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How To Play the Walking Dead Drinking Game

Players: 2+ | Type: SocialDrink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉


Walking Dead Drinking Game: Overview

The Walking Dead Drinking Game is a TV watching game where drink when certain events happen in the show.  For our variation, you’ll either be taking a sip or finishing your drink depending on how the show progresses. Feel free to switch out any drinks for the same amount of chasers, especially if it’s during a chase scene!

To play you’ll need at least one other person, but more fans will definitely equal more fun! Since it’s a social game, there’s no need to keep score and you can focus on enjoying the show and your drinks. To keep from becoming a walker yourself, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat some snacks while enjoying this game.

Walking Dead Drinking Game: Equipment

Walking Dead on TV (or streaming)

Whiskey or other hard liquor



How To Play The Walking Dead Drinking Game: The Rules

Drinking during every gory scene is one way to go, but you might end up getting more than you bargained for. To give yourself a bit more variety and keep things interesting, follow the rules below.

Watch out for walkers and have fun!

Take a sip when:

-You see the first zombie of the episode

-Daryl aims his crossbow

-Anyone kills a zombie with a knife or sword

-Michonne pouts or whines

-A character from season 1 is killed off

-Someone gets hurt by something other than a zombie

-Rick tries restoring hope to the group

-Beth sings

-Lori yells Rick’s name

-Daryl pulls an arrow out of a walker

-Andrea attempts badassery and fails

-Tyreese and Sasha look at each other with worried expressions

-When, or rather, IF, T-Dog says something

-Hershel gives life advice

-Dale butts into someone’s business

-Merle or Daryl say “he’s my brother”

-Shane rubs his head

-Ben screws something up

-Someone flirts with Daryl

-Michonne kills a walker with something OTHER than her swords

-Your favorite character dies

-That character comes back later as a zombie

Finish your drink when:

-Glenn and Maggie are whispering

-Carl kills a zombie

-Rick and Hershel have an argument about leadership

-The crew gets trapped somewhere with walkers surrounding them

-Beth and Carl are making eyes at each other

-Father Gabriel kills someone


-Do a shot of mixer when someone says Baby Judith’s name

-Clink glasses with the person next to you if Rick says “I NEED YOU”

-If two characters share a first kiss, do a shot to celebrate

-Take a shot of water whenever someone hides under a car

-Rattle around any ice in your glass and take a sip when a zombie rattles a fence

-Take a sip and eat a handful of snacks when someone mentions a type of food they miss. Bonus points if you happen to have that food on hand!

Walking Dead Drinking Game Variations By Season

Since a lot changes in each season throughout this series, here’s some variations depending on which episodes you’re watching.

Season 1- Anytime Rick says “CORAAALLLL”, also yell “CORAAALLL” and take a drink

Season 2- Whenever Daryl says “Sophia!”, take a three drinks

Season 3- Take two sips anytime “Woodbury” or “prison” is mentioned, and an extra sip if the prison is raided

Season 4- Anytime “Terminus” is said by anyone, take a big gulp

Season 5- Clink glasses and take a drink whenever the group makes it to safety…for now

Season 6- Take a shot (or whole drink of another variety) when Negan appears

An additional variation for watching a new (or at least new to the group) episode is to try to predict which characters will die and/or hook up during that episode. Alternatively, you could try to guess the cliffhanger at the end of the episode. The person who guesses right, or at least, the closest to what ends up occurring, gets bragging rights while everyone else must drink.

Additional Drinking Game Equipment

Walking Dead Drinking Game Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve tried our version, comment below and let us know you like to play!  Got a custom cocktail that you like to drink while watching this show and playing along? Tell us about it!

We also love to hear about variations! If you’ve got some amazing house rules or even an entirely different way to drink with this game let us know! If it makes the cut we’ll give you a shout out and add our favorites to the post.


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