Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale

Ice Chests That Won’t Break the Bank: Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale

Chuggie’s Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale

Congrats! You’ve made it through 75% of the work week.

Whether you’re actively looking for a new cooler or casually seeing what’s out there, you’ve probably come across Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale. Their capacity is among the best in the industry, spanning from 25 to 1100 quarts. That range combined with 16+ colors to choose from turned our heads, that’s for sure.

We just had to take a closer look. Read on for info about Ice-Tek. Who knows, maybe an Icey-Tek cooler will be the next addition to your weekends.

Chuggie’s Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale: Icey-Tek Cooler Ice Retention

Icey-Tek coolers’ walls have polyurethane insulation, a rubber gasket, and the perimeter of each lid has a 3mm rubber seal to keep the warm air out. So, how well do these features work?

We’ve heard of ice lasting in Icey-Teks for up to 7-9 days per some reviews. Icey-Tek customers are often happy with how long their Icey-Tek can hold ice.

Unfortunately, Icey-Teks disappoint some active outdoors people. The Icey-Tek Long Box 50 failed in Field & Stream’s ranking of high-end coolers. A key factor was how bad Icey-Tek cooler ice retention is compared to 11 other coolers. Other reviewers we looked at haven’t had good experiences and recommend Yetis instead, for their superior ice retention.

Chuggie’s Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale: Icey-Tek Cooler Durability

Latches are the first parts to go on any cooler. Icey-Tek latches are crappy, so plan on buying a replacement pair or two. They’re not expensive and

Overall though, Icey-Tek cooler durability is in line with its price. It’s better than the Coleman Xtreme series, but not as tough as coolers like Orcas or Pelicans. Rugged back country hunter? This isn’t the cooler for you.

Since the hinges are plastic-welded with no sort of internal system, you won’t have to worry about them snapping. That’s a relief!

Chuggie’s Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale: Icey-Tek Cooler Construction

Handles- Icey-Tek is the only brand of coolers with plastic-coated rope handles on every long-box cooler. Their molded-in handles are rails without grips.

Drain-  A unique characteristic of Icey-Tek cooler construction is the dual drain plugs. They’re detachable and screwed in with a simple rubber gasket.

Latches- Each Icey-Tek cooler has plastic pull latches. They’re non-conductive, resilient against corrosion, and UV resistant. Icey-Tek tests latches on all their models to 120lbs on pressure tie-down points.

Hinges- Hinges are simply plastic welded to the cooler and have no internal system.

Feet- The feet feet are rubber and non-skid.

Liners- Liners are food-grade, odor-resistant, and protect against UV rays.

Finish- The finishes are a bit rough.

Chuggie’s Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale: Icey-Tek Cooler Ease of Use

Dual drains on both ends of Icey-Tek coolers make them convenient to drain because you won’t have to worry about flipping the cooler around. The placement of the drains can make it awkward to drain, but the fact that there are two makes up for a slightly weird placement.

The rail handles aren’t particularly easy to use, nor are the plastic-coated rope handles. However, it’s great to know there are rope handles on every long-box cooler for equal weight distribution between two people. Your back will thank you!

Chuggie’s Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale: Icey-Tek Cooler Accessories

Icey-Tek just sells a handful of replacement parts: drain plugs, latches, and replacement handles. The latches are about $30. The pair of drain plugs and handles are both less than $20.

Icey-Tek offers seat cushions ranging in price from about $90-$140. If you’re camping in the backwoods, that’s just an added comfort that helps at the end of a strenuous day. Even for campfires in the backyard, they’ll save you stress. No more worrying about a guest having to sit on a hard-cooler surface.

It’s nice to be able to find cheap replacement parts. But come on, we’d like at least a few more Icey-Tek accessories to choose from.

Chuggie’s Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale: Icey-Tek Cooler Colors

Icey-Tek compensates for its small accessory selection with one of the largest ranges of colors as compared to other high-end ice chests.

Icey-Tek cooler colors include basics like white and black, as well as colors with names like Mango, Green Lime, and Orange Tangerine. Best yet, you can opt for a dual-colored ice chest.  Imagine a Kelly Green/Canary Yellow ice chest. It’ll stand out from other coolers, that’s for sure.

Chuggie’s Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale: Icey-Tek Cooler Prices

Icey-Tek cooler prices range from $179 for the 25 Quart to $1,999 for the 1,100 Quart. Those are full prices; you can find less expensive options in a few different places. Compared to similar-sized coolers from other brands, the Icey-Tek 25 Quart is:

-$60 less than Grizzly and Orca 20 Quarts.

-$70 less than the Yeti Roadie.

-$20 more than the K2 20 Quart.

-$100 more than the Coleman Xtreme 28 Quart.

As you can see, Icey-Tek cooler prices are comparatively low to ice chests like the Yeti, yet more expensive than lower-grade coolers like Coleman Xtremes. Check out Amazon prices and make sure to check Icey-Teks’ homepage for promo codes to discount online orders.

Chuggie’s Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale: Icey-Tek Cooler Warranty

The Icey-Tek cooler warranty is valid for two years. It looks good next to the 1-year Coleman Xtreme warranty, but bad compared to the Yeti 5-year, K2 7-year, Engel 3-year warranties. Not to mention the lifetime warranties of Grizzly, Orca, and Pelican coolers.

Chuggie’s Review of Icey-Tek Coolers for Sale: Final Thoughts

Icey-Tek coolers are affordable and suitable for lots of activities. For a cheaper price, this brand of coolers will still do an excellent job holding ice.

Not only does it keep your drinks icy cold, but it does so in style with bright dual-colored coolers. Icey-Teks are good for a weekend camping trip at a beautiful, quiet lake. They’re also ideal for hauling tons of food to your gigantic family reunion.

We see the merits of Icey-Teks. However, we can’t ignore drawbacks, like their short warranty and lack of accessories. They’re less expensive than high-end coolers but less reliable. You might as well spring for a costlier cooler. Or, if you just need a cooler for light stuff, get a Coleman Xtreme.

It’s worth spending more money for a better cooler with a long warranty. No worries though, you don’t have to buy something as expensive as a Yeti. Check out our “Best Coolers Like Yeti but Cheaper to Avoid Breaking the Bank” for more reasonable prices.

We’re here to help you have the best weekends possible – check out our other blog posts for sweet hammock, coolie, and other brand reviews. Whatever you do, treat yourself to a completely relaxing weekend every once in a while, okay? (Or every weekend. That right there is the dream.)

You deserve it!


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