Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?

Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive? What Other Bloggers Aren’t Telling You

Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive? Overview

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Yeah, why are Yeti Coolers so expensive? It’s only natural to wonder,  especially when you’re planning to use a sizable chunk of cash to buy a new cooler.

The condensed response is simple: Because they can be. Yeti’s are the glitterati of the cooler world, so consumers are willing to shell out extra cash for these pricey ice chests. Many bloggers will list qualities of Yeti Coolers as reasons why these products are so costly. But they’re leaving out the true answer.

We agree that Yeti Coolers are among the best.

As this video demonstrates, Yeti Coolers are  expertly constructed and truly made to weather the most rugged adventures. They’re ultra durable and hold ice longer than just a day or two, but that doesn’t set them apart from other high-end coolers.

But their popularity is not due to the coolers themselves.

Following are the three root causes of the “Holy Grail of Cooler’s” cost. It’s more in-depth and factual than other attempts to answer the question “Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?”

#1 Answer to “Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?”

Yeti Coolers Grassroots Campaign

Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive Yeti Hopper
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Back in 2006, when Roy and Ryan Seider, launched their Yeti campaign, it was a small, grassroots operation. The Seiders, hunters and fishers themselves, networked with other hunters and fishers. As those influential outdoors-men organically spread enthusiasm for the Yeti brand, other fishers and hunters followed suit.

Everybody was raving about this brand. And while they didn’t explicitly state that their ice chests were the only suitable option for true rugged fishermen and hunters, the message was implied.

Soon, all kinds of outdoor types grew to love this new holy grail of ice chests. The organic, trustworthy beginnings earned the trust of thousands of people, fair and square. This $450 million dollar brand made its way into large-scale consumer awareness from networking and word-of-mouth.

Despite their best efforts, many advertisement campaigns lack authenticity. By working from the ground up and developing authentic relationships with real people, Yeti set itself apart. Consumers started trusting them more than other brands.

And of course, the more trust a company earns, the more consumers are willing to pay. Kudos to the Seider brothers; Yeti’s grassroots campaign was the springboard for Yeti’s current tribe of devotees.

#2 Answer to “Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?”

Marketing Yeti Coolers as Luxury Items

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If you remember nothing else, know this:  The primary reason why Yeti Coolers are so expensive is not the quality of the coolers.

Other blogs will explain the price of Yeti Coolers by listing their A-list qualities like ice retention, durability and construction. We agree! But that’s only party of the truth.

An online magazine, Inc., published an article entitled “How 2 Brothers Turned a $300 Cooler into a $450 Million Cult Brand.” In it, they describe an interview with David Srere, co-CEO of the branding and design agency Siegel+Gale. When asked about Yeti’s success, Srere replied with a chuckle, saying: “It’s just a fucking cooler.”

This wasn’t an insult. It was praise for the genius marketing strategy. They transformed what had always been thought of as a necessary piece of equipment for hunting and fishing into a coveted, luxury item.

You get to hear this strategy straight from the horses mouth in Ad Age’s, “How Yeti Made a Cooler an Aspirational Brand.” The VP of marketing for Yeti reveals that many consumers don’t need all the features of a Yeti. They’ll never be in situations where they need extended ice retention or a grizzly bear proof cooler.

He expresses that the marketing tactic is to dismiss the notion that coolers are just necessary commodities. Yeti’s approach to marketing was to show that Yeti Coolers are the toughest ice boxes ever, just as rugged and hardcore as their consumers. Consumers saw themselves in the Yeti story, and it quickly became the status symbol it is today.

The combination of organic grassroots campaigning with a bold new marketing strategy was and still is the magic behind Yeti’s smashing success.

#3 Answer to “Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?

The Yeti Brand Ambassadors & Lifestyle

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Yeti isn’t just selling coolers; they’re selling a lifestyle as well. What was once a small group of fishers and hunters is now a full-fledged tribe of Yeti-followers. It’s the same concept, just on a larger scale. Plus, it’s not just hunters and fishers anymore. Just look at the gorgeous pictures on Yeti’s website. The people in them look they are Living the Dream. 

There’s enough variety to attract anyone, from preppy boaters to down-to-earth friends relaxing around a bonfire. Wealthy consumers buy Yeti Coolers for backyard barbecues, not because they need a hardcore cooler, but because its a status symbol. And then the word-of-mouth sales happen unknowingly.

Yeti purposefully avoided marketing Yeti Coolers for tailgating. Despite this, the brand has spread like wildfire among college students, especially in the Southern part of the US.

#4 Answer to “Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive?”

Yeti Has Gone Viral

Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive Yeti Coolers Rambler Colster
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Yeti gets away with free advertisement because they’ve created, as Inc. calls it, a “$450 Million Cult Brand.”

Now that there is a large group of devoted Yeti-followers, consumers are spreading the word in more creative ways. They wear clothes with huge Yeti logos on them and carry around Yeti Tumblers.

But the most recent trend has been social media. For awhile, a trendy hashtag was “yetibutts”, a tag referring to images of women showing their butts from behind, as they sit on a Yeti. Another customer-created hashtag is “yetiboobs.”

Yeti publicly stated that they do not condone these trends, especially when they’re exceptionally explicit. This is just another example of the Yeti cult taking on a mind of its own.

As consumers multiplied and praised the Yeti brand to their friends, they’ve practically turned Yeti Coolers into legendary ice chests. In a sense, they’ve independently dabbled in Yeti re-branding without any prompting.

Conclusion. Would anyone on our team buy a Yeti?

Why are Yeti Coolers so Expensive YETI Coolers Yeti Ice
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Well, maybe on a whim.

But we know too much. Do you want to know exactly how Yeti Coolers compare to other high-end ice chests?

We’ve written several comparisons  of Yeti Coolers to others in its class as well as as well as full-on Yeti reviews. The truth is, Yeti Coolers are better in some ways, but worse in others.

That’s all for now, and thanks for stopping by. Now fill whatever brand of cooler you own with some icy beer and relax.



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