Yeti vs Ozark Trail

Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumblers & Coolers Review

Yeti vs Ozark Trail

Since Walmart’s line of Ozark Trail is under public scrutiny right now, it’s the perfect time to compare Yeti vs Ozark Trail. Another perfect question to ask right now is how does this relate to the Yeti vs Walmart Lawsuit?

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Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumblers
The classic Yeti Colster in a not-so-classic Seafoam color.


Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumblers Review

Yeti vs Ozark Trail Coolers Review

The Lawsuit of Yeti vs Ozark Trail


Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumblers

Since Yeti Ramblers vs Ozark Trail Tumblers are the most popular, we’ll cover them first.

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Yeti vs Ozark Trail: Identical Construction

In terms of construction, Ozark Trail Tumblers and Yeti Ramblers are nearly identical. In fact, the only apparent difference are the brand names and logos stamped on their exteriors.

Yeti vs Ozark Trail
The Ozark Trail Can Cooler Cup

Both Yeti Ramblers and Ozark Trail Tumblers are:

  • Double-Walled
  • Vacuum-Sealed
  • Stainless Steel
  • Sweat-proof
  • BPA-free
  • Tapered Shape

Because of the “Yeti Knockoff Tumbler Cups,”  Roy and Ryan Seiders, must be shaking their heads at this.

Actually, rumor has it that both brands of tumblers are manufactured in the SAME building in China.

Yeti vs Ozark Trail: Tumbler Ice Retention

As we researched Yeti Rambler Ice Retention vs Ozark Trail Tumbler Ice Retention, we found that both tumblers retain heat and cold for about the same amount of time.

In fact, they may hold ice longer than an Orca Chaser, which is saying a lot.

If you want, you can skip down to see videos comparing Yeti vs Ozer Trail’s Heat and Ice Retention.


Yeti vs Ozark Trail: Tumbler Cups Color Selection

Ozark Trail vs Yeti Tumbler Cups
The 20 oz Yeti Tumbler in ‘Tahoe Blue’

Basically, Ozark Trail Tumblers are available in the same colors as Yeti Tumblers. Except Ozark Trail offers some more color options.

Yeti Rambler Tumbler Cups Color

Yeti Ramblers are available in five colors:

Ozark Trail Tumbler Cups Colors:

Walmart offers Ozark Trail Tumblers in nearly the exact same colors, plus more.

Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumblers
The Ozark Trail 30 oz Tumbler in Red

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Yeti vs Ozark Trail: Coolers

Basically, you’ll find the same “copycat” features on Ozark Trail Coolers.

1st Example: Ozark Trail vs Yeti Tundra

Of course, the biggest difference between the Ozark Trail and the Yeti Tundra is price. In fact, you can save hundreds if you buy an Ozark Trail.

yeti vs ozark trail cooler
The 52 Qt Ozark Trail with tethered drain plug and fish ruler.


Additionally, the coolers both weigh about 37 pounds and come with a five year warranty

Also, Walmart threw some extra features in the mix.

For example, the Ozark Trail 52 Quart has a fish scale ruler, built-in bottle opener, and drink holders.

2nd Example: Ozark Trail Premium Jumbo Cooler vs Yeti Hopper 30

Well, this came as a surprise to us. The Ozark Trail Premium Jumbo Cooler actually has quite a few differences when compared to a Yeti Hopper.

Like they did with their rigid coolers, Walmart added extras to set their version apart from Yeti. However, it’s important to realize that Yeti’s Coolers are MUCH more durable!

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Similarities between Yeti Hopper vs Ozark Trail Jumbo:

  • 1.5″ walls
  • Nylon rings along front/back of coolers for attaching accessories such as carabiners
  • Dual handles
  • Detachable shoulder strap
Walmart Ozark Trail vs Yeti
(Click for more pictures of the Stainless Steel Yeti Tumbler Cup)
Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumbler Cups
The Ozark Trail Jumbo Soft Cooler

Unique Qualities of the Ozark Trail Premium Jumbo Cooler:

  • Costs hundreds of dollars less than the Yeti Hopper
  • Large zipper at the top
  • EVA hard compression base
  • Comes with dual bottle openers

Unique Qualities of the Yeti Hopper 30:

  • Holds 10 more pounds than the Ozark Trail Cooler
  • 100% leak-proof
  • Puncture-resistant DryHide shell
  • 6 tie-down points
  • More durable
  • Longer ice retention

Overall, the Yeti Hopper is the best cooler.

Yeti vs Ozark Trail: Tumbler Cups Warranty

Unsurprisingly, Yeti Ramblers come with a 5 year warranty, while Walmart promises a lifetime warranty on their Ozark Trail tumblers.

Yeti Vs Ozark Trail Coolers: Which brand is best for you?

Yeti vs Ozark Trail Tumbler Cups

As can be seen, the Yeti vs Ozark Trail tumbler cups are exactly the same. If you want to save money, go for the yeti knockoffs. On the other hand, if you disagree with Walmart’s business practices, go for Yeti.

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Yeti vs Ozark Trail: Butting Heads

yeti vs ozark trail

Unsurprisingly, Yeti’s suing Walmart, since Walmart’s Ozark Trail tumblers are practically the same. Actually, rumor has it that Walmart produces its Ozark Trail products in the same factory where some Yeti products are produced.

Yeti vs Walmart Lawsuit

Since Walmart’s line of Ozark Trail is under public scrutiny right now, it’s the perfect time to compare Yeti vs Ozark Trail.

Naturally, Yeti responded to these “Yeti knockoffs” by pulling out the big guns. Walmart should’ve known that Yeti has a history of coming after “knock-off” brands.

Just recently, in February of 2017, Yeti settled a lawsuit against RTIC. The United States Court ruled in favor of Yeti. As a result, RTIC launched a new line of coolers, with variations in design and even extra features.

Based on Yeti’s success rate, it seems likely that Walmart will lose a large sum of money and have to redesign their tumblers.

Yeti vs Ozark Trail: So, what’s our opinion?

Well, Yeti Rambler tumblers and Ozark Trail tumblers are the same. Except, of course, the logos and the Ramblers’ “YETI” stamping. Of course companies are going to mimic the first new invention. But the mistake Walmart made was directly comparing themselves to Yeti.

Yeti vs Ozark Trail: Conclusion

Yeti vs Ozark Trail Coolers

In conclusion, in the Yeti vs Ozark Trail comparison, the tumblers are exactly the same. Ozark Trail’s coolers, however, aren’t quite as high quality. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t great choices, especially if you’re not planning on heavy-duty fishing, hiking, or camping.

Good luck Walmart, but Yeti’s probably going to squash you.

On that highly positive note, we end our review of Yeti vs Ozark Trail. Thanks for stopping by!

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Cold Retention Test Videos

1st Example: Yeti 30 Ounce Rambler vs Ozark Trail Tumbler 30

In this first side-by-side comparison, these twin tumblers hold ice for about the same amount of time. The Ozark Trail model held ice for a whopping 50 hours, just five hours more than the Yeti Rambler.

But really, who even needs a drink to last that long?

2nd Example: Yeti Rambler vs Ozark Trail Tumbler

Just like their eerily identical construction, it’s a tie in this second example. And when the camera zooms in on the tumblers, you can that they look exactly the same.

 Yeti Vs Ozark Trail: Tumbler Hot Test Challenges

Of course, we can’t just test tumblers’ chilling abilities. They’re also great for keeping hot beverages nice and toasty. Unsurprisingly, the results of both “hot test challenges” yield the same results.

(Are you bored with the similarities yet? Don’t worry. The good part is coming up.)

1st Example: Yeti Rambler 20 vs Ozark Trail Tumbler 20

Both tumblers started out with hot water at 185 degrees Fahrenheit. At the end, the water in both tumblers was 102 degrees Fahrenheit. If you weren’t convinced of their twin-like relationship before, this one really won us over.

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