How To Play The Quintessential Home Alone Drinking Game Featured

How To Play The Quintessential Home Alone Drinking Game With Rules

Players: 2+ | Type: Movie | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉


How To Play The Quintessential Home Alone Drinking Game With Rules:

 How To Play The Quintessential Home Alone Drinking Game: Overview

How To Play The Quintessential Home Alone Drinking Game is the game for you if you’re tired of spending lonely nights at home alone, drinking. (We just couldn’t resist that somewhat pathetic – er, genius – play on words.) The Home Alone movies are classics, still being quoted nearly two decades later, and here’s your opportunity to drink while you revisit an old favorite.

How To Play The Quintessential Home Alone Drinking Game: Equipment

Home Alone Movies
Tequila with Salt and Lime

How To Play The Quintessential Home Alone Drinking Game

You guessed it, put that movie in and press the play button. Everybody should have their drinks ready at this point, but we know you don’t need any prompting for that. As you watch the movie, you need to drink whenever something from the following list happens. Sometimes it’s something that only happens once, and sometimes…it just keeps happening repeatedly. Lights, camera, start drinking:

·         When Kevin first appears on screen.

·         When Kevin discusses his hygiene habits and uses the phrase “all major crevices.” (Just please don’t use this phrase when you’re older and trying to seduce the ladies, Kevin.)

·         When Kevin screams. (Even if it’s been years since you’ve seen the movie, the scream when Kevin puts on aftershave is probably still etched permanently in your brain…it’s certainly our most vivid memory!)

·         When Harry and Davis are actually fooled by Kevin’s pretend people are “dancing” behind the window.

·         Whenever Kevin says “I don’t think so.”

·         When Hope Davis tries to talk with a French accent. (Oh, honey. We applaud your attempts, but taking on new accents just isn’t working for you.)

·         When it finally dawns on you that, while Kevin may be cute, he may be a sociopath. He seems to have no shortage of intricately devised methods of hurting people.

·         Fuller’s bed-wetting problem is referred to. Give him a break, guys.

·         When it becomes obvious that Kevin’s parents should expect a visit from Child Protective Services. (For real. They left their youngest child at home. How did they not notice this when they were boarding a plane with their students?)

·         When Harry shouts at Marv.

·         Every time a trap of Kevin’s realistically would have incapacitated Marv and Harry, but somehow, they keep on going.

·         Everytime Mrs. McCallister barters to get home.

·         You hear swearing. Of any kind, from anyone. This is a PG movie, though, so don’t expect the worst from the crass words list. “Hell” and “ass” totally count as swears.)

·         Drink twice whenever Kevin swears at a family member.

·         Take five drinks when Buzz crams a whole piece of pizza into his mouth. Nobody wants to see that.

·         Kevin is frightened by “Old Man Marley.” Drink 5 times when he learns that this gentle old man is actually nobody to be scared of.

·         Whenever Marv and Harry get drunk.

·         Drink for the duration of Marv’s high pitch screams.

·         Whenever Marv hurts Harry or vice versa.

·         When “Angels with Filthy Souls” is played.

·         You have the joy of watching Buzz’s tarantula make its debut.

·         When Kevin talks to himself.

How To Play The Quintessential Home Alone Drinking Game: Gameplay Variations 

Those are the basics. But you really should “go big or go home” and add some, if not all, of these extra rules.

Tequila shots- Take a shot of Tequila when Buzz talks about “Old Man Marley’s” seasonal mummification of sprinkling salt while he shovels. You’ve got to drink this with SALT and lime.
Every time a player says something to the effect of “I remember this part!”, they have to take five drinks. We get it, you fondly remember watching this film as a child. We all do.
Take five drinks when Kevin must face “The Evil Furnace.” That scene was terrifying.

How To Play The Quintessential Home Alone Drinking Game: Final Thoughts

If anyone around the age of the McAllister family is around you, don’t let them drink – responsibility is always important when it comes to drinking. Just tell them that when they’re 21, they can drink to their hearts’ content, and you’ll have so many drinking games to teach them.

The Quintessential Home Alone Drinking Game is one of our favorites, because Home Alone is just such a good movie – they just don’t make quality family films like this these days.

Let us know in the comment box either during or after the gameplay, because we want to hear how it went! We’re especially interested in any new variations you game up with. Relax, drink up, and enjoy the show.


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