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Finding the Best Double Hammock for You

Best Double Hammocks
Legit Camping Double Hammock

As you’re well aware, the best double hammocks are wonderful for when you want to relax with someone special or are just tired of feeling cramped in a single.

Below, you’ll find three of the best double hammocks for 2 people on the market today. With handy hammocking buying tips and a “where to go from here roadmap,” you’ll have that amazing new double hammock at your doorstep in no time.

Best Double Hammocks Reviews, Hammock #1:
Rusee Double Cotton Hammock

Chuggie Award: Best Value

Best Double Hammocks Review
Follow the link for even more luxurious pictures.

First, let’s look at this Best Double Hammocks Specs:

SIZE: 59”L x  75”W
WEIGHT: 4 lbs
TYPE: Inline design with cotton canvas construction
ESTIMATED COST: less than $30 
SET-UP: Carabiners attached, hanging ropes included
CAN SUPPORT: 450 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 4 stars


In short, the Rusee Double Cotton Hammock is a good compromise between full spreader hammocks, with comfy material and lightweight camping hammocks.

Its soft canvas fabric and smaller spreader bars keep it from folding in on itself!

Ideally, you’ll be using the Rusee Double Camping Hammock for cuddling with your sweetheart by the campfire in the backyard, or on car camping trips.

Bonus Features

  • First, a convenient carrying case is included with the price of the hammock. Not only does this make this double camping hammock ultra portable, but the fabric is nice and soft.
  • The package also comes with ropes for hanging the Rusee from trees, stands, or posts.
  • Third, you can ask for your new best double camping hammock in two colorways: red stripes or blue stripes.

Special Considerations

Since this double hammock is a little on the heavier side, it’s not appropriate for backpacking or super lightweight hikes.  However, it would be great for car camping or a short trek where your pack can handle an additional 5 lbs.

As the budget option, there can be some slight variation in quality of construction, but at this price it’s worth the chance! Also, returns are simple and straightforward if it’s not up to your standards.

Best Double Hammocks Reviews
Rusee’s convenient carrying case.

Best Uses

  • Now, a budget-friendly hammock like the Rusee Double Cotton hammock is ideal for a backyard oasis.
  • It’s also a great replacement for a guest bed indoors. (Just make sure you have a good hammock stand to go with it.)
  • Another benefit is that this best double hammock is perfectly cozy, so you won’t need additional blankets when a breeze blows through.
  • But it dances that fine line between cozy and breathable perfectly, as there’s enough airflow to prevent you from overheating.

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Best Double Hammocks Reviews, Hammock #2:
Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock

Chuggie Award: Best Versatility

Best Double Camping Hammocks
Life doesn’t get much better than that.

First, let’s look at this Best Double Hammocks Specs:
SIZE: 9’4”L x 6’2”W (unfolded), double
WEIGHT: 1.19 lbs
TYPE: Inline design crafted of nylon taffeta for lightweight breathability
SET-UP: Hammock straps sold separately, but carabiners are included
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


  • The Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) Double Nest Hammock is the best fit for you if you’re looking for versatility.
  • If you’re looking at the best double hammocks review because you need to use it in a variety of situations and locations, then this is the best double hammock for you!
  • It’s light enough for backpacking, but also comfortable enough to set up in the backyard. This hammock is ready to hang and enjoy any place, any time!
  • If you want to invest in a hammock that is infinitely pack-able and suitable for almost any occasion, go for the ENO Double Nest.
Best Double Hammocks Reviews
ENO’s is a huge supporter of the Center for Outdoor Ethics.

Bonus Features

First, this fabulous double hammock conveniently includes carabiners and an attached stuff sack. Even more conveniently, the stuff sack compresses down to about the size of a softball.

This best double hammocks’ construction is also top of the line. With triple interlock stitching, breathable nylon fabric, and nautical grade line for tying, you’re ensured durability and comfort for years to come.

Additionally, the family-owned company’s sustainable practices and free spirited story is a huge bonus. ENO works hard to generate minimal waste from the beginning of production all the way til it meets you at your doorstep.

Special Considerations

The first minor consideration is that the ENO Double Nest Hammock does not come with straps, so you’ll need to purchase them separately.

Another thing to keep in mind is that although the breathability makes this hammock perfect for hot-to-mild temperatures, it’s not the best choice for fall or winter swinging. Even slight breeze will probably leave you chilly.

Best Uses

Best Double Hammocks Review
Enjoy two tough, 9 foot long straps for setting up your new ENO double nest.
  • Fortunately, you can use this best double hammock just about anywhere!
  • Spending a night at treeline with your mountain mate? The ENO Double Nest won’t weigh you down as you hike up the mountain.
  • Need a place to relax in your backyard? You can spread out comfortably in less than a minute.
  • Living on a boat with your favorite first mate? This is the perfect, quick drying rig for life on deck.

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Best Double Hammocks Reviews, Hammock #3:
Fatboy Headdemock Hammock

Chuggie Award: Best Quality

First, here are the major stats relating to this high-quality hammock:
SIZE: 110”L x 55“W x 42”H
WEIGHT:  58.5 lbs
TYPE: Spread hammock with polyester mesh construction
ESTIMATED COST: At least $300, perhaps up to $500
SET-UP: All components included, assembled in about 10 minutes
CAN SUPPORT: 440 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


Best Double Hammocks Review Accessories
No matter which hammock you choose, ENO’s twilights are a must-have accessory!

Overall, the Fatboy Headdemock Best Double Hammock is the ultimate in comfort and style. It also goes above and beyond as far as size!

With several layers of non-woven polyester fabric, this durable masterpiece will remain water and stain resistant.

Furthermore, it has an amazing filling that allows it to be oh-so-comfortably plush and comfortable. Another key point in construction is the steel frame, which is easy to assemble.

Bonus Features

  • First of all, this best double hammock has cushy layers of material, a generously large size, and it’s available in a variety of colors.
  • It also features a sturdy frame and steel spreader bar to keep the fabric taut, while the slight bend in the middle allows you to lay comfortably by yourself or with company.
  • Lastly, the stand makes it ideal for setup in locations that don’t have many trees or posts.

Special Considerations

Best Double Hammocks Review
Cover Mate’s brand of hammock covers works wonders.
  • Weighing in at a hefty 60 lbs, the Fatboy Headdemock is the heaviest of these three best double hammocks. Because of this, we recommend carefully choosing one spot to keep it for awhile.
  • Additionally, if you live someplace with cold and snowy winters, you should purchase a weatherproof cover (like the one pictured above) to protect your hammock if you keep it outdoors.
  • Thirdly, the polyester mesh might be irritating to some, so keep this in mind if you or anyone in your family has a sensitivity to polyester.

Best Uses

The large size of this hammock redefines the “double” size and allows for multi-person seating.

It’s perfect as an outdoor couch! Everyone can fit, so feel free to use it anywhere you want to relax with your favorite people and pets. Truly, this is an amazing best double hammock with stand.

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Best Double Hammocks Review – What about a double parachute hammock?

One important type hammock not included in this review is the double parachute hammock. Consider a double parachute hammock if you’re going to be camping/hiking with your hammock frequently and/or using it all throughout the year. You can read all about the best parachute hammocks in

However, if you just like to go hammock camping a handful of times a year or even just like a hammock to lounge around in the backyard, the three in this Best Double Hammocks Review are excellent options for you!

Best Double Hammocks Review:
Where You Should Go From Here

Whether you’re looking to optimize for quality with the Fatboy Headdemock, getting more bang for your buck with the Rusee Double, or maximizing versatility with the ENO Double Nest, there’s a portable hammock option that’s perfect for you.

For further browsing, check out some of our other Hammock Reviews:
Tent or hammock? 6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself
2 Person Best Hiking Hammock Reviews

Additionally, we’d like to recommend these two articles:
Little River Co’s “Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Know About Hammocks
Serac’s “Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Hammock Camping


Best Parachute Hammock Reviews

Best Double Parachute Hammock Reviews for Sleeping in the Sky

Best Parachute Hammock Reviews
For Sleeping in the Sky

Whether the idea of sleeping in the sky sounds whimsical, practical, or romantic, the best parachute hammocks are fantastic for camping. The goal of “Best Parachute Hammock Reviews for Sleeping in the Sky” is to answer FAQs, share well-researched reviews, and offer handy tips for hammock camping.

A key point in this Best Double Parachute Hammock is that our primary focus is on double hammocks. While double hammocks can handle two, they’re also great for sprawling out in alone!

Best Double Parachute Hammock Reviews: Overview

Best Parachute Hammocks Review
ENO’s Twilights LED String Light is a must-have hammock accessory

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a handy table of contents for your convenience:

#1. What Exactly is a Parachute Hammock?
#2. Review of the Best Parachute Hammock with the Highest Quality
#3. Review of the Best Parachute Hammock for the Money
#4. The Ultimate Double Parachute Hammock
#5. Video Demo: How to Hang a Parachute Hammock
#6. Hammock Camping vs Tent Camping


What exactly is a Best Parachute Hammock?

Many thanks to The Ultimate Hang for their helpful post entitled “Parachute Nylon Comparison Chart.” Basically, there are 3 main characteristics of a hammock that make it a “Parachute Hammock.”

  • First, these trusty hammocks are the most-enjoyed types of hammock on the market.
  • Also, the first trademark of a Parachute Hammock is its tafetta nylon material (50-60 Denier)
  • Additionally, Parachute Hammocks have a “crinkly” appearance.

While that isn’t a comprehensive definition, hopefully it’s a helpful refresher.

#1. Best Parachute Hammock Reviews:
The Best Double Parachute Hammock

Trek Light Gear Double Best Parachute Hammock Plus Rope Kit

Chuggie Award: The Parachute Hammock with the Best Quality

Best Parachute Hammock Reviews for Two People
Follow the link for Discounts/Pictures

SIZE: 10’L x 6’6“W
WEIGHT:  1 lb
TYPE: Inline design with nylon construction
SET-UP: All components included (if purchased with rope kit)
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


This hammock is the top-of-the-line pick for parachute hammocks!  The sturdy construction will last for years, while the multiple options for setup allow you to customize it for maximum comfort.

Bonus Features

Best Parachute Hammocks ReviewWhile the lightweight parachute fabric is a huge selling point, the number one feature with this set is the 3 year warranty from the manufacturer-talk about a load off the mind!  

This guaranteed protection will allow you to feel extra relaxed while swinging in this hammock knowing that the company has your back should anything go wrong…but since it’s such solid construction, that’ll be unlikely.

The rope kit is also a real steal here when it comes to quick and easy setup. Even better is that it’s durable enough to last for years, and shockingly lightweight so it won’t add any undue burden to your pack!

Special Considerations

Best Parachute Hammocks Review
ENO’s underquilt provides the insulation you’ll need in chilly weather (Click for Pictures/Discounts)

Like all parachute hammocks, the fabric is extra breathable. This is great when it’s hot, but not so much when it cools down, so if you’re planning on using this rig anywhere cold make sure to bring some extra insulation-and a cuddle buddy certainly wouldn’t hurt!

Best Uses

This hammock is ideal for any sort of overnight trip. Whether it’s a weekend of camping or a multiple day music festival, this hammock is great to pack and go.  Set this thing up in a snap, then just kick back and relax until you feel ready to go again!

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#2. Best Parachute Hammock Reviews:
The Best Double Parachute Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters DoubleOwl Best Parachute Hammock

Chuggie Award: The Best Parachute Hammock for the Money

SIZE: 10’L x  6’ 6”W
WEIGHT: 1.6 lbs
TYPE: Parachute fabric inline hammock
SET-UP: Carabiners attached and included ropes for hanging
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 3 stars


Best Parachute Hammock Reviews
Follow for even more pictures of this all-inclusive pack

This is the softest, most portable hammock out there. The 210T parachute nylon material will cradle you to sleep wherever you decide to hang your bed for the night.  With a variety of colors to choose from, you can either stand out, blend in, or color coordinate to your car and other camping equipment if you so desire!

Bonus Features

A convenient carry bag holds the hammock, carabiners, and included ropes, and compresses down to about a grapefruit-sized ball.

Additionally, the color variety can’t be beat AND the same brand also sells single hammocks.  At this price, consider doubling up in case you need a backup, a place to hold your stuff, or are planning a strictly solo adventure.

Special Considerations

As the budget option, there can be some slight variation in construction, though they seem to have a spotless record lately.  Quality and affordability, all in one package!

As the hammock straps are only 10 feet long, you may want to add on the Wise Owl Outfitters 20′ long hammock straps.

Best Uses

Best Parachute Hammock

This hammock is practically begging to go on a cross country road trip with you.  Head out to your nearest national park, set up shop to relax, then pack up and head on to another park until you’ve visited them all (or run out of money!)

You’ll be able to get a little further with this pick, since you’re saving on your hammock setup. But ultimately, who can worry about money in a hammock this great?

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#3. Best Parachute Hammock Reviews:
The Best Double Parachute Hammock

Eagle Nest Outfitters Double Nest Best Parachute Hammock

Chuggie Award: The Most Versatile, Best Parachute Hammock

ENO Hammock Parachute Material

SIZE: 9’4”L x 6’2”W (unfolded), double
WEIGHT: 1.19 lbs
TYPE: Inline design crafted of nylon taffeta for lightweight breathability
SET-UP: Comes with carabiners attached, tree straps sold separately if needed
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


This is the ultimate in parachute hammocks from the ultimate in hammock companies. The construction is top of the line, the setup is dead simple, and at just over 1lb it won’t weigh you down during your wildest adventures.

Bonus Features

Best Parachute Hammocks Review

Attached carabiners? Check.

Nautical grade line? Of course.

Breathable nylon fabric? You know it!

This hammock features top of the line construction that ensures durability and comfort for years to come!

In addition to the high quality, this hammock is lightweight and versatile, so you can take it with you when you travel without worrying about weighing down your bags!

Special Considerations

If you’re headed out someplace that lacks carabiner-sized branches or pegs, you’ll need hammock straps, which are sold separately.

Additionally, you’ll want to either splurge on underquilts and winter tarps or stick to warmer vacation locations, since the material for this hammock is highly breathable.

Recommended: “Reviews of the Best Hammock Tarps for Rain, or Shine.”

Best Uses

Best Parachute Hammock Review

The great thing about this hammock is it can go anywhere you can, so buy your ticket and pack your bags! This thing can accompany you in the car, on a plane, or even on a boat.  

Headed out on an open-ended adventure and need to keep your bags light? This won’t weigh you down. Testing out a minimalist approach while traveling the world?

Basically, if you’re looking to make a parachute hammock your portable nap pod, or even your main place to sleep while you roam, this one is the perfect pick.


Whatever your weekend plans, there’s a parachute hammock pick to help improve them.  Whether you’re going hard on quality with the Trek Light Gear Double, saving some green with the Wise Owl Outfitters DoubleOwl, or keeping your options open with the ENO Double Nest, you’re sure to add in some relaxation to your plans with one of these picks.

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#4. Best Parachute Hammock Reviews
Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1. “So, I’ve found the best parachute hammock for my fiance and me. How the heck do I hang this thing?”

In this situation, a video demo does a better job than we can in explaining how to set up your luxurious new bed in the sky!

Best Parachute Hammock Video Demo
How to Hang a Parachute Hammock

FAQ #2. Is a Double Parachute Hammock right for me? Or am I wasting my time searching for the best parachute hammock?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a black and white answer. However, there are a few things to ask yourself to help you make a decision:

  • First, you should know that even double parachute hammocks are a tight fit for many adults. Consider the size of you and your potential hammock-mate and even try out one of your friends.
  • It’s also important to know your intentions. If you want to backpack the Appalachian mountains for weeks at a time, a Parachute Hammock might be too heavy for you. Instead, you should try an Ultralight Tent.

Weigh your options, ask around, and do the research. You’ll be glad you did! At the bottom of this post, you’ll find some helpful tips about hammock camping.

#5. Hammock Camping
Best Parachute Hammock Review

So, you’re entertaining the thought of hammock camping, eh? That’s fantastic. Hammock camping is, in many ways, better than tent camping! (Don’t get us wrong; we love all forms of enjoying the world Mother Nature’s blessed us with.) Have your own opinion on what the Best Parachute Hammock brand is? Drop us a comment in the box below. Happy Trails!

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Allow us to point you in the direction of more Best Parachute Hammock Camping info:

Hammock Camping: Reasons Why You Should Switch From a Tent to a Hammock

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Best Hiking Hammock Review

2 Person Best Hiking Hammock Reviews

Best Hiking Hammock Reviews

“The Best Hiking Hammock Reviews: Finding the Best 2 Person Hammock Tent”
Hiking with a hammock is a great way to relax in nature, without weighing yourself down in the process. The following “Best Hiking Hammock Reviews” provide details regarding size, versatility, weight, material, and more.
Whether you’re looking for a 2 person hiking hammock to share with a mate, or you want a double hiking hammock for just yourself, the three hammocks in these reviews are truly among the Best Hiking Hammocks on the Market today.

Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock
“The Best Hiking Hammock with Great Versatility”


Best Hiking Hammock Reviews
Environmentally conscious? ENO is committed to “green” production. Follow the link for more pictures.
BEST VERSATILITY: Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock
SIZE: 9’4”L x 6’2”W (unfolded), double
WEIGHT: 1.19 lbs
TYPE: Inline design crafted of nylon taffeta for lightweight breathability
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 3 stars


It should come as no surprise that ENO’s best hiking hammock tops the list for quality when it comes to the best hiking hammocks on the market. After all, the core of this company is based on adventure and enjoying the outdoors!
That said, this affordable, versatile hiking hammock is our top pick for a convenient grab-and-go hammock. You’ll rest comfortably on many hikes, as this hammock can last for years! If you’re looking for a one-and-done purchase for your next hike, the Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Double Nest is your best pick.


Best Hiking Hammock
Remember to purchase hammock straps, since they aren’t included. Click for photos of straps designed just for ENO’s hammocks.

Bonus Features

Eno’s versatile best hiking hammock boasts of several extra features, including:

  1. Attached carabiners
  2. Included compressible stuff sack
  3. Premium triple interlock stitching
  4. Breathable nylon construction
  5. Durable nautical line

This Best Hiking Hammock has a bonus feature better than the others: it’s earth-friendly!

Additionally, you can rest easy knowing this purchase helps preserve beautiful places to hike and enjoy the outdoors by generating minimal waste with it’s production.  Earth-friendly, pack-friendly, and butt-friendly, what more can you ask for?

Special Considerations

If you’re headed somewhere that lacks trees growing close together, you’ll need to purchase some hammock straps. Although considering the low price, straps are nothing to bat an eye at. 
Another thing to keep in mind is the breath-ability of this best hiking hammock. Its fantastic breath-ability makes this hammock perfect for milder temps, but it’s not the best choice for the fall or winter. If you do head out in the cold, pack an underquilt or some other form of insulation. 

Best Uses

This best hiking hammock tent is perfect for short day hikes when you need a quick break at treeline. Additionally, it works well for longer trips where you’ll be camping overnight.  It’s made for the outdoors and light enough to carry with you wherever you may roam. So hit the trails and find your new favorite place to relax with this hike-ready pick!

CUTEQUEEN Trading Nylon Hammock
“The Best Hiking Hammock With the Best Value”


Reviews Best Hiking Hammock
Follow the link for more pictures of this fun, affordable best hiking hammock.
SIZE: 130”L x 79”W
WEIGHT: 1.125 lbs
TYPE: Inline design, nylon construction
SET-UP: Carabiners and tree straps included
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 4 stars


If you want a cheap hammock, the CUTEQUEEN TRADING Nylon Hammock is the best hiking hammock for you. For less than the price of a hot meal, you can climb up the mountain with a hammock, carabiners, AND tree straps all tucked inside a neat package.

Bonus Features of this Best Hiking Hammock

  1. Impressive selection of color combinations
  2. Quick-drying fabric
The main selling point of this hammock is the wide variety of color combinations available. In fact, that’s one of the ways it edged out competitors as we compiled the “Best Hiking Hammock Reviews.” 
You’re guaranteed to find something to perfectly suit your style, whether you’re looking to stand out while camping or blend in with the wilderness around you.  The fabric also dries quickly, so if you’re hiking near water you don’t need to worry about waiting to swing after taking a dip!
Best Hiking Hammock Reviews
These LED lights are both magical AND practical. Follow the link for more pictures.

Special Considerations

Since this is the budget option, there can be some variation in construction quality. The included carabiners, paracord, and tree straps looked okay, but not long lasting.    
But at this price, you can afford to spring for more sturdy hanging mechanisms. But all this really means is to make sure you test it in your backyard before heading out on a hike. Especially if this is your only option!

Best Uses for this Best Hiking Hammock

This hammock is perfect for quick trips, as a backup for your usual rig, or as a budget option to really test your survival skills on minimal cash! It’s perfect for summer hikes up to a mountain lake or fall treks exploring the woods. So keep a couple of these handy, and get out there and enjoy!

Big Foot Double Nest Camping Hammock

“The Best Hiking Hammock for Balancing Budget with Versatility”

Best Hiking Hammock Reviews
The BigFoot Best Hiking Hammock is the best of both worlds: cheap – yet high quality.
A+ BUDGET & VERSATILITY: Big Foot Double Nest Camping Hammock
SIZE: 10’ 6”L x 6’6”W
WEIGHT: 1.1 lbs
TYPE: Inline design with nylon fabric construction
SET-UP: Carabiners and suspension straps included
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 4 stars


This best hiking hammock is perfect for balancing budget and quality, and is perfect for a last minute mountain adventure, a tropical jungle expedition, or heading out to the desert to climb some rocks!  Basically, if you’re going to be scrambling, bouldering, or even just hiking normally, this is the hammock to take along.

Bonus Features

The included carabiners and tree straps make assembly easy and no-nonsense. Wrap everything up in the included stuff sack and you’re ready to go.  No need to over-engineer your pack, this hammock is compact enough to grab and ready whenever you are!
Best 2 Person Hiking Hammock Tent Review
If you plan to hike overnight, consider a comfy sleeping pad.

Special Considerations

While it’s all-inclusive functionally, the Big Foot Double Nest Camping Hammock doesn’t come in the widest range of colors. However, if you’re not worried about flashy colors, then you can’t lose!
Like all nylon hammocks, this one’s better to use in warm locations. For colder locales, make sure to bring an underquilt.

Best Uses for this Best Hiking Hammock

The Big Foot Double Nest Camping Hammock will serve you well for a quick hike along a nearby trail or during a lengthy trek up the steepest mountains! Affordable and ready to go, this hammock is the ideal pick for any hiking adventure that comes your way!

Let the Good Times Roll!

Maybe you want a 2 person hammock tent for yourself, so you have extra wiggle room. Or, you’re planning a romantic getaway with your sweetie. No matter the intended purpose, hopefully these Best Hiking Hammock Reviews cover double hammocks that are capable of holding the weight of two people.

Now that you’ve finished reading the Best Hiking Hammock Reviews, make sure to poke around the rest of the blog for cooler and tent reviews, as well as fun game ideas. Make your weekend the best it can be!

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Tent or Hammock, Tent or Hammock for Backpacking

Tent or hammock? 6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Tent or Hammock: Intro

Should I use a tent or hammock? If you’ve been asking yourself this question as you plan future camping or backpacking adventures, you aren’t alone.

The truth is, there’s no clear winner. Both are great. It all depends on circumstances, like whether you’re going backpacking or car camping.

On the one hand, tents are probably more familiar to you. After all, a tent emoji is what pops up when you type “camping” in an iPhone. And iPhone emoji prompts are the absolute authority, right?

All joking aside, traditional tents really are the symbol for camping and what pops up in most people’s minds. But camping hammocks are one hell of a competitor! They’re arguably more comfortable, and also… they keep you up and away from bears. That’s always an appealing thought.

Since the tent vs hammock debate is going especially strong these days, let’s delve into the pros and cons of both options.

Tent or Hammock: Overview

Here’s an at-a-glance look at the info in this post.

  1. Comfort Level – what will be the most comfortable for my unique situation?
  2. Typical Terrain – is using a hammock tent even an option?
  3. Weight – what is the weight of the tent I would use instead of the hammock?
  4. The Weather Factor – do I plan on camping year round?
  5. Tips for Staying Warm in a Hammock
  6. Tet or hammock – how much privacy do I want/need?
  7. Why Tree Tents are Game Changers – should I just throw in the towel and get a tree tent?

As you can see, there are 6 questions and then some advice for staying warm in a hammock. We don’t want you to freeze!

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Tent Or Hammock:
Comfort Level

Hammocks are becoming part of main stream camping and backpacking for several reasons. One of them is that they’re easy on the back. Of course you can use sleeping pads in classic tents for added comfort. (And there are plenty of comfy sleeping pads for tents!)

Even so, there’s something unique about the way a hammock tent contours to your body. Some would argue that it’s unbeatable.

I have back pain, and I find the firmness of the ground to be much better. But only if I bring a thick enough camping mattress… and that’s just more weight. Too much for long backpacking expeditions, if you ask me.

The best hammock tents or tree tents are taut enough to provide a flat sleeping space. But saggy hammock tents? That’s another story…

Also, there are always the unexpected quirks of the ground. Even after you’ve tried your best to find a level spot and to pick up all of the debris, there’s often a tiny tree root or rock that’s lodged in the worst possible spot. And you usually don’t realize it until you’ve turned in for the night.

Perhaps hammocks have the potential to be much more comfy than tents, but only if you know the ropes. We recommend checking out this great article by The Ultimate Hang.

Tent or Hammock:
Sometimes a Hammock Just Won’t Work

Ideally, hammock stands would be feather-light and compact. Obviously we haven’t discovered those yet… not many that can beat ultralight tents, that is.

And since hammock stands are often too heavy to carry along, they usually aren’t an option for serious backpacking. So, without a hammock stand, you have to be in an environment where you can hang a hammock.

You won’t get a comfortable hang if the trees are too close together or too far apart. On the other hand, if there are no trees at all, you’re screwed as well.

So this comes down to where you’ll be camping. Tree tents bypass this problem by working as hammocks or as ground tents.

Because of this, knowing your anticipated terrain is useful in deciding which is best, tent or hammock. Obviously you won’t know the terrain of every single place you plan to camp in the future. That’s what makes things kind of tricky.

Another pretty obvious variable that shuts down hammock tent camping is camping with the family. If your children are young, that is.

Although this is usually the case, sometimes there are ways around it.

First, here’s an example for families with one or two kids. Invest in two double hammocks. Then one parent can pair up with a child in each hammock tent and wallah! Your family is successfully hammocking tent camping.

Second, if your kids are old enough to sleep independently in hammock tents, they can pair off while you share your hammock with your better half.

But the more kids you add to the mix, the harder it gets to justify buying numerous hammock tents.

Tent vs Hammock:

In the tent vs hammock standoff, weight is a hard tie. It might seem like hammock tents would always be lighter. But when you total the hammock and all its accessories, the weight really adds up.

If you were to compare an ultralight 2 person tent with a hammock and its stand, the tent would totally win. But a hefty canvas tent would be much heavier than a lightweight hammock tent.

Ultimately, it comes down to figuring out the weight of the hammock or tent and then adding the weight of each part you know you’ll be using.

Tent or Hammock:
The Weather Factor

Being above ground eliminates that wet feeling after a rain storm. Even if your tent’s waterproof, it seems like you can almost always feel a little bit of the dampness that’s on the ground. Also, setting up a tent on wet ground is a messy and often unpleasant experience.

Quality hammock tarps do an incredible job of keep water out and away from you.

However, in severe wind, it helps to be low to the ground. In this case, I would prefer a bivy tent over a hammock.

Another benefit of choosing a tent over a hammock is the warmth factor. Tents are usually warmer without as much effort. That being said, it is possible to make a hammock tent warmer. It just requires more materials.

The question you have to ask yourself is if you’re willing to put in the extra work to keep yourself warm. If you’re already smitten with hammock camping, the answer is probably a resounding yes.

Tents’ Secret Weather Weapons

Certain tents do lift you off the ground, smashing the idea that hammocks are better since they’re above ground. Our favorite is the Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent. It’s a one man tent that takes about 2 minutes to set up.

The fighting power of this tent is that it comes with a built in cot. It’s versatile though, so you can make it a ground level tent when you want to.

>>Click Here for More Cot Tents


Tent or Hammock:
Tips for Making Your Hammock as Warm as a Tent

Necessary accessories for hammock tent camping in cold weather include:

Top Quilt: First, look at quality top quilts designed specially for hammock tent camping.

Sleeping Bag LinerAdd a quality sleeping bag liner to the inside of you sleeping bag. The more layers you have, the warmer you’ll be!

Underquilt: An underquilt is designed to add extra insulation to the bottom of a hammock tent. It also serves as a sleeping pad. (Of course you can use a self-inflating sleeping pad foam pad instead. However, sleeping pads won’t provide quite as much warmth as underquilts.)

Special Sleeping Bag: We suggest a “mummy” style sleeping bag that’s made for cold climates. Preferably, between 15-30 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower the better.

Mylar Blanket: Simply put, Mylar blankets are used to lock in heat. They’re very thin and also reflective. The reflection keeps the heat pointed back at you. Bonus: It’s always good to have Mylar Blankets in your car for emergencies, especially during the cold seasons.

Hats & Socks: You may be thinking “duhhh” but these two winter items are so valuable! Make sure to use high quality hats and scarves made for adventures such as hammock camping.

Tent or Hammock Camping:

Hammocks win in the privacy department. If you’re camping near other people, you can hang your hammock up a little farther away. The downside of a tent is that you’re limited to the suitable space for tents.

After spending all day everyday with a group of people, it’s so nice to at least have privacy when you’re sleeping.

Another way of looking at this is community. When tents are forced to be closer together, everyone’s closer together and it feels like you’re more connected.

Also, what about pillow talk? Some of my best memories are giggling like crazy in tents with friends or listening to my dad read us stories in our 8 person tent.

Again, this comes down to personal preference!

Tent or Hammock:
Why Tree Tents are the Perfect Hybrid

It doesn’t always have to be a tent vs hammock thing. A beautiful invention, tree tents, are amazing hammock tent combos.

Tree tents are fine for the ground. And (you guessed it) they can also be suspended between trees! With these, you get benefits of both tents and hammocks. So it’s pretty much a win win.

Our Favorite Tree Tent: The Tentsile Flite+ Tree Tent

The market is teeming with tree tents for sale. The Tentstile Flite+ is a remarkable example. It’s ultralight, has two doors, and is durable enough to last for years to come.

Tree tents also solve the problem of small hammocks. There are tree tents capable of sleeping 14 people!

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there doesn’t have to be a 100% right or wrong answer. It’s really about taking the six points into consideration and doing a cost benefit analysis.

Whether you choose a hammock, tent, or tree tent, we wish you the best on your future adventures!


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best 2 person hammock tents, hammock tents

7 Best Hammock Tent Reviews (+Pictures, Videos)

Best Hammock Tent Reviews: Intro

If you’re an experienced hammock tent camper looking for an upgrade, you’ve come to the right place. Newbies, these best hammock tent reviews also have great options for beginners.

There are lots of great camping hammocks, but many of them aren’t actually hammock tents. The ones in this review have these two important parts: mesh netting to keep bugs out and a rainfly.

As always, feel free to check Best Tent Fabric Structures: A Tent Buying Guide for definitions of any words you’re unsure of. Now, grab yourself a cold one and relax… soon you’ll be sipping your favorite drinks in an ultra comfortable hammock tent.

Best Hammock Tent Reviews: Overview

Looking for something in particular? Here’s a quick outline to help you find it quickly:

Reviews of the Top 4 Single Person Hammock TentsBest Hammock Tent Reviews

  1. Best Hammock with Mosquito Net for Tall Campers
  2. Ideal Hiking Hammock Tent for Beginners
  3. Most Versatile Sleeping Hammock for 1 Person
  4. Optimal Hammock Tent for “Testing the Waters”

Reviews of the Top Rated 2 Person Hammock Tents

  1. Ultimate 2 Person Hanging Hammock Tent in the “Tree Style”
  2. Comfiest Double Hammock Tent that Won’t Break the Bank
  3. Most Luxurious 2 Person Hammock Tent

(A quick note: the Wallet-O-Meter is on a scale of 1 to 5.)

The Top 4 Single Person Hammock Tents

Best Hammock Tent Reviews: #1 
The Best Hammock with Mosquito Net for Tall Campers

Hennessy EXPLORER DELUXE ASYM Classic + Snake Skins Hammock Tent Review

Packed Weight: 3 lb, 9 oz
Maximum Weight: 300 lbs
Dimensions: 130″ x 59″
Sleeps: 1 adult

Wallet-O-Meter: $$
Included Set Up: webbing straps, suspending ropes, rainfly, stuff sack
Recommended Accessory: Hennessy Radiant Double Bubble Pad

Hennessy is an extremely trustworthy brand and their tents have earned the tagline “The coolest tent in the world” from Dwell Magazine. The Explorer Deluxe Asym Classic Hammock Tent is no exception.

It’s a whole foot longer than the Expedition model, and it’s able to hold up to 300 lbs. (Read more about the smaller Expedition model here.)

Additionally, the Explorer is ten feet long, so you’ll have plenty of wiggle room. As can be seen, this is the hammock tent for tall campers!

If you want a comfortable, durable hammock tent to accompany you on camping/backpacking trips for years to come, we really recommend checking out this innovative hammock tent.

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Best Hammock Tent Reviews: #2
The Best Hiking Hammock Tent

GoRoam Outdoors Single Parachute Camping Hammock Review                                        

Single Camping Hammock Tent for Backpacking
GoRoam Outdoor Single Parachute Hammock (Latest Discounts)

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
Dimensions: 9.2″ x 4′ x 4″
Sleeps: 1 adult

Price-O-Meter: $
Packed Weight: 1.6 lbs
Included Set Up: built-in bug net, hammock straps, steel carabiners, nautical grade rope, guy ropes
Recommended Accessory: AmazonBasics Self-Inflating Air Pad

As mentioned in Weekend Review: Best Outdoor Hammocks To Enjoy The Great Outdoors, this is a great hammock tent in terms of cost and versatility. In fact, its low cost makes it ideal for people who aren’t sure about the whole hammock tent camping thing. With this in mind, consider it a “starter” hammock while you experiment.

You’ll sleep well in this cozy hammock tent, since the mosquito netting is so effective. The netting does reduce visibility and provide a little bit of shade. As a result of the quasi shade, you might even be able to catch a little mid-day snooze if you’re really exhausted.

In short, this is a steal of a deal for newbies, and it’ll keep you well-rested and bug-free.
>>Click Here for More Owner Reviews

Recommended Accessory: Amazon Basics Self Inflating Air Pad

complements the GoRoam Outdoors Parachute Tent quite nicely. It fits great, and the bright orange color is fun. Compression straps and stuff sack are included.

With a packed weight of 2.9 pounds, this obviously isn’t the air pad for long backpacking trips. However, for short trips and car camping, you are going to love this handy dandy air pad.



Best Hammock Tent Reviews: #3
The Most Versatile Sleeping Hammock Tent for 1 Person

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Review

Best hammock tent reviews
Doesn’t that look comfy? (Click for Discounts)

Packed Weight: 4.25 lbs
Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
Bed Dimensions: 90″ x 42″
Sleeps: 1 adult

Wallet-O-Meter: $$
Included Set Up: No-see-um bug netting, waterproof rainfly, spreader bars, shock-corded aluminum poles
Recommended Accessory: Hammock Pawley Islands Tree Straps

The Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock earned itself first place in the best 1 person camping hammock reviews because of its overall versatility, quality, and ease of use. This is a must in any article claiming to have the best hammock tent reviews!

Due to its handy arch pole/spreader bar system, you can hang it up as a hammock  OR  on the ground like a regular tent.

Also, you can say goodbye to feeling like you’re rolled up in a taco! This patented design makes for a flatter, more natural shape for sleeping. It’s truly a genius hammock tent combo.

It turns out we’re not the only ones who rank the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock as first. Two other companies agree with us! First, it was rated #1 by Backpacker, Outside and American Survival Guide. Second, it won the ‘Gear of the Year Award.’

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Best Hammock Tent Reviews: #4
The Optimal Hanging Hammock Tent for “Testing the Waters”

Krazy Outdoors Mosquito Net Hammock Review

Maximum Weight: 450 lbs
Bed Dimensions: 9′ x 4′ x 6″
Sleeps: 1 adult

Wallet-O-Meter: $
Included Set Up: Hammock, no-see-um mesh mosquito net, shock cord, carry pouch
Recommended Accessory: MallowMe XL Hammock Straps

On a budget? If so, the Out Topper Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net is for you. Don’t let money hold you back from hammock tenting.

Of course this isn’t the best camping hammock tent on the market. However, it’s a good place holder while you save up for something longer lasting.

Also, if you’re not sure about the whole hammock tent combo thing, this is a great way to try it out. If you decide this type of tent isn’t your cup of tea, at least you haven’t spent hundreds of dollars on it.

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The Top Three Double Hammock Tents 

Best Hammock Tent Reviews: #5
The Ultimate 2 Person Hammock Tent in the “Tree Tent Style”

Tentsile Flight + Tree 2 Person Hammock Tent

Best hammock tent reviews
The Tentstile Flite Tree Tent (Click for Latest Discounts)

Packed Weight: 7 lbs
Maximum Weight: 485 lbs
Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 9
Sleeps: 2 adults

Wallet-O-Meter: $$$
Included Set Up: cross brace, one ratchet, removable rain fly
Recommended Accessory: SkyPad Klymit Sleeping Pad for Tentstile Tree Tents

Next up is the best camping hammock tent for tough campers who like to spend time in the backcountry. Just look at how beautiful that is!

It’s extremely light for fitting 2 people, and it fits the criteria for a 2 person ultralight tent. Plus, it’s high quality.

Although it’s fine to try out cheaper hammock tents when you’re figuring out the whole camping with a hammock tent thing, it isn’t a good idea for hardcore camping environments.

While pricier, this hammock tent is a wise investment. You’ll be thankful for the high quality during your rugged adventures.

Amazing qualities like a removable rainfly, two doors, and –  best of all – you can also peg this hammock tent to the ground for a night of “traditional” tent camping. (Only if it’s dry out.)

Those of you who’ve spent a lot of time backpacking know that adaptability is the name of the game! The only way to really relax and have fun on camping trips like these is to be flexible and ready for unexpected weather and other variables.

Best Hammock Tent Reviews
Probably the best sleeping pad on the market today! (Click for the latest discounts on Amazon.)

Well, with the Tentstile Flight + Tree 2 Person Hammock, you have a major source of adaptability. Choose hammock or tent depending on weather, how much space you have, and the terrain of your trail. If you’ve found yourself stuck in the ‘hammock or tent?’ conundrum, this tree tent eliminates that problem!

Lastly, you can make this a 4 season hammock tent by adding a nice sleeping pad for extra warmth. The SkyPad Klymit is designed by Tentstile for Tentstile Tree Tents. You can count on durability and insulation.

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Best Hammock Tent Reviews: #6
A Comfy 2 Person Hammock Tent That Won’t Break the Bank

Everest Gear 2 Person Hammock Tent

Best Hammock Tent Reviews, 2 person hammock tent
This is what happiness looks like!

Packed Weight: 2 lbs
Maximum Weight: 400 lbs
Bed Dimensions: 10′ x 6′
Sleeps: 2 adults

Wallet-O-Meter: $
Included Set Up: instruction card, stuff sack
Recommended Accessories: Everest Tree Saver Straps with Carabiners


This hammock fits big people, tall people, short people, round people. In other words, this is a quality 2 person hammock tent that actually fits two people comfortably! With tough ripstop diamond weave nylon and triple stitched edge seams, the Everest Gear 2 Person Hammock Tent is no wimp.

More handy features include dual internal gear hang loops and an inner storage pocket. These convenient qualities coupled with the spacious size make for one hell of a 2 person hammock tent. And if you claim the entire thing as yours… it’ll feel like a throne.

One downside is that straps, carabiners, and rainfly are not included. Even so, it’s no problem to purchase them separately, since the hammock itself is so inexpensive.

These lacking parts are also a blessing in disguise because you can save money by using straps or hammock tarps that you may already own. Penny pinchers, we’re sure you can use this to your advantage.

>>Click Here for More Owner Reviews and Pictures

The Best Camping Hammock Tent Reviews: #7
The Most Luxurious 2 Person Hammock Tent

Clark Vertex 2 Person Hammock Tent

Packed Weight: 5 lbs 1 oz
Maximum Weight: 700 lbs
Sleeps: 2 adults

Wallet-O-Meter: $$$$
Included Set Up: guy ropes, poles, stuff sack, and aluminum drip rings (rainfly not included)
Recommended Accessory: Clark Vertex Rain Tarp

Last but not least is the Clark Vertex 2 Person Hammock Tent. This 2 person hammock tent has features that’ll make you so comfortable you don’t want to get up in the morning.

First, the hammock beds are separate. So you’ll be able to share your tent with your friend or sweetheart without falling all over each other. Score!

Best Hammock Tent Reviews, 2 person hammock tents
Credit goes to Clark Outdoor – isn’t this amazing?

There’s also a center storage compartment that separates the two beds. There are also dual outer pockets for storing boots and gear, and polypropylene rope that’s capable of holding up to 1200 pounds. The hammock tent can comfortably sleep adults up to 75 inches. (A little over six feet.)

Notably, the Clark Vertex 2 Person Hammock Tent is available in both Green and Sunset Orange. Camo is also available, for an additional charge.

Trust us, if you’re looking for the most comfortable 2 person hammock tent, this is for you. Although it’s a pricey investment, you’ll be glad you made in the years to come.

>>Click Here for More Owner Reviews

Best Hammock Tent Reviews: Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a variety of options to fit every budget. And tall people, good news. We rounded up some of the best hammock tents for those over six feet. It must be so frustrating to sift through all the smaller tents. Hopefully this made it a little easier for you!

If you’re new to camping with a hammock tent, we wish you the best. And we’re sure you’ll have fun. Experienced Campers, upgrade to a more durable hammock tent – you’ll be glad you did.

Happy Trails!


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