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Weekend Review: The Best Hammock Tarps for Rain or Shine

Even if you’ve only been camping a handful of times, chances are you’ve encountered rain… and it wasn’t pretty. There’s nothing quite like waking up after a night of steady rain. Invest in a hammock tarp. You’ll be so glad you did!

Hammock tarps are necessary for a variety of reasons. First, they’ll keep you consistently dry while camping in a damp environment. They’re also perfect for protecting your outdoor hammock from the elements.

It’s actually quite cozy to be curled up in a hammock with a book or friend while it’s raining. Add a tumbler cup full of hot chocolate, and you’re golden. (Just make sure the tumbler cup has a spill proof lid!)


We’ve rounded up the best hammock tarp choices to optimize for quality, price, and versatility. You’ll find below:

  • First, the “Best Hammock Tarp for the Money”
  • Then, the “Best Ultralight Hammock Tarp”
  • The “Most Versatile Hammock Tarp”
  • DIY Hammock Tarp Instructions

You’ll be on your way to some comfy hammock camping in no time!


Best Hammock Tarp for the Money

BEST QUALITY: Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly Rain Tarp
SIZE: 10’6” L x  6’4“W unfolded
WEIGHT:  1.3 lbs
TYPE: Rectangular design, polyurethane-treated nylon construction
HAMMOCK and TARP SET-UP: Stakes sold separately
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


This hammock tarp is great for keeping you, your camp, and your friends from getting soaked when you’re out in the great outdoors on a rainy day…or just in a climate that’s wet by nature!  This lightweight yet dependable hammock tarp will protect you from that soggy feeling.

So you can relax and enjoy the weather instead of enduring it.

Bonus Features

The treated nylon is the key feature here, but the 6 guyline points are also great when you want to make sure you get things nice and taut. 

These features combined will keep your hammock from being turned into a pond, or feeling dry but claustrophobic in little more than a waterproof cocoon!

It works great with ENO’s Double Nest or Single Nest hammocks, but any standard-size offering will likely be compatible. Just make sure to test the length before you face the elements to ensure your head and feet stay nice and dry!

Special Considerations

Since stakes are sold separately, this tarp can end up wrapping around your hammock uncomfortably if there aren’t any lower trunks or other sturdy vegetation to tie down the ends to ensure the rain runs off properly. While this can easily be remedied by purchasing stakes, keep in mind that additional supplies can weigh you down and inflate your budget. 

But we’ve got you. The MSR Ground Hog Stake Kit is inexpensive and the reviews are pretty much unanimous: it’s amazing!

Additionally, though thoroughly waterproof, the rectangular design can limit the configurations available, so make sure to test it out in your backyard to ensure proper fit and comfortable setup before setting out on a rainy trip.

Best Uses

This tarp is best used with the Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Double Nest in rainy but not overly windy situations.  That said, it’s a bit on the larger side, so in an only occasionally damp environment, it can provide more than adequate cover for your hammock, a small cooking area (make sure it’s properly ventilated!), and a place to keep your gear dry during a rainy night!

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The Best Ultra Light Hammock Tarp

BEST VALUE: OUTAD Waterproof Camping Tarp
SIZE:  59”L x 87”W
WEIGHT: 0.68 lbs
TYPE: Basic rectangle, waterproof synthetic construction
HAMMOCK TARP SET UP: Ties and stakes sold separately
RELAX-O-METER: 3 stars


This is your basic, bare-bones rain tarp.  It’ll keep you dry, or make for a nice place to sit, without any extra bells and whistles. It’s just a straight-up, no-fuss piece of waterproof fabric.  

This camping hammock tarp comes in a variety of colors, and is both lightweight and durable. So it’s perfect for a last-minute addition to your camping supplies that won’t put you over budget!

Bonus Features

This tarp features 6 reinforced grommet holes to aid in hanging in whichever configuration you choose.

There are also four colorways to choose from: green, dark green, blue and orange. A drawstring bag is included for storage or portability.

Special Considerations

Since this is the budget option, you’re not getting any extra ties, stakes, or reflective material. It’s a basic hammock tarp, and a good option for starting out.

Best Uses

The OUTAD Waterproof Camping Tarp is intended for situations when you only need the bare basics. We love it for picnics and shade from the sun in sweltering weather. 

Whether you’re testing your skills by going minimal, need a backup tarp in particularly wet weather, or are just looking for a solid way to keep dry without spending a lot of dough, this tarp is a great affordable pick.

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The Most Versatile Hammock Tarp

BEST VERSATILITY: Ultimate Survival Base Hex Tarp
SIZE: 108“L x 96“W
WEIGHT: 1 lb
TYPE: Hexagonal design with reversible coating options
COST: $$
HAMMOCK AND TARP SET UP: Guy lines and steel stakes included
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


If you are looking for a tarp that can go anywhere and do anything, this is the pick for you. With it’s unique shape, high quality design, and seemingly endless configurations, this is the tarp to bring with you for an open-ended adventure!

Bonus Features

The reflective coating on this tarp is a great feature, as it allows for both thermal insulation as well as a signalling option if you find yourself needing help. If you’re venturing into uncharted territory, be certain to have a signalling option of some sort for safety. (We want our readers to be safe!)

The high-visibility orange color ensures anyone hunting nearby doesn’t mistake your camp as a mark, and the included guy lines and stakes ensure you can set up your camp any way you want to.

Special Considerations

The hexagonal shape of this tarp means that it can take a little getting used to in order to optimize the configuration. If you’re used to rectangular tarps, you may want to test this out in your backyard before setting off on an adventure in order to make sure you can set it up how you want relatively quickly.

Best Uses

This tarp is ideal for backcountry camping in rainy locations, or for an extended trip with variable weather.  It can be set up as a tent, to provide shelter while you’re in your hammock, or to provide shade during less wet and more overly sunny days!  

If you’re headed out into the wild and want to be comfortable while you’re out there, this is a must-have in your pack.

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DIY Hammock Tarp Instructions

DIY projects are so much fun. If you like getting your hands dirty outside, it’s nice to do a hands on project. You got this. Listed below is our favorite DIY hammock tarp method. Once you’ve taken a look at these instructions, we have hammock tarp fabric info below.

The Hammock Hut’s Easy Way to Make a Hammock Rain Fly

We just discovered Instructables. What a well kept secret, and a great source for all things DIY! The Hammock Hut’s instructions suggest Hennessy and Eno hammock tarps. Even if it isn’t one of these brands, make sure it’s a dependable backpacking hammock.


  • A big tarp. It has to be as long as the hammock with plenty of room to touch the ground.
  • One tent pole. (Alternatives include rope or string.)
  • Environmentally friendly hammock straps like Eno slapstraps.
  • Tent stakes or even sticks

As you can see, you don’t need much to make this hammock tarp yourself. Size, cost and set up all depend on your individual project and hammock size.

Read full instructions and pictures here.

Best Uses and Considerations of the “Rainfly” Hammock Tarp

The Hammock Hut’s DIY hammock tarp is best for backyard use. Before taking it on a camping or fishing trip, make sure to try setting it up and taking it down a few times to make sure it can withstand frequent usage.

If you haven’t done much DIY for equipment like this, it might not be as reliable as the ready-made hammock tarps are. Again, it’ll be perfect for chilling out close to home. But we don’t recommend it for backpacking or hiking.


Whether you’re picking the top of the line ENO Profly, saving some money with the OUTAD selection, or keeping your options open with the Ultimate Survival Base Hex, there’s a rain tarp to fit your needs and budget! 

We sure are excited for hammock camping and hiking, and hopefully you are too. Decided to make your own tarp? We’d love to see it and feature it on our website. Just email us at

Happy Trails!




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