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Chuggie’s In-Depth Review of Orca Coolers for Sale

Maybe you’re making a 5-day trek through the Appalachian Trails with your family. Maybe you’re taking a romantic getaway in a charming little cabin with no electricity. Or maybe, you’re stuck at a campsite with your obnoxious in-laws. (Pro-tip: Keep a secret stash of beer. It’ll make them less obnoxious.)

On occasions like these, you need to know without a doubt that your cooler won’t fail you. We couldn’t wait to share our review of Orca coolers for sale because these sturdy, 100% American ice chests are among the best of the best.

Review of Orca Coolers for Sale: Orca Cooler Ice Retention

Orca Coolers’ ultra-thick, integrated insulation holds ice for a loooong time. There’s a reason we included them in our Best Coolers for Keeping Ice article.

Orca officially says their coolers can hold ice up to 10 days. In our review of Orca coolers for sale, we’ll tell you to count on them to keep your provisions cold for 5-7 days. This is an estimate and might be longer or shorter depending on weather conditions and how well you pre-cool your Orca.

Review of Orca Coolers for Sale: Orca Coolers Durability

This is the most adorable video of a bear trying to open an Orca Cooler. We use the word “adorable” because among this guy just can’t figure out how to open the cooler. The pink color makes it even cuter.

With its firm, compact lid, high quality latches, and pin style hinges, Orca Coolers can stand the wear and tear that is inevitable with travel and outdoor activities. That’s an emphatically positive check mark in the durability category. It’s also got both extended and recessed handles.

While doing research for our review of Orca Coolers for sale, we discovered a weak spot. They have nylon rope handles, just like their twins, the Yeti Coolers. These handles are great in theory but their material is more susceptible to damage than other parts.

Review of Orca Coolers for Sale: Orca Coolers Ease of Use

It’s always best to start with the negatives and end on a positive note, right?

Orca loses points for their somewhat slippery feet. It’s not as though an Orca 140 is going to run over your 3lb kitten, but this probably isn’t the cooler for you if you’re into fishing.

Another quirk is that Orca Coolers’ lids have a habit of closing unexpectedly. Just another quality they share with Yetis. These minor problems aren’t enough to ruin your weekend, but still – our review of Orca Coolers for sale would be incomplete without this little warning.

The drain plug will drain your water quickly, which is a huge plus. There might be some residual water, but it’s practically impossible to drain any cooler completely.

As promised, we’re finishing this part of our review of Orca Coolers for sale on a good note. Remember the not-so-durable nylon rope handles we mentioned? Well, they make it much easier for two people to carry. You’ll be especially grateful for this when you’re carrying the larger-sized Orcas.

Review of Orca Coolers for Sale: Orca Cooler Prices & Warranty

Considering their stellar ice retention and durability, Orca Cooler prices are nothing to frown upon. The smallest capacity available is 20 Quarts and sells for $239.99 Have a huge family? Orca sells their largest cooler, the Orca 140 Qt for $599.99.

Watch your friends’ cheap coolers completely fall apart every two years. Then estimate the amount of money they spend over the years – it’ll really add up. With Orca’s lifetime warranty, you’ll spend less over your lifetime than the people who shell out hard-earned cash for a practically disposable product.

Review of Orca Coolers for Sale: Orca Cooler Dealers

If you’re wondering where to find orca coolers for sale, look no further. They’re sold at chain stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart, but walking into a store a buying something is out of vogue. It’s usually cheaper to buy them from these company’s websites because there are exclusive, online-only promotions.

Orca welcomes you to the 21st century by providing an Orca Dealer Locator on their website. You simply enter your city and state, and they’ll match you with all dealers within driving distance.

(We’re just joking about buying coolers from an actual, concrete store. There are definitely merits to being able to actually touch and see the equipment you’re about to pay the big bucks for.)

Review of Orca Coolers for Sale: Orca Cooler Accessories

If you’re the type who enjoys outdoorsy weekends with a healthy balance of retail therapy-centered weekends, here’s the best part of our review of Orca Coolers for sale.

The Orca Gear Molle System is wraps around Orca Coolers and is constructed from 600D polyurethane-coated nylon with ABS hardware. Orca gives us a complete list of the purposes for each holder and pouch on the Molle Wrap:

Pouch for First Aid Kit

Shot Shell Holder

Insulated Drink Holder and Non-Insulated Drink Holder

Cell Phone Holder

Flashlight Holder

Medium- and Large- sized Pouches

Hybrid System Solar Panel

Pistol Holder

Quad Mag Holder

Mini Tac-Vest Koozie

We won’t overload you with all the other available Orca Coolers Accessories, but check out the wide selection. It includes everything from dry goods baskets to slip resistant pads.

Review of Orca Coolers for Sale: Orca Cooler Colors

In this short but sweet, final section of our review of Orca Coolers for sale, Orcas finally branch out a little from their Yeti doppelgangers. They offer more colors including White, Pink, Tan, Green, Black, Seafoam, and Green with Camo lid.

Review of Orca Coolers for Sale: Final Thoughts

Buying an Orca Cooler is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. It’ll last forever and live up to the high standard of which Orca boasts.

We hope you feel satisfied with our Review of Orca Coolers for Sale. At the very least, you got to see a video of bears losing to an ice chest!

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