especially noteworthy. It runs along the front of the bag and fits accessories such as the

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review, Durability Put to the Test

In terms of durability, Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 shows two coolers that are unbreakable fortresses. Yeti loves to put out videos showing their coolers surviving rough tests.

For example, they proudly drove over a full Yeti Hopper in their “Roadkill” test. What fun! Below, we’ve got an entirely new demonstration of Yeti’s best soft sided cooler’s strength.

Video Demo #2: Yeti’s Laundromat Challenge 

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review

In comparison to rigid Yeti coolers, Yeti Hoppers are much easier to use. With Yeti Tundra Coolers external hardware and overall “clunkiness,” hauling them around can be tiresome.


Best Yeti 20 vs 30 Review

Packing and Opening- But Yeti Hoppers are incredibly convenient to use! As mentioned above, Yeti Hopper Twos now have front zippers and a tapered shape. And because of this, they’re easy to open as well as stow away.

Truly Leak Proof- While other soft coolers are “leak resistant,” Yeti Hoppers are leak proof, for real.

Get Rough With ‘Em- As the video above shows, Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 are tough. Even by looking at their material, you can see why they’re so strong. It’s always nice to know you won’t have to worry about being gentle with your nice, very expensive things.

Best Yeti Hopper Two Review
These premium 3-compartment meal-prep containers are great for packing food in your Yeti Hopper.


So far in our Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review, we’ve been singing this soft sided cooler’s praises. But we do have just a few short words on potentially bad characteristics.

No Extra Pockets- Unlike so many of the wonderful coolers in our The Best Soft Sided Cooler Reviews [With Pictures, Videos] , you won’t find special compartments or zippers. If you want a place for small personal items, you’ll need to purchase an accessory called the Yeti Sidekick.

Not the Best Small Personal Lunch Cooler Due to the lack of pockets, you can’t really throw a sandwich in a PB % J and expect it to stay delicious by lunchtime. No, food like sandwiches and chips can get soggy from the ice.

However, you can use Yeti ICE and rigid food containers to prevent smashed sandwiches or soggy snacks.

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review, Video Demo #3: Yeti Hopper Leak Test

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review
Ice Retention

Of course, cold-keeping ability is a huge priority in our Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review. Since Yeti branded itself as the best fit for hearty outdoors people like fishers and hikers since the Seider brothers first put out their line of rotomolded coolers, it’s only fitting to see if their soft coolers also fit the bill.

Well, good news: the Yeti Hopper 20 can keep ice for about 24 hours to even a few days. In direct sunlight on a hot day though, you should expect ice to keep for at least 24 hours.

Make sure to follow best ice retention practices, of course.

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review

Best Yeti Hopper Review
Yeti ICE is perfect for both Yeti Tundras and Hoppers.

We have an in-depth review of Yeti Hopper Two accessories, which we encourage you to check out. But we’re going to switch it up a little in this Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review.

Yeti Sidekick- First, here’s the Yeti Cooler accessory that’s almost mandatory for owning a Yeti Hopper. Because it gives you the ability to store small personal items, of course. The best part is that it attaches perfectly to the Hopper’s HitchPoint grid.

Molle Zinger- This retractable cord holds things such as flat splight rings and attaches to the HitchPoint grid.

Molle Bottle Opener- Third, there’s the Molle Bottle Opener that conveniently attaches to the HitchPoint grid.

And of course, Yeti ICE.

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review, Custom Patches

If you’re the type who likes adding flare to your stuff, you’ll love Yeti’s custom patches. Yeti sells them for less than $10, and there are 7 designs from which to choose. The patches measure 2″ by 3″ and you can use them with any hook-and-loop surface.

Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30

Unfortunately, Yeti doesn’t offer custom orders for their patches. But luckily, plenty of other talented vendors offer personalized patches.

Best Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30 Review
Why You Should Get the Yeti Hopper 30

As you can see, the only differences when you look at Yeti Hopper 20 vs 30, are in terms of size and capacity. They’re both super powered coolers and fabulous investments. To us, the facts make it seem like a no-brainer. It’s only $50 more to purchase the larger Yeti cooler bag, and you can fit more stuff in it. (More beer!)

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