How To Play Uno Drinking Game With Rules

How To Play Uno The Drinking Game

Players: 2-10 | Type: Card | Drink: Beer | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉 

How To Play Uno The Drinking Game With Rules

How to Play Uno Drinking Card Game
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I can honestly tell you that one of the craziest nights in college game from playing a Uno The Drinking Game. Nobody except for the people there will ever find out what happened… it was that kind of night. 

So here I am to help you have your own drunken Uno party! Get ready for pictures and all of the info you need to have your own amazing Uno Drinking Game night.

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How to Play Uno The Drinking Game With Rules
The 4 Must Haves for Playing Uno the Drinking Game
Gameplay Variations (Get Drunk Faster)
More Awesome Drinking Games

How to Play Uno The Drinking Game

How to Play Uno The Drinking Game With Rules #1-#5:

#1. The dealer shuffles the cards and gives 7 cards to each player. 

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#2. Each player must be able to play a card that matches the one in the discard pile. This can match in number, color, or action/symbol. Anytime you don’t have a matching card, you have to draw a card and drink.

#3. Whenever a Draw 2 card comes up, the next player loses his turn and has to drink twice.

#4. If you lose your turn due to a Reverse or Skip card, you have to drink.

#5. A Wild Draw 4 Card in Uno The Drinking Game means the next person has to take 4 drinks.

How to Play Uno The Drinking Game With Rules #6 – #9

#6. Now, the catch with the Wild Draw 4 card is that a player can only use it if they don’t have any matching cards.

How To Play Uno The Drinking Game With Rules

To explain rule #6, I’ll use names to make it less confusing. Say Russ is the guy who plays the Wild Draw 4 card. The player next to him is Robbie.

How to Play Uno Drinking Game
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Robbie thinks Russ is full of shit and actually does have matching cards. He can then challenge Russ, and Russ has to drink 4 times if it turns out he’s bluffing. However, if it turns out Russ really didn’t have any matching cards, Robbie has to take 4 swigs. 

#7. Forget the Official Uno Rules. Don’t keep score to see who wins; you’ll be too drunk for that nonsense anyway!

#8. The winner is whoever has one card left. But he has to take 4 “sips of shame” if he forgets to yell “Uno!”

#9. All the losers have to finish their can/cup of beer at that point.

Those are the basics. But c’mon, “go big or go home,” and add some of the following Drinking Game Uno Gameplay Variations. After all, the variations are just more ways to get drunk faster.

The 4 Must Haves for Uno The Drinking Game

It doesn’t take much to play Uno The Drinking Game. All you need are:

#1. Uno Cards

#2. 3-10 People

#3. Alcohol of Choice

#4. Liver of Steel

How to Play Uno the Drinking Game: Variations

How To Play Uno The Drinking Game WIth Rules
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Next up is the Drinking Game Uno Gameplay Variations, and there are a lot of them. Choose a couple or use all of them… I can guarantee you that you’ll be inventing your own rules in no time. (If you went the liquor route instead of beer, that is.)

Social – First, everyone has to drink when someone plays a card identical to the one on the top of the stack.

Color Change- Everyone has to drink when the color changes.

No Questions Allowed- Anyone who asks a question (either about the game or just in the group conversation) has to drink.

Illegal Card Play- Not only is cheating inevitable, but also it’s expected. But if someone catches the rebel in the act, they have to get 4 penalty drinks.

No Names Allowed- The next rule, “No Names Allowed,” states that no one can say any of the players’ names and if he does, you guessed it, there’s a drink to be had.

Second Half of How To Play Uno The Drinking Game Variations

Sandwich- This happens when a player’s card is sandwiched between two identical cards (has to be both number and color if it isn’t a symbol card). Drink up!

Slowpoke- A player’s got to drink if he takes longer than 5 seconds to make a play.

How To Play Uno The Drinking Game With Rules
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Egocentricity- The rule is that nobody can use the word “me.” The punishment for being so full of yourself is to shotgun a beer.

Playing Out of Turn- This happens more the longer you play. Anyone who makes this mistake has to take 3 swallows of beer for being so rude.

Dos cards- A player has to drink if he doesn’t yell “Dos!” when he’s down to 2 cards.

Rainbow- In the event that four cards in a row are different colors, the player who discarded the first color has to drink 4 times.

Make a New Rule- If three cards of the same color are played in a row, the person who played the first card gets to make a rule. 

You know how drunk people get. Luckily, Uno the Drinking Game literally has colors and numbers telling you what to do. Have fun, and drink responsibly!

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