How To Play Spoons The Drinking Game With Rules

How To Play Spoons The Drinking Game With Rules

Players: 4 – 12 | Type: Social | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉

How To Play Spoons The Drinking Game With Rules:

Spoons is an easy to learn, fast paced game that involves speed, skill, luck and spite are required while learning how to play spoons the drinking game with rules. To play you’ll need at least 4 friends and no more then 12 friends with everyone having a big mug of their favorite beverage, preferably beer.

Drinking Game Spoons Equipment:

  • One Spoon For Everybody But One (We Suggest Kitchen Spoons or These >> Spoons)
  • Deck of Cards (We Suggest These >> Cards)
  • One Large Mug Per Person (We Suggest These >> 44oz Jumbo Beer Mug)
  • Beer

Rules For Spoons The Drinking Game:

To start off  playing spoons the drinking game you need to pull out sets of cards equaling the amount of people that are playing. For example if you had 7 people playing you would need to pull out 4 of every card ace to 7. So you would have 28 cards total. You also need to pull out enough spoons (one less spoon than people playing) So if you had 7 people playing you would only need 6 spoons. Place the spoons in the middle of the table.

Shuffle the cards and deal everybody 4 cards each. The object of the game is to get 4 of a kind. After everyone has been dealt cards and looked at them the dealer will quickly say “PASS!” Everyone must then take one card out of their hand and pass it to the player on their right. The dealer should keep saying pass pretty quickly to keep the game at a fast pace which makes it a lot of fun.

Once somebody get 4 of a kind in their hand they quickly lay down their cards and grab a spoon. Everyone else must rush to grab a spoon with one player not getting the spoon. That player is eliminated and must take a preset amount of drinks. The next round starts with one less spoon on the table, this continues on until there are only two people left. The guy who gets the last spoon wins!

Spoons The Drinking Game Gameplay Variations:

Now That you got the rules down here’s a few fun ways to play!

More Drinks- Instead of making the player who gets eliminated in the round a pre-set amount of drinks, you can make him drink the card value for the player who got 4 of a kind. (ex.4 nines) The player who didn’t get a spoon would have to take 9 drinks.

Play Sneaky- When you have the 4 of a kind instead of quickly grabbing your spoon, try to sneakily grab it by slowly grabbing it. This is a good way to do it especially if somebody isn’t paying 100% attention.

Fake Grab- If you don’t have the 4 of a kind pull a fast one and fake grab a spoon. If anybody reacts and grabs a spoon they have to take 3 drinks each. If nobody grabs a spoon the person who faked has to take 3 drinks!

How To Play Spoons The Drinking Game With Rules: Summary

Now that you know how to play spoons, feel free to leave us a comment and tell us your favorite way to play spoons the drinking game with rules! If you’ve created your own variations to the game let us know and if they’re worthy we’ll give you a shoutout and add them to our Gameplay Variations.

Remember to have fun, but always drink responsibly!



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