Best Golf Carry Bags Review

Reviews of the Best Carry Golf Bags for Sale 2018

On the Quest for the Lightest Golf Carry Bag:
Reviews of the Best Carry Golf Bags on the Market
Do you enjoy golfing with simplicity, walking the shorter coursers and only bringing the bare necessities? If so, Golf Carry Bags are the perfect golf bags for your golfing style! In this post, we’re going to share with you reviews of the Best Carry Golf Bags, from carry golf bags with stands to golf bags with shockingly low prices.
You’ll find detailed, well-researched information in these reviews, so you can save time shopping and make an informed purchase decision.

Overview of the Best Carry Golf Bags Review


#1. The Lightest Carry Golf Bag with the Best Value

Knight’s Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag
Reviews of the Best Carry Golf Bags for Sale

Best Carry Golf Bags Review
At 1.9 lbs, you’ll hardly remember you’re carrying a golf bag!
If your goal is to find the best carry bag golf that is budget-friendly, the Pitt and Putt Lightweight Golf Bag Stand may be right for you. Below are the basic specs and highlights, including weight, size, number of pockets, and other important details.

Best Carry Golf Bags – Highlights of the Pitch and Putt

Best Carry Golf Bag Reviews
Knight’s golf bag features a 2 way divided top and easy grip handle.
  • Weighs 1.9 lbs
  • 31.5″ long, with an opening of 3.25″ by 4.25″
  • Available in Black, Brick Red, Blue, and Orange
  • Crafted from lightweight polyester
  • As can be seen in the picture to the right, this best stand carry golf bag features a two divider top with a sturdy top handle.
  • Features a single accessory pocket
  • Tiny spring clip for attaching a towel
  • Holds 4-8 clubs

Best Carry Golf Bags Review – Best Uses of the Pitch and Putt

The Pitch and Putt is ultra-simplistic, so it’s best for places where you’ll have limited storage space. Because it’s so small, it’s also great for travel.

Another great use is for beginner golfers who just want to learn the basics. There isn’t much room for accessories, so this bag is definitely best suited for executive golf courses. It’s also one of the lightest golf carry bag options in this price/value range.

Video Demo #1
Knight Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

Special Considerations for Knight’s Pitch and Putt Best Golf Carry Bag

Keep in mind that this handy dandy little carry golf stand bag does not come with a raincover. So just make sure to add a great bargain raincover to your cart before checking out. And you’ll be good to go!

Price Rating: less than $

Overall Assessment: 

Overall, the Pitch and Putt Golf Carry Bag is a solid utilitarian golf course bag for the price. With plenty of positive owner reviews to back up our impression, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best cheap golf carry bags on the market. Although it isn’t the lightest golf carry bag, it’s pretty darn close at 1.9 lbs.

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#2. The Most Versatile Lightweight Carry Golf Bag



 CaddyDaddy’s Ranger Lightweight Golf Carry Bag
Best Carry Golf Bags Review

Second in our reviews of the Best Golf Carry Bags is Caddy Daddy’s Ranger Lightweight Golf Carry Bag. This bag is extremely affordable and is the most versatile, multipurpose golf bag out of these 5 top carry golf bags.

Best Travel Golf Bags
The Caddy Daddy’s durable fabric and TSA-friendly zippers make it a great Travel Golf Bag. 

Highlights of this Best Carry Golf Bag

  • Weighs 3.5 lbs
  • 5″ rigid tube, molded base
  • 51″ long (for 460cc drivers)
  • Crafted from 1680 Denier Nylon Fabric
  • Available in Black/Navy and Black/Grey
  • Features lockable zippers for travel
  • Rubber Grip Handle
  • Towel Ring, 3 Zippered Pockets
  • Padded top

Best Uses

Caddy Daddy’s Lightweight Golf Carry Bag is best for executive courses. Additionally, it’s a great Golf Travel Bag.

While it’s by no means the lightest golf carry bag, it is light enough to carry comfortably. It boasts of strong fabric and TSA-friendly lockable zippers, making it the ultimate dual-purpose golf bag. With the 3 pockets, there’s a bit more room than in simplistic golf carry bags like Knight’s Pitch and Putt single-pocket bag.

Special Considerations

One thing to keep in mind is that the Caddy Daddy is on the heavy end of the spectrum for lightweight golf carry bags. However, the extra weight is due to the “additional” functions. Having a carry golf bag that doubles as a Travel Golf Bag is invaluable.

Additionally, the 1-Year warranty and outstanding customer service for Amazon customers is a huge game changer.

Price Rating: $

Final Assessment:

Overall, this is one heck of a deal! The Caddy Daddy golf carry bag doubles as an authentic golf travel bag and a simple mini course golf bag. And not only is it affordable, but it comes with a 1 year warranty, as well.

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#3. The Best Golf Bag Drink Coolers

Lifoam’s Koolit Coolers
Reviews of the Best Carry Golf Bags for Sale

Unlike the other Sunday Carry Golf Bags in this review, Koolit Golf Coolers aren’t the true over-the-shoulder strap, golf-club-carrying bags that are characteristic of true carry golf bags. However, they’re such a great addition to any top carry golf bag review. Beer + Golf. How much better can it get?

Best Carry Golf Bags Review
Click for more Patterns/Colors available

Koolit Coolers: Collapsible Golf Bag Beer Coolers

Koolit Collapsible Golf Beer Cooler Bags are pretty straightforward. Below are some of the basics:

  • Each golf bag drink cooler can hold 12 drink cans plus ice or
  • Two wine bottles or
  • Two 2-liter bottles
  • Collapsible – when empty, they fold down to 1″ thick
  • Dimensions: 9.5″ x 7″ x 18″
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces
  • Lifoam’s Koolit Coolers come in three different patterns: Budweiser, Palm Trees, and Golf Clubs.

Sound like something you could add to your golfing equipment? For a full article review, check out Koolit Coolers: Snazziest Golf Bag Beer Coolers on the Market.

Video Demo #2:
Lifoam’s Koolit Golf Bag
Best Carry Golf Bags Review

As is the case with pretty much any product, a visual review is just as helpful (if not more!) than a written review. Below is a video demonstrating Koolit Coolers. (Additionally, the short video includes reviews of Lifoam’s other insulated camping coolers.

Because of these different patterns, these nifty cooler bags are also great for going to the beach or having a picnic at the park.

Price Rating: less than $

Overall Assessment:

Overall, Lifoam’s Koolit Coolers are stylish, affordable little golf bag drink coolers. The price is more than fair, and the coolers perform extremely well!

Additionally, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of them. They aren’t just for golf; you can also enjoy them at the beach, park, or on a picnic.

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#4. The Lightest Carry Golf Stand Bag


Callaway Hyperlite Zero 2017 Double Strap
Best Carry Golf Bags Reviews

The Callaway Hyperlite Zero Double Strap  is another excellent golf carry bag with stand. In fact, we’ve already featured it as the Lightest Golf Stand Bag in our Reviews of the Best Golf Stand Bags. Callaway is known for its premium golf equipment, and this lightweight golf carry bag holds up Callaway’s reputation for high-end, premium products.

Best Carry Golf Bag Reviews
Follow the link for more Pictures/Colors

Highlights of this Best Sunday Golf Bag with Legs

  • 2.5 lbs
  • 4-way divided top with 2 full-length dividers
  • Drink pocket
  • Towel Holder
  • Pen Holder
  • Accessory pocket with key fob
  • Carbon Fiber Legs
  • Soft Mesh Hip Pad
  • Removable Ball Pocket
  • Internal Mesh Pocket

Best Uses

Callaway’s Hyperlite Zero is one of the Best Golf Carry Bags with Legs available.

It’s perfect for golfers who want a long-term golf bag with all the most convenient features. And if you’re shopping for a golfer, look no further. Here’s the perfect gift!

Best Golf Carry Bags Review
Way 2 Cool’s Mesh Cooling Towels are top rated best sellers. (Amazon Link)

Special Considerations

Cost may be a limiting factor for shoppers on a budget. Although the bag is worth the price, it’s a hefty fee for beginners or tight budgets.

Price Rating: $$$

Overall Assessment

Overall, the Callaway Hyperlite is the best lightweight carry bag in all of our golf bag reviews. It’s of the utmost quality, surprisingly lightweight, and it features all of the standard pockets and features.

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#5. The Lightest Golf Carry Bag

ProActive Sports 5″ Sunday Golf Bag
Best Carry Golf Bags Review

The ProActive Sports 5″ Sunday Bag is definitely the lightest golf carry bag on this list. And its low price will make your jaw drop. Even though it’s light as a feather and cheap as can be, this is still a respectable Best Carry Golf Bag.

Single Strap Carry Golf Bags Review
The 5″ ProActive Sports Single Strap Carry Golf Bag is the lightest on this list. (Click for more Pictures/Discounts)

Highlights of ProActive’s Lightest Golf Carry Bag

  • Weighs 1 lb!
  • Can be worn over one shoulder or as a messenger bag
  • Crafted from Polyester
  • 1 Padded Shoulder Strap
  • 1 Mesh Pocket
  • 2 Zippered Pockets
  • 1 Plastic Inner Pole
  • Wide Mouth
  • Accommodates 4-6 golf clubs

Best Uses

We recommend the ProActive Sports Single Strap for beginners. It has a simple design, and it doesn’t cost much.

Another common use for the ProActive Sports 5″ Lightest Golf Carry Bag is for executive courses. Since executive courses tend to be faster and easier, the single shoulder strap is just fine.

Lightest Carry Golf Bag Accessories
Stay cool with this Value 3-Pack of lightweight mesh golf towels.

Special Considerations

It’s important to realize that extremely cheap bags just don’t have the same quality as bags like Callaways or Sun Mountains. Therefore, keep in mind that this isn’t a good fit for frequent golfers. It just isn’t designed for heavy usage.

Price Rating: Less than $

Final Assessment

Overall, the reason we included the ProActive Sports 5″ Sunday Carry Bag in our Reviews of the Best Carry Golf Bags is because it performs exceptionally well for such a cheap bag. For those on a budget, it’ll work surprisingly well.

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Reviews of the Best Golf Carry Bags for Sale:
Where You Should Go From Here

If, after taking a gander at the six Best Golf Carry Bags reviewed above, you still want to see what’s out there, good news! We can direct you to other extremely valuable resources and reviews. First, make sure to peruse the rest of our Golf Bag Review articles. Then refresh your memory by taking a peak at the “How to Carry a Golf Bag” review video below.

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Bonus Video Demo:
How to Carry a Golf Bag

How you carry your new Sunday carry golf bag can have a big effect on comfort, overall experience, and muscle soreness/back pain. We find it helpful to review technnique, even with golfing experience! Below is a helpful video demo for both beginner and experienced golfers.

Like always, thanks for stopping by. Questions and comments are always welcome. We love hearing what you have to say. Cheers!

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