Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule

Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule – Official Beer Pong Rules #2

Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule:
Time to Get Naked!

What’s the best thing about being a college student?

Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule Beer Pong Table
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You’re basically given a free pass to take your clothes off, of course. The Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule is beer pong’s most controversial rule. 

P.S. All the members of Chuggie Co are well past college age. We just know how to have a fuckin’ good time.

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How To Play Skunk Lap/Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule

3 Reasons Why You Need The Best Beer Pong Equipment

If you only host beer pong a few times a year, skip this part. But if you have friends over to play more than that, make sure you have great beer pong equipment. Why?

One: Because it keeps amps up the experience. Two: Avoid piss warm beer with a frozen beer pong rack. Three: Keep things organized with the best beer pong cups. At least if you lose, you’ll look good!

How To Play Skunk Lap/Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule
Even if you lose, at least your beer pong set up will be killer.

You Done Fucked Up

Even more embarassing than the Bitch Cup / Freshman Cup Beer Pong Rule, the skunk lap is a severe punishment for fucking up.

In addition to the name “Skunk Lap,” this rule of beer pong also goes by the “Naked Lap” or “Streaking Lap.” If you really suck (sorry, just saying it how it is), you might have to do a Skunk Lap / Naked Lap. As you can tell from the name, this rule requires players to get completely naked and run around the block holding hands.

Why holding hands? Just imagine trying to cover yourself one handed. Not an easy task.

How To Play Beer Pong Skunk Lap/Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule


Skunked Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule Variations

#1. Our favorite version of the Skunked Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule occurs when one team wins the game before both players on the opposing team hit any of their opponents cups. In other words, all 10 of their cups have

How To Play Skunk Lap/Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule
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been hit before they make even one shot. (Ouch.)

#2. Some variations of the Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule give players one last chance. In this Skunk Lap / Beer Pong Rule Variation, the losers can get out of doing a skunk lap by getting one re-rack. Then, they must hit 4 ups.  

#3. Lastly, there’s a variation where the losers can keep their underwear on. The Chuggie Team does not endorse this variation. Go big or go home!


Is there anything better than an excuse to be naked?

Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule Beer Pong Balls
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No, no there is not. Look at it this way: you spend all week at work or school dressing like a functioning member of society. So take advantage of your weekends and access your inner wild child.

If you’re going to play by Chuggie’s official rules of the Skunk Lap/Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule, don’t worry. Have some fun!

C’mon, being confident enough to run around while holding hands with your partner makes you a badass. 

You got this, you party animal you.

However, and we say this out of love, just do it. Free yourself! Ain’t no thang. Chuggie is the The FUN Company, and our top priority is helping you have bangin’ weekends.

Don’t be that guy.

Skunk Lap/Naked Lap Beer Pong Pro-Tips

How To Play Skunk Lap/Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule
If you get skunked, you and your partner should buy matching shirts. (Follow link)

Tip #1: First, everyone will admire you for doing it. (Even if they don’t say it.)

Tip #2: Second, you’ll get some drunk exercise in. The faster you run, the more you look like a blur.

Tip #3: Third, if you’re partners with a crush…well, you’ve probably wanted to get naked with them for a long time now anyway.

Tip #4: Fourth, do you enjoy being weird? Well, here’s your chance to give the passersby and neighbors a show. In reality, you’ll probably be screaming like a maniac.

Tip #5. This Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong pro-tip’s a biggie: Do a shot to loosen up. Then run Forest, run!

How To Play Skunk Lap/Naked Lap Beer Pong Rules

The Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule Probably Won’t Happen

How To Play Skunk Lap/Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule
The naked runners are the real MVPs of the party! (Follow the link for more pictures)

In reality, Skunk Laps in Beer Pong hardly ever happens. For this reason, I hope I’m not scaring you too much. (If you’re a newbie reading Beer Pong Rules for the first time.)

If you’re lucky enough to witness the Skunk Lap / Naked Lap Beer Pong Rule happening, give these brave souls a round of applause! These players are the real MVPs of the Party.

Maybe you should buy them a cheap trophy for their bravery, like a Beer Pong Champion Mug.

Chuggie Beer Pong House Rules:
Tips & Strategies 

#1. Pre-Gaming is Crucial

How To Play Beer Pong Ring Of Fire Rule
Pregame to loosen yourself up. Ohhh yeah.

Why do we love beer pong so much? Well, you’re getting drunk and throwing balls around. Obviously, that’s the number one reason. But the next best reason is that you get better the drunker you get! So, get out of your head a little by doing a couple shots or playing a round of Most Likely.

Beer Pong Apparel
Seriously, a guy in these would catch my attention in a good way. (Amazon link)

After that, the shots you’ve practiced, it’ll will be a cinch to land when under pressure. If you want to improve, make sure to watch the 3 videos and read the beer pong tips at the end of this post. 

#4. Dress for Success

Dress to Impress! Whether you want to go sexy, cute, hilarious, or weird, go with whatever makes you feel best. Who knows? You just might leave the party with the guy/girl you’ve been crushing on for the past 3 months.

#2. Relax, And You’ll Throw Better!

Sometimes getting too competitive ruins the fun. Remember, the number one reason is to have fun! Even if you troll, you still spent time being fucking awesome.

#3. Practice Makes Perfect

As cliche as it is to say, practice really does make perfect. So watch all the videos you can (we have even more for you coming up!), and get your trick shots down pat.


Beer Pong House Rules
Videos to Up Your Game

How to Not Suck at Beer Pong

Beer Pong Strategy Video

How to Play Beer Pong Video

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