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Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale: Coolers That Won’t Break the Bank

Chuggie’s Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale

In our blog, we talk a lot about expensive coolers. However, cheaper coolers like the Coleman Xtreme series are perfect for lighter occasions, which is why we’re including a review of Coleman Xtreme coolers for sale in our cooler review series. With capacities ranging from 28-120 quarts, you’ll easily find the size you’re looking for.

Read on to hear more about the Coleman Xtreme coolers. It won’t be boring, we promise!

Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale: Coleman Xtreme Ice Retention

In a nutshell, the caliber of Coleman Xtreme ice retention is the same as the Yeti – that’s right, the Yeti. Coleman Xtreme Coolers can hold ice from 3-6 days, on average. In some ice test challenges, Coleman Xtreme coolers hold ice longer than Yeti coolers.

Thick lids and walls keep Coleman Xtreme coolers nice and icy cold.  They don’t have a gasket though, which is what sets them apart from high-end brands of coolers.

They definitely do a better job than Grizzly, Rubbermaid, and Igloo brand coolers. Next time you see Coleman Xtreme coolers for sale, just look how different the prices are between the Yeti coolers.

We can tell you one thing: it isn’t because of how long they can hold ice.

Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale: Coleman Xtreme Durability

Coleman Xtreme durability plays a critical role in setting them apart from high-end coolers. The reason they’re cheaper, of course, is because they’re built from less expensive materials. If something’s going to break first on Coleman Xtremes, it’ll be the hinges.

If you’re rough on your equipment, you’ll probably break parts of Coleman Xtreme coolers in no time. Sure, they often hold ice longer than Grizzly coolers. But the reason people still shell out more cash for Grizzly and other high-end brands is their superior durability.

That being said, one mother of six kids has used a Coleman for about 2 decades, and it’s still in good shape. This is because she just needed a rigid cooler to hold ice for things like sitting on the sidelines and watching the kids compete in soccer matches. It wasn’t exposed to anything hardcore.

If your weekend style is house parties, you’ll probably be fine if all you need is an extra cold space for beer.

A word of advice, don’t get a Coleman Xtreme cooler just because it’s cheap. It isn’t worth it if you’re going to be rough with it. You’ll only end up spending more overall, because you’ll end up replacing it at least every 1-2 years.

Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale: Coleman Xtreme Construction 

Coleman Xtreme construction happens 100% in the USA. It’s as American as reality tv, Disney World, and McDonalds. The construction style goes hand in hand with Coleman Xtreme ease of use.

Coleman Xtreme cooler lids feature an “EZ-Clean” smooth surface and can hold up to 250lbs. They also have molded-in cup holders.

The lids are one of the reasons Coleman Xtreme coolers ease of use is so good. They’re easy to open, close, and clean, and they double up as cup holders. What more do we need?

One thing to watch out for is leakage, as they don’t have strong seals like you’ll find in high-end ice chests. You’ll be fine if you only intend to carry your cooler about 100 feet or so.


The insulation is low CO2 to lessen carbon emissions due to foam manufacturing.


The Coleman Xtreme 28 Quart has a pull-up handle with a rubbery grip. Larger coolers feature 2-way carry handles, and wheeled models feature large tow-handles.

The plastic handles may be uncomfortable if you carry your cooler longer than roughly 100 ft.


Coleman Xtreme coolers feature a no-leak channel drain. You won’t have to worry about taking out a drain plug and subsequently losing it. (The Coleman Xtreme 28 Quart doesn’t have a drain.) While collecting information for our review of Coleman Xtreme coolers for sale, we didn’t come across any reviewers complaining about the drains!


Coleman Xtreme coolers with wheels are helpful when you want the option for one person to carry a large cooler. The wheels are plastic and set wide apart at one end of the cooler.

As you can see, Coleman Xtreme ease of use goes together with its’ construction. Our favorite characteristic is how easy it is to carry these coolers for short distances. (They’re not meant for long-distance transportation.) If you decide to take a shopping spree and look at Coleman Xtreme coolers for sale, you’ll have plenty of options. The small 28 quart has a simple one-person handle. The larger sizes feature simple 2-way handles for two people to carry them. And if you choose to get a wheeled cooler, one person can comfortably pull a large cooler across flat surfaces.

Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale: Coleman Xtreme Ease of Use Overall

Coleman Xtreme ease of use is far better than a high-end cooler made for heavy duty use. You won’t have trouble draining these things, that’s for sure! Their smooth lids make them easy to clean, cutting down on the worst part of partying – the aftermath. You’ll be sipping hair of the dog and be finished in no time.

Cleaning up isn’t fun. But Coleman Xtreme coolers are easy to clean, with their “EZ-Clean” surfaces. You’ll be finished in no time. The lack of external hardware is awesome when you need to cram it in your already-full trunk.

Coleman Xtremes are also much easier to carry. They’re so light, they won’t cramp your style. The rubbery grip on the Coleman Xtreme 28 Quart makes it comfortable for one person to carry. Just watch out for water spilling out if you’re carrying them for a long distance.

Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale: Xtreme Marine Cooler Construction

Coleman Xtreme marine coolers construction is like the other Coleman Xtreme coolers, with the addition of:

  • UV protection
  • Stainless steel hardware that is resilient against rust
  • Protection from fungus, mildew, mold, and odor due to an antimicrobial liner
  • Integrated fish ruler (Not the 28 Quart Coastal Marine Series)
  • Cutting board included (Not the 28 Quart)
  • Leak-resistant channel drain (Not the 28 Quart)
  • Dry storage tray (Only the 150 Quart)

There’s a reason the Coleman Xtreme Marine series was #1 in our review of Best Marine Coolers. They have everything you need in a marine cooler.

Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale: Coleman Xtreme Parts

Happen to break a part? No problem! Coleman Xtreme parts are replaceable and include:

  • Plastic Hinge Sets
  • Drain Assembly
  • Stainless Steel Hinge Sets
  • Lid Kits including hinge pins

Coleman Xtreme accessories also include a Cold Glow cooler light and 17.5 x 20” seat cushion.

Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale: Coleman Xtreme Prices

If you’re the house party type, Coleman Xtreme prices are likely cheaper than the money you spend on booze each month. They range from $39.99 to $149.99.

The 24 Can Party Stacker Cooler costs $19.99 a month and isn’t only for holding cans. It’s great for snacks and can fit 13 x 9” serving dishes. The stacker coolers are designed to stack on top of each other when in storage. Although this isn’t a Coleman Xtreme, our review of Coleman Xtreme coolers for sale wouldn’t be complete without it.

The Coleman Xtreme 120 Quart cooler costs $109.99. For comparison, that is $130 to $140 cheaper than the smallest Yeti, Orca, and Grizzly brand coolers.

Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale: Coleman Xtreme Warranty

Coleman Xtreme coolers for sale come with a limited 1-year warranty. Considering how these coolers’ low level of durability, we think it’s too short. This is when you really need to think about how often you’ll use your cooler and how rough the terrain.

Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale: Coleman Xtreme Dealers

Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target, DICK’s Sporting Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, Cabela’s, Sam’s Club, Bass Pro Shops, and more stores which offer Coleman Xtreme coolers. Chances are, you have at least one of this in your town/city or won’t have to drive far to find one.

You can also order directly from the Coleman website, though it will probably cost more than other places. As always, we can’t say enough things about ordering through Amazon. It’s one of the cheapest online stores on the web!

Review of Coleman Xtreme Coolers for Sale: So…should you buy one?

Considering the lower quality of construction, durability, and ultra-short length of warranty, the Coleman Xtreme Series isn’t for everyone. These coolers do have decent ice retention, they’re easy to use, and notably less expensive.

If you’re going for a day-long road trip and just want to keep some food and drinks cold in your car, a Coleman Xtreme is all you need. You’re not going to be rough with it – so why pay hundreds more for a high-end cooler?Read about more robust options in our cooler archive if you need a heavy-duty ice chest.

Whatever you need to party hard on the weekends, Chuggie is here to help!

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