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Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale: All the Info You Need, in One Place

Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale: Overview

Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale LogoThanks for visiting! We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about Igloo Sportsman, Trailmate, and Playmate Series. Read on for the down low on warranty, ease of use, durability, ice retention, and more.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 households in the US use Igloo Coolers? There’s truly something for everyone. Igloos make the perfect outdoor party ice chests, fishing coolers, and everything in between.

Sit back, relax, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale: Igloo Cooler Ice Retention

Despite the sizeable price difference, Igloo Coolers hold ice about as long as Yeti Coolers. At least 2” of foam in the lid and 1.5-2” body foam lock the cold air in and keep the hot air out.

In fact, in Field & Stream’s ice test, the Igloo Cooler placed fifth out of 12, outperforming well-known brands like Icey-Tek, Canyon, and Grizzly.

Under extreme heat though, it may be a different story. One challenge attempted to replicate the tests done in Igloo’s labs. Testers filled the Igloo Sportsman 40 with 10lbs of ice and four cans of beer. They left it out to bake in 90° weather, and all the ice was gone after just 72 hours. No wonder it’s called the Ice Death Match Challenge!

On average, Igloo Coolers hold ice for 2-5 days.

Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale: Igloo Cooler Construction & Features

  • Roto-molded plastic walls and lid
  • Hard plastic swing-up handles
  • Big, threaded drain plug with tether
  • T-shaped, pull-down rubber latches
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Textured lid
  • Two lid lock points
  • Integrated Lid Hinges with Aluminum Rods
  • Molded-in fish ruler

Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale: Igloo Cooler Durability

Igloo rot0 molds their Sportsman Series  to compete with brands like Engel, Pelican, and Yeti. The build is effective, but Igloo uses a weaker kind of plastic, called polyethylene. Additionally, the two-pin hinge design isn’t as strong as the single-pin system on most top-end ice chests.

If you need a cooler built to last through things like wilderness camping and hunting, consider paying more for a more durable cooler. The hinges, latches, and handles won’t last long in conditions like those.

This brand isn’t wimpy, though. Igloo Coolers are dependable and well-suited for camping in campgrounds, music festivals, and other outdoor recreation that doesn’t involve a lot of jostling around.

On the bright side, the Interagency Grizzly Bear Agency certified Igloos as grizzly bear proof. Rest assured that no matter where you go, no bear is going to eat your lunch.

Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale: Igloo Cooler Prices

You’ll love these prices, especially if you’re on a tight budget. They range from $126 for the Sportsman 20 to $299.99 for the Sportsman 70. It’s even cheaper if you order from Igloo’s online store, as you can apply promo codes and discounts.

Even better, buy from Amazon and get a 20 quart for as low as $127.04, plus free shipping.

Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale: Igloo Cooler Warranty

The length of warranty depends on the type of cooler. Trailmate, Playmate, and Marine coolers are only covered for a year.

Sportsman Coolers are a different story, with warranties lasting for 5 years. (That’s the exact same warranty as Yeti brand coolers, so that’s saying something!)

Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale: Igloo Cooler Ease of Use

Igloo Coolers are incredibly easy to use, which earned them a lot of points in our books. They’re easy to squeeze into full cars because of their recessed handles and latches. These features also help you carry them with ease, so you can move them from point A to point B in a jiffy.

Another win for Igloos is that they drain fast, due to their extra-large, 2” drain plugs. The fact that they’re attached with a tether only make us love them more. Thoughtful features like an integrated cutting board and ruler add the finishing touches.

Cutting boards, rulers, and attached drain plugs might seem trivial, but they’re more significant than you may think. One of the most challenging aspects of outdoor hobbies is keeping track of all the gear you bring with you. Even these 3 parts free up packing space. Better yet, that’s 3 less things to keep track of.

Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale: Igloo Playmate Coolers

The Igloo Playmate is a small, grab-and-go cooler lunchbox, perfect for things like bringing lunch to work and or a day at the dunes.

Igloo’s trademark tent-top design is the secret to the Playmate’s success for a few reasons:
1. Molded-in handle makes it comfortable and easy to carry with just one hand.
2. The lid features a push-button lid for easy opening.
3. The lid slides to both sides of the cooler, so you can choose depending on what you want to take out of the cooler.
4. This type of lid helps stop spills from happening.

Playmates aren’t made for heavy duty kind of stuff, but they have their place. A Playmate would make a great lunch pail for work.

Igloo Cooler Price, Playmate: $29.99
Igloo Cooler Capacity, Playmate: 16 quarts
Price of Playmate Mini (4 quarts): $14.99
Price of Playmate Pal (7 quarts) : $19.99

Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale: Igloo Trailmate

The Igloo Trailmate is as different from the Playmate as possible. Igloo’s description says it all: “Party anywhere you want with the ultimate all-terrain cooler.”

With two tough, over-sized wheels, its equipped for you take through rocky, sandy, and wooded terrains.

The dual bottle openers, butler tray, molded-in cup holders are practically screaming “perfect party companion.” Just add beer and ice.

Not only is the Igloo Trailmate perfect for partying outside, it’s easy to use, thanks to features like a mobile stand, glide handle & larger telescoping handle, threaded drainplugs, and tie-down loops.

If you spend a lot of time partying outside with friends, the Trailmate is perfect for you.

Price: $299.99
Ice Retention: 2-4 days
Capacity: 70 Quarts

Review of Igloo Coolers for Sale: Final Thoughts

We’re the FUN Company, which means our #1 goal is to help you get the top-notch equipment/accessories to accompany you on weekend ventures. It’s also important to us that you don’t pay more than necessary. After all, leftover cash equals extra beer money.

In terms of the Playmate and Trailmate series, you simply can’t go wrong. They’re not durable, but they’re ultra convenient

The Igloo Sportsman is for outdoors people who enjoy moderate activities. It’s cost effective, easy to use, and has good ice retention. It’ll serve you well for backyard barbecues, family reunions, and occasional camping trips.

Whether or not you decide on an Igloo, thanks for stopping by. You’re one step closer to sipping a drink by the lake, without a care in the world…

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