Death Cup Beer Pong Rule

Death Cup Beer Pong Rule: Official Beer Pong Rules #6

Beer Pong Death Cup Rule

Death Cup Beer Pong Rule:
Chuggie’s House Rules – Rule #6

The Death Cup Beer Pong Rule is probably the most well-known standard beer pong house rule. In reality, the Death Cup Beer Pong Rule doesn’t happen very often. But when it does, it’s almost always enforced – although there are multiple interpretations of the rule. With pictures, videos, rules and variations, you’ll be a pro by the end of this post.

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Don’t Let the Death Cup Beer Pong Rule Sneak Up On You!

How To Play Death Cup Beer Pong Rule

Although it’s unlikely, the Death Cup Beer Pong Rule is not something you want to forget about! I’ve seen players burned by this rule numerous times. They’re on a winning streak, until they forget to pull/drink cups. 

How To Play Beer Pong Death Cup Rule

Like so many other beer pong rules, the Death Cup Beer Pong Rule has many variations. But one thing’s for sure: the Death Cup gets hit when you’re zoning out and not paying attention. So watch yourself!

The 4 Deadly Variations of the Beer Pong Death Cup Rule

#1: In this version, the hit cup becomes a “Death Cup” once you’ve picked it up and started drinking out of it. If your opponents have a second throw left, they can end the game instantly by throwing a cup directly into your cup.  

Note: The hit only counts if there’s still beer left in your cup when they hit it.

#2: This next variation happens when you forget to pull/drink a hit cup. As that cup sits on the table, your opponents have a chance to it for a 2nd time. If they succeed, the game is over. 

#3: Next, there’s this kiddie version of the second variation. If you fail to pull/drink a cup that your opponents have hit, your opponents may hit that cup a 2nd time. This creates what’s known as an “Explosion.” 

An “explosion” just means that the cup they hit and any cups touching it are removed. But your team gets another turn. 

How To Play Beer Pong Death Cup Rule
Don’t be the guy who zones out and loses the team’s game.

#4 In this final variation, the cup is the “Death Cup” once you’ve picked it up from the rack and begun drinking. If your opponents successfully throw a ball into the cup you’re drinking from, you have to choose two additional cups to remove from your side of the table. 

Tip: Be careful when removing the 2 cups. For example, you don’t want to make the “Island Rule” an option. 

Death Cup Beer Pong Rule Beer Pong Balls
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How To Defend Yourself From The Beer Pong Death Cup 

Although this rule sucks for the losers, there are easy ways to protect yourself. First, the best defense is to pick up and chug each cup as soon as its hit. If you’re feeling queasy, just cover the top of the cup at all times. (So you don’t drink too much and making yourself sick.)

Now that you’re all up on the Beer Pong Death Cup Rule, take a glance over these tips and the 3 videos so you can sneakily score in your opponent’s “Death Cups.”

Death Cup Beer Pong Rule
Tips & Strategies for Any Beer Pong Game

How To Play Death Cup Beer Pong Rule
Pre-gaming is your best bet!

#1. Pre-Gaming is Crucial

Why do we love beer pong so much? Well, you’re getting drunk and throwing balls around. Obviously, that’s the number one reason. But the next best reason is that you get better the drunker you get! So, get out of your head a little by doing a couple shots or playing a round of Most Likely.

Beer Pong Apparel
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After that, it’ll will be a cinch to land when under pressure. If you really want to perfect your shots, make sure to watch the 3 videos at the end of this post. 

#2. Dress for Success

Dress to Impress! Whether you want to go sexy, cute, hilarious, or weird, go with whatever makes you feel best. Who knows? You just might leave the party with the guy/girl you’ve been crushing on for the past 3 months.

#3. Relax, And You’ll Throw Better!

Sometimes getting too competitive ruins the fun. Remember, the number one reason is to have fun! Even if you troll, you still spent time being fucking awesome.

#4. Practice Makes Perfect

As cliche as it is to say, practice really does make perfect. So watch all the videos you can, and get your trick shots down pat.

 The 3 Best Beer Pong Strategy Videos

#1. How to Not Suck at Beer Pong

#2. Beer Pong Strategy Video

#3. How to Play Beer Pong Video

Now that you’re a Death Cup pro, I recommend:

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