What is a Beer Koozie?

What is a Beer Koozie?

what is a beer koozie?

For as long as there’s been beer and warm weather, people have been wondering how to keep their beer cold.

Imagine, a long day of chopping wood, working in the mines, or building a railroad. You’re sweating. You need something cool and refreshing. A nice cold beer is the only logical choice, right?

The first few gulps are refreshing.

But then, you notice it’s starting to get a little warmer.


Moment ruined.

Why is a Beer Koozie needed?

The problem above is that there is not only the warm air warming up your beer, but also your warm hand holding the glass.

In fact, the moisture that you see on your glass is “cold” escaping your beer.

Enter, the Beer Koozie.

What is a Beer Koozie?

Over time, cold beer enthusiasts banded together and demanded a solution. (OK, it may not have been THAT dramatic…)

However, there was the day one genius inventor realized that a Bottle or Can could be wrapped with a material that would help keep his beer cold.

This glorious discovery was Neoprene. (We actually wrote about this last month. If you want to learn What a Beer Koozie is made from, you can check that out here.)

All it took was to mold this flexible material to the shape of a bottle, and voila.

The Modern Beer Koozie

Thanks to great advances in printing and manufacturing technology, we now see many options in Beer Koozies.

We have Funny Beer Koozies, Sports Team Beer Koozies, and even Custom Beer Koozies.

Despite the various decorative choices, the utility remains the same:

What is a Beer Koozie? It’s a lightweight device to keep beer cold.

The World’s Best Beer Koozie

We may be biased, but at Chuggie, we saw another need.

In addition to keeping beers cool, we also noticed that keeping your belongings close by was a challenge.

Imagine that you are on the beach at a party and you have nowhere to put your keys, cigarettes, lighter, wallet, or cell phone.

The Chuggie sought out to solve that dilemma.

So, we created the world’s first Beer Koozie with Cigarette and Lighter Holder.

Basically, our mission was to keep the party going.

Want to check out the Chuggie and get a great deal on a 4 pack for you and your friends?

Check it out here.

What are Beer Koozies made of?

The Wheel
The Automobile
All very important discoveries made by humanity.
Beer Koozies are exceptionally important because NO ONE likes a warm beer. Imagine, you’re in the sun all day. You start breaking a sweat. What would be the most refreshing thing right now? An ice cold beer, of course!
You grab your bottle.
Take a gulp.
That warmer-than-room-temperature beverage just ruined your day.
That is… Until the Beer Koozie came along.
This magical device has helped keep beers cool for decades now. But what are these magical creations made of? Why do they even exist?
A quick description of how a Beer Koozie works:
Think of your home. You need a layer of insulation to keep the outdoor elements out and keep the internal temperature where you want it. A Beer Koozie functions the same way!
The magical part of the Beer Koozie is that the material is light weight enough to be easily carried around for an afternoon but also act as an insulator.

So, what are Beer Koozies made of?

The answer is Neoprene.
Neoprene is a synthetic rubber-like compound.
Neoprene is perfect for a Beer Koozie because it is not only lightweight but also resistant to heat. In fact, Neoprene is also used in Scuba Suits to keep you warm when you dive!
Easy to see why Neoprene was the solution to this problem!
We at Chuggie are champions in beer comfort innovation.
That’s why we created the Beer Koozie that holds your cigarettes and lighter.
Now you no longer have to worry about losing your cigarettes, lighter, or keys while you party!
If you want to check out the Chuggie, you can click here.

Funniest Beer Koozies

We all know that the general purpose of a beer koozie is to keep your beer cold for longer periods of time. But what if you could also be the life and soul of the party? With a funny beer koozie, you not only keep your beer cold, but you also get some conversations going!

Yeah, you read right… We have compiled the coolest beer koozies out there just for you:

Prescription Beer Cooler: 

Follow the doctor’s instructions and drink your beer! This beer koozie will fit regular cans and bottles, the inside is lined with foam. You can buy it here.


Beer Koozies with Pockets for your Cigarettes, Lighter and Phone:

We may be biased here as we are the manufacturers of these beer koozies. But we truly believe it is one of the best coolies out there.

Why? The material is 3mm Neoprene (not cheap foam) so the cold will be locked in longer. Additionally, who doesn’t want to store everything important in one place: beer, cigarettes, lighter, phone and more things that you can imagine. In case you are wondering, we have for both can and bottle.


Practical AND Funny Beer Koozie!

Shower Koozie:

Do you feel like boozing in the shower? So we thought. This beer koozie easily sticks in the wall of the shower and holds your beer, it won’t keep it colder but it is a little sacrifice to bring your beer with you all the time.



Coffee Collapsible Cup:

Sneaking in beer somewhere? We got you. This collapsible coffee cup holds regular cans and when not in use it can be stored or carried easily. You can buy it here.



So what is your favorite? You need to be ready for summer!

How to Spend Valentine’s Day Single?

When the most corny day of the year rolls around, it seems to be a labeled day completely planned for couples and lovers. However, the single ones could spend Valentine’s Day on their own way.


Anyone could spend Valentine’s Day however they want to, but sometimes it seems to be a designated date for the ones who has a couple.

Being in a couple is not meant for everyone, sometimes we rather to be self-sufficient and happy without receiving something from another person, because truth love lays right inside of us.

If you are temporarily single, then it does not mean you couldn’t enjoy the date by yourself instead of ignoring the day entirely.


No, masturdating is not what popped in your mind at first. A masturdate is pretty simple to understand, it’s about taking yourself out on a date.

If your idea of going out on a date is about watching movies while having a drink, call it wine or beer, then you should do it the proper way, by drinking your favourite beverage and keeping it at the correct temperature with the best coolie.


Beach trip

Maybe you could spend the day doing something new, maybe a new activity like water skiing, skydiving or simply a beach trip. Doing new stuff is definitely the best way to celebrate anything, and what could be better than enjoy it all by yourself.

Just remember to check your essential Beach Packing List.

-Trendy swimsuit

-Swim cover up

-Flip flops

-Beach towel

-Beach bag

-Your favorite book





Pamper yourself

Giving away presents are way too important to show someone you care about them, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea buying yourself a present.

Probably you’ve wanted something from some time along, well, maybe it’s the right time for you to finally have it.

Pamper yourself could also include making yourself any meal you want, or booking a table at a fancy restaurant. Don’t worry about the looks from other couples, just remember to bring a book if you feel awkward about it.


Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: The Ultimate Guide

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Overview

What does our Review of Icehole Coolers for sale have to do with making your weekend as fabulous as possible? Because weekends are the bright spots in our week that keep things fresh, of course. And you need the best cooler to match your weekend vibes.

Close your eyes and imagine what you’d be doing on your ideal weekend…

We’re here so you can get the best cooler for your weekends. With this in mind, our review covers every detail you need to choose a stellar weekend cooler.

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Icehole Cooler Ice Retention

There’s no messing around with ice retention. If it’s bad, it’s a no-go. Because who wants lukewarm booze?

Icehole manufacturers pressure-inject their walls with 2” of polyurethane foam for maximum ice retention. If you visit Icehole’s website, you’ll see the claim of 10-day ice retention.

The truth is, there just aren’t enough reviews of Icehole Coolers.

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Icehole Cooler Construction

Many outdoor enthusiasts choose Iceholes because of their impressive construction.

Icehole Coolers have plastic, T-shaped Bradley APC latches. These latches are part of M2 Bradley fighting vehicles, which speaks volumes!

Drain Plug
The detachable drain plug is an 1″ thick. It features a rubberized head for leak-proof drainage.

Icehole says these feet are “over-engineered.” That sounds promising, hey? These interlocking feet are skid resistant, won’t leave scuff marks, and are UV-stabilized.

“Our robust gasket design is vulcanized into seamless, adhesive-free continuous loop.” Now that’s one enticing description!

One set is molded-in rail handles. Additionally, there are military-grade nylon rope handles for 2-person carrying.

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Icehole Cooler Ease of Use

Durability doesn’t do much good if it’s a pain in the you-know-what to use. In fact, almost everybody knows how exhausting it is to take the kids on a weekend camping trip. You love ‘em, but those buggers sure do take a lot of work. If you have kiddos, easy-to-use camping equipment is a must!

Latches on Icehole Coolers feature a common design among top-tier coolers. Some reviewers wish the latches were bigger. Ultimately, this boils down to personal preference.

The rail handles aren’t ideal because there aren’t openings for hands, but the rope handles make it easy to carry with a friend.

It’s easy to pack Icehole Coolers due to their recessed hardware. When you have enough stuff in the back of your minivan for 3 kids and a spouse, it’s a relief to know these ice chests are easy to pack.

Luckily, Icehole Coolers are user-friendly. They’d be a great complement to your next family camping weekend.

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Icehole Cooler Durability

Iceholes have earned our respect in terms of ice retention, construction, and ease of use. But now it’s time to take a glance at just how well they’ll stand the test of time.

Other than the hilarious jokes on this forum, experienced bow hunters talk about Icehole Cooler Durability. They put them on the same level as Yetis. We agree.

We wish Iceholes were certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, but we’re still holding out hope for some YouTube videos showing bears trying to open them.

It’s tricky to know for certain how well Icehole Coolers last due to the lack of data. But the family-owned business that sells Iceholes also provided equipment for the US military for 35 years. They built for soldiers, and that’s enough to earn our faith.

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Icehole Cooler Accessories

So you’ve decided to improve your weekend experience by getting an Icehole. With this in mind, why not add some weekend-enhancing accessories?

Accessories available are:

  • Customizable High-Tac Vinyl Wraps
  • Padlock with Keys
  • Strap Kit
  • Steel Core Security Straps
  • Divers & Divider Baskets

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Icehole Cooler Colors

Tired of being limited to a measly number of colors? There’s a great selection of Icehole Cooler Colors. (Try saying that aloud three times, it’s a tongue twister).

The colors available are: Glacier White, Moab, Safety Orange, Coyote Tan, Tactical Green, Volt, A&M Maroon, UT Orange, and Yellow.

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Capacities

This brand keeps it short and sweet by offering just three sizes.

The Icehole Epic 35 holds thirty-five quarts, just like the name implies.

If you’re looking for a medium-sized cooler, the Epic 60 quart is just about perfect.

Don’t let the Icehole Epic 1’s name fool you, as it has a 100-quart capacity.

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Prices

You’ll pay $399 for the thirty-five quart, $469 for the sixtyquart, and $559 for the Icehole Epic 1.

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Warranty

The length of an Icehole Cooler is…forever! Well, kind of. Each Icehole Cooler comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers “all performance inhibiting defects.”

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Icehole Cooler Dealers

Ready to buy a brand spankin’ new cooler?

Texans, you’re in luck. Due to the small family-owned business aspect, Iceholes are only sold in Texan stores.

For the rest of us, there’s the internet. Buy directly from Icehole’s webpage, or check Amazon’s prices for lower prices.

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Where are Icehole Coolers Made?

Icehole Coolers are 100% American-made in Kerrville, Texas. Additionally, Icehole donates money to the US Army for each sale they make.

Review of Icehole Coolers for Sale: Final Thoughts

There are disadvantages to consider, like the low availability of real-user reviews coupled with the lack of exciting accessories. But there are also so many benefits. Icehole Coolers are made by former army manufacturers, their warranty lasts for a lifetime, and you can pick from a good selection of colors.

Now that we’ve examined all the details, think back to your ideal weekend. Is there an Icehole Cooler to seamlessly fit in with your weekend vibes? If not, we have plenty of other reviews to help you on the quest for a new cooler.

But if you’ve to buy an Icehole, happy shopping!