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Wholesale Neoprene Coolies to Specialty Foam

Wholesale Neoprene Coolies To Specialty Foam

Whether you’re looking for wholesale neoprene coolies to something special with a twist, a beer coolie purchase is a score for party-goers everywhere. Made of foam or neoprene, beer coolies are designed to keep your beverage chilled longer and your hands comfortably sweat free. A beer coolie is perfect for when you’re out by the campfire or listening to outdoor music with your friends. Styles are endless, from cute and quirky, to functional and comfortable, and we like to think our quality neoprene coolies are the best of all.

Yet, there are hundreds of coolies to choose from, and if you’re about to make a purchase online, who is to say you’ll be happy with what you order once it arrives? To break it down, we here at Chuggie Co., have got a quick explanation of your beer coolie options.

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Foam or Neoprene: What’s the Point?

The purpose of a can coolie is having something to keep your beer cold and hands comfortable, so as long as your beer coolie can do that then all is well, right? We don’t think so. Coolies come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, some made for beer bottles alone, others are functional to a fault. We like to think that our wholesale neoprene coolies embrace function and form in all the right ways, but more on that later.

Foam Beer Coolies are the most ubiquitous coolies available. They’re cheap to make, often cheap to purchase, and usually come printed with cute, funny, and even raunchy sayings. When screen printer to please, foam beer coolies are great conversation starters, ranging from raunchy to political in hundreds of ways.

The downside to these foam beer can coolies? While they are inexpensive, that is usually because they are cheaply made. They fall apart easily, especially if you have pets (or children) who like to chew the soft, squishy material. Foam beer coolies are also difficult to travel with, their shape being rigid and likely to break with bending.

If traveling light is important to you, you may be more interested in a beer coolie of softer, more flexible material like our collapsible neoprene beer coolie.

Wholesale Neoprene Coolies Standing

• Neoprene Beer Coolies are known for their ability to withstand damage easily. Neoprene is a durable yet soft material made to bend and flex while keeping your beverage cold. Neoprene comes in a variety of thicknesses but works best at about 3 mm in thickness. Any thinner and your beer may stay warm longer and any thicker and your wholesale neoprene coolies aren’t as conveniently collapsible.

Neoprene coolies are often tall and zipped for convenient beer bottle storage or shorter and thin for everyday beer can use. Neoprene coolies won’t rip apart like their foam counterparts and are much easier to pack and take around with you. When choosing your beer coolies, take a good look at online images of its quality, to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for. Stitching should be uniform and clean and thick enough to hold together the tough material.

Choosing a Functional Wholesale Neoprene Beer Coolie

Wholesale Neoprene Coolies Bottom View
Our soft yet sturdy neoprene is 3 mm in thickness, making it easy to throw in your back pocket or purse before you head out to meet friends at an outdoor concert or the middle of nowhere. Never worry about having full hands again because our coolie comes with two pockets made to keep your cigarettes, lighter, lipstick, or phone perfectly safe and snug. It keeps your hands comfortable while keeping your beer from getting far too warm when you aren’t in the mood to pound your drink. Yeah, we’ve heard that our product is a little bit trashy, we like to think that our beer can coolies are just resourceful.

Oh, did we mention that our beer coolie comes in fantastic color options? Whether you want to stand out with our bright pink and blue colors or blend in with the black or camo option, you’ll still make quite a stir in the crowd. Our product is always a crowd favorite, so users beware: you’ll be letting all your friends know where they can buy their very own.

Wholesale Neoprene Coolies Angled Front Set

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If you are on the look-out for a gift, a well-made neoprene beer coolie is the perfect item for letting your friends know that you appreciate them and that it’s time to party. Your best friends are well-rounded, fun-loving people. Show them by that you appreciate that part of them by getting them top of the line beer coolies at a reasonable price from our shop. At Chuggie Co., while we keep our prices should cheap, we think that the quality of our wholesale neoprene coolies show-up the rest of the competition.

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