How To Play Chandelier Drinking Game With Rules

How To Play Chandelier (Ball & Cup) The Drinking Game With Rules

Players: 4 – 10Type: Competitive Drink: BeerGood Times: 😉 😉 😉

How To Play Chandelier The Drinking Game With Rules
(Ball And Cup)


How To Play Chandelier The Drinking Game With Rules (Ball and Cup) is an easy-to-learn, fun drinking gameGet ready to bounce some balls around while getting tipsy with your friends!

How To Play Chandelier The Drinking Game

Chandelier The Beer Game

How To Play Chandelier Drinking Game With Rules
*Or* go all out with this double beer header.

The 3 Essentials for Chandelier Drinking Game:

  1. 16oz Party Cups 
  2. Center Cup Death Cup 
  3. Ping Pong Balls


Chandelier The Drinking Game Rules:
Set Up

To set up chandelier, everyone puts their own cup in the middle of the table filled with their drink, with one “Death Cup” in the middle.

Everyone needs to pour a little of their drinks into the Death Cup until it’s full of the mixture of different beers. 

(If this seems confusing, no worries. There’s a video demo coming up!)

How To Play Chandelier the Drinking Game With Rules
(Ball and Cup)

The object of the game is to bounce the ping pong ball off of the table and into somebody’s cup.

#1. The first player bounces the ball into the middle to try and get it into somebody’s cup.

#2. If the ball makes it into someones cup, the owner of the cup has to chug their drink. After drinking it, they fill it up again and put it back in the middle.

How To Play Chandelier The Drinking Game With Rules
I landed the ball in your cup. So drink it bitch!

#3. If the player sinks the ball into the Death Cup, everyone must grab their cup, drink it, and then flip it, just like in Flip Cup The Drinking Game With Rules.

#4. The last person to flip their cup must drink the center death cup!

#5. Whenever the player misses a cup, the turn passes to the player on their left. 

Basically, you keep playing til either you’re too wasted or something better comes along. And so, that’s the bare bones of How To Play Chandelier With Rules (Ball and Cup).

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But C’mon, Don’t Be So Vanilla…

How To Play Chandelier Drinking Game WIth Rules Variations

Add a variation or two to make things more interesting. Here are just two of my favorites:

Speed Chandelier- Instead of passing the ball to the left when somebody misses whoever grabs the ball after the shot was missed gets to go next. Also add in 1 full shot per missed shot! I like to keep some little shot glasses on the side for these “bonus” shots.

Minefield- Add some cups with shots of hard liquor in the middle. Whoever shoots it into a shot cup must take the shot!

So, ready to start playing some Chandelier (Cup and Ball)?

Keep reading if you can’t wait to start playing, or jump down to watch the video demonstrating Chandelier!

Always drink responsibly, and have fun! If something hilarious happens along the way, be sure to leave us a comment telling us the story. Cheers!

This is a great visual of a variation of Chandelier (Ball and Cup):

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