How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules

How to Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules

Players: 2+ | Type: Social | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉

How to Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules

Get ready for this crazy Never Have I Ever Drinking Game with rules because it will unlock some juicy secrets. After a night of this fun drinking game, you’ll know the other players like never before.

With Pictures, cheap “Never Have I Ever” card sets, and a celebrity video demonstration, you’ll be just dying for all of those secret scandals to come out into the open.

How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules
Expect a lot of “You did WHAT?!” moments followed by uproarious laughter.

The Essentials for Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game Equipment

Deck of “Never Have I Ever” Cards (Optional)

2+ Friends 

Beer mugs


Shot Glasses

Why You Should Get a Cheap Deck of Never Have I Ever Cards

How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game Equipment

In the beginning, it’s easy to “wing it” by thinking up your own ideas.

But often a person’s mind will go blank and it takes awhile for them to think of a “Never Have I Ever” prompt. The more this happens, the game starts to drag on slowly.

With a cheap set of bargain Never Have I Ever Cards, you can keep the game moving with pre-written prompts.

How to Play Never Have I Ever  Drinking Game: Let Those Skeletons Out of the Closet

How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

Now’s the time to bring back those entertaining secrets from your past that even close friends don’t know. Revealing these hidden gems will only bring you closer together.

Trust us, this parade of “Skeletons Walking Out Of Your Friends Closets” is more entertaining than the usual “Walks of Shame” you’ve seen.

The 4 Main Rules of  “Never Have I Ever Drinking Game”

How To Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules
“Can you believe all this dirt we’re digging up on our friends?!”
  1. Players sit in a circle and hold out their fingers for counting.
  2. At each turn, players say “Never Have I Ever [thing they’ve never done]”
  3. All the players who have done that thing must drink and also put down one finger.
  4. The game ends when a player has all their fingers down.


Depending on the number of players, you can choose how many fingers to hold out. Anywhere from 5-10 works out nicely.

The Top 4″Never Have I Ever” Drinking Game Sets

You’d be surprised how easily people become stumped on something they’ve never done. Or, they only think of boring things.

But think about it this way. This alcohol drinking game is supposed to be risque and reveal the secrets your friends want to know. In other words, it’s time to call in the professionals.

#1. Never Have I Ever, the Game of Poor Life Decisions Combo Pack

How to Play Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules

This raunchy “Never Have I Ever” card game consists of a main pack, an expansion pack, and special paddles. It’s racy, sexy, and fun!

The Ten Paddles are hand-held and read “I Have…” on one side and “I Have Never…” on the other.

Sorry if the word “paddles” got you excited for a spanking sesh with your new friend crush, because that’s not what these paddles for the “Never Have I Ever Drinking Game” are intended for. But they are handy for showing the group your individual answer. As you can imagine, it’s hard trying to hear everyone’s answer at once.

Best Never Have I Ever Combo Pack

The Main Pack boasts of 550 card prompts. Then, the bonus Expansion Pack is loaded with an additional 112 cards. And guess what? There are 12 blank cards to write in your own brilliant ideas.

#2. Never Have I Ever Board Game

As you can see, this game puts a spin on the classic Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Rules. It comes with 359 Never Have I Ever questions and 58 Truth or Dare type cards. Pawns, and board help keep track of points. (Much easier than fingers!)

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#3. I’ve Never…Bar Cards

“I’ve Never…Bar Cards” come in a set of 110 I’ve Never questions. What’s unique about this CHEAP set of cards is that there are 10 “Make Up Your Own Questions.” It’s nice to have a mix with your own unique questions.

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game With Cards

#4. This One Time, I…

“This One Time,I…” is the exact same rules as the Never Have I Ever Drinking Game, except for that they’re reversed! In other words, this time you don’t think of an outlandish think you’ve never done. You say something crazy you have done.

Watch Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog Play Never Have I Ever!

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What’s your best “Never Have I Ever” moment? We’d love to hear about it. Readers who liked Never Have I Ever Drinking Game also read:
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Captain Dickhead

How To Play Captain Dickhead, Fun Drinking Game With Rules

Players: 2-15 | Type: SocialDrink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉

How To Play Captain Dickhead
Fun Drinking Game With Rules


How To Play Captain Dickhead Drinking Game With Rules, Kings Rules

Definitely, the Captain Dickhead Drinking Game reigns supreme in the world of drinking games; it’s majorly social, totally wild, and can be played with anywhere from three to fifteen people. Now, let’s dive into How To Play Captain Dickhead Drinking Game With Rules through Videos, Pictures, and the best equipment and variations.

Fun Drinking Games
Another fun drinking game: portable flip cup!

Captain Dickhead Drinking Game:

Deck of Cards
Large Beer Mug for “Death Cup”
Each player’s drink of choice

Set Up 
(for How To Play Captain Dickhead Fun Drinking Game)

#1. First, everyone puts a little bit of their drink into the Death Cup.

In the first place, only make the cup half full. This way, you have room when players have to pour part of their drink into it. Because of this, we suggest a  large beer mug.

#2. Next, spread the deck of cards in a circle around the death cup, kind of like a fan.

This is what set up should look like:

Drinking Games With Rules, Card Drinking Games
Tippsy’s Waterproof Captain Dickhead Card Set.

How To Play
Captain Dickhead Drinking Game

#1. Once you’ve set everything up, the player to the left of the dealer draws the first card. (You’ll move clockwise for the rest of the game.)

#2. At each person’s turn, they draw a card and act out the specific rule.

#3. After that, the next player picks up a card and the cycle continues.

#4. There are two ways to end the Circle of Death Drinking Game: One is that you just stop when you run out of cards. The other way is to keep re-shuffling the cards and see where the night takes you.

That’s a good foundation, but we’re just getting started. Now let’s move onto what all of the cards mean!

How To Play Captain Dickhead Drinking Game With Rules Card Shuffler
Click for more pictures of this card shuffler. (Discounted prices!)

Ending Captain Dickhead Drinking Game:

-When you run out of cards, stop.

-Keep re-shuffling the cards and see where the night takes you

Tip: On the positive side, you can make the game last longer with two decks of cards.

Captain Dickhead Card Meanings

Since the list is long, the card meanings are in two categories: numbered cards and face cards.

Captain Dickhead Drinking Game Numbered Cards

2 – “You”– Whenever you draw a two, you get to choose a person and make them drink.

3 – “Me” – If you’re lucky enough to draw a three, this is all you, man.

4 – “Floor” – For number four, everyone needs to get low and touch the floor. The slow poke must drink from the Death Cup.

Kings Rules, How To Play Captain Dickhead With Rules
#6. Ladies, this is all you!

5 – “Guys” – Immediately, all men must drink.

6 – “Chicks” – Now it’s the ladies’ turn.

7 – “Heaven” – For card number seven, everyone has to reach their arms up as high as they can. Then, the last person to do this has to drink and pour some of their drinking into the Death Cup.

8 – “Date”– For this one, the player gets to choose a drinking “date” for the game. Accordingly, their date has to drink every time they drink. “Now, which one of you lucky souls gets to drink with me the entire night?”

9 – “Rhyme” – Obviously, “Rhyme” means you have to start speaking in rhymes. Just don’t be that guy that starts with orange. First player to not have a rhyme has to drink from the Death Cup.

10 – “Categories” – Whenever a player draws a ten card, they call “categories.” For example, categories can include cars, state capitals, or names of bands. Go nuts!

Face Cards
for How To Play Captain Dickhead With Rules

Jack – “Social” – Players must go crazy, like they’re celebrating a wedding. Everyone gets to drink!

How To Play Captain Dickhead Drinking Game With Rules
Ace: Everyone gets to drink!

Queen- “Question Master” – Catch someone who doesn’t respond in a question and make them drink!

King- “ Rule Master” – For the King, the player makes up any rule. For example, he/she can choose “Accents” or drink drank drunk.

Ace = Captain Dickhead

Whenever a player draws an Ace, they become “Captain Dickhead.” (Hence the name Captain Dickhead Drinking Game.) Therefore, they don’t have to follow any of the rules. In other words, they have complete immunity.

Until another person draws an Ace, “Captain Dickhead” reigns supreme.

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How To Play Captain Dickhead Drinking Game With Rules

The Death Cup
for Captain Dickhead Drinking Game

How To Play Captain Dickhead With Rules
Another great Death Cup! (Click for more pictures & discounted price)
  • Cards on the Death Cup: Of course, the Death Cup is a key part of playing the Captain Dickhead Drinking Game.
  • Every time someone has a turn, they must put a card on top of the Death Cup.
  • But whenever they do that, they’re also playing their cards on the middle cup, with at least TWO corners hanging off of the edge.
  • Keep stacking the cards on top of the cup. Whenever someone knocks over the pile, they have to drink everything in the Death Cup.

11 More Variations
for Captain Dickhead 

Little blue man – Every time someone has to drink, they have to pretend there’s a tiny blue man sitting on top of their beverage.

Before they take a drink, they need to gently take the little man off the top before they drink. Then, they must put him back up on their head once they drink.

How To Play Captain Dickhead With RulesBuffalo – If anyone isn’t drinking out of their dominant hand, they must drink.

No names – Basically, no one is allowed to call anyone by their name.

Never Have I Ever: Instead of “rhyme,” use a 10 card to represent “Never Have I Ever.”

Wild Card: Instead of “Social,” use a Jack as a “wild card.” For example, they can decide their card means “The Question Master.”

Drink, drank, drunk – During this turn, you can’t say any of these three words. Surprisingly, this can be very hard! After several drinks, it gets even harder.

How To Play Captain Dickhead Drinking Game With Rules
Play the “Hello Tarot” Variation with this discounted card set.

Hello Tarot- If you like Tarot, play with a tarot deck.

Accents – Next, everyone has to speak in an accent. Especially when your British accent sounds more like a sad attempt at a Jamaican accent, this is a hilarious rule.

Thumbs: Usually a designated card such as all 5s, drawing “thumb” requires the player to place his or her thumb on the table. Quickly, everyone at the table must put quickly put their thumb down.

The last person to get their thumb down on the table has to drink. Also, they have to pour a little into the Death Cup.

The King’s Court Variation of Captain Dickhead

King – King’s Court:

  • At first, the King triggers a Waterfall. Immediately, everyone has to chug their drink, trying to keep up with the person who originally drew the card (the King).
  • If someone stops before the King (aka Captain Dickhead), they must complete one task of the King’s choosing.
  • Unless they are able to convince three or more people to revolt.
  • Next, the group of revolutionaries must agree on the next card to flip over.
  • Unless that card is a King or Ace, they must all drink and complete the King’s task.
  • If they successfully draw a King or Ace, the King must drink and complete a task that they choose.


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How to Play Captain Dickhead Drinking Game With Rules

By all means, don’t spend another Saturday night sitting around drinking at home or at a bar. Start texting your friends now to play Captain Dickhead Drinking Game!

We highly recommend that you pair your beer with our koozies with pockets. Chech them out at and

The 6 Other Names for Captain Dickhead Drinking Game

Kings Rules
This is a set of ideas for “Never Have I Ever” drinking game. (Click for discounts)

Whereas most drinking games have one name, Captain Dickhead Drinking Game has quite a few:


Watch the Video

Keep the good times rolling with a couple other fun drinking games:

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