How to Spend Valentine’s Day Single?

When the most corny day of the year rolls around, it seems to be a labeled day completely planned for couples and lovers. However, the single ones could spend Valentine’s Day on their own way.


Anyone could spend Valentine’s Day however they want to, but sometimes it seems to be a designated date for the ones who has a couple.

Being in a couple is not meant for everyone, sometimes we rather to be self-sufficient and happy without receiving something from another person, because truth love lays right inside of us.

If you are temporarily single, then it does not mean you couldn’t enjoy the date by yourself instead of ignoring the day entirely.


No, masturdating is not what popped in your mind at first. A masturdate is pretty simple to understand, it’s about taking yourself out on a date.

If your idea of going out on a date is about watching movies while having a drink, call it wine or beer, then you should do it the proper way, by drinking your favourite beverage and keeping it at the correct temperature with the best coolie.


Beach trip

Maybe you could spend the day doing something new, maybe a new activity like water skiing, skydiving or simply a beach trip. Doing new stuff is definitely the best way to celebrate anything, and what could be better than enjoy it all by yourself.

Just remember to check your essential Beach Packing List.

-Trendy swimsuit

-Swim cover up

-Flip flops

-Beach towel

-Beach bag

-Your favorite book





Pamper yourself

Giving away presents are way too important to show someone you care about them, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea buying yourself a present.

Probably you’ve wanted something from some time along, well, maybe it’s the right time for you to finally have it.

Pamper yourself could also include making yourself any meal you want, or booking a table at a fancy restaurant. Don’t worry about the looks from other couples, just remember to bring a book if you feel awkward about it.