Russian Roulette Drinking Games

How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Players: 2-6 | Type: SocialDrink: Clear AlcoholGood Times: 😉 😉 😉 

How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Fortunately, there are no guns involved in the Russian Roulette Drinking Game. It’s definitely a lot more fun than the “loaded” version. Basically, the gun = 6 shot glasses and the bullet = alcohol.

Get ready to learn how to play this fun adult drinking game – we’ve got step-by-step instructions, variations, pictures, and plenty of videos.

How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game With Rules
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How to Play Russian Roulette – Overview

4 Things You Need to Play

  1. A Six-Sided Die
  2. Heavy Base Shot Glasses
  3. Numbers 1- 6 from a deck of Cards
  4. Any clear alcohol (vodka, tequila, peppermint schnapps, etc.)
How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game With Rules
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for How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game

#1. Line up six shot glasses.
#2. Fill one with clear alcohol and the remaining 5 with water.
#2. Move around the shot glasses to make sure nobody knows which one has the booze.
#3. Then, place cards on the table, lining them up in a row.
#4. When you put a shot glass on top of each card, you’re good to go.

Step-by-Step Instructions
for How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game

#1. First, the beginning player rolls the die and drinks the amount of shots corresponding with the number on the card.
#2. If the player get a water shot, play continues to the next player’s turn.
#3. If the next player rolls the same number as the first one, they must keep re-rolling until they get a different number.
#4. Play continues to go around the table until some gets the shot glass filled with booze. Then it’s time to drink up!

After someone drinks up the alcohol, that round is over. Follow the set-up steps again and repeat.

When Does Russian Roulette End?

The beauty of this drinking game is that you can play as long as you want, unless you run out of alcohol.

Video Demo #1 How to Play Russian Roulette with Liquor

Variation #1 – Click and Bang Russian Roulette

In this variation of the Russian Roulette Drinking game, you don’t need to use any dice. Instead, you just start at one end and work your way down, until one of the players gets the alcohol (“bullet”).

When someone drinks a shot of water, they say “click,” like the empty chamber of a gun. If a player ends up with the alcoholic shot, they say “bang” to indicate that it was a “bullet.”

The rest of the game play is just like regular Russian Roulette.

How to Play Russian Roulette Drinking Game With Rules
Good thing each shot tastes better the more you drink!

Variation #2 – Everyone Takes a Shot Russian Roulette

If you have plenty of shot glasses each player could have their own “gun.”  Game play would be the same as in variation one but each person will have a shot each round because everyone has his own shot!

Variation #3 – Casino Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game Russiand Roulette Drinking Game
Click Here For More Pictures of Casino Russian Roulette (Amazon Link)

For the third variation of the Russian Roulette Drinking Game, you’ll need to buy a casino type version. As you can see in the game pictured on the right, it’s a circular spinning device with holders for shot glasses.

There are 16 numbered shot glasses and each player chooses or is assigned a number. One of the great things about the spinning-wheel Russian Roulette Drinking Game is that every shot glass is filled with alcohol.

If a player’s number comes up after spinning, they drink the shot.

Another perk of this version is that you aren’t limited to just clear alcohol. Because there’s a lot more drinking!

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Variation #4 – Beer Russian Roulette

For Beer Russian Roulette, you need a can of beer for each player for every round you play. (All of the beer has to be the same brand/type.)

First, a player chooses a single can and shakes it super hard.  Then, they mix up the beers and pass them out to each player.

Everyone then must open their beer at the same time, and you can guess what happens… One unlucky soul is sprayed in the face with beer, while the other players get to leisurely sip their own beers.

Variation #5 of Russian Roulette Drinking Game

The first few steps are exactly the same as the previous Beer variation.

After this, everyone chooses a beer at random and puts it on top of their head. At the count of 3, everyone opens their beer at exactly the same time. Unsurprisingly, the player with the exploding beer is eliminated.

Naturally, everyone must finish their can of beer before starting the next round. (It’s best to set a time limit to finish, like 10 minutes or so.)

At the next round, it’s the same set up as before, except there’s one less beer since one person has been booted out of the beer drinking game. This makes a fantastic backyard drinking game, since it’s very messy.

Important Note: The player who did the shaking of the beer gets the beer left over after everyone else has selected one.

Alcohol Drinking Games Equipment for Parties
This cheap set of 24 LED Flash Light Up Shot Glasses are perfect for the shot glass version.

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Which Variation to Choose?
Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Now that you know all of the variations, it’s up to you! It all depends on your own style, and whether or not you want to get messy. (The beer versions of the Russian Roulette Drinking Game are incredibly messy.)

The Casino version is always a hit, and a great choice for a party. Although the good old original version is just fine, too. Most importantly, and drink responsibly. Cheers!

Video #3: Acoholics Hippopotamus

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How To Play Across the Bridge Drinking Game With Rules

How to Play Across the Bridge Drinking Game

Players: 2+ | Type: Competitive | Drink: Beer/Liquor | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, but super easy drinking game, Across the Bridge Drinking Game is just what you need. Anyone should be able to pick it up quickly.

How To Play Across the Bridge Drinking Game With Rules

How to Play Across the Bridge Drinking Game With Rules: Overview

  1. The 4 Essential Pieces of Equipment
  2. How to Play Across the Bridge Drinking Game With Rules
  3. The Top 4 Across the Bridge Game Play Variations (to make things more intense)
  4. Across the Bridge Videos
  5. Even More Fun Card Drinking Games

Across the Bridge Drinking Game: Equipment

How To Play Across the Bridge Drinking Game
24 LED Flash Light Up Party Glasses (More Pictures/Discounts Available)

In order to play Across the Bridge Drinking Game, you really don’t need much. In fact, you can play it with just one other person, if all you want is a drinking game for 2 people. But of course you can keep adding people.

Here are the essentials for learning how to play Across the Bridge Drinking Game with rules:

How to Play Across the Bridge Drinking Game With Rules

Before going into game play, the best place to start is understanding which cards have the power to make you drink. Below are the values of each non-numbered card, in terms of how many shots they’re worth.

Across the Bridge Drinking Game
Well, that’s one way to shuffle.

Here’s what each face card represents:

Jack = 1 shot
Queen = 2 shots
King = 3 shots
Ace = 4 shots

How to Begin Across the Bridge Drinking Game

#1. First, the dealer shuffles the cards and places the top 10 cards face down on the table, in a straight side-by-side line. This line of 10 cards is the “bridge” between the group of players.

#2. Then, the group chooses a lucky soul to go first. This person is going to walk the plank first, so to speak. Flip a coin, play “nose goes,” or whatever you need to do to get the game rolling!

Each Player’s Turn Going “Across the Bridge”

Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense, there are also video demos for visual learners!

#1. At the beginning of their turn, the player starts by flipping the card closest to them.

How To Play Across the Bridge Drinking Game
Shuffle faster and better with a cheap automated card shuffler

If this first player flips over a numbered card, no drinking happens and they just continue to flip over cards until a face card turns up.

#2. When a player finally does flip over a face card, they take as many shots as the card represents. But their turn still isn’t over.

#3. After drinking, each player has to “replace the bridge” with the same amount of cards as shots they drank.

So, if a player flipped over a King and drank 3 times, they have to add 3 of their own cards to the bridge, face down.

#4. After “rebuilding the bridge,” the player’s turn is over and the next player starts flipping over cards.

How Across the Bridge Drinking Game Ends

Simply put, the Across the Bridge Drinking Game ends when a player happens to flip over the last card on the bridge if the last card is a number card. If it’s a face card, the cards need to be shuffled again so the player can continue their bridge walk of shame. 

Even after one player has won, the game isn’t finished for the rest of the players. After the winner steps out, the cards are shuffled again and the whole process repeats itself until all the players are out.

Best Drinking Game Sets
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Variations of How to Play Across the Bridge Drinking Game with Rules

Since Across the Bridge is a simple game, variations don’t get too complicated. But there are a few small modifications you can make – below are our 3 favorite Across the Bridge Drinking Game Variations.

“The Wall of China”

In the “Wall of China” variation, game play is about the same, with the exception of putting out replacement cards. In this twist on Across the Bridge, the replacement cards belong alongside each other rather than on top of each other.

As you can imagine, the line gets verrry long; sometimes you even have to push tables together. But it’s a fun variation because it shows visually where the game started and ended. 

“Upping the Ante”

Fun Drinking Games With Cards

Another slight variation you can try with Across the Bridge Drinking Game is to increase the amount you drink for each face card. Basically, each face card’s value increases by two.


Jack = 2 shots
Queen = 3 shots
King = 4 shots
Ace =  5 shots

It probably goes without saying, but you should only use this variation when you’re taking swigs of beer. That many shots of liquor can get out of hand. 

Best Drinking Games for Parties
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“Liquor Shots”

In this third variation of Across the Bridge Drinking Game, you again switch up the meanings of the face cards.

But instead of adding more shots, you change the beverage of choice. Yet another way to separate the boys from the men and the girls from the women as you exchange beer for hard liquor!

It doesn’t matter what liquors you ultimately assign to the cards, but here’s how we play it at Chuggie:

Jack = Jack Daniels
Queen = Tequila
King = Scotch or Bourbon
Ace = A shot of your finest rum or gin, please

“Speed Walking”

Finally, you can make Across the Bridge Drinking Game much more intense by making it a speed game.

The only difference with the rules is that you keep going after the deck of cards is gone, if your crew can handle it. Once one person crosses the bridge, it’s immediately on to the next.

You can almost compare it to a relay race for beer. It’s a great idea, but just expect to have a messy slumber party of sorts. Because I doubt your friends will make it past the door after playing this version all night!

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How to Play Across the Bridge Drinking Game With Rules: Cheers!

Overall, this game is super easy for anyone to learn. It’s also surprisingly very fun and competitive. The nerve-wracking feeling everyone gets helps break the ice at a party or get together. 

Have you found other weird ways to make this bring this game to life and give it an even greater spinoff? Let us know in the comments below. As professional drinkers, we’ll take all the drinking game variations we can get!

Video Demo #1: Across the Bridge

Video Demo #2 for How to Play Across the Bridge Drinking Game With Rules

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How To Play Bus Driver Drinking Game With Rules

How To Play Bus Driver Drinking Game With Rules

Players: 2-8 | Type: SocialDrink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉

How To Play Bus Driver Drinking Game With Rules:


Looking for some drinking games to play before heading out to the bars for the night? If you can get together 2 to 8 friends, a deck of cards, and beer, then you’ve got just what you need to learn How To Play Bus Driver Drinking Game With Rules. With a video, pictures, and the best rules, you’re going to be a pro by the end of this.

How To Play Bus Driver Drinking Game With Rules

Bus Driver Drinking Game Equipment


How To Play Edward Scissor Hands With Rules
Fun drinking game equipment! (Click for Pictures)

How To Play Bus Driver Drinking Game: Set Up

The dealer starts by shuffling the cards and dividing them into a 4 stack pyramid, starting with a row of four on the bottom, a row of three above that, and a row of two.

Then, the dealer places one card on top to complete the pyramid. Basically, it should be in the shape of a pyramid. (Hence the other name “Pyramid the Drinking Game.”)

How to Play Bus Driver The Drinking Game

To summarize: This game involves a series of “pyramids” of cards where the dealer challenges the players to match the cards he or she flips over. Cards are eliminated as the game goes on and the player with the most cards in their hand at the end of the round loses and has to “Ride the Bus.”

 How to Play Bus Driver The Drinking Game

How To Play Ride The Bus Drinking Game With Rules
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#1. After the dealer places the cards in the pyramid formation, they deal the cards to the rest of the players.

#2. Next, the dealer will flip over the first card on top. If any player at the table has a matching card in their hand, they can then lay down their card.

After this, they can demand any other player to drink.

#3. The dealer continues to flip the cards. However, the number of drinks dolled out increases with each row of the pyramid.

In the second row, the players with matching cards are required to deal out two drinks. By the end of the round, players are delivering four drinks at a time!

#4. Once the dealer has flipped over all the cards, the players should count the cards they’ve collected. Whichever player has the most cards in their hand “gets on the bus.”

Even if you lose, you’re going to be druuunk!

How To Play Ride The Bus Drinking Game With Rules

How To Play Bus Driver Drinking Game With Rules:
Get On The Bus

#1. Now it’s time for the winning player to ride the bus. For this to happen, the dealer needs to create another pyramid just like the one from before.

How To Play Bus Driver Drinking Game With Rules
(Click for more pictures)

#2. This time, however, the rows are each played a bit differently.

#3. Before the first card is revealed, the player “on the bus” must guess whether the card will be red or black. If they guess wrong, they’d better be ready to drink. From here on out, it only gets more difficult.

#4. During the Second Round (the second lower row on the pyramid), the player must flip over the first card in the row and start some random ass guessing.

They need to guess whether each subsequent card will be higher or lower than the first card drawn. Again, for every wrong choice made, the player must drink.

#3. During the third round, the player has to pick whether or not the number on the flipped card will be in lower, higher, or in between the cards picked in the previous rounds.

How To Play Bus Driver Drinking Game With Rules:
Keep Riding That Bus!

#4. Finally, the fourth row requires that the bus rider guesses the suit of the card.

#5. At this point, the player has finished riding the bus and a new round with all players starts back up.

#6. The Bus Driver Drinking Game ends at either a pre-determined number of sets, or when the booze runs out.

How To Play Ride The Bus Drinking Game With Rules
The worst is when the game ends due to running out of booze.

How To Play Ride The Bus Drinking Game With Rules

How To Play Ride The Bus Drinking Game With Rules Double Funnel
Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

Technically, the game goes by “Ride the Bus” when only 2 people are playing. When there are more than 2 players, some people call it “Ride the Plane.” Whatever, it’s the same basic concept: guessing cards and getting sloshed.

 Have Fun! 

 What do you think, is how to play bus driver with rules one of the best drinking games out there or not?

How to play bus driver drinking game with rules is also called “Ride The Bus Drinking Game.” You can check that post out here: Ride The Bus Drinking Game

Remember to have fun, but always drink responsibly!

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How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules

How to Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules

Players: 2+ | Type: Social | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉

How to Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules

Get ready for this crazy Never Have I Ever Drinking Game with rules because it will unlock some juicy secrets. After a night of this fun drinking game, you’ll know the other players like never before.

With Pictures, cheap “Never Have I Ever” card sets, and a celebrity video demonstration, you’ll be just dying for all of those secret scandals to come out into the open.

How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules
Expect a lot of “You did WHAT?!” moments followed by uproarious laughter.

The Essentials for Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game Equipment

Deck of “Never Have I Ever” Cards (Optional)

2+ Friends 

Beer mugs


Shot Glasses

Why You Should Get a Cheap Deck of Never Have I Ever Cards

How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game Equipment

In the beginning, it’s easy to “wing it” by thinking up your own ideas.

But often a person’s mind will go blank and it takes awhile for them to think of a “Never Have I Ever” prompt. The more this happens, the game starts to drag on slowly.

With a cheap set of bargain Never Have I Ever Cards, you can keep the game moving with pre-written prompts.

How to Play Never Have I Ever  Drinking Game: Let Those Skeletons Out of the Closet

How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

Now’s the time to bring back those entertaining secrets from your past that even close friends don’t know. Revealing these hidden gems will only bring you closer together.

Trust us, this parade of “Skeletons Walking Out Of Your Friends Closets” is more entertaining than the usual “Walks of Shame” you’ve seen.

The 4 Main Rules of  “Never Have I Ever Drinking Game”

How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules
“Can you believe all this dirt we’re digging up on our friends?!”
  1. Players sit in a circle and hold out their fingers for counting.
  2. At each turn, players say “Never Have I Ever [thing they’ve never done]”
  3. All the players who have done that thing must drink and also put down one finger.
  4. The game ends when a player has all their fingers down.


Depending on the number of players, you can choose how many fingers to hold out. Anywhere from 5-10 works out nicely.

The Top 4″Never Have I Ever” Drinking Game Sets

You’d be surprised how easily people become stumped on something they’ve never done. Or, they only think of boring things.

But think about it this way. This alcohol drinking game is supposed to be risque and reveal the secrets your friends want to know. In other words, it’s time to call in the professionals.

#1. Never Have I Ever, the Game of Poor Life Decisions Combo Pack

How to Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules

This raunchy “Never Have I Ever” card game consists of a main pack, an expansion pack, and special paddles. It’s racy, sexy, and fun!

The Ten Paddles are hand-held and read “I Have…” on one side and “I Have Never…” on the other.

Sorry if the word “paddles” got you excited for a spanking sesh with your new friend crush, because that’s not what these paddles for the “Never Have I Ever Drinking Game” are intended for. But they are handy for showing the group your individual answer. As you can imagine, it’s hard trying to hear everyone’s answer at once.

Best Never Have I Ever Combo Pack

The Main Pack boasts of 550 card prompts. Then, the bonus Expansion Pack is loaded with an additional 112 cards. And guess what? There are 12 blank cards to write in your own brilliant ideas.

#2. Never Have I Ever Board Game

As you can see, this game puts a spin on the classic Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules. It comes with 359 Never Have I Ever questions and 58 Truth or Dare type cards. Pawns, and board help keep track of points. (Much easier than fingers!)

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#3. I’ve Never…Bar Cards

“I’ve Never…Bar Cards” come in a set of 110 I’ve Never questions. What’s unique about this CHEAP set of cards is that there are 10 “Make Up Your Own Questions.” It’s nice to have a mix with your own unique questions.

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Cards

#4. This One Time, I…

“This One Time,I…” is the exact same rules as the Never Have I Ever Drinking Game, except for that they’re reversed! In other words, this time you don’t think of an outlandish think you’ve never done. You say something crazy you have done.

Watch Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog Play Never Have I Ever!

Go to the Top

What’s your best “Never Have I Ever” moment? We’d love to hear about it. Readers who liked Never Have I Ever Drinking Game also read:
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How To Play fuck you the drinking game

How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game

Players: 4+ | Type: Card | Drink: Any | Good Times: ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)


fun drinking games with cards, How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game With Rules

Start that dirty sailor talk while you learn How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game With Rules and Tips.  This drinking game (also known as the Pyramid Drinking Game) encourages you to swear up a storm! 

We highly recommend that you pair your beer with our koozies with pockets. Chech them out at and

Overview of How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game

How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game Double Header Beer Bong
(Click for Pictures and Discounts)

The 3 Things You Need to Play
How To Play Fuck You Drinking Game

  1. Drinks
  2. Deck of Cards
  3. Table/Hard Surface


How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game:
What are “Matches”?

In “Fuck You The Drinking Game, matches are cards with the same number.

For example, a two of hearts and a two of spades are a match. 

4 Easy Steps to Set Up

  1. First, nominate a dealer. 
  2. Second, the dealer kicks off the game by shuffling the deck.
  3. Then the dealer places 13 cards, face down, on the table in the shape of a pyramid. 
  4. Next, the dealer hands out all the cards.

The 4 Main Steps for 
How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game With Rules

How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game With Rules
(Follow the link for more Pictures of this double header)
  1. The dealer starts flipping the pyramid cards face up.
  2. Next, the dealer flips over the card on the bottom right corner of the pyramid.
  3. He/she will start counting down from five.
  4. Anyone with a matching card must place it on top of the face-side-up card and yell “Fuck You, (Name of Another Player)!” We’ll call this player Russ. 


After Yelling “Fuck You, Russ!”
Start Counting Down from 3

  • Now everyone counts down from three.
  • If another player also has a matching card, they have three seconds to slam it down on top of the first couple of cards.
  • Again, the group counts down from three.
  • The round ends when nobody else has a matching card. 
  • Now is when you see how much poor Russ has to drink. 
  • The number of cards in the matching pile determine how many shots Russ has to drink. 

This cycle keeps going until every card in the pyramid has been flipped. Obviously, the player with the most leftover cards at the end loses. 

Note: If nobody has a match, everyone drinks.

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3 Ways to Kick it Up a Notch
How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game

The rules listed above are perfect for an easy drinking game. Once you’ve mastered the basics, here are detailed alternate versions of how to play fuck you the drinking game, all sharing one common factor: “Fuck you!”

#1. “Fuck You, Your Majesty”
How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game Gameplay Variation #1

Card Drinking Game
(Click for Discounts/Pictures)
  • There’s no pyramid layout in the center of the table. The cards are just in a loose pile. 
  • The player on the left of the dealer starts by saying “red” or “black” before drawing a card from the pile and flipping it over.
  • If the card matches, the next person in the circle says a color then draws. 
  • This keeps going on until a player guesses the wrong color. 

What happens when they guess wrong: If this happens, they have to drink as many drinks as the number is on the card. 

Different rules apply to face cards: If a player guesses wrong, they have to drink for three counts.

When a player correctly guesses the color of a royalty/face card, they get to dole out drinks to two other players by saying “Fuck You, (Name of Person 1),” “Fuck You, (Name of Person 2).

Note: The player can say “Fuck You” and give all the drinks to one person. 

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Card Drinking Game Fuck You

#2. “Revenge Fuck”
How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game Gameplay Variation #2

How to Play Fuck You the Drinking Game with Rules
This makes the perfect mug for coffee when you’re hungover the next morning (Click for Discounts)

Revenge Fuck- 

  1. The first step in this version is for the players to pre-agree on the ultimate punishment, or “revenge fuck.” For example, make a person shotgun a can of beer while standing on one foot.
  2. As you can see when you lay out the cards in pyramid formation, there is a total of five rows.
  3. The bottom row’s value is one, the second row’s worth is two, etc.
  4. Anytime a player has a card in their hand that matches the card just flipped over on the pyramid, they say “Fuck You” to a player. 

The player with the most leftovers is the ultimate loser and has to take their punishment like a champ.

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#3. “King’s Cup the Drinking Game With Rules”
How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game With Rules Variations

How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game With Rules
Card #2 = Fuck you, take a shot

The only similarities in this variation is that the word “fuck” is present in the rules and it’s a drinking card game.

Beer works best for this one and you should have a beer mug to place in the center of the table. In King’s Cup, cards have special meaning that dictates which players will need to drink:

Two: “Fuck You” – The person who flips the two gives out a drink to another player.

How To Play Fuck You Drinking Game
Drinkapalooza = A++ (Click for Discounts/Pictures)

Three: “Fuck Me” – The person who flips has to drink.

Four: “Floor” – The last player to put their hand on the floor has to drink.

Five: “Guys” – All the males in the room get to drink.

Six: “Chicks” – All the ladies in the room get a chance to throw back a shot.

Seven: “Heaven” – The last player to lift their drink in the air has to drink.

Eight: “Never Have I Ever” –  The player who flips the card says “Never have I Ever…” and then says something they’ve never done.  Anyone who couldn’t truthfully say “Never Have I Ever” before that action gets to take a drink.

Nine: “Bust-a-Rhyme” – The person who flips the card gets to make up any sentence. The next player then has five seconds to come up with a sentence that ends in a rhyme with the first one. The player who can’t think of a rhyme drinks.

Drinking Card Games

Ten: “Sentence” – A player who draws a card with the number ten on it says one word, the next one says the first word and adds another, the third player says the first two words and adds another, and so on.

The sentences can be about anything. For example, “Pickles jump when marshmallows fly.” The first player to incorrectly repeat the sentence or take more than five seconds to come up with a new word needs to take a drink.

Face Cards
for King’s Cup The Drinking Game With Rules

How To Play Fuck You The Drinking Game With Rules
Shot Glass Roulette Set (Click for Pictures & Discounts)

Jack: “Categories” – This lucky player’s job is to decide upon a category and then have players name appropriate things within the category, within the five second time limit.

(An example category is “Romantic Comedies”, so players can name movies like “Runaway Bride” and “The Holiday” The first player who can’t come up with anything drinks.)

Queen: “Questions” –

  • This player asks another player a question.
  • That player’s job is to answer the question with a question. (Person A says “What’s the temperature like outside?” and Person B responds with “It’s extremely hot, do you think that’s due to global warming?)
  • If the player can’t think of a way to answer using a question, they can ask the next player a new question… the first one not to use a question is the loser.


  • “King’s Cup” – Each time someone flips over a King, they pour their remaining beer into the center “Death Cup.”
  • The person to turn over the last King gets to drink all of the beer from the cup.

Ace: “Make a Rule” – Aces give the player the power to make up a rule that has to be followed for the rest of the game, with the penalty of a drink for any disobedient players. For example, “No saying the word ‘me’” is allowed.

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How To Play Fuck You Drinking Game
“Mini Pong” – Take beer pong anywhere! (Click for Pictures)

of Fuck You the Drinking Game (or Pyramid the Drinking Game):

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So, ready to play Fuck You The Drinking Game?

Rest assured that whether you choose to go with the standard Fuck You, Revenge Fuck, or King’s Cup, you’ll never feel more satisfied after an uproarious night of blending two of the best ingredients ever: “fuck” and drinks.

Now fuck off!

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