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K2 Coolers vs Yeti Coolers, the Ultimate Review

K2 Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Overview

It’s time to explore the great K2 Coolers vs Yeti Coolers showdown. We love to tell you about Yeti Coolers, and for good reason. Yeti Coolers are amazing!

But we also know that there are other coolers out there. They could very well be better fits for you. When you’ve been working hard all week, you deserve the best stuff to take along on your weekend ventures.

K2 Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Where are they produced?

K2’s company is based in Louisiana, the great state of unbeatable jazz and delicious cuisine. However, K2 Coolers are produced out of the country, making K2 lose some points in terms of the K2 Coolers vs Yeti Coolers comparison. Don’t be fooled by their sticker saying “Made in the USA.” That simply is not true.

They do this because labor and parts are cheaper abroad, but it does present an ethical dilemma. Transporting the products leaves a big carbon footprint. Additionally, it isn’t supporting local economies.

Here at Chuggie, we prefer to buy products manufactured in the US or neighboring countries – Canada and Mexico are just next door. Yeti is no saint, but it does honor the earth and economy better than their counterparts.

When Yeti was a start-up, their coolers were produced entirely in foreign countries. However, now it produces some of its products in the US and some in the Philippines and China. Yeti does buy parts from the Philippines, but at least they’re supporting the US economy by building them in the states.

Like the K2 company, they claim that it all happens in the US. They’re only telling part of the truth, but at least they aren’t marking their products with a dishonest sticker.

Clearly, Yeti produces their products in a more economical-awareness, earth-friendly manner than K2. If you’re a bit of an environmentalist or passionate about the economy, Yeti Coolers are your best bet.

K2 Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Ice Retention

One of the first assets we look for in a cooler is its ability to hold ice, because that is the main reason we use them. K2 Coolers give Yeti Coolers a run for the money.

Some reviewers have said that the ice retention is fabulous, even when these coolers are exposed to hot sunshine for days.

K2 Coolers’ thick pressure foam insulation walls is the reason they can keep your cooler icy cold for days. Their thick walls are 1.5-2 inches. This number of inches is good, but not the thickest of some of K2’s competitors. Another factor contributing to K2 Coolers’ long-lasting ice retention is the lids’ grade rubber gasket.

K2 Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Ice Retention Reviewed by Clients

We highly recommend listening to customers who’ve already used these coolers. You’ll find many users’ reviews writing about the thick, very helpful lid. This is a huge factor in K2 Coolers’ ability to hold ice.

Now it’s time to look at Yeti Coolers’ ability to hold ice and assess its ranking as reviewed in the K2 Coolers vs Yeti Coolers contest.

Yeti Coolers have the effective roto-molded asset, but so do K2 Coolers. Many users claim that K2 Coolers hold ice longer than Yeti Coolers. On average, K2 Coolers probably hold ice for about half a day longer than Yeti Coolers.

However, there are Yeti Coolers enthusiasts who have written reviews, adamantly declaring the superiority of Yeti Coolers. Our perception is that both coolers are about the same in terms of ice retention.

K2 Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Durability

Incredible durability is one of the K2 Coolers’ best features. The roto-molded material is the same as the material used to construct heavy duty kayaks! It seems nearly impossible to scratch and dent K2 Coolers.

Yeti Coolers are grizzly bear resistant, roto-molded, and have protective stainless steel. Most features are likely to weather years of use incredibly well, although their rope handles have a tendency to wear down over time.

We believe that K2 Coolers seem to have notable durability – perhaps about the same as Yeti Coolers.

K2 Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Colors

Variety is the spice of life, which is why we frequently discuss the colors available in coolers. K2 Coolers’ colors are versatile. This allows customers to choose the colors they prefer for their weekend ventures.

You’ll probably want to bring along sweet coolers with vibrant colors for certain events. For example, a badass music festival. The fun colors available for K2 Coolers include Orange, Crimson, Vibrant Red, and Purple.

These coolers have a white lid, except for the lovely Purple, which features a bright yellow lid. The dual colors are pretty awesome, perfect for those who love creativity.

K2 Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Conclusion

After considering all of this data, we’ve concluded that there are multiple similarities. Both brands are sketchy about where their coolers are produced. Additionally, K2 Coolers hold ice about the same as Yeti Coolers. K2 offers more color options, so bonus points in that department.

All things considered, K2 Coolers are about the same as Yeti Coolers – only much cheaper.

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