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Weekend Review: Best Hammock Brands

Best Hammock Brands

While there’s tons of hammock brands on the market, some are certainly better than others. Each hammock needs to be evaluated individually, but if you’re in the market for a hammock and not sure where to start, checking out some of these best hammock brands is a great way to start your investigation.

Hennessy Hammocks Review “Best Quality” 

Hennessy Hammock Best Hammock Brands
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BEST QUALITY:  Hennessy Hammocks
SIZE: Only singles available
WEIGHT:  Average of 2lbs
TYPE: Inline design camping hammocks with nylon construction
COST: $79.95 and up
SET-UP: Rainfly included, bug nets and suspending ropes attached, brand’s “snake skin” stuff sacks recommended
CAN SUPPORT: 185-300 lbs, depending on model
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


Hennessy Hammocks are the brand du jour for camping, since they’re made with the highest quality materials with an intense attention to detail.  

They generally come with two options for each “series”: the classic style that has a velcro-secured bottom entry, and the zip style that allows you to remove the bug net so you can sit in it when lounging around camp.  

This seemingly minor detail can make all the difference in your camping experience, depending on how you want to use the hammock.  For either style though, the innovative design and quality of materials are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Bonus Features

These hammocks generally come with the suspending ropes attached, as well as bug nets and an included rainfly.  They are constructed of high quality nylon, with specific varieties of this material used dependent on the type of hammock being constructed.  Instructions for setup are included on the stuff sack, though basic knowledge of knot tying is helpful for the hanging process.

Special Considerations

Since these hammocks are only single-sleepers, they’re not ideal for backyard use or a couple’s camping trip.  Additionally, since they’re made of breathable nylon fabric, most are not suitable for winter or overly-cool fall camping situations unless outfitted with additional insulation.  The brand does sell underquilts, and combined with a suitable sleeping bag, you can certainly stay comfortable in all but the absolute coldest climes.

Best Uses

These hammocks are the go-to brand to keep you safe from the elements.  If you’re heading out with a group or on a solo adventure someplace wet, buggy, and hard to get to, these hammocks will make what sounds like a disaster of a trip into a pleasant camping experience!  They’re perfect for backpacking through tropical jungles or kayaking through the Everglades, but they can certainly be used in the backyard on balmy nights just as well!

Best Choice Hammocks Review “Best Value”

Best Choice Hammocks Best Hammock Brands

BEST VALUE: Best Choice Hammocks
SIZE: Varies depending on type and whether or not a stand is included
WEIGHT: 3.4lbs to about 50lbs, depending on style
TYPE: Inline and spread designs available
COST: $29.99 and up
SET-UP: All components included for hammocks with stands, tree straps or posts with hooks needed for portable options
CAN SUPPORT: Around 185 lbs for single hammocks, and 400lbs for double
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


Best Choice Hammocks are the ultimate when you’re buying based on value. With products that come with a stand and would look great in your backyard, to portable selections suitable for light camping, they’re guaranteed to have something to suit your needs and budget.

Bonus Features

This brand features a lot of hammocks with stands, which is helpful if you have a treeless backyard or are intending to use your hammock indoors.  While the fabric varies depending on the hammock purchased, this brand does boast quite a few 100% cotton options if you’re not a fan of the go-to nylon commonly used by other brands.

Special Considerations

Stand and hammock combos are common with this brand, but they do take up a lot of space.  There are a few truly portable options, but the vast majority of Best Choice Hammocks are the type to leave set up in one location after assembly.

Additionally, as the budget option, the quality of construction with this brand can vary a bit, so it’s always good to test these hammocks at home before taking them on a trip or offering as a seat for guests!

Best Uses

This brand’s hammocks are EXCELLENT for a casual outdoor hammock, or if you’re looking into using a hammock as a bed (either for you or guests!) Since they have plenty of options with cotton construction, they’re more cozy and comfortable than camping hammocks, but still easy to setup and use!

Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock Review “Best Versatility”

Eagle Nest Outfitters Best Hammock Brands

BEST VERSATILITY: Eagles Nest Outfitters
SIZE: Double and single hammocks available
WEIGHT: 1-2 lbs, depending on model
TYPE: Solid colored nylon construction with inline design
COST: $59.95 and up
SET-UP: Comes with carabiners attached, tree straps sold separately
CAN SUPPORT: 200-400 lbs, depending on model
RELAX-O-METER: 5 stars


If you’re looking for a hammock that can be used pretty much anywhere for not a lot of dough, I’ve got three letters for you : E-N-O.  This brand is dedicated to creating high-quality hammocks that can go anywhere, and they’re interested in forcing you to break the bank to do it.  From camping, to festivals, to backyard relaxation, Eagles Nest Outfitters has a hammock to enhance your experience.

Bonus Features

Their main products are the SingleNest and DoubleNest varieties of hammock, which come with convenient stuff sacks and attached carabiners.  These hammocks are perfect for packing in your car or backpack to set up wherever you find a nice tree, sturdy post, or anything that you can clip both ends to. Then just lean back and relax!

Special Considerations

These hammocks are all made of nylon, so they’re very breathable and not suitable for colder trips.  Additionally, the colors of the hammocks vary wildly, since the company is committed to reducing waste.  While not a problem for some, it’s worth keeping in mind to not plan your outfit or backyard color scheme around this-or at least not until you get it.

Best Uses

This hammock is perfect for anywhere you want to kick back and relax!  Whether you’re on a beach on a sunny day, taking a break while backpacking through the mountains, or relaxing between shows at a music festival, this is the ultimate hammock in terms of portability and versatility.


Whether you need a hammock for your backyard or the backcountry, these brands are the cream of the crop to start your search. You can guarantee yourself the best with Hennessy, save some cash with Best Choice, or split the difference with Eagles Nest Outfitters, but no matter how you choose you can rest easy knowing your brand is the absolute best.  

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