Best Hiking Hammock Review

2 Person Best Hiking Hammock Reviews

Best Hiking Hammock Reviews

“The Best Hiking Hammock Reviews: Finding the Best 2 Person Hammock Tent”
Hiking with a hammock is a great way to relax in nature, without weighing yourself down in the process. The following “Best Hiking Hammock Reviews” provide details regarding size, versatility, weight, material, and more.
Whether you’re looking for a 2 person hiking hammock to share with a mate, or you want a double hiking hammock for just yourself, the three hammocks in these reviews are truly among the Best Hiking Hammocks on the Market today.

Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock
“The Best Hiking Hammock with Great Versatility”


Best Hiking Hammock Reviews
Environmentally conscious? ENO is committed to “green” production. Follow the link for more pictures.
BEST VERSATILITY: Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock
SIZE: 9’4”L x 6’2”W (unfolded), double
WEIGHT: 1.19 lbs
TYPE: Inline design crafted of nylon taffeta for lightweight breathability
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 3 stars


It should come as no surprise that ENO’s best hiking hammock tops the list for quality when it comes to the best hiking hammocks on the market. After all, the core of this company is based on adventure and enjoying the outdoors!
That said, this affordable, versatile hiking hammock is our top pick for a convenient grab-and-go hammock. You’ll rest comfortably on many hikes, as this hammock can last for years! If you’re looking for a one-and-done purchase for your next hike, the Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Double Nest is your best pick.


Best Hiking Hammock
Remember to purchase hammock straps, since they aren’t included. Click for photos of straps designed just for ENO’s hammocks.

Bonus Features

Eno’s versatile best hiking hammock boasts of several extra features, including:

  1. Attached carabiners
  2. Included compressible stuff sack
  3. Premium triple interlock stitching
  4. Breathable nylon construction
  5. Durable nautical line

This Best Hiking Hammock has a bonus feature better than the others: it’s earth-friendly!

Additionally, you can rest easy knowing this purchase helps preserve beautiful places to hike and enjoy the outdoors by generating minimal waste with it’s production.  Earth-friendly, pack-friendly, and butt-friendly, what more can you ask for?

Special Considerations

If you’re headed somewhere that lacks trees growing close together, you’ll need to purchase some hammock straps. Although considering the low price, straps are nothing to bat an eye at. 
Another thing to keep in mind is the breath-ability of this best hiking hammock. Its fantastic breath-ability makes this hammock perfect for milder temps, but it’s not the best choice for the fall or winter. If you do head out in the cold, pack an underquilt or some other form of insulation. 

Best Uses

This best hiking hammock tent is perfect for short day hikes when you need a quick break at treeline. Additionally, it works well for longer trips where you’ll be camping overnight.  It’s made for the outdoors and light enough to carry with you wherever you may roam. So hit the trails and find your new favorite place to relax with this hike-ready pick!

CUTEQUEEN Trading Nylon Hammock
“The Best Hiking Hammock With the Best Value”


Reviews Best Hiking Hammock
Follow the link for more pictures of this fun, affordable best hiking hammock.
SIZE: 130”L x 79”W
WEIGHT: 1.125 lbs
TYPE: Inline design, nylon construction
SET-UP: Carabiners and tree straps included
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 4 stars


If you want a cheap hammock, the CUTEQUEEN TRADING Nylon Hammock is the best hiking hammock for you. For less than the price of a hot meal, you can climb up the mountain with a hammock, carabiners, AND tree straps all tucked inside a neat package.

Bonus Features of this Best Hiking Hammock

  1. Impressive selection of color combinations
  2. Quick-drying fabric
The main selling point of this hammock is the wide variety of color combinations available. In fact, that’s one of the ways it edged out competitors as we compiled the “Best Hiking Hammock Reviews.” 
You’re guaranteed to find something to perfectly suit your style, whether you’re looking to stand out while camping or blend in with the wilderness around you.  The fabric also dries quickly, so if you’re hiking near water you don’t need to worry about waiting to swing after taking a dip!
Best Hiking Hammock Reviews
These LED lights are both magical AND practical. Follow the link for more pictures.

Special Considerations

Since this is the budget option, there can be some variation in construction quality. The included carabiners, paracord, and tree straps looked okay, but not long lasting.    
But at this price, you can afford to spring for more sturdy hanging mechanisms. But all this really means is to make sure you test it in your backyard before heading out on a hike. Especially if this is your only option!

Best Uses for this Best Hiking Hammock

This hammock is perfect for quick trips, as a backup for your usual rig, or as a budget option to really test your survival skills on minimal cash! It’s perfect for summer hikes up to a mountain lake or fall treks exploring the woods. So keep a couple of these handy, and get out there and enjoy!

Big Foot Double Nest Camping Hammock

“The Best Hiking Hammock for Balancing Budget with Versatility”

Best Hiking Hammock Reviews
The BigFoot Best Hiking Hammock is the best of both worlds: cheap – yet high quality.
A+ BUDGET & VERSATILITY: Big Foot Double Nest Camping Hammock
SIZE: 10’ 6”L x 6’6”W
WEIGHT: 1.1 lbs
TYPE: Inline design with nylon fabric construction
SET-UP: Carabiners and suspension straps included
CAN SUPPORT: 400 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 4 stars


This best hiking hammock is perfect for balancing budget and quality, and is perfect for a last minute mountain adventure, a tropical jungle expedition, or heading out to the desert to climb some rocks!  Basically, if you’re going to be scrambling, bouldering, or even just hiking normally, this is the hammock to take along.

Bonus Features

The included carabiners and tree straps make assembly easy and no-nonsense. Wrap everything up in the included stuff sack and you’re ready to go.  No need to over-engineer your pack, this hammock is compact enough to grab and ready whenever you are!
Best 2 Person Hiking Hammock Tent Review
If you plan to hike overnight, consider a comfy sleeping pad.

Special Considerations

While it’s all-inclusive functionally, the Big Foot Double Nest Camping Hammock doesn’t come in the widest range of colors. However, if you’re not worried about flashy colors, then you can’t lose!
Like all nylon hammocks, this one’s better to use in warm locations. For colder locales, make sure to bring an underquilt.

Best Uses for this Best Hiking Hammock

The Big Foot Double Nest Camping Hammock will serve you well for a quick hike along a nearby trail or during a lengthy trek up the steepest mountains! Affordable and ready to go, this hammock is the ideal pick for any hiking adventure that comes your way!

Let the Good Times Roll!

Maybe you want a 2 person hammock tent for yourself, so you have extra wiggle room. Or, you’re planning a romantic getaway with your sweetie. No matter the intended purpose, hopefully these Best Hiking Hammock Reviews cover double hammocks that are capable of holding the weight of two people.

Now that you’ve finished reading the Best Hiking Hammock Reviews, make sure to poke around the rest of the blog for cooler and tent reviews, as well as fun game ideas. Make your weekend the best it can be!

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Best Hammock Brands Featured

Weekend Review: Best Hammock Brands

Best Hammock Brands

While there’s tons of hammock brands on the market, some are certainly better than others. Each hammock needs to be evaluated individually, but if you’re in the market for a hammock and not sure where to start, checking out some of these best hammock brands is a great way to start your investigation.

Hennessy Hammocks Review “Best Quality” 

Hennessy Hammock Best Hammock Brands
Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

BEST QUALITY:  Hennessy Hammocks
SIZE: Only singles available
WEIGHT:  Average of 2lbs
TYPE: Inline design camping hammocks with nylon construction
COST: $79.95 and up
SET-UP: Rainfly included, bug nets and suspending ropes attached, brand’s “snake skin” stuff sacks recommended
CAN SUPPORT: 185-300 lbs, depending on model
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


Hennessy Hammocks are the brand du jour for camping, since they’re made with the highest quality materials with an intense attention to detail.  

They generally come with two options for each “series”: the classic style that has a velcro-secured bottom entry, and the zip style that allows you to remove the bug net so you can sit in it when lounging around camp.  

This seemingly minor detail can make all the difference in your camping experience, depending on how you want to use the hammock.  For either style though, the innovative design and quality of materials are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Bonus Features

These hammocks generally come with the suspending ropes attached, as well as bug nets and an included rainfly.  They are constructed of high quality nylon, with specific varieties of this material used dependent on the type of hammock being constructed.  Instructions for setup are included on the stuff sack, though basic knowledge of knot tying is helpful for the hanging process.

Special Considerations

Since these hammocks are only single-sleepers, they’re not ideal for backyard use or a couple’s camping trip.  Additionally, since they’re made of breathable nylon fabric, most are not suitable for winter or overly-cool fall camping situations unless outfitted with additional insulation.  The brand does sell underquilts, and combined with a suitable sleeping bag, you can certainly stay comfortable in all but the absolute coldest climes.

Best Uses

These hammocks are the go-to brand to keep you safe from the elements.  If you’re heading out with a group or on a solo adventure someplace wet, buggy, and hard to get to, these hammocks will make what sounds like a disaster of a trip into a pleasant camping experience!  They’re perfect for backpacking through tropical jungles or kayaking through the Everglades, but they can certainly be used in the backyard on balmy nights just as well!

Best Choice Hammocks Review “Best Value”

Best Choice Hammocks Best Hammock Brands

BEST VALUE: Best Choice Hammocks
SIZE: Varies depending on type and whether or not a stand is included
WEIGHT: 3.4lbs to about 50lbs, depending on style
TYPE: Inline and spread designs available
COST: $29.99 and up
SET-UP: All components included for hammocks with stands, tree straps or posts with hooks needed for portable options
CAN SUPPORT: Around 185 lbs for single hammocks, and 400lbs for double
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


Best Choice Hammocks are the ultimate when you’re buying based on value. With products that come with a stand and would look great in your backyard, to portable selections suitable for light camping, they’re guaranteed to have something to suit your needs and budget.

Bonus Features

This brand features a lot of hammocks with stands, which is helpful if you have a treeless backyard or are intending to use your hammock indoors.  While the fabric varies depending on the hammock purchased, this brand does boast quite a few 100% cotton options if you’re not a fan of the go-to nylon commonly used by other brands.

Special Considerations

Stand and hammock combos are common with this brand, but they do take up a lot of space.  There are a few truly portable options, but the vast majority of Best Choice Hammocks are the type to leave set up in one location after assembly.

Additionally, as the budget option, the quality of construction with this brand can vary a bit, so it’s always good to test these hammocks at home before taking them on a trip or offering as a seat for guests!

Best Uses

This brand’s hammocks are EXCELLENT for a casual outdoor hammock, or if you’re looking into using a hammock as a bed (either for you or guests!) Since they have plenty of options with cotton construction, they’re more cozy and comfortable than camping hammocks, but still easy to setup and use!

Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock Review “Best Versatility”

Eagle Nest Outfitters Best Hammock Brands

BEST VERSATILITY: Eagles Nest Outfitters
SIZE: Double and single hammocks available
WEIGHT: 1-2 lbs, depending on model
TYPE: Solid colored nylon construction with inline design
COST: $59.95 and up
SET-UP: Comes with carabiners attached, tree straps sold separately
CAN SUPPORT: 200-400 lbs, depending on model
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


If you’re looking for a hammock that can be used pretty much anywhere for not a lot of dough, I’ve got three letters for you : E-N-O.  This brand is dedicated to creating high-quality hammocks that can go anywhere, and they’re interested in forcing you to break the bank to do it.  From camping, to festivals, to backyard relaxation, Eagles Nest Outfitters has a hammock to enhance your experience.

Bonus Features

Their main products are the SingleNest and DoubleNest varieties of hammock, which come with convenient stuff sacks and attached carabiners.  These hammocks are perfect for packing in your car or backpack to set up wherever you find a nice tree, sturdy post, or anything that you can clip both ends to. Then just lean back and relax!

Special Considerations

These hammocks are all made of nylon, so they’re very breathable and not suitable for colder trips.  Additionally, the colors of the hammocks vary wildly, since the company is committed to reducing waste.  While not a problem for some, it’s worth keeping in mind to not plan your outfit or backyard color scheme around this-or at least not until you get it.

Best Uses

This hammock is perfect for anywhere you want to kick back and relax!  Whether you’re on a beach on a sunny day, taking a break while backpacking through the mountains, or relaxing between shows at a music festival, this is the ultimate hammock in terms of portability and versatility.


Whether you need a hammock for your backyard or the backcountry, these brands are the cream of the crop to start your search. You can guarantee yourself the best with Hennessy, save some cash with Best Choice, or split the difference with Eagles Nest Outfitters, but no matter how you choose you can rest easy knowing your brand is the absolute best.  

Still searching for the best in another area? We’ve got the lowdown on which coolers, drinking games, and beer holders will take your weekend to the next level. Be sure to check out the rest of the site to learn more!

Best Hammock Straps Featured

Weekend Review: Best Hammock Straps

Best Hammock Straps

You finally did it: you found the perfect hammock and are planning the perfect backpacking adventure to use it.  But before you head out to the great outdoors, make sure you don’t forget a critical part of using your hammock: the STRAPS! Don’t worry though we’ve taken the time to research the best hammock straps for your perfect hammock.

Without straps you’ll just be sitting in a fancy tarp on the ground. Luckily we did the hard work for you and found the best hammock straps to help make sure your hammock experience lets you swing the time away!

Golden Eagle Hammock Tree Straps Set Review

Best Hammock Straps Golden Eagle Hammock Tree Straps Set
Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

OUR PICK: Golden Eagle Hammock Tree Straps Set
SIZE: 9” L x 1.5” W
WEIGHT: 17oz, including carrying pouch
TYPE: 18 hole adjustable, polyester construction
COST:  $14.99
SET-UP: Carabiners needed if not attached to hammock
CAN SUPPORT: 150kgs/330lbs for each strap, or 300kgs/660lbs together
RELAX-O-METER: 4.5 stars

Check out the Golden Eagle Hammock Tree Straps Set on Amazon


These hammock straps are an absolute necessity when taking an adventure to get away from it all and relax in the portable hammock of your choice.  Not only are they strong and durable, but they’re blissfully lightweight so they won’t add much undue burden to your pack or picnic basket.

They work with most hammocks on the market, though it’s recommended that the hammock you purchase to use with these comes with carabiners attached, or you’ll need to purchase those separately to attach everything together.  The maker of course recommends the Golden Eagle silk parachute double hammock to hang with these straps, but any hammock from your brand of choice will work perfectly.  Hennessy, ENO, and Grand Trunk all make great products, or you can explore other reviews on our site for specific recommendations depending on your desired hammock purpose.

Bonus Features

The triple seams of these straps add strength and durability, and while they might not be the best pick for ultra-lightweight backpacking, they ensure that this is a high quality product that you can use for years to come.

These straps also come with a nice waterproof carrying pouch to make them easy to find and grab, while keeping things tidy in your pack.

Special Considerations

Though not strictly necessary, double looping the straps or hooking them over a sturdy branch are recommended to add some extra stability to your hammock setup while using these straps.  

The friction of the tightly pulled polyester against tree bark is usually plenty to keep things in place, but double looping feels undeniably more secure.

Hooking around trees with large diameters might make this difficult, but when dealing with medium or small diameter trees, it can make all the difference in your relaxation experience!

Additionally, though rated for very high strength, it’s recommended you refrain from using these straps for any cliff side or other rock-attached hammock situations. Always test your equipment (including straps!) before each use and stay within your comfort and experience levels to ensure your safety in the great outdoors!

Best Uses

These straps are most useful for outdoor adventure type purposes, and they ways they can be used are virtually limitless!  Of course they can be used to quickly set up a hammock anywhere from your backyard to a mountain campsite, but they can also be used to secure food and other fragrant items up in trees if you happen to be camping in bear country.  

The strength of the straps and the adjustable quality provided by the loops can make it easy to hoist your edibles away from wildlife looking for a free lunch, but make sure you have a safe way of retrieving your items before storing them out reach!

Since they cause little damage to the tree or post you’re wrapping them around, they’re also helpful if you’re practicing survival type applications or simply trying to minimize your impact on the environment.

Their lack of stretch also makes them suitable for tie-downs when transporting items in a pickup, though this is technically an “off label” type use, so proceed at your own risk.

Read More Golden Eagle Hammock Tree Straps Set Owner Reviews On Amazon


These hammock straps are a great option for your next hiking adventure, and allow you to quickly set up your portable hammock without causing damage to the trees or posts you choose to hang from.  Their superb durability that comes from triple stitching means you’re getting some serious bang for your buck, while ensuring you’ll be able to use them for several years time.

In general, if you’re looking to sway in your hammock in a jungle or on a mountain top, you’ll be happy to have brought these straps along to help keep your butt off the ground because we truly feel there the best hammock straps available!

Weekend Review: Best Backyard Hammocks

Best Backyard Hammocks

Whether you need a hammock to relax in under trees or to set up poolside, there’s a perfect pick for your desired quality, versatility and budget! We’ve done the hard work for you, so making the right choice for buying the best backyard hammocks is as easy as enjoying it.

Fatboy Headdemock Hammock Review “Best Quality”

Best Backyard Hammocks Fatboy Headdemock Hammock, Olive
Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

BEST QUALITY: Fatboy Headdemock Hammock
SIZE: 110”L x 55“W x 42”H
WEIGHT:  58.5 lbs
TYPE: Spread hammock with polyester mesh construction
COST: $308.70 – $499.99
SET-UP: All components included, assembled in about 10 minutes
CAN SUPPORT: 440 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 4 stars

Check out the Fatboy Headdemock Hammock on Amazon 


This hammock is the ultimate in comfort and style out of the best backyard hammocks, and can easily be used post-pool as well as in drier backyards.  It has several layers of non-woven polyester fabric and filling that allows it to be plush while remaining water and stain resistant, while the steel frame is easy to assemble perfect for tree-less decks or patios.

Bonus Features

A fairly straightforward setup, this hammock’s quality comes from it’s cushy layers of material, large size, and variety of colors.  It features a steel spreader bar to keep the fabric taut, while the slight bend in the middle allows you to lay comfortably by yourself or with company.

Special Considerations

At just under 60lbs, this hammock is far from portable, so it’s recommended to keep it in the location you set it up in.  If you live anywhere outside the the tropical climate zone, a weatherproof cover sold separately on Amazon is a worthwhile investment to protect this hammock if it’ll be living outside during the winter.

Additionally, the polyester mesh might be irritating to some, so line with more comfortable fabrics if necessary.

Best Uses

This hammock could certainly serve as an excellent outdoor couch…or even replace your indoor one! The large size of this hammock allows for multi-person seating, so use it anywhere you want to relax with your favorite people and pets!

Read More Fatboy Headdemock Hammock Owner Reviews on Amazon 

Zeny Double Hammock Review “Best Value”

Best Backyard Hammocks Zeny Double Hammock Featured
Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

BEST VALUE: Zeny Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand
SIZE: 46.9”L x  9.4”W, double
WEIGHT: 29.9 lbs
TYPE: Inline design with cotton fabric and steel frame
COST: $68.99
SET-UP: All components included, no tools required for assembly
CAN SUPPORT: 450 lbs, 2 adults
RELAX-O-METER: 4 stars

Check out the Zeny Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand on Amazon


For under $100, this hammock can’t be beat.  The comfortable cotton fabric and sturdy stand make it a great value buy for turning your backyard into a relaxing oasis.  Since it can support two people, this hammock is great for relaxing with someone special-even if that someone’s of the canine variety!

Bonus Features

A carrying case is included to allow for convenient storage and moderate portability.  The stand is included and easy to assemble, and the hammock is constructed of 100% cotton fabric.

Special Considerations

As the budget option, this hammock can seem underwhelming for some. However, if you simply need an easy-to-assemble basic fabric hammock and stand, this choice really can’t be beat.  If the hammock itself is really not your style, other users have found that swapping it out for sometime more stylish is compatible with the included stand.

Additionally, the cotton material is not particularly quick drying, so it’s best to avoid after-pool lounging.

Best Uses

This hammock is ideal for placing on a deck or under some trees.  It’s a moderately priced piece that can help take your backyard from boring to completely serene!  Though the cotton fabric is cozy enough to get you through most of the fall with ease, this hammock is best utilized indoors during the winter months.

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Pawley’s Island Original Rope Hammock Review “Best Versatility”

Best Backyard Hammocks Pawleys Island Original Collection Large DuraCord Rope Hammock
Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

BEST VERSATILITY: Pawley’s Island Original Collection Large Duracord Rope Hammock
SIZE: 82“L x 55“W
WEIGHT: 12.6 lbs
TYPE: Spread with 3 ply polyester rope construction
COST: $142.99
SET-UP: Zinc plated tree hooks included, can also be used with separately sold stant
CAN SUPPORT: 450 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 4.5 stars

Check out the Pawley’s Island Original Collection Large Duracord Rope Hammock on Amazon


If you’re looking for a hammock that can handle both poolside fun and serene tree shade seclusion this is the choice for you. The polyester duracord rope is quick drying but still shockingly soft, and the water resistant oak spreader bar can withstand years worth of elements without issue.

Bonus Features

This hammock is a fairly straightforward addition to your backyard dream landscape. It comes with two tree hooks to aid in hanging it up if attaching to a tree, but can also be used with a hammock stand.

It’s stylish enough to be used under trees or on a deck, and, if used with a stand, can be utilized indoors as well.

Special Considerations

Though tree hooks are included, if you don’t have large trees in your backyard, a stand will need to be purchased separately.

Additionally, though the rope and wooden spreader bar are fairly weather resistant, it’s recommended to store this hammock indoors during heavy rains and the winter season.

Best Uses

Since it is a rope hammock, this hammock is naturally breezy and best used during the warmer months.  It can be utilized during the day to relax in after a dip in the pool, or throughout the evening to enjoy a few moments of calm outdoors before you head in for the night.

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Whether you’re optimizing for price and going with the Zeny Double or are going all out with the Fatboy Headdemock, you can’t go wrong with adding one of these hammocks to your backyard or best backyard hammocks collection. Need a final touch to make your yard absolutely perfect? We’ve got reviews for coolers and a plethora of drinking games to help make your backyard the ultimate summer hangout.  Check out the rest of the site and let us know your best backyard hammocks!

Best Hammocks For Camping Featured

Weekend Review: Best Hammocks for Camping

Best Hammocks For Camping

We’re breaking down the best hammocks for camping to suite your needs. Whether you’re car camping and just want a place to relax, or you’re backpacking and need something that keeps you off the ground and is lighter than a tent, hammocks are a great addition to your camping supplies!

Hennessy Expedition Series Classic Hammock Review “Best Quality”

Best Hammocks For Camping Hennessy Expedition Series Classic Hammock
Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

BEST QUALITY: Hennessy Expedition Series Classic Hammock
SIZE: 8’4″L x 4’0″W
WEIGHT: 2.6 lbs
TYPE: Inline packable, with attached bug net and included rainfly
COST: $160.00
SET-UP: All components included
CAN SUPPORT: 250 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars

Check out the Hennessy Expedition Series Classic Hammock on Amazon


This hammock is the creme de la creme of best hammocks for camping. Lightweight, yet all-inclusive with all components included for quick setup once you reach your desired campsite.

The patented bottom entry and center balance design help make entering, exiting, and enjoying this hammock as easy as possible.

Bonus Features

A mesh pocket can be found on the ridgeline, while the diamond shaped rainfly is lightweight and wrinkle-resistant.  The webbed straps are designed to help prevent damage to tree bark and polyester suspending ropes are included.  

There are also glove hooks, carabiner loops, and the entire construction is bug-, wind-, and waterproof. The included stuff sack makes the whole setup easy to pack and unpack.

Special Considerations

The rainfly included is effective, but a bit on the small side. If you’re camping in particularly damp terrain, additional water protection is recommended.  It’s also not ideal for especially cold environments, as the lightweight breathable fabric could leave you under-insulated.

Additionally, though it can technically accommodate people up to 6ft in height, if you measure in above 5’7”, you’ll likely have to sleep on the diagonal. This can prove uncomfortable for some, and lead to your legs or feet falling asleep.

Best Uses

This is a great first-time hammock camping choice, as it can be utilized in a wide variety of locations.  Obviously it’s best for camping in wooded areas (like up in the mountains!) but anywhere you can find a couple of trees or posts at a good distance will be suitable for this hammock’s setup.

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Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock Review “Best Value”

Best Hammocks For Camping Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock Featured
Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

BEST VALUE: Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock
SIZE: 9’6” L x 4’6” W
WEIGHT: 0.5 lbs
TYPE: Lightweight, packable inline
COST: $19.95
SET-UP: Hammock straps necessary and not included
CAN SUPPORT: 200 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 4.5 stars

Check Out The Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock On Amazon


This hammock is great for the budget traveler!  Ultralightweight, durable, and reasonably priced, it’s the perfect pick for trying out hammock camping or adding to your collection without breaking the bank.

With polyester construction and triple-stitched seams, this hammock will be the perfect way to relax while camping for years to come.

Bonus Features

A convenient stuff sack is attached to this hammock for storage, and it comes with easy-to-use S-hooks attached.

The material is mildew resistant, and the whole thing is machine washable for convenient maintenance of a solid piece of camping equipment.

Special Considerations

Since this hammock is so lightweight and breathable, it’s not great for cooler weather sleeping. With the addition of a sleeping bag and additional insulation, you might be able to make it work, but it’s best to only sleep in it during warm summer nights and simply use it for lounging during the day otherwise.

As the budget option, this hammock doesn’t come with a rain fly or mosquito net included, so in buggy or moist environments, you’ll either need to pack some additional materials, or not have this be your bed for the night.

Best Uses

This is an excellent portable hammock with comfortable and durable material! It’s quick drying enough to be used at the beach or lake, but it really shines when camping in the woods.

Balmy summer nights under the trees with the stars sparkling through the canopy will seem particularly relaxing as you sway back and forth, happy that you made such a smart choice for your sleeping option on this trip!

Read More Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock Owner Reviews On Amazon

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Review “Best Versatility”

Best Hammocks For Camping Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Featured
Click for more pictures (Amazon link)

BEST VERSATILITY: Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock
SIZE: 7’6“L x 3’6“W x 3’6”H
WEIGHT: 4.25 lbs
TYPE: Spread hammock that can be used as a tent, nylon/poly construction
COST: $199.00
SET-UP: Tree straps and carabiners needed for suspending
CAN SUPPORT: 275 lbs
RELAX-O-METER: 4.5 stars

Check out the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock on Amazon


If you need a sleeping solution that works equally well at woodsy campgrounds as it does in a tree-free location, then have we got news for you: this hammock can be either suspended for off the ground sleeping or used as a tent if there’s no place to hang it!  Talk about an all-occasion option!

Seriously though, if you’re torn between going all in on hammock camping, or you’re new to camping entirely and are weighing the pros and cons of hammock vs tent, this is the best of both worlds.

Bonus Features

The arc poles hold the mosquito net off of you, so you don’t have to feel claustrophobic to keep the bugs off your face while you sleep.  Additionally, they hold the bed of the hammock taut to create the spreader hammock format and allow you to lie in whatever position you prefer while you sleep.

Special Considerations

Out of the various best hammocks for camping options this hammock is not a good pick for winter camping.  While it can be used in a wide variety of temperatures with proper modifications, it is not insulated when initially purchased.

While this setup can be used for backpacking, be warned that it is not SUPER lightweight, due to the additional bars and necessary additions (such as carabiners and hammock straps), so plan your pack accordingly.

Best Uses

This is an excellent backpacking hammock for a longer camping trip that explores a wide range of terrains.  Going to a valley that has both heavily wooded sections and areas without even vertical post for miles? This is the hammock to take with.

Additionally, since the spread design and arc poles create a more spacious sleeping area than some camping hammocks, this is the one to pick if you’re taller than 6” and tired of feeling cramped in smaller hammocks!

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Whether you’re looking for a tent hammock with all the bells and whistles, a budget buy to sleep under the stars in, or an all-around seating/sleeping/swinging solution for your next camping trip, we hope we’ve helped you choose the best hammocks for camping!  Need something a little different- like hammock straps, activity ideas, or cooler advice? Check out the rest of our site for more reviews and drinking games to help make your weekend truly amazing!