Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers, Orca vs Yeti

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers Review – Why Orca Wins

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers:
Pictures, Videos, Reviews

One of the most important cooler comparisons is “Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers.” 

These two coolers are neck in neck. But why is it such a serious standoff? The following is an easy-to-read comparison that leaves no stone uncovered.

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Overview

You’re going to find it all here, with none of the good stuff left off. After all, you don’t have all day to waste time reading a cooler comparison that only answers some of your questions. You’ll find detailed info about the 12 most most important things to know before spending your hard earned cash.

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers Capacity: How Yeti Blows Orca Out of the Water

Yeti Coolers come out on top in this category of the Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers rivalry.

Yeti coolers range from the Yeti Roadie to the Yeti Tundra 350.  In contrast, Orca Coolers range from the Orca 20 quart to the Orca 140 quart. As you can see, Yeti offers a much wider range of capacities.

Notably, Yeti Coolers’ numbers don’t represent capacity. For example, a Yeti Tundra 105 is only capable of holding about 87.2 quarts.

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Cooler Size Comparisons

If you have a specific size you want to compare, each of these offers customized Orca vs Yeti Cooler Size Comparisons for a more specific comparison.

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers, Orca Chaser Tumbler Team Colors
(Follow the link for Pictures/Discounts)

20 Quart Orca vs Yeti Roadie

26 Quart Orca vs Yeti Tundra 35

40 Quart Orca vs Yet Tundra 50

58 Quart Orca vs Yeti Tundra 65

75 Quart Orca vs Yeti Tundra 75

140 Quart Orca vs Yeti 160


Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Ice Retention

Ice retention is the name of the game. After all, you aren’t shelling out your hard-earned money to tote around boxes of miscellaneous objects. This is your sustenance we’re talking about. These are your weekends we’re talking about.

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers Review
Click for more pictures of this Orca beauty.

Yeti coolers almost always have worse ice retention than other top tier ice chests. Sure enough, Orca Coolers retain ice for an average of two days longer than Yeti Coolers – or more.

This may be due to Orca Coolers’ extra inch of insulation in their lid. Yeti offers a two-inch lid, while Orca is constructed with a three-inch lid.

According to many, Orca’s last an average of 3-5 days longer.

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Construction 

Both of these rugged molded coolers have fantastic construction. But how do they compare? First, we’ll look at Yeti’s construction.
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Yeti Cooler Construction

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers
Yeti drain plugs are truly amazing! (Amazon Link)

1. Marine-grade rope handles (except the Yeti Roadie)
2. Rubber handle
3. Detachable drain plug; you can remove it completely to drain quickly or partially open it
halfway to control the flow

4. Removable dry goods basket included in the price of the cooler (except the Yeti Roadie)
5. Rail handles
6. “T-Rex” Rubber Latches
7. Slip-Resistant Feet
8. Rotomolded with integrated insulation
9. Riveted pin system
10. Rubber gasket

Orca Cooler Construction

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers
Don’t forget to add an Orca dry goods basket to your cart. You’ll be glad you did!

1. Durable nylon cord handles with a rubber grip point (except the Orca 20 Quart)
2. “Whale Tail” rubber latches
3. Dry goods baskets are not included in the price
4. Molded in handles
5. Somewhat slippery feet (solve this with a slip resistant pad)
6. Roto molded with integrated insulation
7. Pin system for hinges
8. Built-in cargo pocket
9. Rubber gasket
10. Detachable drain
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Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: 3 Differences in Construction to Be Aware Of

As you can see, both of these mighty beasts are constructed in similar ways, with just a few slight differences. The differences include:

Yeti Size Comparisons
Yeti Roadie (Discounts/Pictures)
  • Orca Ice Chests have thicker insulation, which may lead to better ice retention.
  • They also have more dry storage space with their cargo net pockets.
  • Yeti’s drain plugs have a hole in them.

2 Very Small Differences in Construction

  • Yeti’s “T-Rex” latches are almost exactly the same as the Orca’s “Whale Tail” latches. They’re both high quality and function the same way.
  • Lastly, their handles are made from different materials. However, they’re both tough cords with rubber grips. 


Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Is One More Durable than the Other?

Unsurprisingly, both of these beastly ice chests are durable and able to take a beating or ten.

The plastic that makes up their body and lid is the strongest kind. In fact, it’s so strong kayaks are crafted from the same material. The riveted pin system keeps their hinges right where they belong.

They’re both Certified Grizzly Bear proof. Just take a look at the video of a Grizzly Bear attempting to open an Orca 140 quart. Yeti Coolers hold up just as well under Grizzly Bear attempts.
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Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Why They Both Have the Same Level of Usability

There are several similarities in how these coolers are user-friendly…and how they aren’t. First, here are the similarities:

Orca Coolers vs Yeti
The mesh pocket on the Orca Coolers is ultra convenient!
  • Both coolers’ lids *may* snap shut unexpectedly, according to some reviews.
  • Another shared feature is their nylon rope handles; these make two-person carrying easier.
  • They both tend to be quite heavy compared to other high end ice chests.

Now for the differences:

  • Although both coolers have screw-on, detachable drain plugs, we prefer the Yeti’s plug.
  • A Yeti drain plug has a hole on the screw-on part, so you can partially unscrew it to slow down the water flow. (Pictured above)
  • It’s easier to store small items you want to keep dry in the Orca, since it has a side mesh pocket.
  • Lastly, Orca Cooler’s feet can be slippery on wet surfaces, like on a boat.

The pros and cons of each brand of ice chest weigh each other out. Therefore, it makes the most sense to call it a tie.
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Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Accessories

Yeti Cooler Accessories

Yeti’s accessory collection is as wide and varied as Orca Cooler accessories. Handy cutting-board dividers, fishing rod holders, and beverage holders come with many of their coolers.

And that’s just mentioning a few of the basics. There are plenty of others – just a couple of examples are the wall mounted bottle opener and drain plug hose connection

Orca Coolers vs Yeti, Orca vs Yeti
A boring “staff pick,” but what can we say? It’s one of the best long lasting ice packs. (Click for Amazon’s Low Prices)

Staff Pick for Best Yeti Accessory: Yeti Ice

Orca Cooler Accessories

Although each of these high end cooler brands offer fantastic accessories, Orca blows Yeti out of the water with their molle wrap system.

The Orca Gear Molle System has more than fifteen products, all equipped with polyurethane* water repellent coating and durable 600 denier* nylon. This molle system will securely hold a cell phone and first aid kit. It also comes equipped with a flashlight holder, pistol holder, hybrid system solar panel, shot shell holder, quad mag holder, and miniature tac-vest koozie. >>Click Here for More Pictures and Owner Reviews

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Yeti Cooler Colors


Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers, Yeti Cooler Colors, Orca vs Yeti Coolers
It was the talk of the town in 2013 when Yeti came out with their Ice Blue Coolers. Take a look at more beautiful photos!

3 Color Options for Keeping Your Yeti Simple Yet Classy

If you like basic, you’ll likely be pleased with Yeti’s 3 main colors for their roto molded ice chests. When Yeti first came onto the market, White and Desert Tan were the only options. In 2013, Yeti introduced their color called ‘Ice Blue,’ adding at least a little color to their drab selection.
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Love bright colors? Orca Coolers Are for You

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers
The Purple with Yellow Lid is one of the many dual-colored Orca coolers. (Amazon Link)

Similarly, Orca offers standard basics like White and Tan. However, these roto molded masterpieces also offer brighter colors like solid Pink and Green. If you want to branch out from the norm, you can find colors like Orange, and Pink right here.

In addition to all of the fabulous colors available, Orca makes camouflage ice chests.

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Customization

Yeti Coolers & Cups Customization

Yeti’s Collegiate Series offers customization for ice chests as well as their Rambler Drinkware Series. And it’s freaking awesome. To quote Yeti,

“YETI custom logos are durable, permanent graphics that do not peel or fade once bonded to the cooler. YETI’s proven logo application process ensures the logo will last the life of the cooler.” 

Yeti’s Collegiate Series Probably Has Your College’s Logo

Yeti’s Collegiate Series gives so many people the opportunity to represent their alma mater in style. Check to see if your university’s logo is available; there are 38 college logos to choose from. Of course many of the logos are colorful, sprucing up otherwise boring (in our opinion) colors.

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers
Click the Kansas University cooler to find many more schools available!

How You Can Make Your Yeti Rambler Cup Even Better

Visit Yeti’s Custom Cooler Shop to have your logo added to your Yeti Rambler. Show off your business’ logo or any type of sweet design you came up with.  

Yeti also offers a giant selection of pre-made logos. For example, in one subcategory alone, fishing, there are 17 logos available.

Why Orca’s Customization is Also Pretty Damn Cool

Orca also has a collegiate series of coolers and drinkware. Although it isn’t quite as big as Yeti’s collection, their colorful coolers and tumblers are the most cheerful accessories one could ask for.


>>Cheaper Ways to Customize Orca and Yeti Coolers & Drinkware<<

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Are Orca Coolers as Expensive as Yeti Coolers?

Prices are also quite similar between the two brands, with Orca Coolers being an average of about ten to twenty bucks cheaper than Yeti Ice Chests. In our books, that isn’t enough to say Orca has any sort of advantage over the Yeti.

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Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Warranty

The warranties couldn’t be more different than the sizes and prices are similar. The Yeti Coolers’ five-year warranty gives us some degree of confidence in the Yeti brand’s workmanship. But five years seem pretty measly next to Orca Coolers’ lifetime warranty.

Orca Coolers vs Yeti Coolers: Where They’re Really Made May Surprise You

Where are Yeti Coolers made?

Additionally, their Yeti Hoppers and Ramblers are manufactured in China. Yeti doesn’t say how much they manufacture in the US, but we’re willing to place a huge bet that it isn’t here in America.

You can give Yeti a call and request a 100% American-made product. (Contact Yeti Customer Service at 512.394.9384 to request a Yeti made only on USA soil.)

Are Orca Coolers really 100% American Made?

20 Quart Orca vs Yeti Roadie


Another question we often hear is asking which ice chests are American-made. Unfortunately, there aren’t many coolers that are both manufactured and assembled in the US. *But* Orca brand ice chests are one of the few verified American ice chests. 

And the Verdict Is…

If we had to choose the best cooler, it would be the Orca brand cooler. The reasons for this are simple:

Orca vs Yeti
Click for Discounts/Pictures
  • Orca Coolers have much better ice retention.
  • Plus they come with a lifetime warranty.
  • The Orca Gear Molle Wrap…need we say more? 
  • Orcas are 100% American-made. 
  • Orcas have a bigger variety of colors and patterns. 

All this being said, Orca Coolers are only available in sizes up to 140 quarts. Yeti extends all the way to 350. In that area, Yeti Coolers are winning by a landslide.

Both ice chests are pretty damn dependable. They’re built well, are similar in most categories, and even look alike. Of course, different people will be happier with different brands. It all depends on your preferences for factors like ice retention, customization, etc.
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