Ultimate Review of Engel Coolers for Sale

Chuggie’s Review of Grizzly Coolers for Sale

Chuggie’s Review of Grizzly Coolers for Sale

If you’re an outdoors person, hunter, or fisher, Grizzly wants YOU as customers. (Imagine that classic, somewhat terrifying, Uncle Sam Poster.) Grizzly claims to be superior to other high-end ice chests. They’ve made some bold claims. With statements like these, we just couldn’t wait to review them next.

Important things to consider before choosing a brand include: their coolers’ overall ice retention, construction, durability, capacities, warranty, prices, accessories, ease of use, and colors.

This is where Chuggie saves the day! We’re cooler geeks and had so much fun condensing all the information you need in one awesome article. So grab a beer, and get the skinny on Grizzly Colors for sale.

Review of Grizzly Coolers for Sale: Grizzly Cooler Ice Retention

Grizzly says “Our coolers have gone through extensive testing to make sure they hold ice the longest, and in the most extreme conditions. Each of the Grizzly Coolers has been fully tested for ice retention, and we believe our products exceed the levels set by other coolers.”

We’re here to call their bluff. Grizzly Coolers’ ice retention is the loser among high-end coolers.

In Field & Stream’s ice retention test, the Grizzly 40 fell in last place. It had 11 other coolers to compete with, but no… it didn’t hold ice longer than any of them. This includes Cabela’s Polar Cap 40, which is about $100 less than the Grizzly 40.

We watched  Grizzly Ice Retention Fail repeatedly in every review of Grizzly Coolers for sale we looked at! Save your precious time, and trust us – if you need your stuff to stay cold longer than a few days, don’t get a Grizzly.

Review of Grizzly Coolers for Sale: Grizzly Cooler Construction

Body- Rotomolded from uber-strong plastic.

Insulation- Pressure-injected and eco-friendly.

Latches- “Bear-Claw” latches which require no hardware.

Feet- Grizzly “non-skid” rubber.

Lid- Features an embossed ruler.

Handles- Molded in handles, as well as nylon rope handles.

Gasket- Rubber and built into the lid.

The lack of external hardware makes Grizzly Coolers less clunky to carry and far easier to squeeze into the back of your car. Two less things to worry about!

Review of Grizzly Coolers for Sale: Grizzly Cooler Durability

The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee has certified Grizzly Coolers to be bear-proof. Our review of Grizzly coolers for sale wouldn’t be complete without comparing Grizzly Coolers to Grizzly Bears. These coolers definitely live up to their name.

Some reviewers told us about problems with latches and drain plugs falling apart on Grizzly Coolers. Luckily, Grizzly sells replacement parts for only $9.99.  

Judging from Grizzly Cooler durability level, these roto-tough coolers are resilient for a life time.

Review of Grizzly Coolers for Sale: Grizzly Cooler Capacity

Whether you need a small cooler for two or a cooler for a family of 8, you’ll find the right size for you.

Grizzly Coolers’ Capacity is perfect, ranging from the small, easy-to-carry  Grizzly 15 to the massive Grizzly 400.

Review of Grizzly Coolers for Sale: Grizzly Cooler Warranty

Grizzly Coolers LL provide a lifetime warranty.  The Grizzly Cooler Warranty covers ‘manufacturers defects in material or workmanship under normal use.’

They’ll either provide repair service or send a complimentary replacement part. There are, of course, standard exclusions like accident and nature related damages or “unreasonably use,” but for run-of-the-mill problems, you’re covered for a lifetime.

Review of Grizzly Coolers for Sale: Grizzly Cooler Prices

It’s way more fun to talk about the coolers themselves, but we’ve come to the touchiest part of our review of Grizzly Coolers for sale. Grizzly Cooler prices range from about $169.99-$899.99.

The Grizzly 20 Quart costs $239.99. For context, we compared the Grizzly with 3 other high-quality coolers:

– There is zero difference from the Orca 20 Quart.
-The Yeti Roadie is just $10 more expensive.
-The Coleman 28 Quart Xtreme is $200 cheaper.

What do these three brands of coolers have in common? Better ice retention than the Grizzly.

Review of Grizzly Coolers on Sale: Grizzly Cooler Dealers

Grizzly Cooler dealers can be hard to find, but you can search for Grizzly Cooler dealers using the Grizzly’s dealer locator.

We recommend checking out Amazon and eBay before looking anywhere else. You’ll find the most competitive prices there. Sometimes these online superstores won’t have the exact color or size you’re looking for. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, order online through Grizzly’s online store.

The internet makes life so much easier, right?

Review of Grizzly Coolers for Sale: Grizzly Cooler Accessories

A plus is that most Grizzly Coolers come with a dry goods tray included in the price.

You can buy 4 Grizzly accessories: dry goods basket, twist plug, bear claw latch, and a folding cutting board divider. Ranging from $10-$20, they’re very affordable.

Grizzly also sells stickers, hats, shirts, and even a mounted bottle opener, all featuring the Grizzly brand. A review of Grizzly Coolers for sale just wouldn’t be complete without looking at the extra Grizzly swag.

Review of Grizzly Coolers for Sale: Grizzly Cooler Colors

Grizzly Coolers colors include Orange, Red, Seafoam Green, White, and Olive Drab Green.

You can also mix it up a little with an OD Green Cooler with a Tan lid or a Sandstone Cooler with a Tan lid.

For $29.99, Grizzly offers camo patterns for the lid and side of your cooler.

Review of Grizzly Coolers for Sale: Chuggie’s Stamp of Approval, Kind Of…

Well, Grizzly Coolers succeed in some areas. They’re easy to use, strong, and available in a decent range of capacities. The mixed color options and lifetime warranty are also appealing.

But we can’t get over their bad ice retention. If you’re paying these high-end prices for a lifetime investment, you should get the ice retention to match the cost.

On the bright side, Grizzly Coolers are a good fit if you enjoy brief outdoorsy weekends. Since weekends usually last from Friday night to Sunday night, the poor ice retention won’t be an issue. In fact, the compact construction and ease of use are perfect for short trips. There’s no need to haul something like a Yeti back and forth.

If you have the cash and you like short weekends, a Grizzly Cooler will serve you well!


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