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How To Play The Top Gun Drinking Game

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How To Play The Top Gun Drinking Game:

How To Play The Top Gun Drinking Game: Overview

The Top Gun Drinking Game is a movie watching game where you drink when certain repeated things happen.

You can learn how to play the top gun drinking game this with a small group or larger party! Following along with action-packed exploits of Iceman, Maverick, and Goose-not to mention the rest of the cast-is always a great time, but this game definitely takes the excitement up a notch.

This is a social game, so keeping score isn’t necessary and you can focus on the show.  Making sure to notice the things you’ll need to drink to can also help you catch any of those more subtle jokes from the show.  To play you’ll need at least one other person, but if you have more friends it will definitely be more fun.

How To Play The Top Gun Drinking Game: Equipment

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How To Play The Top Gun Drinking Game: Rules

Since Top Gun is notably crude, the most basic version of this game involves taking a drink whenever a character swears in the show. However, this approach is not recommended, as it will likely lead to excessive drinking.

In order to maintain a more moderate amount of drinking, follow these suggestions for common, but not constantly repeated events from the show:

-Take a sip every time two characters high-five, plus a bonus sip for a slow-mo high five

-Drink every time a plane is shown taking off

-Take a sip every time “Maverick” or “Goose” is said

-Drink every time someone does a barrel roll

-Finish your drink if someone sings

-Take a sip whenever Maverick is wearing his aviators

-Drink every time a goose flies into the windshield of a plane

-Finish your drink when you hear the line “you can ride my tail any day!”

-Drink whenever Maverick is shown playing by his own rules (no helmet, fly-bys, etc.)

-Take a sip every time two characters are talking really close to each other

-Drink every time there’s gratuitous sweating

-Finish your drink when someone wears sunglasses indoors

-Take two sips if someone’s wearing sunglasses indoors AND sweating

-Drink every time there’s a faceless communist pilot shown, plus an extra sip while you wonder why they’re always faceless

-Finish your drink during the beach volleyball scene

-Drink while you wonder how Maverick can play beach volleyball in jeans

-Take a sip for every make-out scene, plus a bonus sip if it’s in silhouette

-Drink when someone says “you can be my wingman”

-Finish your drink when you feel the need for speed

-Drink to celebrate Goose being a big stud

-Chug some mixer to prove your plane and crew come first when you’re flying

-Clink glasses and take a sip in honor of all the regulation mustaches on display

-Take a sip every time a character repeats themselves

-Drink some mixer whenever “Top Gun” is said in the movie

-Take a sip when Danger Zone plays during a scene

-Drink some mixer when Take my Breath Away is played

-Take a sip when something’s classified

-Finish your drink to prove that you’re dangerous

Since this version can be pretty intense, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat throughout the game.  Alternately, you can skip some of the suggested drinking prompts (it is a social game rather than competitive, after all!) Stay safe and don’t let your ego write any checks your body can’t cash.

How To Play The Top Gun Drinking Game Variations

Now that you’ve got the rules down here’s a few fun ways to play!

He Was a Good Man- Do a shot every time there’s a pilot death. Chug during the terrible eulogy.

Daddy Issues- Clink glasses in commiseration when Maverick talks about his relationship with his father, then do a shot to help him get over it.

Playing Favorites- Everyone picks a character and drinks when their character’s call sign is mentioned.

How To Play The Top Gun Drinking Game: Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gotten a chance to play the Top Gun Drinking Game for yourself, feel free to leave us a comment and let us know how you liked it, what you drank with it, and whether you’d play again!

Got a favorite character you like to drink along with or a better way to play? We’d love to hear about it!  If you’ve created your own style or added house rules to the game let us know and if they’re worthy we’ll give you a shout out and add them to our Gameplay Variations.


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