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How to Play The Pyramid Drinking Game

Players: 3-7 | Type: Competitive | Drink: Beer | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉


How To Play Pyramid Drinking Game: Overview

The Pyramid Drinking Game is a card game where you are trying to make other players drink by guessing which cards you think they have. Its name comes from the layout of the cards, though it’s sometimes called “beeramid” due to the most common drink consumed while playing it.  

This game requires a good memory and a great poker face, both of which may become harder to maintain as things progress.  The game is competitive in the sense that you’re trying to get others to drink by matching the cards in your hand to the cards in the pyramid, or bluffing convincingly enough that others think you do. At least 3 players are needed to play, but keep the group at 7 people or fewer for an ideal game for everyone involved.

Pyramid Drinking Game: Equipment


Drinking Table


How To Play Pyramid Drinking Game: The Rules

To play you need to arrange the cards in a pyramid, face down to begin. The bottom row should have 6 cards, the next row up should have 5, with one fewer card until there’s only one at the top.

The remaining cards not in the pyramid are placed in a draw pile, from which the players select their cards when it’s their turn. The player clockwise of the dealer draws a card and attempts to match or bluff first.

The furthest left card on the bottom row is turned over to start the game. Once a card is flipped, if the player who’s drawn a card has a card with a matching value, they may tell another player to drink, then place their card on the flipped card, and draw another card.

Alternatively, the player wishing to play may “bluff”, and *pretend* to have a matching card when telling another player to drink. The player told to drink may either accept and take a drink or call the bluff. If a player’s bluff is called, THEY must take a drink.  If the player calling the bluff is wrong, they must drink double, while the non-bluffing player is allowed to exchange their revealed card for a new one.

The next card in the row is flipped, and the process is repeated as above. The cards continue to be flipped through the bottom row until all cards in that row are flipped. The furthest left card in the second row is then flipped to start that row, and so on through the higher rows until the full pyramid is flipped.

The number of drinks for gameplay is determined by which row the flipped card is in. The bottom row requires one drink, the second row requires 2 drinks, and so on.

Though there’s no technical scoring system, if you’re able to make other players drink more frequently than they can make you drink, you can claim bragging rights, though others might come to defend their title!

Pyramid Drinking Game Variations

Now that you’ve got the basics down here’s a few fun new ways to play!

Memory Challenge-  After the cards in the pyramid are all flipped, the players are given a minute to memorize the order and placement of the cards. The cards are then flipped back face down, and the players take turns pointing to certain cards and challenging other players to remember which ones they are. The challenge can be for one card or more, depending on how many drinks the challenging player wants to wager. If the challenged player guesses the cards correctly, the challenging player has to drink. If the challenged player guesses wrong, they are the ones who have to drink.

No Passing- If the player draws and non-matching card and doesn’t want to bluff, they must drink the number of drinks that would have been required of whichever player they would have selected in order to end their turn. For example, if it’s a card on the second row, they must take two drinks in order to “pass” in this version of the game.

Lightning Round- At the end of the game, the player who’s drunk the least may be challenged to a full memorization challenge by any other player in a last attempt to win.  The two players get a minute to memorize the order of ALL the cards in the pyramid. The cards are then placed face down, and the challenging player must attempt to name all the cards correctly and in order. If they succeed, a new pyramid is created, and memorized until one player is unable to correctly recall all the cards.

Additional Drinking Game Equipment

Pyramid Drinking Game Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to play Pyramid, feel free to leave us a comment and tell us your favorite modifications or house rules!

If you’ve created your own variations to the game let us know below, and if we like them we’ll add them in the Gameplay Variations section.


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