Yeti Cooler Wheels

Yeti Cooler Wheels: DIY, Rambler, Badger, and More!


Yeti Cooler Wheels: Part I

Sifting through all the coolers, drinkware, and accessories on Yeti’s website, it’s hard to believe there isn’t a single Yeti cooler with wheels. What’s up with that, Yeti?

Enough about Yeti’s shortcomings. (Yeti brand coolers, drinkware, and accessories are amazing, of course.) Let’s find some Yeti cooler wheels!

Yeti Cooler Wheels: Overview

Although Yeti doesn’t manufacture their own wheels, it’s still easier than ever to make or find a Yeti cooler with wheels. This post is split into two parts: where to buy Yeti wheels, and how to make Yeti wheels yourself. Of course, both are worth checking out.

Yeti Cooler Wheels
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Here’s a quick overview of this post:

We’ll send you to the best deals as much as possible. As any penny pincher knows, there are discounts hiding all over the place.

Most Convenient Yeti Cooler Wheels

The Bison Hauler

Cost: $129

Bison introduced their new hauler earlier this year. This lean mean wheeled machine fits any cooler, not just Bison Coolers.

Yeti Cooler Wheels Rambler Where To Find
The Bison Hauler works with other cooler brands, including Yeti.

The Bison Hauler:

  • 100% American-Made
  • Rust-Proof
  • All-terrain wheels
  • No-flat wheels
  • Able to hold up to 600 lbs

The flatbed of the cart extends for larger coolers, so it can accommodate a small Yeti Roadie all the way up to a huge Yeti Tundra 160.

Yeti Cooler Wheel Kit

There’s something to be said for building from scratch, but let’s be honest. Convenience is pretty damn valuable.

Why spend extra time (you could be spending with your kids) when you can get a cheap Yeti wheel kit?

Single Axle Badger Wheels for Yeti Coolers

The Badger wheel kit includes:

Badger Wheels for Yeti Cooler Wheels
The Badger Wheels work great with Yeti Coolers.
  • Axle assembly
  • Lock extension
  • Hex wrench
  • Locking plate and bolt
  • 8 steel bearings for smooth transportation.

Like the Bison Hauler, the Badger wheel system adjusts to accommodate different sizes. 

The range is big; it spans from a Yeti Tundra 35 to the Yeti Tundra 160.

In addition to all the great components of the kit for creating Yeti cooler wheels, the badger wheels themselves are wonderful. Since they’re constructed from marine-grade stainless steel, they’re rust-resistant and strong.

You’ll be pulling your Yeti around with a worthy wheel set.

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Rambler Yeti Cooler Wheels

Rambler X2 Wheels

Another quality Yeti cooler wheel brands is called Rambler. Supporting the Yeti 50 through the Yeti 125, these heavy duty wheels are tough as nails. They’re made from strong plastic and stand eight inches tall. But the best part of the Rambler X2 wheels is that there are two axle positions. 

Yeti Cooler Wheels Rambler Wheels
Your Yeti is going to be rolling on some well designed wheels. (Rambler X2 Link)

Because of this, you can choose a flat level cooler or a heightened position. The height really comes in handy, especially when you’re trekking over wild terrain.

A telescoping handle enables you to comfortably pull your cooler along, no matter how big it is.

If you’re not enthused with the idea of messing around with assembly, this is the kit for you. You don’t really need to do anything fancy. Just use your own two hands.

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Yeti Tundra Wheels

Luckily, there are many kinds of wheels for any Yeti Tundra Cooler. Although it’s easy to find wheels for Yeti Tundras of all sizes, here are the three most popular.

Yeti 45 Wheels

Deck your Yeti 45 out with the ultimate all-terrain wheels. These are sized perfectly and will snugly hold your Yeti 45 in place. The tough, powder-coated carbon steel is strong enough to weather all terrains while still being affordable.

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Yeti 65 Wheels

In the middle we have the Yeti 65 wheels. Overall, Badger Wheels are your best bet are the best for your Yeti Tundra 65. The all-inclusive Badger package provides everything you need to set up the wheels.

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Yeti Cooler Wheels
Say goodbye to this! Wheels will make it much easier.

 Yeti 110 Wheels

Our favorite Yeti XL wheels are, yet again, Badger Wheels. But you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck after the initial cost, so we can’t help but repeat ourselves.

You can also upgrade to Badger’s Yeti Beach Wheels for an additional two hundred dollars. Yikes, that’s expensive. But so are Yeti coolers, so why shouldn’t their wheels be costly?

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What are Axial Yeti aluminum wheels and tires?

Yeti Cooler Wheels Axial
Same names, but something completely different: a toy car.

Despite the name ‘Yeti,’ Axial aluminum wheels are not for Yeti coolers. They’re actually intended for Yeti rock racing vehicles (miniature race cars).

Anyway, don’t waste your time thinking about Axial Yeti aluminum wheels. When we read that these are ‘factory glued,’ we couldn’t run away fast enough.

Does anyone sell Yeti Roadie wheels?

Yeti Cooler Wheels for Yeti Roadie
For now, these are your Yeti Roadie Wheels! (Link)

Nope, not yet. Of course wheels make sense. Yeti Roadies are heavy! But for now, you’ve got to make your own wheels. Other than strapping it to the top of a red wagon, you’ll have to come up with your own Yeti Roadie wheel system.

Ready to give it a whirl?

As shown above, you have lots of options. The Bison Hauler, Rambler Wheels, and Badger Wheels are all top notch Yeti cooler wheels. Or, for the DIY-ers, skip down for some incredibly detailed instructions! Part II is just as fun, we promise. 

In reality, even if Yeti did make wheels, we’d still be on the hunt for alternatives. Keeping your options open is always the best course of action. Happy Trails!

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Yeti Cooler Wheels Part II:

DIY Yeti Cooler With Wheels

Although you can buy ready-made products, making Yeti cooler wheels from scratch is another option. (Without the convenience of a kit.) If you’ve chosen this honorable route, either you’re trying to save money or you like building things.

Both are respectable. We should all be more like you!

Instructables DIY Yeti Cooler Wheels

Cost: $30

We can’t take the credit for inventing these rules; this is merely a summary of Dylan Hagewood’s instructions on Instructables. All credit goes to him!

First, gather:

After you’ve got all your stuff:

#1. First, take your clamps apart, since you only need the steel bar.

#2. Next, use the steel bar and Sharpie to mark depth.

#3. After that, cut and weld the bar to the pegs.

#4. Next make the the axles.

#5. Then prepare for welding by adjusting the axle’s length.

#6. After preparation, weld the axles to the bar.

Viola! If you do this carefully, you’ll have saved hundreds of dollars and have a quality end result. Also, there’s something satisfying about making something yourself.

Other DIY Yeti Cooler Wheels…

First, look at what the badasses over at Texas Bow Hunter are building.

Homemade Yeti Cooler with Wheels

You can also buy Dylan’s pre-made kit from his online Etsy store. You’ll only pay $95 and have the satisfaction of supporting a small business owner.

It’s also reassuring to see his step-by-step instructions with pictures before you hit the “Add to Cart” button.

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