Ultimate Review of Engel Coolers for Sale

Chuggie’s Complete Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale

Chuggie’s Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: Overview

More and more ads for Pelican Coolers are popping up as summer approaches. Good! Get ready for our full-on review of Pelican Coolers for sale.

We’ve put everything you need to know about Pelican Coolers in one place to save you time. This is because we want you to sit back, relax, and start planning your first summer adventure. Picnics, late night campfires, music festivals, and the list goes on…

Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: Pelican Cooler Ice Retention

Pelican Coolers are capable of holding ice for up to 10 days. One user filled his Pelican ProGear Cooler with ice and stored it in his 100+ degree garage. Solid ice remained for 4 days!

The stereotypical “best” high-end cooler brand is the Yeti, but don’t be fooled. Pelican Coolers ice retention defeats Yeti Coolers the majority of the of the time.

Judging by the first section in our review of Pelican Coolers for sale, it looks like we’ve found one sweet cooler. Stay with us though – we don’t know if it’s worthy for your weekends just yet.

Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: Pelican Cooler Durability

Questioning Pelican Coolers’ durability? Look no further.

Popular Mechanics rented an actual Grizzly Bear to rough up a Pelican. Kudos to their bravery – that is one hell of a bear, weighing in at 450lbs. The bear attempted to break apart the cooler for a mere 15 minutes before he gave up.

Pelican Coolers are strong and will last you for decades. But we’re too committed to our review of Pelicans for sale to neglect the negatives. We’ll let you in on potential weak spots.

Pelican Coolers’ durability level takes a hit with their handles, drain plug, and gasket. These parts are made with polyurethane rather than the higher-quality polypropylene used for other parts of the cooler. They are often the first parts to fall apart.

Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: Pelican Cooler Construction

Construction goes hand in hand with durability. Just how are these hefty coolers designed?

BodyThe unbreakable body is rotomolded from polypropylene plastic and protected by stainless-steel hardware.

LatchesThese ABS plastic, 3” press-and-pull latches open at the press of a button!

LidThe lids on Pelican Coolers feature molded-in 4 can holders and tie down points.

HandlePelican Coolers feature handles constructed from polyurethane plastic, varying in form per size and model.

Insulation: Thick polyurethane foam keeps the inerior icy cold for days.

Gasket: Pelican Coolers feature freezer-grade, 2” thick gaskets crafted from polyurethane insulation.

Lock HaspThe lock hasp is molded in with a built-in bottle opener.  Buy your favorite beer, plan an awesome weekend, and let the good times roll.

Drain Plug- These attached polyurethane drain plugs feature a slight extension at the opening and a two-inch drain plug leash.

Next time you’re with a friend and see Pelican Coolers for sale, fill them in on your detailed knowledge.

Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: Pelican Cooler Wheels

If you take away one new piece of information from this review of Pelican Coolers for sale, we hope it’s the Pelican Elite Wheeled Coolers. Maybe you won’t be jumping up and down with glee like we do (we’re kind of in love with coolers), but you’re going to want to check these wheeled beauties out.

Pelican Cooler wheels are available in four sizes, ranging from 45 Quarts to 80 Quarts. Each cooler has two wide, rubber wheels on one end. The raised, non-skid feet prevent them from touching the ground when it’s stationary.

The only problem is that for the wheels to engage, the cooler must be lifted completely off the ground. The drain plug will occasionally scrape against the ground. (Pelican Coolers already have damage-prone drain plugs.)

All in all, these Pelican Wheeled Coolers make for easy transportation and withholds Pelican’s high standards.

Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: Pelican Cooler Ease of Use

A cumbersome cooler is a major buzz kill. Weekends are meant to be fun! Pelican has gone out of its way to offer as much ease as possible, yet another reason this review of Pelican Coolers for sale has a positive vibe.

The nifty button mounted on Pelican ProGearElite Coolers makes it easy to open the lid, and the lid easily snaps back into place.

Another win for Pelican Coolers ease of use is how the lid stays open. This may sound like a no-brainer, but there are pricy coolers whose lids either randomly shut. The lids also feature integrated fish rulers.

Pelican Coolers’ built-in beer bottle openers are the best. Use it to open your first bottle of beer. Trust us, it’s the most satisfying feeling.

The attached drain plug leash causes Pelican Coolers’ ease of use level to take a slight hit. It might push itself into the stream of water, making it difficult to stay dray.

However, Pelican Coolers’ drain plugs connect well with garden hoses for rapid draining.

Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: Pelican Cooler Accessories

Fashionistas are constantly talking about the need to accessorize. In the realm of coolers, it’s just as fun. Those of you who love to shop can add one more thing to your agenda when perusing Pelican Coolers for sale.

A Dry Rack Basket easily fits inside and keeps your dried goods dry.

The Elite Cooler Seat Cushion fits perfectly on top of your cooler. No more shifting uncomfortably on an ant-infested stump of a tree. Now singing around the fire can be enjoyable!

The most practical of the Pelican Cooler Accessories is the Pelican 5lb Reusable Ice Pack. This features a dual grip for easy handling. Fill your cooler with equal parts of ice and ice pack/s.

The most badass, affordable of all the Pelican Cooler Accessories is the Tie Down Kit, ideal for rickety truck beds and any other uneven places.

Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: Pelican Cooler Prices & Where to Buy Pelican Coolers

If you’ve wondered where to buy Pelican Coolers at the lowest possible prices, you’re not alone. We did a little digging and found Pelican coolers for sale as cheap as $193.37 for the 20 Quart to $821.55 for their 250 Quart.

As a point of reference, on Amazon, the Pelican ProGear Elite 250 costs about $80 less than the Yeti Tundra 250, which doesn’t even hold 250 Quarts. (Colors may be limited on Amazon.)

Finding a Pelican is a cinch. Major department stores like Target, Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, and Sam’s Club are likely located within your town or region if you want to buy a cooler in person.

We think it’s better to order from these stores online because you don’t have to bother going into a store only to be disappointed that the specific cooler you want is out of stock.

You’ll also have access to exclusive promo codes when you find Pelican Coolers for sale online. You can compare the discounts from various online vendors to find the best possible deal.

We were newbies once, scratching our heads and wondering where to buy Pelican coolers. Our friends tipped us off back then, so now we’re paying it forward. In addition to these major department stores’ websites, you should check out Amazon or eBay for even cheaper prices.

Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: Pelican Cooler Warranty

Pelican Coolers come with Limited Lifetime Warranties…but make sure to the fine print.

They cover your cooler for three months for flawed material and workmanship. Pelican warranty does not apply to cooler accessories, wheels, drain plug/spigot, rubber feet, color fading, or gasket.

Even though the warranty is a total bummer, our review of pelican coolers for sale wouldn’t be complete without it.

Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: Colors

Those of you who love the colorful life, you’re in luck! This section of our review of Pelican coolers for sale was, by far, the best.

Savvy outdoors-people keeping an eye open for Pelican coolers for sale, you have 21 colors to choose from: Golden Yellow, Navy Blue, Red, Aqua Green, Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Deep Blue, Deep Purple, Forest `Green, Midnight Blue, Teal Green, Light Blue, Maroon, Light Orange, Light Purple, Dark Blue, and Gray.

Very few coolers on par with the Pelican can boast of this vast of a spectrum.

Review of Pelican Coolers for Sale: Final Thoughts

These cooler prodigies are arguably the best high-end cooler out there. They hold ice well, are easy to use, and can take a beating from a bear. They’ve also got unique qualities, like a button for opening the lid and a built-in bottle opening.

As you’re finishing our very official sounding ‘Chuggie’s Review of Pelican Coolers’, you know how we feel. Hopefully we’ve convinced you to get your own Pelican Cooler. You’ll be ready for June when weekends get a lot livelier and warmer.




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